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  10. converting to multi family?: conversion, mortgage, mortgage, sale - Real Estate
  11. If won a foreclosure auction, do I need to pay child support lien?: attorney, state - Real Estate
  12. Property tax record square footage(accuracy): appraiser, mortgage, mortgage, condo - Real Estate
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  17. What does this mean in a condo listing?: arrears, agent, sale - Real Estate
  18. Strange background on a house: disclosure, 2013, negotiations, agent - Real Estate
  19. Decks(how much value add) in urban areas: condos, state, room - Real Estate
  20. WA tenant moving to TX, can I sue for damages in WA?: price, legal - Real Estate
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  24. Florida Tax Deed Sale with pending foreclosure: foreclosed, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  25. Selling House, Buying New House: housing, renting, state, cheaper - Real Estate
  26. House Refinance Appraisal; 4 bedroom vs 3 bedroom & 1 office.: value, bedrooms, versus - Real Estate
  27. what is the 20% rule in 55 year communities?: home - Real Estate
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  30. Really? Recession?: investment, sales, prices, points - Real Estate
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  32. After accepting an offer, how does the process go from a seller's perspective and what to expect? - Las Vegas, NV: disclosures, documentation - Real Estate
  33. 800K House. What Are My Chances of Getting 50% down So OWC?: state, Washington - Real Estate
  34. Property manager - working from home?: tenant, agreement, properties, illegal - Real Estate
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  49. Opinion of Zillow Market Temperature (Alachua County, FL): sales, comparable, prices - Real Estate
  50. Renters rights violated, dog injured: agent, landlord, property, claim - Real Estate
  51. Auction Trustee Sell: sale, property, states, bankruptcy - Real Estate
  52. Arizona - Earnest Money and Option Period: accept, inspection, broker - Real Estate
  53. housing to rent to section 8ers?: tenants, insurance, landlord, property - Real Estate
  54. combine primary home insurance with rental properties??: tenant, investments, landlord - Real Estate
  55. would a custom built house be cheaper than buying one of the mass produced homes?: square foot, fees - Real Estate
  56. Inspection Report in - What should we certainly ask for to be fixed.: stucco, 2015 - Real Estate
  57. How Do People Buy a House With Cash?: appraisal, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
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  59. Alaska real estate laws prohibit showing a home that has an offer accepted?: contingencies, duplex
  60. looking at house: tenant, agent, landlord, property - Real Estate
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  63. Filed a homeowner's insurance claim - I am an idiot!: feedback, negotiating - Real Estate
  64. Buying home with painted exterior brick?: repairs, HOA, buy a house, neighborhood - Real Estate
  65. Why are building cost for houses in Texas so inexpensive?: price, construction - Real Estate
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  67. Having major issues with HOA: documents, mortgage, mortgage, accepting - Real Estate
  68. When is being particular TOO particular, as a buyer?: square footage, countertop, appraisal - Real Estate
  69. Refusing to Fix Items for Appraisal: agent, mortgage, mortgage, sales - Real Estate
  70. Home that I'm buying had water heater overflow: disclosures, documentation, 2014 - Real Estate
  71. Real estate taxes after home is paid off: 2015, income tax, property
  72. ROI Rental Properties: 2%, investment, mortgage, sale - Real Estate
  73. Do not want neighbor in home at our open house.: agent, property - Real Estate
  74. Strangest things seen when house hunting: agent, townhouse, state, kitchen - Real Estate
  75. Offers to purchase that include unusual requests: agent, realty, agreement - Real Estate
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  77. 10 Acres of Land--Can We Build Five Houses On It?: property, states, loans - Real Estate
  78. help me to understand Quit Claim Deeds: tenants, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  79. Retaining wall - DHCA sends letter to repair/replace: sale, property, inspectors - Real Estate
  80. Zillow zestime vs Trulia home values?: appraiser, sales, prices, properties - Real Estate
  81. Grandfather deceased, property taxes owed, how do I purchase? In Texas: appraisal, sale - Real Estate
  82. Why did you become a landlord (excluding who couldn't sell their house): duplex, negotiation - Real Estate
  83. Have you ever sold a home almost immediately because you did not like it?: disclosure, 3% - Real Estate
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  85. Your Mortgage, Expenses and Salary - What's the right number: fees, housing - Real Estate
  86. Upping coverage on homeowners' insurance: square footage, documentation, appraiser, new agent - Real Estate
  87. Condo Living - Recent incident - what would you do?: condos, illegal - Real Estate
  88. Things to consider when buying a house next to a large farm?: contingency, properties - Real Estate
  89. VERY complicated Title Transfer during eviction HELP: documents, housing, landlord - Real Estate
  90. Property Line Issue: documentation, mortgage, mortgage company, lawyer - Real Estate
  91. Agents advising me to turn in offer at or above list price?: square foot, appraisal - Real Estate
  92. Proof of funds cash offer: contingent, documentation, mortgage, mortgage company - Real Estate
  93. Would you rather: square foot, mortgage, mortgage, housing - Real Estate
  94. Why did my condo depreciate: foreclosure, agents, mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  95. Reporting rental income - a few questions: tenants, square footage, 2015 - Real Estate
  96. Election and house prices: recommendation, 5%, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  97. Living in a condo (Am I in the wrong)...: fees, insurance, condos - Real Estate
  98. Waterfront property search: feedback, sale, prices, rent - Real Estate
  99. Why are larger down payments attractive to sellers?: contingency, appraisal, 5% - Real Estate
  100. Value of a rambler: square footage, cheapest, agent, investment - Real Estate
  101. Would a ripped up carpet in family room deter buyers more than laminate flooring?: incentive, square foot - Real Estate
  102. Realtor is Being an Arrogant Jerk: tenants, agent, sales - Real Estate
  103. Buying a second home just for a place to stay: sale, fee - Real Estate
  104. Buyers offering more than list price just to have their offer accepted first?: appraisal, 5% - Real Estate
  105. How much leeway is in a 1031?: investment, mortgage, mortgage, sale - Real Estate
  106. Owner selling house wants tenants to vacate asap: agent, mortgage, housing - Real Estate
  107. Profitability eludes Zillow...: 6%, agents, commission, sale - Real Estate
  108. buying a house married vs. in a relationship: 3%, investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  109. Staging with owners living there: recommendation, countertop, sales, prices - Real Estate
  110. boundary dispute - how are surveys done today when yesteryear's markers are gone?: investment, insurance - Real Estate
  111. School bonds: by city or by school district?: property tax, states, California - Real Estate
  112. Avoiding Capital Gains Tax on primary residence: 6%, commission, mortgage rates - Real Estate
  113. 30 days till closing on new construction, spooked by neighbors: price, property, inspection - Real Estate
  114. Buying a motel as only means of support: tenants, 2013, 7% - Real Estate
  115. Contingency offer: contingent, appraisal, clause, agent - Real Estate
  116. Railroad style condos: conversion, property, kitchen, bedrooms - Real Estate
  117. Property survey confirms neighbor is in our boundary, now what?: fees, properties - Real Estate
  118. Foundation Issues after closing...advice?: disclosures, recommendation, negotiating, price - Real Estate
  119. moving out free-loaders in house of deceased: tenants, incentive, landlord - Real Estate
  120. Buying and living in a temporary home while waiting for the right one: contingent, conversion - Real Estate
  121. how much estimated total can I expect to pay for a house sold as cash only?: contingencies, arrears - Real Estate
  122. Does it sound like I am being reasonable?: agent, sales, accepting - Real Estate
  123. How much does listing agent usually charge the seller?: 4%, commissions, sale - Real Estate
  124. Suing My HOA for Non-Enforcement: fees, property, lawyer, value - Real Estate
  125. Dual agent on house Im buying asked to speak with my listing agent on house im selling??: contingent, dual agency - Real Estate
  126. Would you refinance a house you hate to do repairs?: price, inspector - Real Estate
  127. Need to rebuild front stairs of my house but contractor says I don't need a permit: insurance, percent - Real Estate
  128. kitchens and bathrooms sell houses , has heard this before ?: countertop, agent - Real Estate
  129. are people with money allowed to buy fannie mae properties?: auction, foreclosures - Real Estate
  130. scope of home inspection?: disclosure, agent, sale, inspectors - Real Estate
  131. are remote courtesy closings really that uncommon?: agents, mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  132. I have never understood this: house hunting, bedrooms, house, paying - Real Estate
  133. condo is asking me to to pay capital contribution and a reserve contribution: disclosure, 2013 - Real Estate
  134. What do you consider minuses that most people consider pluses -- and vice versa?: square footage, countertop - Real Estate
  135. Loans without down payments?: appraisal, 5%, mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  136. Mother's House now mom is in a Memory Care Unit: agent, property - Real Estate
  137. Is This A Picture Of Inside A House Or Apartment?: condo, room - Real Estate
  138. What would you do? (selling on contingency): contingencies, clause, sale - Real Estate
  139. How much mortgage is responsible?: fees, housing, price, construction - Real Estate
  140. Selling a property in need of repair and no viable comps: tenants, appraised - Real Estate
  141. When a realtor flips multiple houses: investment, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  142. Inherited house junk: agent, sales, rent, contract - Real Estate
  143. Chuckle of the Day - Seller Dropped Price, House Sold for More than Original Price: housing, prices - Real Estate
  144. Ever heard of this from a buyer?: negotiations, prices, properties - Real Estate
  145. what is timeshare and is it worth it?: investment, sales - Real Estate
  146. Need Help with Cloud on Title...: foreclosure, mortgage, mortgage company, lawyer - Real Estate
  147. Rental house being put up for sale though despite lease: tenant, recommendation - Real Estate
  148. Zillow vs Redfin Estimates: RE agent, 5%, agent, sale - Real Estate
  149. Creepy demanding buyers: clause, sale, property, contract - Real Estate
  150. Called by realtor saying she has buyer , but we need to list with her?: dual agency, commission - Real Estate
  151. Would you/should I buy a nice home, but in a not so organized neighborhood ?: feedback, square foot - Real Estate
  152. AZ Housing Market Overheating?: square foot, foreclosure, 3%, prices - Real Estate
  153. Are Redfin agents better because they are salaried?: agent, sales - Real Estate
  154. Changes made to contract without our initial/signature?: agent, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  155. What will happen to me?: documents, sales, fees, insurance - Real Estate
  156. Does having a buyers RE agent hold you back?: dual agency, commissions, fee - Real Estate
  157. Mom is ill, sign house to me to avoid medical lien?: recommendation, clause - Real Estate
  158. Bought new Townhouse- now hate it because of constant pounding noise from next door neighbors!: feedback, housing - Real Estate
  159. buying house using public funds, how?: 3%, agent, mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  160. Selling for a fraction of the market value?: sales, agreement, price - Real Estate
  161. Neighbor's eyesore: tenants, 2014, landlords, property - Real Estate
  162. Mold-Inspector missed it. Now I am being sued: agent, fees, insurance - Real Estate
  163. Buying A New House I Can't Move Into Until November: tenants, agent - Real Estate
  164. Escrow closed - new owners threw me out on the street: agent, sale - Real Estate
  165. Nice Houses on the MLS with only one photo??: agent, sale, price - Real Estate
  166. My Broker ended her contract with the Seller because...: housing, price, property - Real Estate
  167. Who to ask about needed improvements to sell: countertop, appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  168. Pokemon Go? No Go?: price, property, rent, Realtor - Real Estate
  169. Can attorney prepare a Release of Lien contract?: investment, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  170. A little renting drama and lease-to-purchase option: tenants, 6%, negotiations - Real Estate
  171. RE ads w/o floor plans for older homes.: appraiser, agent, condos - Real Estate
  172. Buying a house from a friend - I have a realtor, she does not: appraisal, negotiating - Real Estate
  173. Offer to close in 90 days?: contingencies, agent, investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  174. Real estate commission rate - system broken: 6%, negotiations, agent
  175. huge disparity in realtor attitude / advice during buy, sell process, WTH?: appraiser, foreclosures - Real Estate
  176. Costs of selling your home: RE market, incentive, appraiser, 1% - Real Estate
  177. To Build Or Not To Build - That is the ?: square foot, sale - Real Estate
  178. Bad septic on inspection: mortgages, banks, price, properties - Real Estate
  179. what does 'owner to obtain town C of O mean?: conversion, agent - Real Estate
  180. Where to live between houses?: contingent, agent, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  181. Escrow money - what is the point? Buyer is a Fraud - Seller not protected at all!: tenant, contingencies - Real Estate
  182. Is master bath without a tub a deal breaker for you?: construction, contractor - Real Estate
  183. Why do people look at homes, knowing that they contain deal breakers ?: feedback, agent - Real Estate
  184. POLL: Your preferences, text or email.: state, lender, money, loan - Real Estate
  185. Realtor/seller lied about permit: disclosures, conversion, agent, investment - Real Estate
  186. HOAs, oh my!: condo, property, townhouse, value - Real Estate
  187. need advice on moving out of state: cheapest, housing, insurance - Real Estate
  188. Time of year to sell home: agent, sale, percentage, prices - Real Estate
  189. Staged but unfinished basement: feedback, landlords, renters, furniture - Real Estate
  190. Pre approval or prequalification letter?: agent, condos, price, construction - Real Estate
  191. Selling House Myself- not FSBO: RE agent, appraiser, 6%, agent - Real Estate
  192. Realtors who underprice: RE agent, incentive, square footage, appraisal - Real Estate
  193. Adding closets to rooms; property tax due to extra bedrooms?: square footage, appraisal - Real Estate
  194. My house pics - selling advice?: agent, inexpensive, furniture, kitchen - Real Estate
  195. Did this realtor do us right?: contingencies, disclosure, clause, agent - Real Estate
  196. New home constructions - upgrade value included in appraisal?: 7%, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  197. Short Term Home Exchange -- has tried it?: cost, buy, area - Real Estate
  198. To Searching via Beware: agent, property, broker - Real Estate
  199. in SoCal work with Edison (SCE) for new construction? (ITCC related): income tax, building - Real Estate
  200. Can you leave your Co-op to your family?: condos, vs, NYC - Real Estate