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  3. Cost of building in a shell?: contractor, offer, state, cheap - Real Estate
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  10. bought a place with big - but temporary - location issues?: 2014, housing - Real Estate
  11. REEL ESTATE: The House That Doc Brown Built: vents, historical, garage - Real Estate
  12. Spec Housing: agent, commissions, sales, fee - Real Estate
  13. Interested in a property without deeded access: contingency, settlement, insurance - Real Estate
  14. 2nd home purchase via self directed IRA?: agent, investment, fees - Real Estate
  15. What's the best outlet for Real Estate invdustry news?: agents, mortgage, mortgage
  16. HELOC sold to Specialized Loan Servicing - Real Estate
  17. off market homes: sale, price, contract, Realtor - Real Estate
  18. Property Tax Quagmire: contingency, foreclosures, investments, mortgage - Real Estate
  19. Radiant Heating: feedback, plumber, price, inspector - Real Estate
  20. Money outside Close of Escrow Questions FHA: contingencies, agent, commission - Real Estate
  21. Advice on pricing my home in this market: recommendation, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  22. Advice needed on tax consequences of the sale of 2nd home at a loss: mortgage companies, mortgage - Real Estate
  23. Closing fee in Northern CA (Contra Costa)??: settlement, property, state - Real Estate
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  25. If we made an offer on a FSBO: RE agent, negotiation, agent - Real Estate
  26. Best Markets for Investment: RE agent, incentive, agent, investments - Real Estate
  27. 4 Ways to Tell if You’re Getting a Good Deal – on Your Home!: mortgage, sales - Real Estate
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  29. Home not on Zillow: agent, Realtor, houses, listing - Real Estate
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  31. Should I ask my agent to match up the deal?: RE agent, commission - Real Estate
  32. Need on backing out of closing: agent, attorney, contract - Real Estate
  33. uestions?: mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  34. about Zillow: sale, price, house, listing - Real Estate
  35. Removing Remarks from Credit Report: documentation, mortgage, mortgage, sales - Real Estate
  36. Ethics from FSBO'er: RE agent, agent, condo, properties - Real Estate
  37. Purchasing a home warranty when buying an existing home?: disclosure, negotiations, agent - Real Estate
  38. about sold comps: square foot, foreclosure, agent, accept - Real Estate
  39. 1st meeting with Real Estate (to put house on market): agent, sale
  40. Pricing my FSBO: RE agent, feedback, incentive, appraisal - Real Estate
  41. Lease agreements for residential property: tenants, disclosure, commission, accept - Real Estate
  42. Whats the best online Realestate search engine?: agent, realty, Realtors - Real Estate
  43. Disclousure laws-property access: accept, agreement, attorney, state - Real Estate
  44. Selling but underwater?: feedback, negotiating, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  45. How does buying a home for cash look?: tenant, appraisal, auction - Real Estate
  46. Commissions: agent, sales, agreement, rental - Real Estate
  47. Good real estate agent with National presence: investment, realty, housing
  48. Using my selling agent to purchase home from other agent?: negotiations, sale - Real Estate
  49. Help with selling house with land contract, Michigan: tenant, 5%, commission - Real Estate
  50. Contemplating buying a second home as investment: tenants, 1%, mortgage - Real Estate
  51. ever deal with Don Wenner realtor (DLP Realty)?: feedback, appraisal, 5% - Real Estate
  52. How to determine if the property description is assigned to my house?: legal, state - Real Estate
  53. Low cost housing: cheapest, price, rental, most expensive - Real Estate
  54. Old Real Estate Law Helps Cure Buyer’s Remorse: housing, condominiums, properties
  55. Helmsley Mansion Sells at Deep Discount: Realtor, state, cost, Connecticut - Real Estate
  56. Property taxes for Duplex: rental, value, residence, investing - Real Estate
  57. about selling investment property........: landlord, renting, state, building - Real Estate
  58. Agent Cancelled My Listing?: new agent, commission, accept, agreement - Real Estate
  59. closing on 10/22 and appraisal not ordered: contract, lender, sellers - Real Estate
  60. Stay or Go : Home Owners Insurance Dilemma: mortgage, mortgage, settlement - Real Estate
  61. First Listing: agent, price, property, broker - Real Estate
  62. Title on new construction: mortgage, mortgage, condo, properties - Real Estate
  63. Borrowing against a parent's estate to purchase a home: 2014, 2%, lawyer - Real Estate
  64. Guestimate Relo pkg offer?: feedback, appraisal, sale, accept - Real Estate
  65. advice for fast sell for relocate: recommendation, negotiating, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  66. Ask broker of other offers and who the seller is??: disclosure, agent - Real Estate
  67. rural spetic system and answer session or ideas ..: sale, contractors, commercial - Real Estate
  68. Taking House off the market - informing Realtor tips?: documents, agent, sale - Real Estate
  69. Agent for the Buyer Agreement: RE agent, mortgage, sales, fee - Real Estate
  70. Expired Contract ?: contingencies, clause, agent, commissions - Real Estate
  71. Latest Case Shiller by Metro Area: price, article, standard - Real Estate
  72. AS IS .. buyer responsible for C.O. and Smoke cert.: disclosure, price - Real Estate
  73. VA Loan Closing Costs: RE agent, 4%, agent, sales - Real Estate
  74. USDA Loan, how varied could the rates be from different lenders: 4%, fees - Real Estate
  75. what do they look for in appraisals?: square footage, duplexes, agent - Real Estate
  76. Too nice to condemn, to bad to fix...: appraisal, foreclosure, insurance - Real Estate
  77. Primary residence to rental and then sold at loss: sale, property, renting - Real Estate
  78. Lender required repair issues: appraisal, agent, sales, property - Real Estate
  79. Fha loans - get your case numbers today!: appraisal, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  80. News, Buy The Tiniest Apartment In The World ... For Just $68,000.: money, purchase - Real Estate
  81. Mistaken information on Certificate of Occupancy: housing, property, attorney, state - Real Estate
  82. HUD 'as-is', FHA lender required repairs: appraisal, agent, advantage, Realtor - Real Estate
  83. rental income tax deductible: tenant, investment, landlords, property - Real Estate
  84. Waterfront bargain in Florida: HOA fees expired/No square footage restrictions: 2013, cheapest - Real Estate
  85. worried it won't appraise where we need it to...: appraisal, 6%, agent - Real Estate
  86. Duplex with no HOA - neighbor issues: tenant, insurance, landlord - Real Estate
  87. Oops they did it again!!!!: foreclosure, mortgage companies, mortgages, sales - Real Estate
  88. Made offer, Inspection revealed problems: agents, commission, inspector, most expensive - Real Estate
  89. Difference between pest and harassment: appraisal, foreclosure, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  90. tell me the good and bad about buying a condo?: square footage, agent - Real Estate
  91. earnest money deposit ?: tenants, negotiating, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  92. Appraisals: agent, price, broker, value - Real Estate
  93. New Homes in Northern VA- Virginia: foreclosures, sale, realty, condos - Real Estate
  94. Listing with an agent and now a FSBO--rules?: commission, condo, agreement - Real Estate
  95. Housing Starts Plunged in October: appraisal, 3%, mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  96. HOA lowering monthly fee- cause?: disclosure, condo, property tax, legal - Real Estate
  97. how can i sell my house quick?!: recommendation, appraiser, auction - Real Estate
  98. Listed w. Agent now doing FSBO--Leads from showings during contract period: RE agent, documentation - Real Estate
  99. Can I still buy a home without a credit history?: mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  100. Last year, they said I was trying to steal it....: foreclosed, mortgage - Real Estate
  101. I Just Want to Buy (or Rent) Your House!: 2013, agent, investment - Real Estate
  102. Are bank/insurance appraisals usually conservative?: square footage, housing, value, furniture - Real Estate
  103. Do you rent or own? What are the pros and cons of both?: 5%, mortgage - Real Estate
  104. How to view the plat of my city?: appraisal, fee, property - Real Estate
  105. Why Would the Realtor Lie??: RE agent, foreclosures, 3%, agent - Real Estate
  106. I think I can skip an inspection...: condos, price, inspectors - Real Estate
  107. Letter to the seller...: 4%, investments, mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  108. Realtors need to lift their game: tenants, 1%, agent, investment - Real Estate
  109. Do I have the option to walk away from this deal?: agent, commission - Real Estate
  110. What does private financing available mean?: 1%, sale, fees - Real Estate
  111. about refinancing: appraisal, mortgage, mortgage, property - Real Estate
  112. Contingent Offer - Seeking Advice/Opinions: RE agent, contingencies, feedback, 3% - Real Estate
  113. What is the weirdest thing found in your new home left by the sellers?: appraiser, foreclosure - Real Estate
  114. $8000 First time home buyer Tax credit: Need help!: foreclosed, sale, price - Real Estate
  115. How Would you Structure an Offer in This Case?: contingency, 5%, agent - Real Estate
  116. When Gap Between Asking and Zillow/Recent Sales is Big: feedback, appraiser - Real Estate
  117. Agents: How do I...: contingent, incentive, documents, 3% - Real Estate
  118. I hate Flippers!: countertop, housing, condo, price - Real Estate
  119. We Closed Today!!!: sale, price, contract, offer - Real Estate
  120. for real estate pros and geeks: appraisal, agent, sales
  121. Now this?!: appraisal, clause, agent, sales - Real Estate
  122. Letter to a Buyer: negotiations, agent, sale, banks - Real Estate
  123. Encroachment - pipeline maintenance - who pays?: disclosure, documents, foreclosed - Real Estate
  124. for realtors out there...: appraisal, 1%, negotiating, agent - Real Estate
  125. Cost to Fix Home Too Much: tenants, appraised, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  126. What is the financial relationship between realtors and home warranty companies?: foreclosures, agent - Real Estate
  127. Lower price by $2000 vs. Granite counters?: countertop, foreclosures, condo, comparable - Real Estate
  128. Made an offer- new .. did I make a mistake?: square foot, foreclosed - Real Estate
  129. buyer but...: feedback, appraised, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  130. How do you know if you have neighbors that don't pay their HOA Fees?: arrears, percentage - Real Estate
  131. 3 bed 2.5 bath 2,200 square feet or 4 bed 2.5 bath 1,900 square feet: RE market, square footage, foreclosed - Real Estate
  132. Buying agent's home: contingency, feedback, dual agency, commission - Real Estate
  133. Realtor are scum ? Then what is this ?: incentive, agent, investment - Real Estate
  134. Square Footages: contingency, documents, appraiser, agent - Real Estate
  135. Abandoning my Cash Purchase of Retirement Home: foreclosure, agent, investment - Real Estate
  136. Just bought house and found out neighbor shoots off guns and revs truck engines all the time: disclosure, sale - Real Estate
  137. Sellers grabbing at a higher offer after accepting ours: documents, negotiations - Real Estate
  138. Who pays for appraisal?: contingency, negotiations, agent, sales - Real Estate
  139. Exclusive Listing agreement?: negotiations, agent, commission, sales - Real Estate
  140. About Radon Test Results: agent, property, attorney, inspector - Real Estate
  141. Buyers: Negotiate - For Sale by Owner vs Realtor: contingent, 6%, negotiating - Real Estate
  142. Etiquette for buying a FSBO: 2%, agent, commissions, sale - Real Estate
  143. Good Home Inspector in Middlesex county, NJ?: inspectors, commercial, state - Real Estate
  144. Properties that are listed as drive by only: tenant, contingent - Real Estate
  145. Rent to Own? Positives? Negatives?: tenants, appraisal, agents, mortgages - Real Estate
  146. Inspection: contingency, appraisal, negotiating, sale - Real Estate
  147. McMansions Becoming Group Homes: foreclosed, sales, housing, landlords - Real Estate
  148. Repair Request Unreasonable?: documentation, appraisal, 1%, agent - Real Estate
  149. Timeshare Sales Experience, ?: investment, fees, price, properties - Real Estate
  150. Counter offer headaches: tenant, agent, accept, condo - Real Estate
  151. Older home for $250,000 or newer home for $325,000: square footage, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  152. Buying without realtor - can selling broker pose as my buyer's broker?: incentive, appraiser - Real Estate
  153. we closed!! What a stressful but exciting journey.: appraisal, negotiation - Real Estate
  154. Need an agent's perspective: feedback, recommendation, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  155. taking the plunge... 1story vs 2story house: square footage, agent, prices - Real Estate
  156. Airplane noise disclosure: disclosures, agent, agreement, price - Real Estate
  157. Need to vent on selling home: square footage, agent, sales, fees - Real Estate
  158. Where does RE go from: RE market, foreclosure, negotiations, mortgage - Real Estate
  159. Final Walk-Through?: feedback, documentation, agent, construction - Real Estate
  160. Inpsect before listing?: contingency, clause, agent, sale - Real Estate
  161. Real Estate in Germany: foreclosures, mortgages, price, property
  162. True value of a home based on a market lot size, house size and cost to maintain both.: square footage, appraiser - Real Estate
  163. Realtor Expectations? (selling): feedback, appraisal, 7%, agent - Real Estate
  164. Negotiating safety items that are association covered: investment, sale, fees - Real Estate
  165. World's Most Expensive Home Completed, Valued at $1 Billion: sales, price, state - Real Estate
  166. How to Survive the Great Depression of 2011-2012: 2015, foreclosure, 5% - Real Estate
  167. Ethical ?: disclosures, dual agency, agreement, price - Real Estate
  168. Buying a house that backs up to a business: price, property, contract - Real Estate
  169. The closing that never comes?: contingent, appraisal, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  170. Annoyed, viewers canceled at last minute: stucco, feedback, cancellation, garage - Real Estate
  171. tenants wont leave!: incentive, landlord, agreement, property - Real Estate
  172. Making offers: appraised, agent, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  173. What would you offer...?: RE market, sale, percentage, comparables - Real Estate
  174. Ethical II ??: feedback, agent, commission, sales - Real Estate
  175. Your Best Deal in Real Estate.. ?: appraisal, sales, condo, price
  176. Can I mark up a purchase agreement?: feedback, agent, accept - Real Estate
  177. First time buyer, should I get a buyer's agent?: commission, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  178. Insulate mostly unfinished basement ceiling?: recommendation, investment, construction, inspector - Real Estate
  179. Builders Warranty: incentive, documents, accepting, construction - Real Estate
  180. Offer advice: appraisal, negotiations, agent, sale - Real Estate
  181. How to Provide Incentive for Buyer's Broker to Several Realtors ...: tenants, agent - Real Estate
  182. Collapse of RE market??????????: appraise, foreclosure, investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  183. Building a shipping container home: square footage, conversion, fee, rental - Real Estate
  184. Do property values go down when interest rates go up?: foreclosures, 5% - Real Estate
  185. Only a master bath upstairs: price, bedrooms, buy a house, buyers - Real Estate
  186. Etiquette when turning down agents: feedback, agent, sale, price - Real Estate
  187. List of repairs from buyers: RE agent, appraiser, negotiation, agent - Real Estate
  188. Leave Broiler Pan for new owners?: appraisal, agent, sale, price - Real Estate
  189. Delusional sellers!: agent, sales, price, offer - Real Estate
  190. Realtor: new agent, legal, vents, broker - Real Estate
  191. Would you lower the price? Would it matter in this market?: incentive, foreclosed - Real Estate
  192. Christian Roomate ad complaint dismissed: fees, housing, illegal - Real Estate
  193. Moving a house: price, state, garage, companies - Real Estate
  194. Disclose Preapproval Amount?: contingencies, appraised, agent, price - Real Estate
  195. Can you make offers on new condos or only used?: incentive, agent - Real Estate
  196. Property Tax: appraisal, 2%, percentage, prices - Real Estate
  197. Selling inherited property with a tenant in it.: disclosing, appraised, income tax - Real Estate
  198. Delete!: mortgage, mortgage, sale, properties - Real Estate
  199. 2 family or mother daughter?: kitchen, bedrooms, house, New Jersey - Real Estate
  200. The Trouble with Condos - Real Estate