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  33. bought a house on auctions, 5%, investment - Real Estate
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  58. Is It Incumbent Upon me To Know If My Popcorn Ceiling Contains Asbestos?: tenant, disclosure - Real Estate
  59. Buying a townhome diagonally opposite a middle school: investment, fees, prices - Real Estate
  60. How much should I shut off in my empty house?: agent, sale - Real Estate
  61. Flat-Fee Realtors gaining traction nationwide.: RE agent, foreclosures, 2%, agents - Real Estate
  62. for CONDO OWNERS (NOT RENTERS): plumber, fees, condos, property - Real Estate
  63. Sell home now, rent , and buy again when housing market falls?: agents, commission - Real Estate
  64. Old timers in the town think new homes are ugly. What do you think?: 2013, construction - Real Estate
  65. Is there a KBB (kelley blue book) of real estate?: disclosures, appraiser
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  71. Signature Issue: documents, agent, insurance, attorney - Real Estate
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  74. House with a back alley: housing, properties, contractors, state - Real Estate
  75. Very old legal description vs recent survey, which is more accurate?: agent, mortgage - Real Estate
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  81. Surprising Enclaves of Extreme Prices: mortgage, mortgage, condos, properties - Real Estate
  82. Birds eye views?: properties, Realtors, state, building - Real Estate
  83. Seller may not vacate home by scheduled close date: tenant, agent, housing - Real Estate
  84. Tips on Selling My Home: feedback, price, broker, offers - Real Estate
  85. about what the HOA can make me do: monthly fee, property, lawyer - Real Estate
  86. 7 different owners in 22 years, is there a concern?: documentation, 2013, agent - Real Estate
  87. As Is Provision in contract? (Illinois) Seller trying to remove all liability for changes to property till closing.: incentive, clause - Real Estate
  88. House for sale with small bedrooms- have you knocked down walls to create larger rooms: price, inspected - Real Estate
  89. are there annual taxes on every property in the U.S.?: income tax, mortgage - Real Estate
  90. Appraisal came in lower than listing price, now what?: square footage, 3%, agent - Real Estate
  91. Small place in beautiful area or large place in ugly area?: duplex, renting - Real Estate
  92. Why single people should never buy a house.: square footage, investments, mortgage - Real Estate
  93. Is it unusual in seller to pay for termite inspection? (CA): 2014, agent - Real Estate
  94. How do you get rid of property that suddenly is wetlands?: appraised, foreclosure - Real Estate
  95. Moving into an older stablished farm neighborhood - to grow legal cannabis: 5%, mortgage - Real Estate
  96. Irritated with small town mindset and good ol boy feeling with real estate transaction: square footage, agent
  97. Would it be insane to buy a house without setting foot in it?: RE agent, agent - Real Estate
  98. what's the deal with real estate for sale that aren't listed online?: RE market, 2015
  99. How to deal with friend as realtor?: 3%, commission, price - Real Estate
  100. Selling for a fraction of the market value?: sales, agreement, price - Real Estate
  101. Best Home Value calculator?: appraisal, agents, comparable, lawsuit - Real Estate
  102. cash sale: 3%, agent, investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  103. Has done a 1031 Exchange?: 2014, 4%, negotiating, price - Real Estate
  104. Selling a home sucks....Buyers markets are the worst. Vent: contingent, clause - Real Estate
  105. Zillow claim We just dramatically improved Zestimate accuracy: 6%, agents - Real Estate
  106. Help Me Think Through This Offer: contingencies, feedback, recommendation, appraisal - Real Estate
  107. Ss #: settlement, attorney, contract, Realtor - Real Estate
  108. What are your favorite/fantasy dwelling features?: contractor, house hunting, kitchen - Real Estate
  109. venting about buying a home in Austin-the most overpriced market in the country!: contingencies, square foot - Real Estate
  110. Getting out of representation agreement - HELP!: appraisal, 3%, agent - Real Estate
  111. Would you like to have food and refreshments at your open house?: agent, price - Real Estate
  112. Do federal laws require you to get HOA approval?: documents, foreclosure - Real Estate
  113. Reinvention of RE wheel- Flat fee brokerage: agent, commission, sale - Real Estate
  114. Listings with Misleading Photos and Descriptions: agent, price, property, Realtor - Real Estate
  115. Can buyer require lead paint test from seller?: disclosure, negotiation, agent - Real Estate
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  117. House sold, then back on the market in one day: realty, price - Real Estate
  118. Selling home shortly after buying?: contingent, commission, mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  119. Encroachment Problem / New Homer Owner: insurance, property, attorney, claim - Real Estate
  120. What to do?? Housing values up....: condo, percent, prices, townhome - Real Estate
  121. way to know if comps included sellers credit?: appraiser, 5%, agent - Real Estate
  122. Is it a Bedroom?: square footage, appraisal, price, legal - Real Estate
  123. Is this the beginning of the end for Zillow?: documents, 2015, investments - Real Estate
  124. How much house do you need to feel comfortable?: square footage, fee, condo - Real Estate
  125. Overcoming location/view: feedback, square foot, clause, new agent - Real Estate
  126. Parcel Cost: property, legal, building, residential - Real Estate
  127. Small leak in ABS pipe: plumber, documents, fees, insurance - Real Estate
  128. Your thoughts on staircase?: kitchen, room, building, buying a house - Real Estate
  129. upsetting the appraiser: appraisal, agent, price, points - Real Estate
  130. Signs you might have a crazy/bad real estate agent.: new agent, Realtors
  131. Can I afford a $1 million dollar house?: 4%, investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  132. Could really use advice buying/selling: RE agent, negotiations, agent - Real Estate
  133. how does HUD homes work?: documents, appraiser, auction, price - Real Estate
  134. homepath properties, how does it work?: foreclosed, investment, mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  135. Minimal upgrades before selling my parents townhouse?: 2015, agent, investment - Real Estate
  136. Northern Illinois. How is your selling going and turning feedback into positives: 2014, cheapest - Real Estate
  137. House search: sale, price, Realtor, state - Real Estate
  138. Bubble trouble: feedback, 2014, sales, fees - Real Estate
  139. does it make more sense to rent?: appraisal, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  140. Buy House That Backs to Church?: vents, value, offer, state - Real Estate
  141. use a 60 day 401k withdrawal to bridge loan: mortgage, mortgage, sale - Real Estate
  142. Housing bubble?: tenants, incentive, 2015, foreclosures - Real Estate
  143. Obtaining books, records, papers of HOA: documents, fees, property, legal - Real Estate
  144. 55+ condos a misleading, bogus term in Florida?: tenant, investment, commission - Real Estate
  145. Selling home in So.Cal that has no permits on porch addition: square footage, conversion - Real Estate
  146. Realtor Involvement After Seeing a House: disclosures, 3%, negotiation, agent - Real Estate
  147. Worst / most invasive HOA rule?: house, neighborhood, Long Island, buy - Real Estate
  148. Tax Sale House-Splitting Property Lines?: agents, fees, prices, properties - Real Estate
  149. Custom Houses: construction, contract, kitchen, bedrooms - Real Estate
  150. Why would a seller raise the list price of a house that isn't selling?: agents, sales - Real Estate
  151. Better Buy: Flipped Home vs Outdated Home: square foot, countertop, price - Real Estate
  152. Right away issues with the neighbors dogs (CA): properties, lawyer, escrow - Real Estate
  153. Buying Rental Real Estate with IRA money: tenant, 2015, property tax
  154. Room Addition w/ no permit - to buy or not?: disclosure, square footage - Real Estate
  155. How to determine market value of rental properties: tenants, duplexes, appraisal - Real Estate
  156. Short Sale Situation: foreclosure, agent, sales, accept - Real Estate
  157. Confused/depressed after losing house--Logic versus Heart: negotiations, investment, inspector - Real Estate
  158. which is more likely to sell? Number of BR vs. size of BR: price, value - Real Estate
  159. Are homes in the same neighborhood of different sizes still comps?: square footage, duplexes - Real Estate
  160. Which of homes will sell first?: sales, price, inexpensive - Real Estate
  161. Selling home, when you have moved out of the area: tenant, agent - Real Estate
  162. home buyers messing up your house....: agent, sale, property - Real Estate
  163. Frustrated with our buyers: appraise, negotiating, price, inspector - Real Estate
  164. Can Painter sue us: agent, insurance, price, lawsuit - Real Estate
  165. Can I sue my condo association? Washington, DC: documentation, insurance, condos - Real Estate
  166. Chinese are the largest foreign group of US real estate buyerss: investment, housing
  167. Installing Solar Panels on a Condo (Townhouse): condominiums, agreement, property - Real Estate
  168. what is the penalty for illegal basement: tenant, accepting, lawyer - Real Estate
  169. Divorced Couple Selling a House: mortgage, mortgage company, sales, price - Real Estate
  170. Wife is selling house to sister and I have to sign on closing. Is this ok?: documents, mortgage - Real Estate
  171. house on a hill: 6%, price, claim, contract - Real Estate
  172. Sellers, read this: RE market, tenants, agent, price - Real Estate
  173. Would you buy a 155k home with a 40k job.: 2%, mortgage - Real Estate
  174. If home is on the market are we still obligated to the lease?: tenant, sale - Real Estate
  175. What's the style of this house? Where could I find a similar house slightly larger) in a saner COL area?: 2015, housing - Real Estate
  176. Real Estate Market and the Election 2016: feedback, mortgage rates, mortgages
  177. Seller's agent questions: RE agent, appraise, 3%, negotiations - Real Estate
  178. Looking for advice- Really want to buy a home, trying to think about how to do it right: recommendation, mortgage - Real Estate
  179. Do I have to disclose this?: disclosure, negotiating, agent, state - Real Estate
  180. Who is getting financed for homes in HCOL areas?: 2015, 5%, agent - Real Estate
  181. which cities has property tax sales and how people make money off it?: foreclosed, income tax - Real Estate
  182. Switching attorneys 1 week before closing. Would you this? Anything I should know?: feedback, documents - Real Estate
  183. Good Or Bad To Put This In Real Estate Description?: sale, prices
  184. Living next to the seller?: property, inspection, house, Reno - Real Estate
  185. Canadians selling out: 2014, sale, condo, prices - Real Estate
  186. As a seller I see only cons for accepting a contingency offer that is based upon the sale of a buyer's home.: RE agent, contingencies - Real Estate
  187. Property Porn: sale, price, most expensive, states - Real Estate
  188. Would you ever buy a home on a Clandestine list?: tenant, documentation - Real Estate
  189. Section 8 housing coming to your neighborhood?: tenant, accept, properties, renting - Real Estate
  190. My thoughts on Home Warranties: tenant, recommendation, cheapest, sale - Real Estate
  191. How much communication with your relator is normal?: RE agent, feedback, recommendation - Real Estate
  192. mortgage or no mortgage: investment, sale, price, deductions - Real Estate
  193. New High School, Impact on Home Value: flocking, income tax, mortgage - Real Estate
  194. HELOC Nightmare: appraisal, foreclose, sale, banks - Real Estate
  195. Have of You Done Roof Tune Up Before????: sales, settlement - Real Estate
  196. neighbor building on property: sale, insurance, construction, lawyer - Real Estate
  197. Adjacent golf course might close. How to factor that into pricing?: appraisal, sales - Real Estate
  198. Disclosure for Filled in Swimming Pool: disclosures, agent, property, legal - Real Estate
  199. Just listed house, think we made a mistake on price - Real Estate
  200. Infill Development (Texas): feedback, properties, requirements, builder - Real Estate