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  1. Who thigns their area represents a great value?: investment, prices, property - Real Estate
  2. What would you offer for this?: price, properties, value, offers - Real Estate
  3. Help seller financing - how can I get in with 0% down?: agent, commissions - Real Estate
  4. Need Help, two investors on a real estate property...: tenants, appraisal, auction
  5. Legal non disclosure of flooding when we bought our house: insurance, landlords - Real Estate
  6. want to make sure that I understand what a buyer's agent is...: negotiating, dual agency - Real Estate
  7. Lease purchase: tenant, 5%, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  8. Incorrect Names on Title: documents, company, closing, work - Real Estate
  9. Home Inspection recommended without appliances?: appraisal, sales, agreement, inspector - Real Estate
  10. The Hidden Secrets About Realtors: disclosure, negotiations, new agent, investment - Real Estate
  11. top 25 housing markets in 2010: investment, housing value, states, home - Real Estate
  12. Buying a house which we are renting: appraisal, prices, value - Real Estate
  13. Multiplex Homes: RE agent, tenants, duplexes, agent - Real Estate
  14. Help: agent, fees, agreement, price - Real Estate
  15. Seeking Ann Arbor Bugalow Rental: vents, financial, house, neighborhood - Real Estate
  16. Financial profile must accompany offer?: RE agent, agent, fee, state - Real Estate
  17. Mike Aubrey interview: foreclosures, mortgage, mortgage, housing - Real Estate
  18. Last Minute Home Warranty?: plumber, insurance, construction, attorney - Real Estate
  19. FHA Condo approval process?: documentation, agent, mortgage, mortgage company - Real Estate
  20. What does this mean on Title report?: property, deposit, states - Real Estate
  21. can Real Estate broker play around to get 100% of commission?: foreclosures, agent
  22. Apologies for another about the $8000 tax credit!: claim, house, money - Real Estate
  23. which month do people buy houses the most in?: contingency, documents, negotiation - Real Estate
  24. Average days on market?: price, property, homes, area - Real Estate
  25. 10 Charts To Study Before You Buy That Home: feedback, investments, mortgage - Real Estate
  26. Are westin homes energy efficient? Need help.: feedback, fees, properties - Real Estate
  27. News, Tenn. neighbors balk at home fertility-music biz.: duplex, commission, vents - Real Estate
  28. Offers....: agent, price, property, inspection - Real Estate
  29. Are condos better quality than apartments?: tenants, fees, condominium, landlord - Real Estate
  30. duplex into condo: fees, insurance, condominium, agreement - Real Estate
  31. New Home Construction 120-180 Day Rate Lock, Worth It Right Now?: 1%, mortgage - Real Estate
  32. Commercial lease: tenant, 5%, rental, rating - Real Estate
  33. Seller rented property in the middle of escrow!!! wow: disclosure, appraisal, mortgage - Real Estate
  34. Landlord rights: tenants, property, broker, contract - Real Estate
  35. Tax value vs sale price: appraisal, agent, sales, property tax - Real Estate
  36. Unbelieveable! Or not: foreclose, agent, property, loans - Real Estate
  37. Do I have rights against Nondisclosed, potentially non-permitted plumbing?: disclosure, plumber - Real Estate
  38. NY state real estate: feedback, property, lawyer, inspected
  39. New Home Owner Tax Credit: condo, contract, states, house - Real Estate
  40. real estate sale and Lien: property, lawyers, claim, states
  41. do vacant lots in a townhouse complex have to pay monthy HOA fees: legal, payment - Real Estate
  42. Real Estate contract: agent, commission, accept, agreement
  43. Which has the best rate and best terms? Home Equity Loan or Home Equity Line of Credit or Refinance: mortgage companies, mortgage - Real Estate
  44. Water damage not disclosed - long post: tenant, disclosure, clause - Real Estate
  45. Sheriff Sale (auction) in PA Pennsylvania: foreclosure, mortgage, mortgage, sales - Real Estate
  46. House price and tax help.: income tax, sales, realty, housing - Real Estate
  47. Cand we keep deposit/sue for specific performance: contingency, agent, sale - Real Estate
  48. Having utility accounts in two different states: properties, renting, offer - Real Estate
  49. Rental Unit Legalities: tenant, construction, property, renting - Real Estate
  50. HOA Attorney fees after closing.: documentation, property, escrow, claim - Real Estate
  51. $8,000 first home buyer tax credit: settlement, price, construction, property - Real Estate
  52. Notice of Federal Tax lien on sheriff sale property: value, state, home - Real Estate
  53. supposed to close in less than a week...: fixed rate, rent, offer - Real Estate
  54. Have a good story for best and worst condition of home seen or represented?: tenant, agent - Real Estate
  55. questions about steps after house is on the market: feedback, appraisal, negotiations - Real Estate
  56. Line of credit help for a downpayment?: mortgage, mortgage, borrow - Real Estate
  57. Single Family Home HOA's: 5%, fees, insurance, construction - Real Estate
  58. My friend's landlord trouble.: tenant, housing, landlords, attorney - Real Estate
  59. News, W. Pa. man buys home at tax sale, finds it razed.: investment, sales - Real Estate
  60. Radon testing: documentation, inspection, contract, offer - Real Estate
  61. 1009 misc: landlord, property, attorney, rental - Real Estate
  62. What Free Listings Sites Do You Use?: monthly fee, broker, Realtor - Real Estate
  63. US housing: the big picture: RE market, prices, property, state - Real Estate
  64. Property Search Information: appraiser, price, property tax, value - Real Estate
  65. a loaded real estate: work
  66. want to make an offer but realtor out of town: feedback, agent - Real Estate
  67. trying to buy a fixer-upper, need $$$!: mortgage, mortgage, banks, price - Real Estate
  68. First-Time Home Buyer Tax Credit: tenants, mortgage, mortgage, construction - Real Estate
  69. Is work done by a non-licensed contractor tax deductible?: plumber, fees, insurance - Real Estate
  70. House listing photo's: agent, properties, Realtor, state - Real Estate
  71. What's next? (appraisal/process: clause, mortgage, mortgage, sales - Real Estate
  72. House Renovation Help: contingency, inspection, contractors, kitchen - Real Estate
  73. Can the real estate pros help out a neophite couple with a serious We need your perspective: tenant, duplex
  74. What defines a lowball offer?: foreclosure, 6%, negotiations, new agent - Real Estate
  75. Settlement date at end of month vs. beginning- benefits?: mortgage, mortgage, fees - Real Estate
  76. Contractor trying to access bank account: mortgage, mortgage company, property, attorney - Real Estate
  77. Exact process of new home finance in new subdivision?: contingent, percentage, price - Real Estate
  78. Homeowners' Insurance--yays or nays?: recommendation, mortgage, mortgage, claim - Real Estate
  79. Buy Home Little Elm, TX USDA Loan, Know When Little Elm will be Revaluated as Rural Area to Negate USDA Status?: feedback, mortgage - Real Estate
  80. No comps are available: appraisal, condo, comparable, property - Real Estate
  81. Which is better: House in 1 person's name or Both persons?: mortgage, agreements - Real Estate
  82. Did GuyFriendly sell his house????: appraisal, sale, inspection, value - Real Estate
  83. Seller's Rights Buyer's Financing and Closing Date: contingent, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  84. Contract on a Hold No show ??: foreclosure, agent, accept - Real Estate
  85. Do I need Enhanced Title Insurance?: mortgage, mortgage, legal - Real Estate
  86. Financing quest for midwest, flat market: RE market, incentive, 2%, agents - Real Estate
  87. House of no value: appraisal, agent, housing, insurance - Real Estate
  88. bought house on the same day the income limit changed, now what!?!: recommendation, sales - Real Estate
  89. How Many Times & When Should I Do Outisde Inspection On A New Build??: inspector, points - Real Estate
  90. I'm So P****d: agent, agreement, house, listing - Real Estate
  91. Web House Hunting: recommendation, agent, sale, realty - Real Estate
  92. buying in the burbs a mistake?: RE market, investment, sales, housing - Real Estate
  93. Selling property: Realtor, seller, buying, website - Real Estate
  94. Early Termination of Rental Lease: tenants, landlords, property, contract - Real Estate
  95. Need on Rewards and Costs of Owning a Multiple-Unit Building: square footage, duplex - Real Estate
  96. 2007 Home buyers credit (the one you have to pay back): attorney, loan - Real Estate
  97. USDA inspection/appraisal fail.: foreclosed, investment, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  98. Buy or Renovate?: agent, mortgage, mortgages, prices - Real Estate
  99. Appraisal not right: RE agent, contingency, foreclosed, negotiation - Real Estate
  100. How do I interview an agent?: new agent, prices, property - Real Estate
  101. FSBO Can I counter offer by reducing the buyer's agent commission: 3%, clause - Real Estate
  102. If neither buyer nor seller have much money to bring to the table...: appraise, agents - Real Estate
  103. Need help with new home contract dispute: contingency, sales, lawyer - Real Estate
  104. Still in a Housing Bubble: incentive, 2013, 6%, second mortgage - Real Estate
  105. How much should I expect from a realtor?: agent, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  106. The Herd: incentive, foreclosures, investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  107. Fire / Firing your realtor: thoughts and guidance?: feedback, square foot, negotiating - Real Estate
  108. Need Advice: Is Buying A Home A Good Idea?: duplex, investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  109. 2nd wave crash cities...Denver, Dallas and Austin!!!: appraised, foreclosure, 1% - Real Estate
  110. Unethical Realtor Behaviour: feedback, negotiations, agent, commission - Real Estate
  111. Issue with buyer's agent and a showing: sale, properties, townhouse - Real Estate
  112. House with a pool: appraiser, sales, price, rent - Real Estate
  113. Need legal advice in FL...: tenants, fees, condo, landlord - Real Estate
  114. i think i need a Real Estate Intervention, but i am a buyer: agent, sale
  115. Date of Home Purchase/Form 5405 Questions: documentation, settlement, lawyer, escrow - Real Estate
  116. Rent Increase in Recession?: tenants, landlords, prices, properties - Real Estate
  117. Listing says all electric, city says gas... what gives?: plumber, conversion, agent - Real Estate
  118. What to do--our offer was rejected despite a similar comp: appraisal, foreclosures - Real Estate
  119. FHA is a joke: foreclosures, 5%, sales, housing - Real Estate
  120. Are Home Warranties Worth It?: plumber, insurance, claim, contractors - Real Estate
  121. Would it be a mistake to buy a house with fuses?: 5%, insurance - Real Estate
  122. We have arrived in NC and are now buyers in need of help: 5%, agent - Real Estate
  123. No showings .. when should we lower the price?: agent, comparable, property - Real Estate
  124. Will more houses go on the market soon?: incentive, 2013, foreclosure - Real Estate
  125. Would it be weird to ask seller/agent to nix the scented candles for future showing?: feedback, housing - Real Estate
  126. Earnest money after home inspection: contingencies, agent, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  127. How much for well and septic?: construction, properties, Realtors, bedroom - Real Estate
  128. When You Rent A House...: tenant, insurance, landlords, price - Real Estate
  129. Is it true that smaller houses sell for more money?: square footage, appraiser - Real Estate
  130. Is there etiquette for making repair requests?: feedback, clause, negotiating - Real Estate
  131. Buyer's Agent for Property Virgins: contingencies, recommendation, appraiser, commission - Real Estate
  132. White House Lost Value in 2009: housing, percent, states, historical - Real Estate
  133. Flip a house while living in it? In this economy?: investment, sale - Real Estate
  134. Am I the only one who doesn't care about clutter, color, other peoples stuff?: price, property - Real Estate
  135. How much house SHOULD I afford?: foreclosed, mortgage, mortgage, price - Real Estate
  136. Experiences with Home Inspection: stucco, recommendation, plumber, agent - Real Estate
  137. Buying a house is giving me a headache!!!!: foreclosures, negotiating, agent - Real Estate
  138. Purchasing a 2 bedroom home; wise or folly or mixed blesing at best?: investment, sale - Real Estate
  139. Selling my house to a friend: contingent, negotiations, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  140. What do you think about buying a house on the highway: foreclosure, price - Real Estate
  141. Delay on closing...: foreclosure, clause, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  142. Broker's duty to disclose: tenant, gated community, agent, commissions - Real Estate
  143. Earnest money deposit -- $20k??: clause, agent, sale, fees - Real Estate
  144. Selling a house on my own: agent, commission, sale, fee - Real Estate
  145. Opinion on Closing Costs?: RE market, feedback, incentive, disclosing - Real Estate
  146. for selling: local agent/company vs. national company: feedback, 5%, commission - Real Estate
  147. You Know the Market is Crazy When...: square foot, appraisal, negotiating - Real Estate
  148. what can i do about a slumlord? besides pull out my hair..: tenants, mortgage - Real Estate
  149. is this a reasonable scenario?: tenant, recommendation, 2015, 6% - Real Estate
  150. Are painted baseboards/interior doors a good way to freshen up a house?: Realtor, furniture - Real Estate
  151. How long after completion will a sale price reflect in the area comps?: appraisal, foreclosure - Real Estate
  152. Reasonable Amount of Time from Contract to Closing?: contingent, clause, agent - Real Estate
  153. for Realtors: appraise, agent, sale, accept - Real Estate
  154. Listed, Pending, Sold: contingent, auction, agent, sales - Real Estate
  155. Septic/MLS questions.: incentive, disclosure, agent, commission - Real Estate
  156. What is the best real estate investment, if: agent, mortgages, banks
  157. Cons on a USDA Loan Compared to FHA?: feedback, 1%, mortgage - Real Estate
  158. Neighbor's house for sale,do you list yours or wait for them to sell first?: agent, price - Real Estate
  159. Residential Real Estate Bottom Predictions: 2014, foreclosures, 4%, mortgages
  160. Realtor working with multiple clients in unison: agent, commission, sales - Real Estate
  161. What's the going interest rate for land loans today?: appraisal, 6%, mortgage - Real Estate
  162. Temporarily pulling listing... now what do you think: feedback, incentive, foreclosures - Real Estate
  163. Funny logic: incentive, 8%, investment, mortgages - Real Estate
  164. Pros and Cons of House Hunting in Winter vs. Spring: negotiating, mortgage companies - Real Estate
  165. Can I submit an offer through a buyer agent after submitting directly through list agent but refused?: contingencies, disclosure - Real Estate
  166. Do we owe a commision: RE agent, agent, commission, sale - Real Estate
  167. Home Inspection scam??: recommendation, agent, mortgage, mortgage company - Real Estate
  168. Can I sue my real estate agent?: plumber, documents, appraiser
  169. Rental Scam?: agent, attorney, claim, value - Real Estate
  170. Real Estate Number Very Poor.: 5%, income tax, commission, mortgage
  171. Qualities You Look For When Purchasing a Condo: sales, percentage, property - Real Estate
  172. home damaged by new construction: sales, property, contractors, state - Real Estate
  173. Active Listing Status: contingencies, negotiations, agent, price - Real Estate
  174. competition: recommendation, countertop, appraisal, foreclosure - Real Estate
  175. Need Expert Advice - Purchasing A Home That Flooded: RE agent, plumber, documentation - Real Estate
  176. What will happen with all of overpriced listings????: appraisal, foreclosure, mortgages - Real Estate
  177. Cancelling an Executed Contract: square footage, countertop, investment, sale - Real Estate
  178. Ryland Homes: construction, state, builders, company - Real Estate
  179. Bank will not turn water on...: plumber, appraisal, agent, banks - Real Estate
  180. ever offered on a property which isn't for sale?: appraised, price - Real Estate
  181. I have to admit, I'm too nice: recommendation, new agent, commission - Real Estate
  182. New Construction - Upgrade Negotiation: waver, countertop, negotiations, agent - Real Estate
  183. Looking for feedback on a listing: tenants, agent, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  184. Wait, why am I buying instead of renting???: investment, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  185. How to Stage for a quick sale: countertop, commission, price - Real Estate
  186. dealbreakers, what are yours???: housing, price, construction, rental - Real Estate
  187. Apartment Lease Help: tenants, housing, landlord, lawyer - Real Estate
  188. help questing on getting my mother out??????: tenant, recommendation, foreclosure - Real Estate
  189. working with Buyer/Seller Realtor and Negiotiating a Deal: feedback, disclosure - Real Estate
  190. Good time to buy = Bad Blanket Statement.: preforeclosure, 8%, mortgage - Real Estate
  191. Today's Case Shiller by Metro Area: home, article, street - Real Estate
  192. Rent or sell house in trust? Need opinions from RE pros: RE market, monthly fee - Real Estate
  193. Apartment Leasing: agent, sales, Dallas, area - Real Estate
  194. Equity Share Sales: auction, property, seller, sell - Real Estate
  195. What do you think the seller will do?: renting, contract, deposit - Real Estate
  196. Small Claims for unpaid rent: tenants, counter - Real Estate
  197. The Next Big Crisis: mortgage, mortgage, sale, fees - Real Estate
  198. Apartment prices increasing?: rental, Raleigh, website, apartments - Real Estate
  199. New Build Pay More b/c of 1st Credit Pull (lower Fico, then months later for build) AFTER 2nd Pull at Close?: feedback, mortgage - Real Estate
  200. News, Eminent Domain is Alive and Well.: property, state, London - Real Estate