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  88. Real Estate Etiquette by Seller of Another Home: countertop, agent, price
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  98. mortgage solely in husbands name, but parents + him on the deed: tenants, 2014 - Real Estate
  99. Land use, large acreage: property, legal, states, hardwood - Real Estate
  100. The brain trust at NAR is at it again.: 2014, Realtor, state - Real Estate
  101. Title Co Fees On A Cash Deal, On Fees: 2015, arrears - Real Estate
  102. Sellers, what do you think of love letters ?: agent, accept - Real Estate
  103. Would you buy a home built before 1978 if you have small children? What if the home wasn't de-leaded?: disclosure, sale - Real Estate
  104. Buying a home in a place that you really don't like.: tenant, investment - Real Estate
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  109. Are the neighbors worse in lower middle class (working class) areas?: foreclosed, landlords - Real Estate
  110. Has went through Progressive for homeowner's insurance?: recommendation, agent, investment - Real Estate
  111. A zestimate: disclosure, appraisal, sales, condo - Real Estate
  112. Buying a home with a 30 year old septic system. What are the pros and cons?: investment, fees - Real Estate
  113. How to Discount a Dated House?: agents, sales, housing, comparable - Real Estate
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  119. When to fight for the little things in a purchase?: disclosure, appraisal - Real Estate
  120. Renting a Condo by using quick claim deed or %1 of the property: tenant, 1% - Real Estate
  121. Tenant Mounted Fixture to exterior of house w/o permission: tenants, feedback - Real Estate
  122. Would you buy/rent a house that had a dead body in it?: RE agent, agents - Real Estate
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  124. Home Owner's Insurance Company Cancelling My Policy????????: agent, price, inspection - Real Estate
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  126. Your take on my listing price?: appraised, negotiating, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
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  128. Help Me Decide What To Do With My Bathroom Before Listing: conversion, countertop - Real Estate
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  132. Quiet title questions: sale, fees, agreement, price - Real Estate
  133. Using an inspector recommended by realtor-conflict of interest?: recommendation, agent, inspectors - Real Estate
  134. Copper Pipes Stolen!! Who's responsible?: plumber, agent, investment, sale - Real Estate
  135. is it too weird (or acceptable) for us to knock on neighbors doors to check on a development?: fees, inspection - Real Estate
  136. Buying a home without COs: appraiser, agent, insurance, construction - Real Estate
  137. about what is needed to make an offer: documentation, agent, sales - Real Estate
  138. The Great HOA Poll!: RE agent, arrears, agent, monthly fee - Real Estate
  139. What would YOU do? Sales: contingencies, duplex, 5%, housing - Real Estate
  140. propane bad is it? should we not buy the home ?: prices, property - Real Estate
  141. Residential Lot with a View or Trees?: 5%, investment, price - Real Estate
  142. No School Bus Stop - HOA: housing, properties, lawyer, claim - Real Estate
  143. Would you put a lock on a garage if no one on the block does?: renting, vents - Real Estate
  144. Selling house soon-keep or get rid of pet cemetery?: claim, state, listing - Real Estate
  145. What's the *real* purpose of home owners' associations?: tenants, 1%, condominium - Real Estate
  146. Adventures in househunting: agent, condos, price, townhouse - Real Estate
  147. property photography: agent, contractor, Realtor, state - Real Estate
  148. Be buying a twin house: duplex, appraisal, insurance, banks - Real Estate
  149. Every small house is a cape cod...: stucco, agent, price - Real Estate
  150. I hate showings with the fire of a thousand suns: recommendation, 2014 - Real Estate
  151. Property Damage while house was being shown: tenant, insurance, landlord - Real Estate
  152. Is it customary in your area to have listing agent at showing?: price, property - Real Estate
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  154. Moving in after Closing: documents, settlement, escrow, contract - Real Estate
  155. Pulling 1.5 acres from 20 acres for a home site: foreclosed, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  156. Issues buying a vacation cabin and renting it out P/T: investment, fees - Real Estate
  157. First time buyer... what is too much to ask a seller that is an investment company to fix?: feedback, disclosures - Real Estate
  158. open houses-do they help?: RE market, agent, commissions, mortgage - Real Estate
  159. Need advice from people who've been in same boat as me: tenant, agent - Real Estate
  160. Priced not to sell: appraiser, mortgages, sales, banks - Real Estate
  161. Appraisals Now: foreclosures, agent, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  162. How much of a discount for flag lot?: appraiser, 1%, sale - Real Estate
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  165. switching to rental: tenants, documents, clause, agent - Real Estate
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  169. Trust issues.: sales, property tax, lawyer, state - Real Estate
  170. Will you buy a home that was remodeled after electric fire: appraiser, insurance - Real Estate
  171. Should a seller have a box with flyers describing the house?: square footage, agent - Real Estate
  172. Bad community with Good Schools?: tenants, foreclosures, sale, landlords - Real Estate
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  174. manufactured vs stick built: appraiser, mortgage, mortgage, insurance - Real Estate
  175. Hoa threats and harassment: documents, 2015, foreclosed, agents - Real Estate
  176. Software to draw floorplan of home: recommendation, appraiser, investment, price - Real Estate
  177. Selling an occupied house that has pets: sale, price, property - Real Estate
  178. bad idea to trade up in a hot market?: mortgage, mortgage, sale - Real Estate
  179. Seller Providing Title Ins vs Providing Clear Title?: documents, agent, fees - Real Estate
  180. Is the Playboy Mansion worth 200 Million?: RE market, 2015, 1%, commission - Real Estate
  181. how does my plan sound?: tenant, investment, mortgages, fees - Real Estate
  182. First time homebuyer-Seek real estate agent or lender first?: mortgage, mortgage, price
  183. MIL Wants to Give Us A House: mortgage, insurance, landlord - Real Estate
  184. Thank you to the RE agents / experts in the group for helping w/ my FSBO!: contingencies, agent - Real Estate
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  186. Wiring in old homes/selling: tenants, disclosure, prices, construction - Real Estate
  187. Sloping lot or flat lot?: builder, garage, house, basement - Real Estate
  188. Is it illegal to disclose prices of other offers on a home?: contingencies, appraised - Real Estate
  189. zillow and redfin values: disclosure, appraiser, agent, sales - Real Estate
  190. Does it make Sense for a 73 year old to buy a house?: mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  191. Master policy insurance and prohibited breed specific dogs: tenants, feedback, condo - Real Estate
  192. Zillow working against FSBOs: RE agent, agent, sale, property - Real Estate
  193. about investment properties: documents, settlement, accept, lawyer - Real Estate
  194. Price difference without real estate agent: 5%, commission, mortgage, mortgage
  195. if you won the lottery...: investment, sale, property, attorneys - Real Estate
  196. Tons of Calls from Real Estate Agents After Taking Home Off Market: RE agent, negotiating
  197. Would you buy a house with a confederate flag?: bedrooms, rating, seller - Real Estate
  198. Refinance investment property with no mortgage: properties, rental, loan, investing - Real Estate
  199. 681-unit complex built 42 years ago - most owners are between 70 and 90: sale, price - Real Estate
  200. Basic Real Estate Questions (NJ): investment, mortgage, sale, value