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  56. Home inspection on as-is house, does that mean buyers can't cancel if something is found?: contingencies, disclosure - Real Estate
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  81. Real estate agents ): RE agent, 1%, agent, commission
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  87. My Sister Inlaw (Keller Williams) Selling My Home: 3%, new agent, investment - Real Estate
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  90. recourse? Roof leak supposedly fixed before closing, found faulty after closing.: cheapest, negotiations - Real Estate
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  101. Contract signed by buyer, but...: clause, agent, lawyer, inspection - Real Estate
  102. Yep, Property tax is in fact mostly based on Purchase Price.: disclosure, appraisal - Real Estate
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  110. So, how bad is renting out your house really?: tenants, 2014, agent - Real Estate
  111. square footage/neighborhood/politics of selling: agent, sale, condo, prices - Real Estate
  112. If you think there is a you think a realtor will confirm it?: foreclosure, agent - Real Estate
  113. 'No Cap' escalation: contingencies, appraisal, agent, accept - Real Estate
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  115. Stale listings: agent, sales, percentage, price - Real Estate
  116. What's your favorite street name, and why?: sale, houses, apartments - Real Estate
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  119. Real Estate Agents Mishandling Private Information: RE agent, documents, agent, condo
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  124. Rent or Buy...: feedback, agent, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  125. Why don't real estate professionals hand out a brochure explaining the fair housing act to all prospective clients.: agent, properties
  126. Contingency Underground Oil Tank: documentation, clause, agent, insurance - Real Estate
  127. (Realtors) selling my house in an unconventional way.: feedback, 2015, appraiser - Real Estate
  128. Full Disclosure (CA): contingency, appraisal, agent, sale - Real Estate
  129. Need advice-realtors welcome: expensive, kitchen, bedroom, cost - Real Estate
  130. Solar: Does it add value to a house?: price, property, state - Real Estate
  131. What good is a Real Estate agent and do you really need one?: appraisal, negotiation
  132. How much time-wise, did you give before buying your house?: investment, sales - Real Estate
  133. Hypothetical pricing: contingencies, incentive, square footage, sales - Real Estate
  134. Shared fence rotting, neighbor doesn't maintain his side. Who pays?: property, repairs - Real Estate
  135. Buying next week. Trying to look past the ugly!: square footage, agent, sale - Real Estate
  136. Selling as is vs improving (when there is a long list of improvements): feedback, disclosure - Real Estate
  137. Clearing the air: RE agent, sale, landlord, price - Real Estate
  138. Illinois - Seller Lied about Flooding in Home: disclosure, foreclosure, insurance - Real Estate
  139. live in a real estate market makes no sense: price, construction
  140. $650 for home inspection in NJ good or not?: mortgage, mortgage company, fees - Real Estate
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  142. Selling to A Real Estate Investor?: appraised, commission, sales, comparable
  143. What happens when sibling stops paying property taxes on 'family' house....: foreclosure, sale - Real Estate
  144. time shares--getting rid of such: auction, sale, fees, price - Real Estate
  145. We found out that the house in contract for is in a flood zone (NYC): disclosure, appraisal - Real Estate
  146. First time home buyer about real estate agents?: clause, new agent, commissions
  147. Would you buy a home with a Damp Basement?: agreement, price, inspector - Real Estate
  148. House near a Chapel: sale, offers, houses, vs - Real Estate
  149. Community with 37 homes and 10 on rental...concern?: tenants, agent, sale - Real Estate
  150. Neighbor planted broadleaf trees that will clog my gutters: property, expensive, borrow - Real Estate
  151. Long-term rate of return: 6%, investments, commission, mortgage - Real Estate
  152. Are buyers being unreasonable bullies?: 2015, negotiations, agent, investment - Real Estate
  153. Replace old mobile or build new small house on semi-rural?: tenant, feedback - Real Estate
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  155. Can a past real estate agent see if I signed agreement on a home?: offer, lender
  156. MD takes steps to protect agents: disclosures, clause, negotiations, agent - Real Estate
  157. Be Careful Who You Hire To Sell Your Home!: agent, commission, broker - Real Estate
  158. Still use IRA savings for first home?: investment, fees, prices - Real Estate
  159. Should seller have the right to require home inspector show proof of insurance and licensure?: agent, price - Real Estate
  160., amusing dissection of upscale Mcburb architecture: builders, cost, house - Real Estate
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  162. New build by low-income housing: tenants, disclosures, gated community, price - Real Estate
  163. How do I start? To buy a house? read.: appraisal, 4% - Real Estate
  164. FHA Inspection: agent, price, attorney, escrow - Real Estate
  165. Flipping a family home?: feedback, appraisal, 3%, agent - Real Estate
  166. Timeshare is for suckers!!!! Should I buy one?: fees, property tax, points - Real Estate
  167. When is it not worth having a rental?: tenants, commission, mortgage - Real Estate
  168. Attic mold remediation?: sales, prices, inspector, venting - Real Estate
  169. Time reply: agent, accept, venting, contracts - Real Estate
  170. Real estate sale tax forms: investment, accept, property, lawyer
  171. Not a good idea buying house near ex, right?: appraisal, agent, sale - Real Estate
  172. What do you consider an old house?: construction, ceilings, houses - Real Estate
  173. How to sell a dilapidated home: auction, agents, investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  174. I don't know where to start with buying a home! HELP: RE agent, documentation - Real Estate
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  177. Timing of close: contingent, documents, cheapest, agent - Real Estate
  178. Paperwork to take with me when buying long distance: contingent, documents, investments - Real Estate
  179. High seller closing costs for land sales....what to do?: commission, fees - Real Estate
  180. Deck safety issue with FHA loan: cheapest, appraiser, escrow, vents - Real Estate
  181. Flippers with few brain cells: commission, sales, price, property - Real Estate
  182. do we need to change the key/lock after buying a home?: tenants, condo - Real Estate
  183. Real estate apps: rental, broker, Realtors, states
  184. Buying $1M house for 100K?: RE market, incentive, foreclose, mortgage - Real Estate
  185. Is the seller's realtor supposed to disclose if there is unnatural death in the unit?: disclosures, appraisal - Real Estate
  186. USAA Homeowners Insurance: plumber, price, claim, expensive - Real Estate
  187. Backup offers good or bad for buyers?: contingency, clause, negotiations - Real Estate
  188. Inherited house with irresponsible sibling: documents, accept, property tax, lawyer - Real Estate
  189. HOA Denying House Plans: documents, lawsuits, attorney, claim - Real Estate
  190. Selling & buying home - tips and preparation: contingent, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  191. radon remediation system: disclosures, inspectors, contract, value - Real Estate
  192. buying rural land: housing, comparable, property, value - Real Estate
  193. A Consolidated perspective of everything Homeowners need to know about Zillow and its Zestimates: 2015, appraisal - Real Estate
  194. If you could go back in time, what advice would you give yourself home ownership?: tenants, investments - Real Estate
  195. When does a low offer become insulting?: contingency, appraised, 6% - Real Estate
  196. Homeowner's Insurance Deductible: 1%, agent, condo, percentage - Real Estate
  197. Is this a money pit? review home inspection report: foreclosure, agent - Real Estate
  198. trespassing house hunters: RE agent, agent, sale, property - Real Estate
  199. News, Harry Potter's 4 Privet Drive Could Be Yours: house, London, built - Real Estate
  200. The Most Expensive House In Each Of The 50 United States of America: Oklahoma - Real Estate