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  21. Selling paintings during house showings: agent, sale, Realtor, state - Real Estate
  22. News, Chinese construction firm erects 57-storey skyscraper in 19 days.: 2015, claim, builder - Real Estate
  23. Two questions: Dampness in basement + crematorium w/in 1mi of house: feedback, agent - Real Estate
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  25. Tax Liability After Walking Away from a Mortgage, Post-Discharge: foreclosed, sale, property tax - Real Estate
  26. upstairs neighbor's shower is leaking -- what to do?: tenants, plumber, insurance - Real Estate
  27. Settlement delays -: contingency, incentive, appraisal, investment - Real Estate
  28. Cost to remove pool?: price, properties, offer, cheap - Real Estate
  29. Removing Decedent's Name From House Deed: tenants, property, attorney, state - Real Estate
  30. FHA Amendatory Clause: disclosures, documents, appraisal, dual agency - Real Estate
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  32. on the method of fix and flip: RE market, countertop, appraisal - Real Estate
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  34. Your opinion of this appraisal?: square footage, 2013, agent, sales - Real Estate
  35. Best way to know what my house is worth?: appraisal, agent, prices - Real Estate
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  48. Help me understand how yards are set from a zoning perspective.....: contingency, accept - Real Estate
  49. If your central air on a townhome stopped working can a Landlord refuse to fix it?: tenant, landlords - Real Estate
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  51. Unique Never had a CO for additions/upgrades: mortgage, property, inspection - Real Estate
  52. Radon Test - New Construction: recommendation, agent, condo, attorneys - Real Estate
  53. Loan tupe Help: appraisal, property, rental, value - Real Estate
  54. buying adjacent back lot: documents, duplex, insurance, condo - Real Estate
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  57. New development affect on older homes?: agent, price, construction, more expensive - Real Estate
  58. Mshda: contingent, feedback, appraisal, dual agency - Real Estate
  59. Builder about to fail on an escrow agreement. What are my options?: agent, commission - Real Estate
  60. What's the Process to Change the Deed...: tenants, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  61. Finished basement or 3 car garage?: percent, price, construction, house hunting - Real Estate
  62. what's up with this sold for $500 transaction entry on Zillow?: RE market, sales - Real Estate
  63. Can you use a VA loan more than once?: agent, fee, property - Real Estate
  64. My driveway is suddenly their personal highway: mortgage, mortgage, property - Real Estate
  65. To use or not use a realtor?: RE agent, feedback, 6% - Real Estate
  66. How Would You Act?: feedback, agent, commission, properties - Real Estate
  67. Neighbor Feud: Man Trying to Take Old Women's Property: lawyer, renting, claim - Real Estate
  68. Found out there payments were $500 more a month at closing?: contingency, 1% - Real Estate
  69. Incorrect information on a deed: documents, mortgage, settlement, insurance - Real Estate
  70. 2 Homes sold extremely low-How does that affect appraisal?: foreclosures, agent, investment - Real Estate
  71. Do planting fruit trees add value to your house?: appraiser, prices, property - Real Estate
  72. backing out of contract, need advice: negotiations, price, inspector - Real Estate
  73. Selling price discrepancies: sales, condos, value, Realtor - Real Estate
  74. It's hard to NOT be emotional during the home-buying process: contingencies, appraise - Real Estate
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  78. Struggling to sell house with small kitchen: feedback, countertop, sale - Real Estate
  79. What kind of home was the first home you owned?: duplex, mortgage - Real Estate
  80. Which home did you regret not purchasing?: agent, sale, prices - Real Estate
  81. Tenant staged house causing code violations with the city: tenants, documentation, agent - Real Estate
  82. Want to sell raw land, Get Appraisal?: recommendation, 6%, agent - Real Estate
  83. Is it to buy a 500k house on 60k/year salary if you save for years for a big downpayment?: 3%, mortgage - Real Estate
  84. Can an Association make you pay for new roofs: tenants, condo - Real Estate
  85. Found a nice home but so small: price, kitchen, bedroom - Real Estate
  86. Post Inspection Negotiations - NEED HELP: disclosures, appraisal, agent, insurance - Real Estate
  87. give good tips to sell house by overselves: RE agent, agent, commission - Real Estate
  88. The Pre-Approval Letter: negotiation, agent, investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  89. Lessons being learned doing a FSBO....: agent, commissions, sale, fees - Real Estate
  90. advice on how to become a transaction coordinator for real estate transactions?: agent, commission
  91. Quick about sellers fees: agent, commission, legal, broker - Real Estate
  92. Why enter home on MLS without photos: foreclosures, agent, sales - Real Estate
  93. pets and rental insurance coverage?: tenant, recommendation, agents, landlords - Real Estate
  94. How do i find a flipper?: agent, sale, housing, price - Real Estate
  95. Exclusive Listing - ie. not officially listing on MLS site: feedback, 5% - Real Estate
  96. Is there a way to rationalize buying more house than one needs?: fees, condo - Real Estate
  97. Helping R.E. agent, sending traffic: feedback, 3%, investments, commissions - Real Estate
  98. Problems with realtor: Is this typical??: tenants, 5%, negotiating, agent - Real Estate
  99. What priced home could you buy with this income?: mortgage, mortgage, property tax - Real Estate
  100. Would jet noise be a deal breaker for you?: RE market, 5%, housing - Real Estate
  101. Lot Location within Neighborhoods: properties, disadvantage, Realtor, approved - Real Estate
  102. Apart from Good Home Inspection , what would you do?: documentation, inspectors - Real Estate
  103. What is the real deal about places with low property prices?: tenants, duplexes - Real Estate
  104. Agent told Sellers Agent my max price: negotiating, new agent, contract - Real Estate
  105. Nervous about appraisal.: contingency, clause, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  106. If my dad carries mortgage and dies, do we get to stay in the house?: foreclosed, negotiation - Real Estate
  107. When do 5/1 ARM mortgages make sense?: 5%, mortgage, fee, value - Real Estate
  108. Split level vs Ranch which style do you prefer?: square footage, advantage, bedrooms - Real Estate
  109. What adds more value: garage or a 3rd bedroom: conversion, price, property - Real Estate
  110. Investment Properties Inquiry: tenants, recommendation, 2014, foreclosed - Real Estate
  111. Property tax problems in Indiana: documentation, 2015, mortgage companies, company - Real Estate
  112. Short Sale- Reasons Bank Would Full Cash Offer?: square footage, duplex - Real Estate
  113. Best way to gauge liquidity of home purchase?: 8%, agents, investment - Real Estate
  114. Found land I want to develop. How should I proceed?: feedback, agent - Real Estate
  115. Best Time of the Year to Sell? Fall/Winter??: 2015, prices, advantage - Real Estate
  116. Is your rental market on fire?: tenant, 4%, housing, prices - Real Estate
  117. Looking to buy home but has easement issues: agents, construction, property - Real Estate
  118. Two members of the same household on HOA board: state, homeowners association, definition - Real Estate
  119. Insane counter on new construction?: disclosures, documents, 2013, 3% - Real Estate
  120. How to deal nicely with an outside cat.: property, room, house - Real Estate
  121. There goes the neighborhood.: property, legal, value, house - Real Estate
  122. Help: agent, price, property, contract - Real Estate
  123. Advice for first time home buyers on how to enter the market with little upfront cash?: tenant, duplex - Real Estate
  124. Colorado: Buyer can't be there for inspection: recommendation, negotiation, agent - Real Estate
  125. encouraging HOA to foreclose on neighbor?: foreclosures, mortgage, mortgage, fees - Real Estate
  126. Gift Taxes help.: tenants, property tax, attorney, state - Real Estate
  127. Is house priced right?: square footage, duplexes, 2015, agent - Real Estate
  128. A single person buying a home doesn't make financial sense: investment, commission - Real Estate
  129. What is wrong with this home?: 2013, foreclosed, prices, property - Real Estate
  130. Inherited mineral rights, how to change deed?: property, attorneys, Realtor - Real Estate
  131. Why do buyers want to know what we paid for the house years ago?: negotiations, mortgage - Real Estate
  132. Realtor vs Zillow: disclosure, square footage, agent, sale - Real Estate
  133. Condo Ethics: contingent, insurance, condominium, claim - Real Estate
  134. London woman snubs neighbors by painting $16 million house in garish red and white stripes: housing, landlord - Real Estate
  135. Why is Redfin allowed to publish the Last Sold Prices in non-disclosure states?: RE agent, appraiser - Real Estate
  136. 2 wildly different appraisals, what to do?: square footage, 8%, agent, price - Real Estate
  137. Submitting offer to new buyer: contingencies, negotiating, agent, sale - Real Estate
  138. Why don't grave yards don't charge monthly rent?: investment, monthly fee, condo - Real Estate
  139. States with mild summers and cold winters?: offer, San Francisco, Colorado - Real Estate
  140. Setting a closing date: tenants, contingent, disclosure, agent - Real Estate
  141. Dealing with bad realtor: contingencies, appraisal, negotiating, agent - Real Estate
  142. How do people afford to buy homes?: income tax, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  143. Sudden offer: disclosure, documents, agent, price - Real Estate
  144. What would you rather buy - completely new dev house or completely renovated older house?: construction, inspection - Real Estate
  145. landlord let you out of lease early?: clause, mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  146. Offer on home. How long does it take to find out if they excepted the offer?: agent, accept - Real Estate
  147. Definition of a Renter in a Condo: tenant, agent, investment - Real Estate
  148. Once an offer is accepted can we back out?: contingency, agent, fee - Real Estate
  149. Offering before on market: negotiating, agent, comparables, price - Real Estate
  150. When did you first want to own your own home?: square foot, auction - Real Estate
  151. Bad luck or something fishy?: contingencies, clause, agent, commissions - Real Estate
  152. Colorado Seller possession 48hrs after close: agent, sale, condo, agreement - Real Estate
  153. Why would a realtor take pictures?: tenants, foreclosures, agent - Real Estate
  154. 4 days on the market, 20-25 showings, No offers? Time to be concerned?: contingent, feedback - Real Estate
  155. Zillow gives blunt explanation to homeowner that we don't correct erroneous Zestimates: feedback, 2015 - Real Estate
  156. Thoughts on 10ft wall?: 2015, investments, accept, property - Real Estate
  157. Property Manager n.j?: tenant, 8%, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  158. Will they let you get a mortgage with no income verification or money down?: 2%, housing - Real Estate
  159. How much income do you need for an investment property: tenants, income tax - Real Estate
  160. Property line and neighbor mowing part of our lot. Ideas?: illegal, claim - Real Estate
  161. How to view homes if you don't want to take on a buyer's agent: commission, sales - Real Estate
  162. Builder Accquired: lawyer, contracts, points, Realtor - Real Estate
  163. Refinancing while buying a house: investment, mortgage, mortgage, PMI - Real Estate
  164. How do agents handle buyers with lowball offers?: negotiations, agent, investment - Real Estate
  165. Cheap new construction!: disclosure, plumber, housing, insurance - Real Estate
  166. Uncooperative broker: gated community, 1%, agent, price - Real Estate
  167. Got scammed by home inspector???: recommendation, agents, inspectors, contractors - Real Estate
  168. two buddies on ssi: tenants, mortgage, mortgage, percentage - Real Estate
  169. Real Estate Agents - who to use: appraise, agent, broker
  170. Listing a property with no intention of selling it?: RE agent, tenants, agent - Real Estate
  171. When window should be tempered glass but isnt??: incentive, price, construction - Real Estate
  172. need help on closing date wording in home sale contract: contingencies, documents - Real Estate
  173. how would you classify this residental?: property, townhouse, house, definition - Real Estate
  174. How much is your HOA fee?: duplex, sale, condo, price - Real Estate
  175. Selling vacant townhouse: agent, mortgages, sales, price - Real Estate
  176. Where would you rather have your home located: By a ocean or by mountains or in a desert or all flat land?: property, money - Real Estate
  177. HOA says I can't replace my view fence. (CA): price, property - Real Estate
  178. what do you do in your yard?: claim, vents, build - Real Estate
  179. Best Advice For Selling A House With A Brightly Colored Interior?: countertop, mortgage - Real Estate
  180. New wave of foreclosures expected due to changing HELOCs.: mortgage, mortgage, sales - Real Estate
  181. Strange metal support discovered 1 day before closing: disclosure, agent, attorney - Real Estate
  182. help us get this house???: appraisal, agent, sales, banks - Real Estate
  183. How long before getting the bank appraisal?: accept, PMI, property - Real Estate
  184. True cost to live in your area: gated community, mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  185. Why do people get so bothered by a negative cash flow former primary home?: tenants, arrears - Real Estate
  186. Probate: documents, insurance, property, attorney - Real Estate
  187. Seller asking to waive home inspection on P&S: contingent, disclosure - Real Estate
  188. Why do people put up butt ugly pictures of a home they're trying to sell?: tenants, 2015 - Real Estate
  189. Your deam house...what is important to you?: construction, commercial, kitchen - Real Estate
  190. Hiring day laborers: recommendation, countertop, contractors, points - Real Estate
  191. TX Home Buying - Inspection Repairs issues: recommendation, negotiation, agent - Real Estate
  192. Bonus Rooms - Why are they proliferating?: disclosure, square footage, agents - Real Estate
  193. Sellers agent and/or owners present at showings. Is this common?: price, properties - Real Estate
  194. Would you live a single story slab house with no garage?: price, bedrooms - Real Estate
  195. How fast can you close on a condo?: documentation, appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  196. We need a lawyer because...: appraisal, negotiating, fees, insurance - Real Estate
  197. How do you know something got fixed after inspection?: construction, inspector, repairs - Real Estate
  198. Selling a townhouse, disagreeing with agent: commission, sale, price, property - Real Estate
  199. what can I do to get the past due rent from tenant? New York city: accept, house - Real Estate
  200. Do we have agents on in the Venice Florida area? - Real Estate