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  9. Went looking with one company, loved a home listed by another co. How does this work?: 5%, agent - Real Estate
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  14. Federal Income tax on real estate: sale, price, property, expensive
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  16. Business License to Rent Property: mortgage, mortgage, lawyer, state - Real Estate
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  18. what is a multi-family home?: duplex, mortgage, condos, property - Real Estate
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  26. Real Estate professional NE Philly: agent, investment, sale, price
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  31. Need a real estate agent near New Port Richey Florida: property, bank
  32. lose money to get in an adult community?: agent, sale, prices - Real Estate
  33. Florida real estate MLS search exclusions: agent, sale, percentage, price
  34. Resale value after closet restructure: legal, inspector, bedrooms, building - Real Estate
  35. How can I look up how much a house previously sold for?: disclosure, agent - Real Estate
  36. Good time to sell rental properties?: sale, housing, landlords, prices - Real Estate
  37. Requirement for all new home buyers: value, building, companies, houses - Real Estate
  38. Can I Sue my Realtor (CA): banks, property, escrow, contract - Real Estate
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  40. Security deposit in san diego: fees, rent, credit, bill - Real Estate
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  46. HOA vs County Code: documentation, state, house, California - Real Estate
  47. Flooring and Insulation Problems in House for Sale: agent, price, lawyer - Real Estate
  48. Confidentiality?: disclosure, agent, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  49. U&r?: kitchen, repair, building, ceilings - Real Estate
  50. Who monitors previous showings: feedback, disclosing, agent, commission - Real Estate
  51. on renters responsiblity when leaving unit?: tenants, duplex, fees - Real Estate
  52. on Cd buy their first home after 40y/o?: mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  53. Landscaping: illegal, building, company, definition - Real Estate
  54. Need help on this one...: tenants, mortgage, mortgage, insurance - Real Estate
  55. Needed: First time homebuyer advice: foreclosures, agent, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  56. Buying second home in different state in name of LLC???: tenant, investment - Real Estate
  57. Brother in-law purchasing house, Wife's name not on Deed or Mortgage: insurance, property - Real Estate
  58. Condo Association, woman sued for planting flowers.: condominiums, agreement, lawsuit - Real Estate
  59. CA Can agents/brokers offer incentives in advertisements?: agent, commission, legal - Real Estate
  60. Buying back previously owned house (CA): sale, price, approved, loan - Real Estate
  61. can renters stay?: tenants, agent, banks, contract - Real Estate
  62. paperless real estate transactions????: documents, agents, sale, accept
  63. Is there to find out the current bids on a HUD home before you place your bid on a HUD home ?: agent, price - Real Estate
  64. Offer accepted, now REO seller's deed not recorded: tenant, incentive, documents - Real Estate
  65. Advice for NC Agents: contingent, agent, commission, sale - Real Estate
  66. Home inspection southfield, mi: property, building, house, check - Real Estate
  67. For Sale Prior to Showing Availability: contingent, 1%, agent, agreement - Real Estate
  68. Different Appraisal Questions: foreclosures, sales, accept, condo - Real Estate
  69. Early preparation helps to sell your home: disclosure, plumber, documentation - Real Estate
  70. Real Estate Paperwork Retention: sales, housing, price, rental
  71. my Rights with a sales contract: contingency, agent, lawyer, inspection - Real Estate
  72. New tax for sellers of real estate?: income tax, commissions, sales
  73. Buying a second home in different state: investment, property, home loan - Real Estate
  74. Real Estate Comtract: Renewal: mortgage, mortgage, sale, fees
  75. For Sale By Owner New Orleans: Realtor, home, sell - Real Estate
  76. I. Don't. Get. It.: short sales and buying again: agent, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
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  78. Taxes on sale of a house vs capital gains: income tax, investments, mortgage - Real Estate
  79. Conflict?: RE agent, disclosure, agent, sales - Real Estate
  80. Are there differences in appraisals?: value, approved, loans, repair - Real Estate
  81. News, Lizzie Borden's Maplecroft estate is up for sale again.: price, historical - Real Estate
  82. Sellers disclosure form confusion!: stucco, investment, construction, attorney - Real Estate
  83. Calculating Homestead Exemption?: new agent, mortgage, mortgage, property tax - Real Estate
  84. Ever heard this is not a good time to buy ?: 6%, agent - Real Estate
  85. Compensate Realtor: clause, agent, commission, sale - Real Estate
  86. Real estate: an excellent synopsis in slides: foreclosure, investment, mortgage rates
  87. Seller backing out!!!: contingencies, agent, commission, sale - Real Estate
  88. Cash Only Home Sale: documentation, appraisal, 1%, agent - Real Estate
  89. Buyer agent represented two clients bidding on the same property: disclosure, auction - Real Estate
  90. How do you define busy street ?: sale, comparables, price - Real Estate
  91. Should I just spend more if that's what it takes???: 4%, investment - Real Estate
  92. Purchasing a townhome with an existing tenant: tenants, investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  93. What can I do about my Realtor??: agent, commission, sales - Real Estate
  94. Is rent to own worth it?: tenant, appraisal, foreclosure, mortgage - Real Estate
  95. Living on a private road with neighbors: price, illegal, state - Real Estate
  96. High property tax in US !: income tax, fees, comparable, expensive - Real Estate
  97. Will next year's market go up or will there be more foreclosures?: RE market, 2013 - Real Estate
  98. New Construction - Purchase Price vs Cost to Build?: appraisal, foreclosed, 5% - Real Estate
  99. Disclosure from previous inspection?: negotiations, agent, illegal, inspectors - Real Estate
  100. Are older homes harder to sell?: price, inspector, more expensive, builder - Real Estate
  101. FSBO - cutting agent out? help!: 2014, 3%, negotiations - Real Estate
  102. House inspector: recommendation, plumber, agent, fees - Real Estate
  103. Renovating to increase homes value: square footage, countertop, cheapest, appraiser - Real Estate
  104. Is Real Estate Appraiser A 2nd Career?: RE market, appraisal, foreclosures
  105. Home inspection report - what to do next: cheapest, foreclosures, sale - Real Estate
  106. Very old listing still on Internet?: RE agent, agent, price, broker - Real Estate
  107. Just lost our home...: appraisal, agent, commissions, price - Real Estate
  108. Value of Built-in Cabinets for Dining Room: countertop, expensive, state - Real Estate
  109. Underwater, Growing Family: agent, commissions, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  110. Closing day property taxes.: sale, attorneys, loans, company - Real Estate
  111. FSBO - What are the steps after accepting an offer?: feedback, documents - Real Estate
  112. flat-fee/lower-cost realty?: feedback, disclosures, square foot, 3% - Real Estate
  113. Realtor's Disclosure of Remuneration: agent, fees, condos, agreement - Real Estate
  114. Help : Neighbor will not clean up thier property : What can I do ?: foreclosure, agreement - Real Estate
  115. about lowball offer...: incentive, documentation, new agent, sales - Real Estate
  116. We did a QCD in 2009, just received notice we owe doc stamp tax?: mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  117. Real estate pros caught up in HOA takeover scheme: RE agent, agents, condo
  118. Location location location: clause, prices, properties, rental - Real Estate
  119. Buying a Home with a VA Loan: appraisal, foreclosure, agent - Real Estate
  120. Sale to Closing Time Frame: agent, agreements, contract, Realtor - Real Estate
  121. We are at the cusp of another Real Estate collapse: 2015, appraiser
  122. What happens if sellers try to push closing?: agent, sales, agreement - Real Estate
  123. house price listed as $599-$698-what does that mean?: RE market, agent, sales - Real Estate
  124. rule of thumb on offers in this current market?: square foot, appraised - Real Estate
  125. How to cope with the prospect of becoming homeless.: renting, expensive, deposit - Real Estate
  126. Is this Real Estate Fraud??: tenant, disclosure, square foot, documentation
  127. seller left tractor: legal, claim, state, repair - Real Estate
  128. Procuring Cause? Dual Agency? what to do??? HELP: negotiation, commissions, sale - Real Estate
  129. Walking Away (sticky situation): agent, sales, agreement, price - Real Estate
  130. Inspection revealed structural problems.Seller willing to provide cash at closing to cover costs.Is this illegal?: tenant, disclosures - Real Estate
  131. A gift for my agent?: price, inexpensive, value, Realtor - Real Estate
  132. House or Highrise: condo, townhouse, disadvantages, building - Real Estate
  133. which would be better - house vs condo: tenants, investment, fees - Real Estate
  134. Offer On Home Rejected...Twice!: agent, commission, accepting, agreement - Real Estate
  135. Rough and Shady Looking Neighbors - Should you not buy a home because of rough and shady looking neighbors ?: investment, prices - Real Estate
  136. Hud homes?: agent, property, offer, approved - Real Estate
  137. What Would You Do About This Buyer ?: disclosure, documents, appraisal - Real Estate
  138. Advice on Upgrade with builder on a New Contruction: incentive, countertop, negotiating - Real Estate
  139. How would you handle this underwater situation?: tenants, mortgage companies, mortgages - Real Estate
  140. Flat fee MLS listing: RE agent, contingencies, disclosures, 3% - Real Estate
  141. Violent Crime, Death...Is it Disclosed when Buying RE?: disclosure, agent, lawsuit - Real Estate
  142. Agent representing B/S after price set?: negotiation, dual agency, commission - Real Estate
  143. Difference Between Purchase Offer & Purchasing Contract?: contingencies, documents, appraisal - Real Estate
  144. Landlord is being foreclosed on: auction, mortgage, mortgage, banks - Real Estate
  145. repairs after closing: dual agency, commission, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  146. have you seen this-seller and buyer agree-buyer has inspection-seller takes another offer?: documents, sale - Real Estate
  147. Should i let my real estate agent.....?????: appraiser, mortgage, mortgage
  148. News, New homeowners met with gun-wielding neighbors.: foreclosed, vents, state - Real Estate
  149. buying a house, significant other moving in.: tenant, investment, renting - Real Estate
  150. Looking for a company who will pack your stuff and move it to a new location: state, Chicago - Real Estate
  151. Ad Phrases: Positive or Negative and Another Ad: appraisal, price, property tax - Real Estate
  152. Contacting owners directly: agent, sales, agreement, lawsuits - Real Estate
  153. Would you buy a house with foundation Problems ?: agent, sale, price - Real Estate
  154. How many offers ...: contingent, disclosure, foreclosure, agent - Real Estate
  155. Advice on compensation amount: recommendation, auctions, foreclosure, agent - Real Estate
  156. I give up. I need help: fees, housing, lawsuit - Real Estate
  157. Too good to be true!?: tenants, 8%, investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  158. No garage and effect on sale price: feedback, square footage, appraiser - Real Estate
  159. Help Needed! Should I buy a house appraised 10% less sqft than tax record: RE market, square footage - Real Estate
  160. Mt Snow quartershare timeshare: investment, sale, annual fee, condo - Real Estate
  161. Who is the nefarious villain?: mortgage, sale, percentage, property - Real Estate
  162. Unqualified Buyers - Have you Been One? Worked with One?: documentation, negotiations - Real Estate
  163. Eviction process for non-paying renters who are delaying sale of house.: tenant, documents - Real Estate
  164. How many homes did you view?: foreclosures, agent, mortgage, sales - Real Estate
  165. Home inspector negligence: How do I deal with it?: insurance, lawyer, inspectors - Real Estate
  166. North Carolina Due Diligence for Realtors: contingencies, appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  167. rental house on same property as home: appraisal, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  168. Home Inspector killed the deal: plumber, clause, agent, inspectors - Real Estate
  169. Lengthy Appraisal ?: sales, lender, company, sellers - Real Estate
  170. experience with new construction by Pulte Homes: appraise, agent, commissions - Real Estate
  171. Seller not returning escrow: sale, fees, property, lawyer - Real Estate
  172. I AM FUMING! Is this legit? House listing has OLD PICS!!!l: tenants, condo - Real Estate
  173. Good idea to sell/buy a home by owner?: disclosure, plumber, 6% - Real Estate
  174. Condo vs SFH for Singles?: square foot, agent, investment, fees - Real Estate
  175. When Is the Best Time Of Year to Buy A Home?: sale, housing - Real Estate
  176. Builder's Lender Appraisal at purchase price. similar home in subdivision on sale for 100k less: contingency, agent - Real Estate
  177. HOA and Fencing issuses what steps to take ?: foreclose, accept, lawsuit - Real Estate
  178. Government should stay away from realestate: disclosure, foreclosures, 5%, agent - Real Estate
  179. How do I find a good buyers agent?: recommendation, investment, prices - Real Estate
  180. Seller rejects appraisal: RE agent, contingency, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  181. Home Search by Very Specific Criteria—How To???: agent, condo, townhouse - Real Estate
  182. Covered Patio or not for the price: conversion, 4%, investment - Real Estate
  183. Buying a Flipped House : How do you know if they seller is charging to high of a price ?: square footage, appraisal - Real Estate
  184. Why do people choose to live on busy, noisy streets?: investment, comparable - Real Estate
  185. should I let them extend??: contingent, appraisal, 3%, clause - Real Estate
  186. Pros Cons of Townhouse Vs. Condo: RE agent, tenants, recommendation, duplexes - Real Estate
  187. realtor of the house we are buying went to arrange things with the realtor of the people we are selling to-unprofessio: negotiating, agent - Real Estate
  188. Hud Statement - How much time to review: documents, agent, commission - Real Estate
  189. Is this a good offer?: contingencies, negotiations, accept, price - Real Estate
  190. Would like to sell, feeling stuck.: tenants, appraised, foreclosed, income tax - Real Estate
  191. Bad Buyer's Agent: feedback, disclosure, negotiations, agreement - Real Estate
  192. Seller is not answering the door for the appraiser: appraisal, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  193. **how to negotiate a new construction with a builder**: RE agent, negotiating, agent - Real Estate
  194. Post Rentback Agreement Extension: tenants, sale, landlords, attorney - Real Estate
  195. How can I find a really good real estate agent for my farm?: appraisal, realty
  196. real estate licence paid for by wea program: brokers, Chicago, city
  197. Western NC R.E. Sales Commission Commercial Property?: fee, broker, residential - Real Estate
  198. Tax Credit Repayment after Loss on Sale?: prices, contract, loan - Real Estate
  199. Realtor recommendation for acreage home in Nthcentral WV: agent, property - Real Estate
  200. Bronx/Parkchester Realtor: Australia, client, purchase, interest - Real Estate