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  58. Kristi Buys Houses , We Buy Ugly Houses - what is this?: RE agent, tenant - Real Estate
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  72. people should use google street view more often: agent, construction, state - Real Estate
  73. Stressing! Closing is tomorrow and we haven't received rmation at all: appraisal, contract - Real Estate
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  75. getting your own buyers agent when shown house by listing firm: dual agency, commission - Real Estate
  76. got to be kidding me,how can still not know that a Modular home is NOT a Trailer/Mobile home!: sale, banks - Real Estate
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  82. bought a house through an auction?: tenants, contingencies, documents - Real Estate
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  89. If you are looking to buy a house do your research!: foreclosed, banks - Real Estate
  90. deed: tenants, documentation, property, lawyer - Real Estate
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  94. Asking seller for receipts/paperwork for work done?: sales, price, inspector - Real Estate
  95. Can I be on the deed but not on the mortgage?: documents, properties - Real Estate
  96. How to talk to neighbors who are sabotaging house from selling?: tenant, agent - Real Estate
  97. Etiquette, can you talk to neighbors?: RE agent, agents, property, illegal - Real Estate
  98. Post Closing Violations (Number of Bedrooms/Sq. Footage): RE agent, disclosure, appraise - Real Estate
  99. Condos are a bad investment: investments, mortgage, sales, fees - Real Estate
  100. Wanting To Buy The Evil Starter Home:: gated communities, Realtor recommendation, cheapest - Real Estate
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  102. Why people should never FSBO: agent, sale, property, room - Real Estate
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  104. concrete building footfall noise: condo, landlord, construction, townhouse - Real Estate
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  110. Ready -Nervous: RE agent, duplexes, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
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  113. Contingency Offer With Buyer Sale of Home: contingent, negotiating, agent - Real Estate
  114. A mistake that bothers me... for the rest of my life: investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  115. Websites featuring bad real estate listing photos: tenants, agent, offer
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  125. Should I buy a house that doesn't have a basement?: appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  126. Starter home won't sell in a hot, gentrified market: feedback, cheapest, appraisal - Real Estate
  127. Are sellers not willing to fix inspection issues? Really? Is it everywhere or only: negotiating, agent - Real Estate
  128. Decent house in an excellent neighborhood vs fantastic house in an ok neighborhood (+private school): countertop, housing - Real Estate
  129. How much is your mortgage? Too personal? Haha: 1%, build, house - Real Estate
  130. Bridge financing for retirees.: mortgage, mortgages, sale, insurance - Real Estate
  131. Would Drop In Credit Score Foreclose My Mortgage:: foreclosed, investment, fees - Real Estate
  132. Buying a House AS IS ...Finding mold: contingent, stucco, disclosures - Real Estate
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  134. Seller's Contract: negotiation, agent, agreement, price - Real Estate
  135. Several small price drops or one big one?: appraised, 2%, negotiations - Real Estate
  136. Is this Legal...Need advice: clause, agent, commission, mortgage - Real Estate
  137. back again with: feedback, 3%, agent, sale - Real Estate
  138. Homeowner's insurance and house inspection?: recommendation, agent, agreement, properties - Real Estate
  139. Buying in winter versus other seasons: arrears, mortgage rates, mortgage, housing - Real Estate
  140. Homeowner with growing family: sell, refi, or use home as investment?: tenant, appraisal - Real Estate
  141. My lawyer forgot to tell me to bring: mortgage, sales, agreement - Real Estate
  142. Open House Etiquette?: agent, sale, Realtors, state - Real Estate
  143. should I buy the land from my parents, build a home, and charge them rent?: tenant, incentive - Real Estate
  144. Buying a home 600ft from a hwy.: clause, sale, agreement - Real Estate
  145. Bought a 330 by 660 lot and home, but it is smaller: mortgage, mortgage company - Real Estate
  146. Realtors help; Option pending vs Option pending continue to show: contingencies, appraisal - Real Estate
  147. Am I being unreasonable with my realtor?: plumber, agent, commissions - Real Estate
  148. How can I terminate the contract with property management company: tenants, 2014 - Real Estate
  149. Advertising Style: offer, state, kitchen, hardwood - Real Estate
  150. Should I move back into my rental home before selling?: income tax, investment - Real Estate
  151. When do you know to lower the price?: feedback, 2013, foreclosure - Real Estate
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  153. Alternative methods of finding real estate: sale, prices, properties, inspection
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  157. If someone has $100k saved up, will moving out be easier?: investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  158. Would person dying in a home discourage you from purchasing?: disclosure, price - Real Estate
  159. Attic access: plumber, appraiser, agent, construction - Real Estate
  160. When does the number of homes in an area for sale become a red flag?: documentation, foreclosed - Real Estate
  161. renting my condo need: tenant, documents, 2013 - Real Estate
  162. Windows-Replace or Not?: mortgage, mortgage, price, inspection - Real Estate
  163. Second buyer- mutual acceptance: contingencies, clause, sale, accepting - Real Estate
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  165. News, Home Sweet... Meth Home? Indiana Family's Real Estate Nightmare: disclosures, insurance
  166. Do you use a real estate attorney?: documents, negotiations, agent
  167. Selling home, as is, to neighbor: appraisal, investment, commissions, mortgage - Real Estate
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  169. Positive, negative implications of historical district property: investment, housing, prices - Real Estate
  170. Neighborly thing to do.: documents, agent, insurance, property - Real Estate
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  172. Time, Effort & Cost to Renovate 600sqft Condo: plumber, square foot, countertop - Real Estate
  173. Free standing condos: documents, duplex, foreclose, agent - Real Estate
  174. Is it so hard to sell designer's condos in smaller cities?: RE market, feedback - Real Estate
  175. We think sellers lied on disclosure report, first time home buyers.: negotiation, fee - Real Estate
  176. Would a pervasive chocolate scent in the neighborhood be good or bad for real estate prices?: property, value
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  181. Neighbor problem? Side By Side Driveway: cheapest, property, state, garage - Real Estate
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  188. Buildable lot: investments, property tax, legal, value - Real Estate
  189. How realistic is Flip or Flop: agent, prices, vents, expensive - Real Estate
  190. Do older houses in great areas comp the same as updated ones?: square foot, appraised - Real Estate
  191. how much does smoking in a house impact its value?: sales, price - Real Estate
  192. Appraisal came in low, no contingencies.. !: square footage, 2014, negotiation - Real Estate
  193. Selling a home/when to get a new realtor: appraise, negotiations, agent - Real Estate
  194. Is the seller obligated to payoff this HOA special assessment?: contingency, clause - Real Estate
  195. Should I move back home?: 2013, mortgage, mortgage, inspection - Real Estate
  196. Getting a house put in my name: tenants, documents, mortgage - Real Estate
  197. Second Bedroom - Carpet or Laminate?: negotiation, price, offer, bedrooms - Real Estate
  198. use Admob?: house - Real Estate
  199. Title insurance on land in Arizona: construction, value, lenders, build - Real Estate
  200. Important decision to make mortgage: 2014, 6%, clause, negotiation - Real Estate