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  24. agent, commission, offer, Realtor - Real Estate
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  89. Are there particular areas, the chinese investors are buying the real estate: 2013, agent
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  101. Mother-in-Law is being driven out of her own home due to couple that won't move out: tenants, housing - Real Estate
  102. House Swap ..logistics, realtors,: appraised, 6%, agent - Real Estate
  103. about MLS: tenants, agents, commissions, fee - Real Estate
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  110. walkthrough to be rushed without enough time before closing (post to real estate): contingencies, feedback
  111. Backing out of Home Purchase Contract- Buyer.: contingency, documents, agent - Real Estate
  112. First time home buyer-what are resonable repairs to ask seller to fix: appraiser, investment - Real Estate
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  116. big disadvantages to being in less house than you can afford?: investments, percentage - Real Estate
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  118. How realistic is Bravo's Million Dollar Listing ?: 2013, condo, price - Real Estate
  119. Since I Won't Get My Hud-1 Statement Until 24 Hrs. Before Closing, Can You Help Me Estimate My Closing Costs (IL): appraisal, agent - Real Estate
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  123. What happened?: foreclosed, mortgage, sales, banks - Real Estate
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  125. Garages - To Paint or Not to Paint: fees, condo, inspector - Real Estate
  126. Liability for one-off fraud: 2013, appraiser, foreclosed, agent - Real Estate
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  130. Use realtor's recommended inspector?: agent, commission, accept, inspectors - Real Estate
  131. Internet vs. Realtor When Househunting: appraiser, foreclosure, agent, commission - Real Estate
  132. settle argument: mortgage, fees, price, property tax - Real Estate
  133. Urgent! A water leak in the condo I'm about to close on.: disclosure, agent - Real Estate
  134. Does This Circumstance of Oral Misrepresentation Permit Buyer to Seek Redress: documentation, auction - Real Estate
  135. Have of you sold your house for a nice profit and been depressed over losing your home.: tenants, agent - Real Estate
  136. No showings ..: foreclosures, 5%, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
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  138. Normal to reduce commission contingent on taking referral?: recommendation, 6%, negotiations - Real Estate
  139. Woman Pranks Homeowners who bought house that she wanted: accept, claim, offer - Real Estate
  140. stressed over selling costs: contingencies, appraisal, 3%, agent - Real Estate
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  144. HOA/ARB requires signatures of neighbors for exterior construction: documents, property, townhouse - Real Estate
  145. Ethical or: 1%, agent, commission, sales - Real Estate
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  152. What makes a good real estate agent?: commission, sales, condo
  153. Why are houses nowadays still so EXPENSIVE?: square footage, countertop, housing - Real Estate
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  162. first time homebuying: agent, commission, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
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  169. As a Residential Tenant, Mixed Use Buildings are for the Birds!: tenants, flocking - Real Estate
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  174. How many square feet is considered big?: square footage, kitchens, bedrooms - Real Estate
  175. As a first time buyer, can you tell me if I am right to be upset with my realtor and attorney?: new agent, agreement - Real Estate
  176. HOA's In CA Prohibited from Fining Residents for Brown Lawns: property, state - Real Estate
  177. Professional Home Inspection during Pre-drywall meeting: construction, property, inspectors, contractor - Real Estate
  178. Is land appraisal necessary for a cash buyer?: contingencies, 2014, agent - Real Estate
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  183. Timing lease end and closing date: tenant, appraisal, clause, mortgage - Real Estate
  184. Using Builder's Preferred Attorney for Closing: documents, fees, insurance, lawyer - Real Estate
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  186. Best Real Estate Investment In the US?: 2014, investments, condos
  187. sellers agent lied. can I get my Inspection money back?: contingency, disclosure - Real Estate
  188. when as is is not as is: contingencies, appraisal - Real Estate
  189. HOA charges late fees but my payments were not late.: arrears, lawsuit - Real Estate
  190. Is it recommended to buy Title Insurance for Owner: appraisal, property, attorney - Real Estate
  191. Need recomendations for flat fee MLS service for a FSBO: recommendation, agent - Real Estate
  192. HOA Gestappo: states, earnest, house, penalty - Real Estate
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  194. Finding a real estate agent in Los Angeles: commission, mortgage, mortgage
  195. No showings 1 week?: feedback, square foot, agent, comparable - Real Estate
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  197. New construction, realtor vanished: documents, new agent, commission, property - Real Estate
  198. News, Americans think owning a home is better for them than it is.: incentive, documentation - Real Estate
  199. Good Stucco & Home inspectors in Atlanta: house, listing, buy - Real Estate
  200. Tax implications for taking a loss on rental home: tenants, mortgage, fees - Real Estate