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  2. Seller had notarized deed to me ten days before we closed. Why so soon?: disclosures, 3% - Real Estate
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  10. Looking to Purchase a Residential Rental Property - Is this common?: RE agent, incentive - Real Estate
  11. cul de sac: agreement, points, HOA, houses - Real Estate
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  13. Mortgage Rate Forecast: 2015, 2%, investments, mortgage rates - Real Estate
  14. New flood insurance rate hikes.: 2013, Realtors, state, requirements - Real Estate
  15. Seeking advice about buying a second home: plumber, 2013, mortgage - Real Estate
  16. House prices: Canada vs the USA: sale, housing, condo, more expensive - Real Estate
  17. taking the home off the market: 6%, new agent, commission, sales - Real Estate
  18. Terms listed in MLS (conventional, FHA, VA,: agent, mortgages - Real Estate
  19. Average time to generate HUD-1?: attorneys, state, loan, lender - Real Estate
  20. Need to confirm all extensions done by permit: 2013, sales, PMI - Real Estate
  21. Foxtons: 2%, agents, commissions, condo - Real Estate
  22. Open House on my street-thinking of stopping by to the realtor: agent, sale - Real Estate
  23. Renting out vs. Selling debate: tenants, appraisal, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  24. Purchasing a mobile home: sale, property, renters, states - Real Estate
  25. new home -David Weekly: contract, builders, sell houses, buying - Real Estate
  26. Fannie Mae No Digital Signatures: documents, agent, mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  27. Relocating: Keller vs Flower Mound: points, Realtor, buying a home, Texas - Real Estate
  28. First Time Homebuyer, FHA Loan. ?s: appraisal, property, inspection, broker - Real Estate
  29. URGENT! Realtor just told homeowner VA won't lend on As Is: disclosure, appraisal - Real Estate
  30. buy a home or buy the land and build a home: recommendation, square foot - Real Estate
  31. Realtor Etiquette: agent, commission, price, properties - Real Estate
  32. can explain frequent sales and price fluctuations on one property?: prices, claim - Real Estate
  33. Underwriting delay: contingencies, 2013, appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  34. Property investment- Hyattsville or Gaithersburg: disclosure, sales, prices, property tax - Real Estate
  35. Condo/townhome won't pass inspection, HOA: 2013, foreclose, condos, lawsuit - Real Estate
  36. Flat Fee Realty Broker Seattle: agent, commission, seller, listing - Real Estate
  37. Conventional Loan Delay due to Government shutdown: documents, 2013, mortgage - Real Estate
  38. Who is a quality builder for new construction?: agent, sales, inspectors - Real Estate
  39. Public adjuster for roof repair?: insurance, property, illegal, claim - Real Estate
  40. Conflicting analysis from home inspector vs HAVAC technician: agent, inspectors, vents - Real Estate
  41. Sq. footage: square footage, renting, state, furniture - Real Estate
  42. Abbreviation on title search doc: property, owner, information - Real Estate
  43. Bad credit forever: 2013, mortgage, mortgage, private mortgage insurance - Real Estate
  44. Selling my LLC: sale, insurance, property, lawyer - Real Estate
  45. Buying a home, 0% down (USDA) - Kansas/Missouri: recommendation, 2014, 3% - Real Estate
  46. Where can I view property value histories by town/zip code: sales, condo - Real Estate
  47. LLC +title insurance: sell, interest, ownership, owned - Real Estate
  48. Power of Attorney to sell grandmother's house: documents, sale, lawyers - Real Estate
  49. Buyer wants repairs made... I refuse?: negotiations, agent, price, property - Real Estate
  50. Making an offer: appraisal, agent, sale, accept - Real Estate
  51. Is it a good time to buy a house with cash only since mortgages can not be approved?: mortgage, housing - Real Estate
  52. Reason Not to Use USAA Movers Advantage?: feedback, agent, commission - Real Estate
  53. see their showings come to a halt lately?: mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  54. Mobile Homes vs Traditional: mortgage, accept, housing, prices - Real Estate
  55. Awful listing pictures: tenant, feedback, agent, property - Real Estate
  56. First Time Buyer Jitters: agent, fees, housing, banks - Real Estate
  57. Buyers' dad came to check house w/o agent & dog escaped: tenants, sale - Real Estate
  58. Divorce appraisal: agents, mortgage, settlement, insurance - Real Estate
  59. HOA is suing for Breach of Contract. Are we really liable?: foreclosed, second mortgage - Real Estate
  60. handles, faucets, knobs, light shades: disclosure, sale, price, claim - Real Estate
  61. Good metro areas for R.E. Development?: feedback, appraiser, investment - Real Estate
  62. Inspection on new construction?: price, inspectors, contractor, state - Real Estate
  63. Real need for a realtor?: recommendation, appraisal, auction, 5% - Real Estate
  64. Need an opinion about house size: square footage, 2013, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  65. is there buyer in their right mind that would purchase house now?: investment, housing - Real Estate
  66. Buying Resale vs. Buying new home vs. Building new home: investment, mortgage rates - Real Estate
  67. Move vs. Renovate?: square footage, countertop, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  68. Rental through property management?: tenants, feedback, plumber, foreclosure - Real Estate
  69. Bringing kids to showings: agents, agreement, inspection, contract - Real Estate
  70. Theft During House for Sale?: agent, sales, expensive, deposit - Real Estate
  71. New home construction and issue with closing: mortgage, mortgage, settlement - Real Estate
  72. What size house for a single person?: square foot, condo, kitchen - Real Estate
  73. 27 year old in search of investment ideas. 1 million invested.: mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  74. Can a seller require me to use a specific lender in order to purchase the home?: contingencies, feedback - Real Estate
  75. about accepting an FHA offer: mortgages, condo, price, inspector - Real Estate
  76. Did I screw up with my house?: agents, sale, agreement - Real Estate
  77. Permitted or unpermitted basement?: disclosures, square footage, appraisal, mortgage - Real Estate
  78. Found a house, what terms, conditions should I ask for?: contingencies, appraisal - Real Estate
  79. Buyer Agency contract: contingencies, negotiations, agent, commission - Real Estate
  80. Interesting thing about Homestead Exemptions realtors don't tell clients: documentation, 2014, appraisal - Real Estate
  81. could one agent be better than another?: feedback, square footage, new agent - Real Estate
  82. Creating an HOA resident bulletin board: condo, property, vents, offers - Real Estate
  83. Another RE Coincidence ?????: clause, agents, condo, price - Real Estate
  84. SFH: Corner lotor not a corner lot?: property, claim, disadvantage - Real Estate
  85. Frustrated with listing agent: 2013, clause, new agent, commission - Real Estate
  86. Selling a house as a teardown and selling without a realtor: contingencies, appraisal - Real Estate
  87. Feel like real life House Hunters: mortgage, mortgage, price, more expensive - Real Estate
  88. Home Remediated From Mold, Should We Continue Our Interest In It?: disclosure, 2014 - Real Estate
  89. Is a condo worth buying in my situation?: documents, investment, sale - Real Estate
  90. MS home sales not public data - how to get comps on a FSBO: appraisal, 3% - Real Estate
  91. My Friend/ Real Estate Broker STOLE my house, and is now living in it!!!!: auction, foreclosed
  92. Property disclosures; delay after showing: agent, legal, contract, offers - Real Estate
  93. Will police station change home values: property, commercial, state, neighborhood - Real Estate
  94. old days of real estate, before home inspection industry: contingency, disclosure, clause
  95. Wall and drainage easement...Help: sales, insurance, construction, property - Real Estate
  96. Selling home with security cameras?: sale, offers, companies, house - Real Estate
  97. Buy land then build, or have builder buy land and build on the lot?: recommendation, appraisal - Real Estate
  98. How to choose a BUYERS AGENT?: recommendation, negotiations, fees, properties - Real Estate
  99. Need a real estate license to rent properties...?: agent, commission, illegal
  100. Trying a FSBO: agent, commission, price, properties - Real Estate
  101. Realtor struggling with E-signing.........: documents, 2013, agent, commission - Real Estate
  102. Do you need a realtor for new construction?: incentive, appraisal, 1% - Real Estate
  103. Discounting for downdraft range - or nothing at all: comparable, price, venting - Real Estate
  104. Pros and cons of a pre-sale inspection: disclosure, negotiations, agents - Real Estate
  105. Showing Instructions suggestions: agent, properties, vents, Realtor - Real Estate
  106. Tips for meeting with selling agent: feedback, recommendation, commission, sales - Real Estate
  107. condo docs to be furnished by seller: tenants, contingency, incentive - Real Estate
  108. SoCal OC market - offer price: feedback, 6%, agent, investment - Real Estate
  109. Keep house on the market or take it off?: feedback, square footage, negotiating - Real Estate
  110. Want a Small House in a Moderate Climate: investments, sale, housing - Real Estate
  111. Uh oh.. Existing Home Sales Plunge: 2013, 4%, commission - Real Estate
  112. concrete floors?: agent, renting, bedrooms, hardwood - Real Estate
  113. Sellers Think Selling A Home is a Payday: 5%, agent, fees - Real Estate
  114. I like my HOA: illegal, contractors, value, build - Real Estate
  115. Frustrated with selling the home: contingent, disclosures, agent, investment - Real Estate
  116. Former owner was mailed a thick envelope from County Recorder's Office to my address. I'm curious... what's inside?: property tax, illegal - Real Estate
  117. Appraiser coming Tuesday - questions: RE agent, contingency, square footage, appraisal - Real Estate
  118. Do most buyers give a gift to their buyer's agent after closing?: 3%, commission - Real Estate
  119. So many built in 1900, Coincidence or Fiction?: agent, insurance, construction - Real Estate
  120. opinions on holdback: 5%, fees, properties, inspection - Real Estate
  121. What is a Dipsy Split: states, kitchens, bedrooms, builder - Real Estate
  122. buyers agent not keeps giving me listings I do not want: feedback, foreclosures - Real Estate
  123. Struggling with homes on the market: RE market, commissions, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  124. Toxic mold in high numbers - No home inspection contingency: tenants, appraiser - Real Estate
  125. House overpriced down the road from me had Open House and no one shows up.: recommendation, negotiation - Real Estate
  126. Title: property, lawyer, claim, state - Real Estate
  127. Seller held up closing by two days so far. penalty to the seller doing this?: clause, agent - Real Estate
  128. Title transfer / owed property taxes: mortgage, mortgage, insurance, price - Real Estate
  129. My inspector found mold under the house!: construction, contract, points - Real Estate
  130. Dear Ms. Condo Seller: agent, fee, condos, property - Real Estate
  131. Buyers Asking For Insane Price Adjust After Inspection: RE agent, agent, agreement - Real Estate
  132. Guy next door sold his house on Craigslist within 12 hrs of listing it.: tenant, agent - Real Estate
  133. Smells in House for Sale: feedback, agent, furniture, buy a house - Real Estate
  134. Help!: RE agent, new, commission, sale - Real Estate
  135. Home I Want way overpriced compared to comps.: RE agent, agent, commission - Real Estate
  136. Last minute deals before offer is: contingencies, appraiser, sales - Real Estate
  137. Advice for an upcoming open house?: feedback, agent, investment, price - Real Estate
  138. Seller accepted my offer, but now has offers $10K higher. Advice!: contingencies, documentation - Real Estate
  139. Tips for Negotiating with a seller? (FSBO): contingency, 3%, agent - Real Estate
  140. Replacement Cost vs Market Value: square footage, appraiser, agent, investment - Real Estate
  141. Advice for old (pre-depression) home buyers?: 2014, agent, accept, housing - Real Estate
  142. What are the risks of paying-off escrow 12 days before closing?: disclosures, documents - Real Estate
  143. single family house or multi family house when it comes to profit?: tenant, mortgages - Real Estate
  144. What is considered to be a reasonable offer to the home sellers?: 5%, negotiations - Real Estate
  145. Can the Done be undone?: foreclosure, mortgage, mortgages, agreement - Real Estate
  146. What upgrades are worth it at the design center?: countertop, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  147. Homeowners Association Neglecting Residents: documents, condo, building, check - Real Estate
  148. buying a triplex in Berwyn Illinois....: tenants, duplex, agent - Real Estate
  149. Battles with HOAs?: plumber, condo, property, legal - Real Estate
  150. Tips to get house sold: feedback, incentive, commission, fees - Real Estate
  151. why buyers are waiting so long to get appraisal done.: negotiation, agent - Real Estate
  152. Selling a coop: contingencies, agent, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  153. Seller's disclosure incomplete- not returning EMD: contingency, appraisal, agent, sale - Real Estate
  154. HELP- title insurance: contingent, documents, agent, mortgages - Real Estate
  155. Appraisal Contingency: contingent, foreclosure, negotiating, sales - Real Estate
  156. Out of Town Buyer Difficulties: 2013, agent, commission, sales - Real Estate
  157. all kinds of advice: feedback, incentive, negotiation, agent - Real Estate
  158. Is home ownership overrated?: 2013, foreclosed, 5%, agent - Real Estate
  159. most expensive house in a neighborhood: appraisal, investment, sales, price - Real Estate
  160. Government shutdown affecting my closing for Oct. 7.: 2013, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  161. Downpayments days: 3%, mortgage, mortgage, sale - Real Estate
  162. Selling and Purchasing home and switching jobs help.: commissions, mortgage, mortgage company - Real Estate
  163. what sort of things are looked for in an audit of real estate documents?: disclosure, agents
  164. about underwriter and TSP loan: appraisal, investment, sales, settlement - Real Estate
  165. Would you prefer a house facing North, or South?: advantage, kitchen, bedrooms - Real Estate
  166. Keys at closing, or not as was my case: agent, property, lawyer - Real Estate
  167. Budget Crisis/Government Shutdown and its impact on Housing: appraisal, foreclosures, mortgage - Real Estate
  168. Valuation of finished basements?: square footage, appraisal, agents, mortgage - Real Estate
  169. Finding mortgage on a house: documents, appraisal, mortgages, sales - Real Estate
  170. Got offers - what I learned!: feedback, agent, commission - Real Estate
  171. What is common sense good way to appraise a house?: square footage, appraisal - Real Estate
  172. Real life alternative guard animals?: property, not expensive, cheaper, cost - Real Estate
  173. How Low is Too Low (to offer)?: contingency, feedback, cheapest - Real Estate
  174. new agent?: feedback, clause, negotiation, fees - Real Estate
  175. Need help selling my house.: recommendation, appraiser, negotiating, agent - Real Estate
  176. Appraisers -- how do you report an incompetent one: feedback, appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  177. Home buying timeline questions: recommendation, agent, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  178. How do buyers perceive a price lowering: agent, accept, prices - Real Estate
  179. 3 buyers say they're interested & nothing: feedback, agent, price, contractor - Real Estate
  180. Is It Too Late to List My House for Sale?: negotiating, housing - Real Estate
  181. neighbor, property line & easement issue - sorry, long: price, properties, lawyer - Real Estate
  182. The most expensive house in the hood: square footage, investment, price - Real Estate
  183. Did we make a mistake declining tenant's offer to buy?: tenants, feedback - Real Estate
  184. All packed up & ready for moving day tomorrow....: tenant, appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  185. Interested in a home with unresponsive agent: contingency, negotiation, mortgage - Real Estate
  186. Problems with contractor: plumber, insurance, agreement, construction - Real Estate
  187. Non Disclosure of Green Belt that has been destroyed by previous owners: appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  188. Buyers agent touring houses before you do: RE agent, properties, rental - Real Estate
  189. Is the client supposed to find all the listings?: RE agent, recommendation, new - Real Estate
  190. canceling contracts: feedback, clause, new agent, commission - Real Estate
  191. Seller wants Buyer to deal with his post-sale electric company issues. Moron alert!: tenants, negotiating - Real Estate
  192. I want to buy a house without a realtor: RE agent, 3%, agent - Real Estate
  193. After sold your home, would you disclose anything further to the new owner?: disclosure, agent - Real Estate
  194. Disclosure - drug dealers?: mortgage, mortgage, sale, fees - Real Estate
  195. How much is new worth?--hypothetical: appraiser, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  196. got buyer feedback... what now?: appraisal, 5%, sales, comparable - Real Estate
  197. Buyer Switched from Conventional to FHA: contingency, appraiser, clause, agent - Real Estate
  198. Declaration of Homestead - do most people buy them?: agent, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  199. house lot size to avoid noises: condo, properties, expensive, kitchen - Real Estate
  200. Getting ready to move tomorrow. No occupancy agreement signed: tenant, documents - Real Estate