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  1. do the sales records include overdue HOA fees the buyer paid?: appraiser, foreclosed - Real Estate
  2. Buying home without realtor....and splitting with parents: agent, commission, mortgage - Real Estate
  3. HUD-1 closed on August 24th funding on August 27th: agents, mortgage companies - Real Estate
  4. Contract to Buy - Available funds: contingencies, clause, agent - Real Estate
  5. Documentation Needed to Avoid Paying Capital Gains on Flip: investment, sales, fees - Real Estate
  6. Making offer on house: foreclosed, investment, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  7. steps to invest: agent, investment, properties, rental - Real Estate
  8. Market Conditions: appraisal, foreclosure, agent, sales - Real Estate
  9. Would I be wasting a RE agents time with this?: agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  10. Property Taxes and 1031 Exchanges: sales, price, value, states - Real Estate
  11. do we have options?: agents, mortgage, mortgages, property - Real Estate
  12. Active-Cont Remove and Pending-Take Backup : What is the difference between terms ?: contingency, appraisal - Real Estate
  13. FHA Insured Loan - Eviction Process: auction, foreclosed, agent, sale - Real Estate
  14. How to close one new house with Builder: appraisal, agent, lawyer - Real Estate
  15. HOA/PUD swimming pools with age restricted hours: housing, price, property - Real Estate
  16. Bought home, home inspection coming up... HELP!: contingency, feedback, construction - Real Estate
  17. Cheapest Housing In The World?: foreclosures, sale, fees, condos - Real Estate
  18. Pending Take Backup: sale, price, offers, buying a house - Real Estate
  19. Cheap Flood Insurance Needed: agent, prices, property, claim - Real Estate
  20. Stagnant air in house for sale--remedies?: agent, property, rental, state - Real Estate
  21. As is Sale Sold in Current Condition - Home Sale: foreclosed, agreement - Real Estate
  22. find top home inspector in area for old house: plumber, agent, commission - Real Estate
  23. Do of you have experience with converting a industrial building into living space?: incentive, appraisal - Real Estate
  24. who will provide the home warranty after the builder is out of business: contractors, state - Real Estate
  25. What questions to ask realtor: RE agent, feedback, recommendation, documentation - Real Estate
  26. Guest house-keep furnished or not?: sale, property, illegal, renting - Real Estate
  27. Short Sale Lawyer in Sarasota: foreclosure, lenders, negotiate, Florida - Real Estate
  28. Release from contract - it this legal?: new agent, commission, broker - Real Estate
  29. about my pictures: agent, property, contract, MLS - Real Estate
  30. How do you coordinate sale of old home, purchase of new? (NV): mortgage, sales - Real Estate
  31. Offer accepted but leasing first?: negotiations, commission, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  32. keep looking with short sale under contract?: foreclosure, agent, sales - Real Estate
  33. County auctions: what is the reasonable bet on a good house there?: agent, investment - Real Estate
  34. Loan for Land: mortgage, mortgage, housing, banks - Real Estate
  35. Help finding a Title company or RE attorney in Port St Lucie Florida: disclosure, agent - Real Estate
  36. Real Estate Online Auction: auctions, prices, property, Realtor
  37. Your recommendations for a real estate site !!!!: agent, sales, price
  38. Wonder if this Approach will bring in more prospective buyers?: neighbor - Real Estate
  39. We had *A* showing!: agent, price, contract, house - Real Estate
  40. Preconveyance on Foreclosed Home: auction, sale, property, offer - Real Estate
  41. Resale in Bay Village, OH: RE market, 3%, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  42. Purchasing Home from Family Member: appraisal, mortgage, mortgage, banks - Real Estate
  43. What ROI are investors looking for when investing in the US?: percent, properties - Real Estate
  44. What to look for in a Property Management Company: rental, home, survey - Real Estate
  45. objective feedback needed for a seller: appraise, foreclosure, agent - Real Estate
  46. Appraisals: Do help, or is it strictly comps?: feedback, foreclosures, mortgage - Real Estate
  47. Nightline: 48 Hour Makeover to increase appraised value: appraisal, foreclosure, 5% - Real Estate
  48. MLS and where: agent, agreement, price, property - Real Estate
  49. Trends in Rush to Sell by end 2012 to avoid higher capital gain tax in 2012: 2013, appraised - Real Estate
  50. Has purchased a home via an auction?: feedback, auctions, foreclosed - Real Estate
  51. Monthly debits: mortgage, mortgage, loan, builder - Real Estate
  52. Foul smell in greenbelt areas: sales, neighborhood, process, money - Real Estate
  53. If I could not bring my downpayment to USA before closing: contingency, 5% - Real Estate
  54. Fannie Mae negotiating, agent, price, contract - Real Estate
  55. FHA Buyer: appraisal, agent, accept, price - Real Estate
  56. Is this agent incompetent or what?: RE agent, disclosures, auction, foreclosure - Real Estate
  57. Found a house but have doubts about the well: disclosures, agent, property - Real Estate
  58. News, Real Estate Tourism: Who's Really Buying America's Homes?: investment, sale, condo
  59. Is this a legal eviction?: landlord, property, exclusive, building - Real Estate
  60. Management fees?: tenant, feedback, condo, price - Real Estate
  61. buying land owner finance- is this a deal or not?: disclosure, agent - Real Estate
  62. Looking to buy something at the tax auction, but how do I know what the taxes may be on the property?: auctions, sales - Real Estate
  63. Is part time PM OK?: property, home, work, deal - Real Estate
  64. Negotiating offers in the Miami real estate market...: agents, price, Realtors
  65. What to expect during a Refi Appraisal?: inspection, state, lenders - Real Estate
  66. News, Supreme Court To Decide Whether Floating House Is Really A Boat.: RE agent, agent - Real Estate
  67. CO before listing new house for sale ?: construction, property, attorney - Real Estate
  68. Argus Certification: property, developer, state, investor - Real Estate
  69. Gift for Buyer's Agent: price, renting, offer, appreciation - Real Estate
  70. Encumbrances, liens, and easements: mortgage, mortgage, property, legal - Real Estate
  71. First-Time Homebuyers Credit - Converting to rental property after 3 years: requirements, residence - Real Estate
  72. Deceased Homeowner w/Heir Out of State: 2013, appraisal, mortgage - Real Estate
  73. What to do about horrible neighbors: tenant, agent, landlord, property - Real Estate
  74. Tenant Threatening to Move Out - Very Suspicious Circumstances: tenants, feedback, clause - Real Estate
  75. Cartus earnest money requirement - $10,000: 1%, agent, sale, insurance - Real Estate
  76. earnest money and home inspection: disclosure, documents, agents, price - Real Estate
  77. Sellers want more after best and final: agent, price, property - Real Estate
  78. Opinions, advice on actions of real estate agent: contingent, disclosure, documents
  79. Fire buyer's agent or not?: RE agent, foreclosures, sales, price - Real Estate
  80. Building a home on acreage - where to start?: appraise, 6%, agent - Real Estate
  81. Saga continues...: disclosure, agents, investments, landlord - Real Estate
  82. $20k deposit.. can we get a full refund ?: contingency, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  83. To fire or not to fire - Need opinions: appraiser, 4%, agent - Real Estate
  84. In Process of Selling My Home: RE agent, 2013, agent, sale - Real Estate
  85. New Construction- Advice on Negotiating: countertop, appraisal, foreclosures, agent - Real Estate
  86. Can you really buy a house with no money down and with bad credit?: feedback, mortgage - Real Estate
  87. Does this place exist anywhere?: duplex, agent, condos, price - Real Estate
  88. One for the fair housing experts.: RE market, agents, realty, properties - Real Estate
  89. Issues with a property management company: tenants, clause, landlords, prices - Real Estate
  90. Would buying a home be ideal for someone like myself?: tenants, duplex - Real Estate
  91. Fractional bathrooms: condo, builders, house, definition - Real Estate
  92. Update our RE issue: disclosure, attorneys, claim, state - Real Estate
  93. mad at first time homebuyer's tax credit (and myself): tenants, incentive, plumber - Real Estate
  94. HGTV Timelines: feedback, appraiser, agents, sales - Real Estate
  95. ..this listing.: disclosure, agent, price, very expensive - Real Estate
  96. So much for professionalism: agent, commission, price, broker - Real Estate
  97. Things You Learned -When Buying or Selling: auction, negotiating, agent - Real Estate
  98. RE Lawyer: recommendation, agent, condo, inspector - Real Estate
  99. News, Homeowners associations clamp down on rentals.: tenants, foreclosure, agent - Real Estate
  100. Being A Landlord: Commercial Vs. Residential: tenants, incentive, agent, investment - Real Estate
  101. When The Last Owner Died In The House?: sale, price, property - Real Estate
  102. Do you enjoy browsing real estate web sites across the US?: stucco, appraised
  103. Critique My Business Plan: investment, mortgages, banks, properties - Real Estate
  104. Monthly Cost of Home Ownership: mortgage, mortgages, fees, landlord - Real Estate
  105. signed and accepted offer, listing still active: contingent, recommendation, appraisal - Real Estate
  106. Has has success buying a home that wasn't for sale?: square foot, agent - Real Estate
  107. Realtors; How Much Do You Add To The Price, So You Can Knock The Price Down?: recommendation, agent - Real Estate
  108. for the professionals: appraisal, new agent, commission, price - Real Estate
  109. 3,000 Square Foot House - Is it Really a Deal ?: foreclosure, investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  110. House Built in 1935: negotiating, agent, sale, price - Real Estate
  111. Agent lied about counter-offer: commission, sale, accept, property - Real Estate
  112. Is this a dealbreaker?: documents, foreclosure, agent, sales - Real Estate
  113. Buyers agent asking for additional brokers commission before closing: documents, 1%, sale - Real Estate
  114. Where did you store your junk during home sale?: agent, condos, property - Real Estate
  115. TERRIFIED! Making an offer on a historical home...: contingency, documents, price - Real Estate
  116. Is there to get a Cheaper Home Inspection: cheapest, price, construction - Real Estate
  117. Commitment Letter and Defaulting: RE agent, contingencies, feedback, agent - Real Estate
  118. Inspection found home needs new roof - who pays?: appraisal, negotiations, agent - Real Estate
  119. Seller wants to back out of signed offer: contingencies, appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  120. How can I get out of buyer's agreement?: tenants, clause, agent - Real Estate
  121. timing 2 closings & moving: agent, settlement, landlord, attorney - Real Estate
  122. ZONING! this wasn't meant to be...: price, property, rent - Real Estate
  123. Selling House As Is: disclosures, clause, negotiating, agent - Real Estate
  124. Non-Conforming Bedrooms? Extra Room?: disclosure, square footage, appraisal, sale - Real Estate
  125. We are selling the cheapest house on the street, good or bad?: appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  126. ridiculous new home lender fees: tenant, appraisal, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  127. Our house about to go to sale looks great for the downstairs carpet: recommendation, square foot - Real Estate
  128. Need for buyer's exclusive agreement??: disclosures, clause, dual agency, properties - Real Estate
  129. update condo or sell as is ?: countertop, agent, commissions, sale - Real Estate
  130. Gifts for realtor/loan officer?: incentive, agent, commission, state - Real Estate
  131. How can I estimate my closing costs?: 6%, commission, sales - Real Estate
  132. Ernest Money: contingencies, agent, settlement, accept - Real Estate
  133. How long does building a house really take?: prices, construction, rent - Real Estate
  134. Buying Fannie Mae House We Rent: tenants, recommendation, appraisal, foreclosed - Real Estate
  135. Highest & Best and Agent: new agent, accept, prices, property - Real Estate
  136. Making an Offer on a House w/Unpermitted Remodel/Renovation: conversion, appraisal - Real Estate
  137. Home Closing Questions: contingencies, documentation, countertop, 6% - Real Estate
  138. Advice: harassment f/ neighbor: feedback, appraised, property, illegal - Real Estate
  139. Seller refuse to sign the Addendum for repairs: contingency, 5%, agent - Real Estate
  140. Murderer Houses Sold: property, claim, state, historical - Real Estate
  141. Normal, or bad realtor?: dual agency, realty, agreement, price - Real Estate
  142. Homebuying Programs for Teachers?: RE agent, agents, mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  143. Buying a small cafe: auction, agents, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  144. Time to buy or not: 2015, mortgage rates, mortgage, housing - Real Estate
  145. Ending a shared backyard with neighbors: investment, condo, agreements, construction - Real Estate
  146. How many buyers agents out have refused to lower there commission in a short sale transaction?: foreclosed, 3% - Real Estate
  147. Buying Steps: documentation, appraisal, 1%, agent - Real Estate
  148. Bully - Jerk neighbor abusing the shared easement 3 of us use: property, attorney - Real Estate
  149. 22-yr old thinking of buying condo: appraised, foreclosures, 4%, mortgage - Real Estate
  150. Can't close until 11-25...when do I list?: negotiating, agent, sale - Real Estate
  151. About property tax: appraised, value, state, Texas - Real Estate
  152. Games listing agents play.......: appraise, agent, sales, comparable - Real Estate
  153. on pricing of home for sale: negotiations, agent, sales - Real Estate
  154. What does house shows well mean?: feedback, agents, price - Real Estate
  155. Cameras Used By Realtors? Returning Inquiries?: RE agent, feedback, agent, sale - Real Estate
  156. Can't afford to buy a nice house in nice neighborhood...keep renting?: tenants, mortgage - Real Estate
  157. Could one make two offers on the same house?: contingency, appraisal, 3% - Real Estate
  158. Looking for rental property?: tenants, duplex, investment, landlord - Real Estate
  159. Pay for Appraisal Before or After?: contingency, mortgage, mortgage, fee - Real Estate
  160. What are municipals in a house purchase?: agent, accept, property - Real Estate
  161. Removing appraisal contingency - how common?: contingent, agent, prices, property - Real Estate
  162. Is it worth it to separate heat in a unregulated multifamily?: tenants, plumber - Real Estate
  163. Buyer home inspection contingencies abuse?: disclosures, negotiating, new agent, price - Real Estate
  164. Referral Fees - Protocol vs Requirements: feedback, agent, commission, relocation fee - Real Estate
  165. about inspection deadlines: RE agent, plumber, appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  166. Investing in areas that are surviving the recession: investment, properties, rental - Real Estate
  167. Is this reasonable to ask for after an inspection?: price, property, inspector - Real Estate
  168. Are real estate agents lazy?: feedback, agent, sales, housing
  169. If I'm selling FSBO, what % should I give BA: 2013, 3%, agent - Real Estate
  170. Looking for property without buyer agent - contacting listing firms: documents, 3% - Real Estate
  171. DIY Buyers Like Me: feedback, recommendation, agent, sales - Real Estate
  172. Loan on home for more than home is worth: appraisal, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  173. Buyer Agent's commission towards closing/settlement: 3%, clause, new agent, sales - Real Estate
  174. Top 10 things to do when purchasing a home: RE agent, tenant - Real Estate
  175. Should lowball offers be ignored or countered?: negotiations, agent, sales - Real Estate
  176. The House Is For Sale?: tenants, foreclosure, agent, landlord - Real Estate
  177. condo hoa deficit (WA): tenant, appraised, agent, mortgages - Real Estate
  178. Proof of multiple offers.: tenant, clause, agent, commission - Real Estate
  179. Would you buy a home in a very heavily wooded neighborhood?: insurance, construction - Real Estate
  180. negotiating a FSBO.. Cash back legal requirements: appraised, 3%, negotiations - Real Estate
  181. Real Estate Website ..: agent, sale, price, property
  182. INQUIRED about several properties ended up dealing with lot of agents: recommendation, 3% - Real Estate
  183. Need advice on long-term sales contract: contingencies, clause, negotiating, agents - Real Estate
  184. Dual Agent: incentive, dual agency, commission, lawyer - Real Estate
  185. What home buying sites are up to date?: disclosure, agent, price - Real Estate
  186. Realtor did not include last rent due at closing: tenants, agent, commission - Real Estate
  187. a proposal for buyer's agents: RE agent, incentive, 3%, negotiating - Real Estate
  188. Pre-listing inspections: disclosure, negotiations, agent, sales - Real Estate
  189. Dog Registration in HOAs: documents, insurance, rental, state - Real Estate
  190. NO Contingency Added: contingent, documentation, clause, agents - Real Estate
  191. Average cost of groundwater/soil remediation due to a tank oil leak: insurance, property - Real Estate
  192. Agents and Theft: agent, sale, broker, value - Real Estate
  193. Houses built during the bubble - To buy or no: price, construction - Real Estate
  194. Should I sell this house or keep renting it out?: tenants, income tax - Real Estate
  195. Advertising house for sale on Craigslist: agent, agreement, price, properties - Real Estate
  196. How much money did you put in your home before selling: tenants, countertop - Real Estate
  197. Listing Agent refuses to look at my back-up offer: contingencies, square foot, commission - Real Estate
  198. News, Hours-old insurance policy when fire struck not a coincidence, Jacksonville prosecutors say.: renters, value - Real Estate
  199. Real estate tourism: Who's really buying America's homes?
  200. News, HANCOCK, N.Y. Gas Drilling Jitters Unsettle Catskills Sales: price, property - Real Estate