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  80. Need Your Help Calculate The Cost of Buying a Condo/Townhouse.....................: disclosing, appraisal - Real Estate
  81. negotiating on cash: appraiser, agent, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
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  83. How many showings is normal on the first weekend: countertop, agent - Real Estate
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  88. Help me understand how the work an agent does is worth 3% of the purchase price: tenants, feedback - Real Estate
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  90. Broker: tenants, documents, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  91. Value of central air: sale, comparable, price, offers - Real Estate
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  97. Radon test: countertop, sale, price, inspectors - Real Estate
  98. Protecting my down payment: sale, rent, contractor, offers - Real Estate
  99. Pre-sale kitchen fixup: tenant, recommendation, countertop, agent - Real Estate
  100. might be signing a contract tomorrow: RE agent, disclosures, 3%, agent - Real Estate
  101. How long to sell in North Texas: contingency, feedback, recommendation - Real Estate
  102. couple questions - contingency deals: contingent, clause, agent, commission - Real Estate
  103. is earnest money a joke: contingencies, incentive, agent, commission - Real Estate
  104. should we hire a real estate attorney to sell ourselves: RE agent, 2013
  105. New (cheap) beige carpet - a real turn off!: 2014, sale, condo - Real Estate
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  109. Sellers costs?: stucco, 1%, sale, fees - Real Estate
  110. Thoughts on Pre-Qualified buyers only: property, renting, claim - Real Estate
  111. Investing in rental property in Florida: investment, mortgage, mortgage, sale - Real Estate
  112. Good lesson for buyers to check property: contingencies, price, properties - Real Estate
  113. What's the longest you can ask for a response on an offer?: negotiation, agent - Real Estate
  114. Advice for a buyer who has a stubborn seller: incentive, square foot, appraise - Real Estate
  115. Opinions on outdoor space?: square footage, investment, sale, price - Real Estate
  116. Thinking about selling condo - questions: 2013, appraise, income tax, investment - Real Estate
  117. Listing house right before Memorial Day Weekend: price, contract, kitchen - Real Estate
  118. Realtor says she is due commission if she is not on the deal: 3%, sales - Real Estate
  119. Major issues with the Banks: documentation, 2013, foreclosure, mortgage - Real Estate
  120. Upgrade two-wire to grounded before selling?: agents, inspector, contractor, kitchen - Real Estate
  121. Mortgage guy pulling my leg: appraisal, foreclosure, agent, sale - Real Estate
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  124. How long to wait before contacting another agent?: new agent, sales, banks - Real Estate
  125. How to handle hostile landlord on move-out?: tenant, landlords, legal - Real Estate
  126. Uh oh, Are we overpaying?: square footage, appraisal, clause, agent - Real Estate
  127. Investing in an abandon home, code violations, lots of questions?: foreclosed, mortgage - Real Estate
  128. Post inspection negotiation: new agent, commission, sales, settlement - Real Estate
  129. HUD home: appraisal, agent, sales, fee - Real Estate
  130. Asbestos Roof: Realtor, house, listing, neighborhood - Real Estate
  131. C/O expeditor, no survey=red flags?: contingency, disclosure, plumber - Real Estate
  132. Would you backtrack on this or stay away?: feedback, appraisal, negotiations - Real Estate
  133. Obsession vs Rational approach: foreclosure, sales, price, construction - Real Estate
  134. Über Unresponsive Seller's Realtor: duplexes, clause, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  135. explain this home sale to me. . .: contingency, appraisal, 5% - Real Estate
  136. MLS Listings -- house photos --kids' rooms: tenants, agent, kitchen - Real Estate
  137. If you find a buyer before you list your house: RE agent, 2014 - Real Estate
  138. 3 Offers on House: agents, sales, prices, value - Real Estate
  139. A house that literally cannot be away: fees, price, property - Real Estate
  140. Water from the neighbor's irrigation system floods my yard.: property, attorney, offer - Real Estate
  141. Is a difficult seller reason to walk away from a deal?: RE agent, contingency - Real Estate
  142. Purchasing cash property in my name or parents name...: documentation, sale, insurance - Real Estate
  143. Do realtors selectively ignore e-mail inquiries?: RE agent, negotiations, agent, commission - Real Estate
  144. If you're planning on moving in the next 5 years, rent: investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  145. Trying to stem the loss of selling a primary residence: tenant, conversion - Real Estate
  146. about developer/lot owner paying HOA dues: documents, fees, property - Real Estate
  147. 28,000 Dollar House - Is it Worth buying ?: plumber, square footage, investment - Real Estate
  148. Possibly changing agents: recommendation, square footage, agent, price - Real Estate
  149. Appraisal still isn't in - one month!: mortgage, mortgages, insurance - Real Estate
  150. Your thoughts on a new bubble?: 2013, foreclosure, investment, mortgages - Real Estate
  151. Sell or keep renting out?: RE market, tenant, income tax, agent - Real Estate
  152. What's your local real estate market like?: 2013, foreclosed, 9%
  153. Seller wants to close earlier: incentive, clause, negotiating, mortgage - Real Estate
  154. New Construction - Don't Want To Close the House: contingency, 2013, inspection - Real Estate
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  156. Price increase after deposit but before signing contract - will it affect us?: agent, agreement - Real Estate
  157. Why did you downsize?: feedback, square footage, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  158. Is Zillow in the ballpark for its estimates?: sales, housing - Real Estate
  159. Would you buy a house with a dirty bathtub?: contingency, property, inspection - Real Estate
  160. switching listing agents: feedback, 2013, negotiations, new agent - Real Estate
  161. Purchasing Land?: agent, banks, construction, properties - Real Estate
  162. What's the best day of the week to list a home?: agent, price - Real Estate
  163. Is this offer too low for a new listing?: square foot, appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  164. Unimportant rant about Realtors web sites . . .: agents, brokers, requirements, company - Real Estate
  165. Aluminum Wiring - opinion & experiences: appraisal, sales, insurance - Real Estate
  166. Financing building a home in a flood plain: agents, investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  167. Good idea or not? Buying property in a Tornado Alley.: sale, accept - Real Estate
  168. HOA only $25 per month?: gated community, fees, insurance, property tax - Real Estate
  169. wtd when the house is nice but the land is fabulous: stucco, square foot - Real Estate
  170. backing out a house contract: clause, lawyers, inspection, offer - Real Estate
  171. Removing smoke smell from home for sale: prices, vents, Realtor - Real Estate
  172. experience in buying a house with a IRS lien: contingent, disclosure - Real Estate
  173. Listing Agent - Referral Fee: 5%, dual agency, commission, fees - Real Estate
  174. Choice Listing: property tax, value, state, room - Real Estate
  175. How do you price in a low traffic market?: contingent, square footage, appraisal - Real Estate
  176. Storing items in the garage while selling a home.: square foot, inspectors, rent - Real Estate
  177. Using a Flat Fee Broker: RE agent, agent, sale, price - Real Estate
  178. Water leak discovered after closing: plumber, 2013, mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  179. Why is the gov't involved in mortgage relief?: foreclosed, mortgages, housing - Real Estate
  180. Which house is priced right?: cheapest, comparables, prices, value - Real Estate
  181. Closing time?: contingencies, sale, renting, points - Real Estate
  182. Contingency Offers: contingencies, feedback, clause, agent - Real Estate
  183. When do I quit my job after signing house contract?: contingencies, appraisal - Real Estate
  184. House photos are great on a listing, how about room layout?: agent, sale - Real Estate
  185. house next to hospital would you buy: conversion, condo, price - Real Estate
  186. Company tattoo worth an extra 15% commission: agent, realty, percentage, rental - Real Estate
  187. Appraisals too close to contract price: agents, prices, value, offer - Real Estate
  188. What's a reasonable time to set for showings?: tenant, properties, sellers - Real Estate
  189. 2 Weeks in...: feedback, square footage, agent, accept - Real Estate
  190. Who's responsible for HOA special assessments?: negotiating, agent, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  191. Additional Buyer Agent/Broker Fees: 3%, commission, sale, agreement - Real Estate
  192. how to make the most of multiple offers as a seller?: contingencies, agent - Real Estate
  193. HOA Members on the hook for the $1 Million Trayvon settlement?: gated communities, foreclosures - Real Estate
  194. Post Inspection - Roof issues.: disclosures, comparables, price, property - Real Estate
  195. News, California Subdivision Sinks Away: property, garage, houses, neighborhood - Real Estate
  196. Mortgage Applications Have Biggest May Collapse Since Financial Crisis: 2013, 2%, investment - Real Estate
  197. Docusign worked great...but the others....: work - Real Estate
  198. Does real estate investing really make people rich?: stocks, work, system
  199. Pleas supplement?: foreclosure, agent, home loan, lender - Real Estate
  200. Lake Vista, Forest, Va.: HOA, Virginia, city, area - Real Estate