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  1. What do we need to do to sell a part of our property to neighbor: sale, agreement - Real Estate
  2. Negotiating for a Building in Trouble: tenant, documents, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  3. Unique about USDA: mortgage, mortgages, construction, state - Real Estate
  4. good experience investing in inner cities?: tenants, investments, price - Real Estate
  5. 8000 tax credit for low income (tax) family: incentive, income tax, housing - Real Estate
  6. Trading houses?: mortgage, mortgages, price, attorney - Real Estate
  7. rental by realtor in NJ?: tenant, agent, commission, fee - Real Estate
  8. Illegal or unethical?: RE agent, documentation, agent, commission - Real Estate
  9. Obligation to broker: clause, commissions, second mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  10. spruce up house before selling: insurance, repairs, company, cost - Real Estate
  11. Two inspectors.... no assurances , withdrawl of offer...: disclosure, appraiser, 3% - Real Estate
  12. Lost a lock: price, broker, state, loan - Real Estate
  13. Shoddy construction on new home: feedback, documentation, clause, fees - Real Estate
  14. Patio Home: duplexes, foreclosures, condos, price - Real Estate
  15. What does this mean?: points, buy a house, listings, basement - Real Estate
  16. How to change realtor?: new agent, properties, contract, offer - Real Estate
  17. All we can do is laugh now...: appraisal, foreclosures, sales - Real Estate
  18. Items on property after closing, are they mine?: Realtor, approved, states - Real Estate
  19. Florida Real estate lawyer advice on bad condo deal ?????: agent, fees, agreement
  20. Correcting a Title...: insurance, property, attorney, expensive - Real Estate
  21. Depreciation of Commercial property (for tax purposes): cash, investors, how to - Real Estate
  22. Today's Case Shiller by Metro Area: agents, investments, sales, housing - Real Estate
  23. Can we get our deposit back to walk away from the contract?: contingency, mortgage - Real Estate
  24. Help with title insurance: disclosure, appraisal, agent, sale - Real Estate
  25. Selling & Buying Home Questions: incentive, 1%, agent, sale - Real Estate
  26. Put extra money in house instead of CD?: 6%, investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  27. sellers playing with closing dates...: appraisal, clause, insurance, rent - Real Estate
  28. Saw something nice..Now what?: agent, condo, price, attorney - Real Estate
  29. Home purchased in NH with hidden mold problems: disclosure, documentation, insurance - Real Estate
  30. Does this seem strange....: documents, agent, inspection, Realtor - Real Estate
  31. Confused seller: mortgage companies, mortgage, private insurance, property - Real Estate
  32. Backing out from a real estate deal in NY: contingent, documents, accept
  33. Sell while renting: tenant, mortgage, sales, accept - Real Estate
  34. that my loan broker is playing games: agent, mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  35. Is that house you're buying a former meth lab?: tenant, disclosures, landlords - Real Estate
  36. Report: Fraudulent property flipping bloomed in boom: appraiser, agents, investments - Real Estate
  37. appraiser problems: feedback, appraisal, agent, sales - Real Estate
  38. I can't believe it, but we actually closed :): investment, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  39. Getting around the deed restriction -: agent, investment, fees - Real Estate
  40. First-time buyer: income tax, agent, sale, housing - Real Estate
  41. legal: attorney, escrow, claim, contract - Real Estate
  42. Property Management Co. recommendations?: tenants, condo, landlords, renting - Real Estate
  43. Listed Today: sale, listing, negotiate, sell - Real Estate
  44. Appraisal Issue-Is it Appraisal Companys fault?: mortgage, mortgage, sale, price - Real Estate
  45. We have Our First Showing Tonight: agent, price, kitchen, cancellation - Real Estate
  46. Thinking of Career Change..: sales, state, interest, license - Real Estate
  47. Hyoothetical Situation - Need Feedback ..: foreclosure, agent, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  48. Post start of school market: agents, sales, housing, condo - Real Estate
  49. Sale byownerOR!????: price, property, attorney, state - Real Estate
  50. Rental formats: mortgage, sale, price, properties - Real Estate
  51. Cash for Clunkers=Raging Success because of no income limit resctrictions while $8K Housing Tax Credit= limited sucess: incentive, mortgages - Real Estate
  52. Agent showed house, now USAA offers rebate--can I switch: RE agent, commission, agreement - Real Estate
  53. Personal use of investment/vacation/second home?: rental, house, 10% - Real Estate
  54. first time buyer on disability: rent, paying, buying, qualify - Real Estate
  55. Best day of week to reduce price?: agent, property, buyers - Real Estate
  56. Home owners insurance research: prices, website, work, how to - Real Estate
  57. Refinance delays and lost locked in interest rate: appraisal, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  58. Legal-ish about listing your home: feedback, agents, commission, contracts - Real Estate
  59. What brings more value to resale: recommendation, square footage, agent, investment - Real Estate
  60. 09 Tax Appraisal - Age of Comps: 8%, agents, sales, comparables - Real Estate
  61. Should I refinance to a 10 year loan: mortgage, mortgage, fixed rate - Real Estate
  62. Sheriff Sale: foreclosed, sales, percentage, house - Real Estate
  63. Financial disclosures with offer: contingency, documentation, negotiating, mortgage - Real Estate
  64. Is this normal?: agent, mortgage, agreement, price - Real Estate
  65. Advice on first lowball offer: agent, price, economy, buyer - Real Estate
  66. another example of a fine HOA: condo, properties, value, home - Real Estate
  67. New construction: incentive, sales, prices, offering - Real Estate
  68. Sell vs Rent: 5%, fees, insurance, landlord - Real Estate
  69. Ethical dilemma with submitting two offers at once?: contingency, clause, agent - Real Estate
  70. clear out, clean up, and make life simple: tenant, property, rent - Real Estate
  71. houses for sale in Iriquois county: agent, price, Realtor, state - Real Estate
  72. Big house in CA around 300,000-400,000 dollars?: price, value, bedrooms - Real Estate
  73. Reputable realtors and brokers in NYC?: agent, fees, landlords, price - Real Estate
  74. closet doors open for showings?: foreclosure, agent, sales, price - Real Estate
  75. sheriff sale: auctions, foreclosed, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  76. Power poles and houses: state, building, residential, buying a home - Real Estate
  77. Bankers Market?: foreclosed, agent, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  78. WHat can kill a deal at the final walkthrough?: documentation, agent, sale - Real Estate
  79. Private elevator - selling point or detriment?: RE agent, agents, condos - Real Estate
  80. Why can't realtors leave a business card after a showing?: agent, commission - Real Estate
  81. Real Estate Appraisals: foreclosure, agent, commission, sales
  82. Why can't we stay on topic?: feedback, vent, state, interest - Real Estate
  83. Unethical appraisers now becoming real estate agents: appraisal, foreclosure, sales
  84. threatening buyer for commission: agent, fees, agreement, property - Real Estate
  85. Buying Rental Properties: tenants, agent, fee, housing - Real Estate
  86. confused Seller: tenant, appraisal, auction, income tax - Real Estate
  87. How can I buy a house that's under contract ?: contingencies, negotiating, agent - Real Estate
  88. for realtors, experienced buyers: cheapest, appraiser, agent, investment - Real Estate
  89. Tax credit extension?: foreclosures, investment, housing, banks - Real Estate
  90. Sit down everyone, Auntie Anne wants to tell you a story about a realtor!: feedback, negotiations - Real Estate
  91. Appraisal problems: sales, housing, agreement, price - Real Estate
  92. Kids' rooms are being gone through during walk thrus...: agent, construction, property - Real Estate
  93. Realtor safety -- what do you do?: appraiser, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  94. My Side Still hurts!! A Must Watch Video About the Housing Market.: foreclosure, agent - Real Estate
  95. 2 bdr, 2 bath (instead of at least a 3/2): price, construction, rental - Real Estate
  96. House for Sale. We are still renting.: tenants, agent, landlords - Real Estate
  97. A of Comps: Is My Realtor Correct, Devious, Or Ignorant?: RE agent, contingent - Real Estate
  98. Should investor avoid buying house with pool?: tenants, agent, investment - Real Estate
  99. What time frame window is appropriate for a showing?: agent, price - Real Estate
  100. Pre-Approval questions: documents, agent, commission, mortgage - Real Estate
  101. Survey -- is it the norm to have one done when buying?: documentation, appraisal - Real Estate
  102. No Pets policy affects condo price?: agents, sales, housing - Real Estate
  103. I need predictions! Buy now or wait until later?: agent, mortgage, sales - Real Estate
  104. Problems before closing - undisclosed asbestos: disclosure, negotiations, agent, agreement - Real Estate
  105. Asking for money way after closing?: agent, fees, lawyer, escrow - Real Estate
  106. about realtor costs: appraiser, 5%, negotiations, agent - Real Estate
  107. Showing Discount Broker Listings: feedback, 3%, agent, commission - Real Estate
  108. 2nd walk through before inspection - Normal?: contracts, Realtor, repairs - Real Estate
  109. Bang for buck on rental, Double wide or stick built: appraisal, investment - Real Estate
  110. Which incentive do you think is better?: agent, commission, mortgage - Real Estate
  111. seller omitting vital information on disclosure: fees, housing, property, attorney - Real Estate
  112. vs Trulia and others: agent, commission, Realtors, state - Real Estate
  113. How much does a home owners warranty cost?: plumber, square footage, condo - Real Estate
  114. What Happens When $8K Tax Credit Ends: sales, housing, percentage - Real Estate
  115. Buying a home without a buyer's agent: 3%, negotiating, commission - Real Estate
  116. Home Inspection Refund: appraisal, agent, mortgage, sales - Real Estate
  117. Letting the new owners know about the quirks of your house?: disclosures, documentation - Real Estate
  118. Discount realtors: contingencies, feedback, appraisal, price - Real Estate
  119. Seeing if this works. Our house: housing, renting, value, disadvantage - Real Estate
  120. Where Housing is Headed: documents, foreclosed, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  121. Your home is not an investment-dont treat it like one: foreclosures, investments - Real Estate
  122. style over quality, sad state of our nation: prices, properties, inspector - Real Estate
  123. Buying a home without a buyer's agent?: disclosure, 3%, commissions - Real Estate
  124. What is fair for appraisers to do in this market?: square footage, appraisal - Real Estate
  125. Negotiating Buying/Selling Commission: 2%, dual agency, sale, accept - Real Estate
  126. As a Seller, what should I expect from realtor?: feedback, agent, commission - Real Estate
  127. Is now a good time for (Me) to buy?: incentive, 2013, 5% - Real Estate
  128. Does this sound fishy to you?: disclosing, documents, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  129. Verbal acceptance by seller: negotiations, agent, accept, agreement - Real Estate
  130. about renters as neighbors: housing, condos, price, property - Real Estate
  131. Buying a house, but I am always late when a good house on the market. What should I do?: gated community, agent - Real Estate
  132. Townhome insurance: documents, condominiums, price, construction - Real Estate
  133. No-haggle price?: cheapest, accept, housing, prices - Real Estate
  134. Moving - what to do with my house!!!: agent, mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  135. do i get back earnest (deposit) money for new house if i lost my job: contingencies, agent - Real Estate
  136. Is July traditionally an extremely slow month?: feedback, square footage, agent - Real Estate
  137. first offer on first home purchase: disclosures, appraised, agent - Real Estate
  138. Sort of looking for advice, sort of venting: 3%, negotiations, agents - Real Estate
  139. gripe about realtors and their referral fees...: tenants, negotiating, agent - Real Estate
  140. Do you consider this unethical?: disclosure, appraisal, agent, commission - Real Estate
  141. One Hundred Abandoned Houses: plumber, mortgage, mortgage, percentage - Real Estate
  142. FSBO questions: negotiations, agent, commission, sales - Real Estate
  143. Realtors that can't take no for an answer: agent, sales, price - Real Estate
  144. Making a repair for FHA loan requirement.: contingencies, appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  145. Must Do's before putting on market: feedback, countertop, appraisal, mortgage - Real Estate
  146. Zillow's Zestimates: square footage, appraiser, foreclosure, agents - Real Estate
  147. Can you deduct real estate investment losses from regular income?: appraisal, foreclosure
  148. Getting rid of a home.... Help: documentation, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  149. HOA's going bankrupt: contingency, gated community, documentation, foreclosed - Real Estate
  150. Going nuts: feedback, foreclosures, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  151. Yard too Small: feedback, recommendation, housing, price - Real Estate
  152. Retail Space - Why Are Vacancies Low?: tenants, incentive, agents - Real Estate
  153. I've never seen a granite counter top: countertop, price, most expensive - Real Estate
  154. ..and one more for people interested in buying/selling RE: RE agent, cheapest - Real Estate
  155. about listing, commission...: feedback, foreclosure, negotiating, agent - Real Estate
  156. Site for sold homes: appraiser, sales, realty, prices - Real Estate
  157. House listings without pictures?: agent, sales, price, properties - Real Estate
  158. Looking for on this one: agent, mortgages, sales, insurance - Real Estate
  159. House back on market: agent, price, property, inspection - Real Estate
  160. The news media is so misleading on real estate, says this guy lost 300K..but I did research and he didn't: appraised, negotiations
  161. Appraisal: negotiation, agent, sales, banks - Real Estate
  162. Funny Open House Story: foreclosure, agent, sale, fee - Real Estate
  163. value in de-listing, then re-listing?: feedback, incentive, cheapest, foreclose - Real Estate
  164. Best way to make my offer: countertop, negotiating, dual agency, commission - Real Estate
  165. selling a house to a relative: appraised, foreclosure, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  166. HOA power: documents, condominium, claim, state - Real Estate
  167. WE SOLD OUR HOUSE!!! 17 mos later!!: mortgage, housing, percentage, inspection - Real Estate
  168. Which of the following is the best investment?: cheapest, price, construction - Real Estate
  169. HOA won't let home owners smoke in their own home: duplex, housing - Real Estate
  170. should we rent our current house so we can buy another?: RE market, tenants - Real Estate
  171. Sell Existing Home While Building New: mortgage, mortgages, sales, fees - Real Estate
  172. Clearing land in NC: recommendation, insurance, prices, property tax - Real Estate
  173. Virtual tours -- worthwhile?: offer, state, furniture, rooms - Real Estate
  174. Looking ahead to the next 6 months: foreclosures, sale, prices, property - Real Estate
  175. for Realtors refusing offers: feedback, foreclosures, 5%, agent - Real Estate
  176. Buyers walked after inspection: agent, sale, inspector, offer - Real Estate
  177. what comparables will be used in apprasial: contingency, appraisal, agents - Real Estate
  178. New to real estate, HELP: agent, investment, mortgage, mortgage
  179. HOA fee: square footage, agent, fees, condos - Real Estate
  180. - who does the repairs?: inspector, contract, Realtor, bedroom - Real Estate
  181. Final walkthrough - no electricity, gas, water: property, renting, contract - Real Estate
  182. How long does it take for a home inspection report to come back?: appraisal, negotiations - Real Estate
  183. Credited for taxes during close??: documents, arrears, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  184. We HAVE an OFFER!!!: Realtor, state, room, bank - Real Estate
  185. How close does Zillow come to accurately estimating home values?: appraised, sales - Real Estate
  186. Philly bubble to pop?: incentive, foreclosures, 4%, negotiating - Real Estate
  187. My realtor always to know if I am browsing properties on the website of the brokerage she belongs to: agent, agreements - Real Estate
  188. Survey: value, state, room, repairs - Real Estate
  189. Seller afford closing costs: appraisal, clause, agent, commission - Real Estate
  190. A Listing Photo Don't: RE market, sales, property, kitchen - Real Estate
  191. about timing the market: 4%, agents, commission - Real Estate
  192. about Zillow: agents, sales, price, property tax - Real Estate
  193. I'm SO extremely frustrated!: feedback, agent, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  194. Who Has Sold Their House on Craiglist Recently? :D: contingent, 3% - Real Estate
  195. Sewer easement in backyard: appraiser, price, property, value - Real Estate
  196. Realtors re; market in NE Tennessee,what is the outlook?: house, upgrade - Real Estate
  197. Problems ahead for aiming to borrow more than 80% LTV?: investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  198. The Natural Cycle of a Real Estate Market
  199. The war continues in Tampa, FL: sales, price, offers, listings - Real Estate
  200. Right of Redemption Commercial Property: second mortgage, mortgage, sales, contract - Real Estate