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  12. Time-share presented as property for sale -- is this the norm?: agent, condos - Real Estate
  13. New construction - cheaper in areas where there is more of it, if COL generally more?: income tax, sale - Real Estate
  14. Cheapest Property Type to Convert into an Events Space: properties, commercial, kitchen - Real Estate
  15. How long are new construction warranties for townhomes?: stucco, townhome, offer - Real Estate
  16. Final loan approval - when does it usually happen: disclosure, sale, house - Real Estate
  17. Protection Period in Real Estate (Hampton Roads, VA): foreclosure, agent, commission
  18. Staying at least 5 years or rent it out...: investment, condos, landlord - Real Estate
  19. ROW, Easements, In Southern Maine... Holy Moly what did I get into?: fee, insurance - Real Estate
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  23. FHA 203k loan experience: documents, price, contractors, deposit - Real Estate
  24. Normal for appraisal to include comparables on market for more than 1 year?: sales, accept - Real Estate
  25. House near a daycare center - impact on value or livability?: construction, commercial - Real Estate
  26. Would you sign prior to mold remediation?: feedback, documents, agent - Real Estate
  27. Gas Meter: company, apartment - Real Estate
  28. for buyers agents...: disclosure, negotiations, agent, sale - Real Estate
  29. sale of home (Capital gains tax): duplex, price, property - Real Estate
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  31. Buying a second home first?: investments, mortgage, mortgage, accept - Real Estate
  32. Experiences with SIRVA Relocation Services?: appraisal, agent, price, value - Real Estate
  33. Remove myself from deed without grantees signature?: tenants, property, lawyers - Real Estate
  34. Tenants in Common: mortgage, mortgage, price, property - Real Estate
  35. Contract cost to build townhome in dallas: documents, price, more expensive - Real Estate
  36. Price high to sell faster?: square footage, agents, sale, comparable - Real Estate
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  40. Strange real estate interviews: RE agent, appraisal, agent, commission
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  42. Mortgage payment late 6 months plus $17,000 in back HOA fees: foreclosure, sales, landlords - Real Estate
  43. Just got mailed a Release of Deed of Trust and Release - what??: documents, mortgage - Real Estate
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  45. Bedrooms that aren't really bedrooms in listing: square footage, agent, investments - Real Estate
  46. Price setting on Zillow: agent, sales, prices, property - Real Estate
  47. Realtors: Whose buying houses days if Millennial's aren't?: duplex, sales, housing - Real Estate
  48. Which is the Best Home Warranty?: tenants, clause, agreement, properties - Real Estate
  49. Would you stay in a home because of your kids and their friends?: mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  50. Market Correction: tenant, investment, mortgages, housing - Real Estate
  51. Last minute things to do on the day before closing/moving: contractors, Realtor - Real Estate
  52. Why are People so Rude?: contingencies, feedback, appraiser, agent - Real Estate
  53. Ethics (or Not?) of Realtor Disclosing Offer Prices: appraise, negotiations, agent - Real Estate
  54. Upgrades of Value?: agent, sale, comparables, price - Real Estate
  55. Purpose of offers not being disclosed: appraisal, auction, clause, sale - Real Estate
  56. Whoa- Appraisal came back 37,000 lower -OUCH: new agent, second mortgage, mortgage, sale - Real Estate
  57. Waco, Texas, 1-bed 'Fixer Upper' home lists for $950K: square foot, cheapest, appraise - Real Estate
  58. Solicitation of listing by an agent with drone shots: tenant, investment, properties - Real Estate
  59. No just venting on my own stupidity: contingencies, square foot, 2013 - Real Estate
  60. Selling my house - hope to never do it again: feedback, appraisal - Real Estate
  61. What do you look at when viewing a house for sale?: square footage, fees - Real Estate
  62. Curb Appeal When Buying: price, property, expensive, value - Real Estate
  63. As a buyer from a different state, how soon should I start a relationship with a Real Estate Agent?: sale, prices
  64. Is it rude or wrong to change a real estate agent after starting conversations with another one?: RE agent, disclosure
  65. Our House Is Listed On Zillow/Trulia As Foreclosure!: RE agent, documents, preforeclosures - Real Estate
  66. Inheritance property, hold 1.5 yrs or sell?: feedback, condo, price, renters - Real Estate
  67. Determine comps?: square footage, appraisal, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  68. New construction walkthrough and closing: feedback, sales, agreement, legal - Real Estate
  69. How to make sure no one makes an offer on a home before you?: agent, property - Real Estate
  70. Realtor lost the key to my house: agent, expensive, broker - Real Estate
  71. Basement floor. Tile, Drainage Mats, Pressboard, Carpet = MOLD Issue: tenants, recommendation, appraisal - Real Estate
  72. Asbestos tape ductwork (Georgia): disclosures, plumber, housing, price - Real Estate
  73. When looking at houses/apartments, do you prefer them being staged or not?: agent, brokers - Real Estate
  74. How Do I Find Out The Owner of a Specific Apartment Unit in Apartment Complex: commission, condo - Real Estate
  75. Buyer knew it would hit market, before list date: agent, sale, agreement - Real Estate
  76. Why are there so many HOAs in Florida: foreclose, fees, properties - Real Estate
  77. Knob and Tube Wiring WA state (Everett): disclosure, plumber, negotiation - Real Estate
  78. Do you think real estate transactions will take less time in the future?: documentation, appraisal
  79. Adding Value by Switching to a Propane Range: investment, sale, price - Real Estate
  80. Undisclosed Motorcycle Track Behind New Construction: disclosures, appraiser, property, lawyer - Real Estate
  81. Found a house without realtor, now what?: RE agent, 3%, agent - Real Estate
  82. Major Structural and Electrical Issues Detected During Inspection...What now?: negotiating, mortgage - Real Estate
  83. Can I find out the financial health of an HOA on my own?: arrears, foreclosures - Real Estate
  84. Do more showings bring a higher price?: recommendation, appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  85. Realtor using empty house for a party...: tenants, agent, price - Real Estate
  86. On the line for earnest money?: agent, sale, fee, property - Real Estate
  87. Realtor Commission When Bank Denies Mortgage: contingency, clause, agent, sales - Real Estate
  88. Creepy or Resourceful?: sales, condo, price, property tax - Real Estate
  89. House Off-Market: contingent, negotiation, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  90. House built on a foundation or not?: price, construction, inexpensive - Real Estate
  91. What would you do with this offer?: contingencies, clause, sale - Real Estate
  92. Buyers approach sellers as individuals, then bring in agent: 3%, negotiations, commissions - Real Estate
  93. Best way to find a new build: appraised, 2%, agent - Real Estate
  94. Put in 6-10 Foot Privacy Fences: expensive, HOA, buy a house, neighborhood - Real Estate
  95. What are reasonable fixes to ask seller?: contingency, clause, negotiation - Real Estate
  96. Gifts at Closing?: plumber, agent, commission, settlement - Real Estate
  97. Does a seller need to disclose future planned road near property?: disclosure, agent - Real Estate
  98. on a clouded title: agent, sale, insurance, property - Real Estate
  99. Closing fees - inspection we didn't agree to: negotiations, commissions, sale - Real Estate
  100. Sensitive about a house that is for sale...: feedback, agent, price - Real Estate
  101. Include letter with offer?: contingencies, agent, condo, price - Real Estate
  102. Buyer's agent's motives in the Seller Market: contingency, incentive, dual agency - Real Estate
  103. I'm going to leave this right Enjoy.: agent, states, bedroom - Real Estate
  104. Almost half of Americans have buyer's remorse about their house: square footage, 5% - Real Estate
  105. What is your favorite to ask a buying agent you are: disclosures, recommendation - Real Estate
  106. The one bedroom property: housing, condos, price, properties - Real Estate
  107. Meet Your New Landlord: Wall Street: mortgage, mortgage, housing, landlords - Real Estate
  108. Mold in Attic - Should I buy or walk?: investment, sale, price - Real Estate
  109. Did you move your furniture or mostly buy new things after the move?: sale, rent - Real Estate
  110. Is it likely I will meet buyer at closing ?: tenants, documents, agents - Real Estate
  111. Buyer Asking to Extend Closing Date and Waive Extension Fee: contingencies, documents - Real Estate
  112. How soon to buy when on a lease?: tenants, flocking, appraisal - Real Estate
  113. Own or Rent?: gated community, investments, mortgage, housing - Real Estate
  114. Overpaid...dammit!!: 2015, investment, sale, prices - Real Estate
  115. would you feel guilty?: tenant, landlord, property, renter - Real Estate
  116. Buying a 2-unit property: tenants, duplex, investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  117. House for sale every 1-2 years-- what would you think?: price, contract - Real Estate
  118. Husband signed, wife did not. Do we have an agreement or not?: agent, property - Real Estate
  119. Grant Deed: contingencies, documents, investments, properties - Real Estate
  120. attic insulation: RE agent, disclosure, plumber, agent - Real Estate
  121. One Story vs Multi and Age: prices, more expensive, value, Realtor - Real Estate
  122. Rental Properties: tenants, clause, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  123. Buying the family home.: foreclosure, investment, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  124. What do we need to do to further boost home values: 2%, investment - Real Estate
  125. Opinions on getting house ready to sell,: cheapest, agents, investment - Real Estate
  126. Help! Forgot to transfer utility (water) after selling my house: agent, attorney - Real Estate
  127. Neighbors dog pooping on my property.: documents, attorney, points - Real Estate
  128. Buyer due diligence period almost over - everything likely to be ok ?: appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  129. Curious about a frequent HGTV occurrence- price point: countertop, appraise, mortgage - Real Estate
  130. What is normal time frame for seller to accept offer?: contingency, agent - Real Estate
  131. Just listed FSBO - Realtor wants to see property?: appraise, negotiating, agent - Real Estate
  132. What is a starter home: housing, price, construction, bedrooms - Real Estate
  133. Should we post this picture on internet review for the contractor?: sale, inspector - Real Estate
  134. House appraised 100K over asking price: appraisal, agent, second mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  135. Computer generated staging: agents, sale, property, furniture - Real Estate
  136. Buy a new to-be-built house or extensively remodel an old one?: square foot, price - Real Estate
  137. buying property with cash, realtor wants proof of funds prior to viewing property: documents, agent - Real Estate
  138. Opinions of the tiny house craze?: square foot, landlord, prices, construction - Real Estate
  139. Section 8 Neighbors Left...But What IS Next?: tenants, housing, landlords - Real Estate
  140. How Do I Keep My Home Perfectly Clean When For Sale?: countertop, Realtors - Real Estate
  141. Better house or better amenities?: feedback, investment, banks, price - Real Estate
  142. hope to get rid of a dud realtor?: foreclosure, agent, agreement - Real Estate
  143. Buying house near power lines: investment, price, value, residential - Real Estate
  144. Inspection Day Jitters and now minor angst about a Mortgage Scam: appraisal, negotiations - Real Estate
  145. Zillow Instant Offers: agents, investment, price, value - Real Estate
  146. NAR President FAIL: income tax, mortgage, mortgage, price - Real Estate
  147. When would you suggest a price drop?: feedback, agents, sales - Real Estate
  148. What to do when seller is unwilling to negotiate.....: square footage, appraisal, second mortgage - Real Estate
  149. Bad neighbors just moved in.: sale, property, room, houses - Real Estate
  150. Regretful purchase: disclosure, settlements, lawsuit, attorney - Real Estate
  151. Do people buy houses that are listed on RE websites?: RE agent, agent - Real Estate
  152. Sellers who won't take professional advice: commission, accept, properties, renters - Real Estate
  153. Getting conventional loan for non FHA approved condo: duplexes, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  154. Probate lawyers: fees, property, claim, value - Real Estate
  155. Sellers Disclosures: negotiating, price, property, legal advice - Real Estate
  156. what color and or type of house interior would increase the value of the house?: price, Realtor - Real Estate
  157. Current Housing market makes no sense now!!!: 2013, foreclosure, sale - Real Estate
  158. How many of you make extra mortgage payments or do 15-year mortgages instead of 30-year?: square foot, appraisal - Real Estate
  159. First time home buyers just had an inspection, would like advice.: agent, housing - Real Estate
  160. is a condo easier to rent out than a house?: tenant, fees - Real Estate
  161. Just saw our previous house was for sale: foreclosed, sales, prices - Real Estate
  162. Flipping of a house ...and it's worth: RE agent, contingency, documentation - Real Estate
  163. feedback, agent, broker, Realtors - Real Estate
  164. How important is an updated house to you when buying?: negotiating, commission - Real Estate
  165. Ever sell your home and buy it back years later?: foreclosed, mortgage - Real Estate
  166. Buyer is unable to close on time-what options do I have as a seller?: tenants, documents - Real Estate
  167. Power Lines: agent, prices, value, Realtors - Real Estate
  168. Home not for sale.....: commission, rental, points, offer - Real Estate
  169. How to find purchase price of home that was never listed: sales, prices - Real Estate
  170. List with the realtor that takes not the best house photos?: tenants, negotiating - Real Estate
  171. Unhappy with my realtor..: documents, agent, agreement, price - Real Estate
  172. Best Home Orientation-East/West or North/South: agent, townhome, state - Real Estate
  173. Want to buy condo when the owner sells it: tenant, accept, housing - Real Estate
  174. People that won't move out....: tenant, sale, property, contract - Real Estate
  175. Define Due Diligence Process: contingency, feedback, disclosures, appraisal - Real Estate
  176. Zillow Sends Totally BS Legal Threat To McMansion Hell Parody Blogger: agents, claim - Real Estate
  177. My house approaches $500,000 capital gain tax free threshold, what to do?: sales, housing - Real Estate
  178. 3 houses on same street, different prices, what to do?: square footage, agent, sales - Real Estate
  179. What Does Decorating Do For Home Value days: countertop, investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  180. Questions about Coming Soon signs: RE market, agent, property - Real Estate
  181. When is a house listed as Pending?: contingencies, appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  182. Have you ever cancelled a contract to buy a house?: tenants, recommendation - Real Estate
  183. Showing a house staged, barely staged, or empty?: agent, investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  184. Do I have the right to withdraw the sale of my mobile home through realtor?: agent, fee - Real Estate
  185. Quick about the final walk through: agent, property, attorney - Real Estate
  186. 4 bedrooms or 3 bedrooms + 1 office?: price, value, furniture, buying a house - Real Estate
  187. Survey revealed an encroaching fence. Should I care?: sale, property, lawyers - Real Estate
  188. does a coop functioning like a condo?: tenants, duplex, sale - Real Estate
  189. Husband wants to buy a house with parents...: duplex, investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  190. Is an extension ?: appraisal, agent, rent, contract - Real Estate
  191. Lease erro in Tenants favor: clause, prices, property, attorney - Real Estate
  192. Realtor put 'for rent' sign on my property without permission: new agent, sales - Real Estate
  193. Dayton OH Manufactured Home, good idea?: duplexes, 5%, mortgage rates, mortgage - Real Estate
  194. Who can be absent as closing?: mortgage, settlements, construction, property - Real Estate
  195. Now that summer's how is the housing market where you live?: 2014, agent - Real Estate
  196. Homeowner Insurance Beware??: recommendation, cheapest, agent, accept - Real Estate
  197. to hire realtor without providing source of finances?: agent, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  198. Do I need vacant lot insurance? Trying to get a construction loan for a home: mortgage, property - Real Estate
  199. how do I tell the city to put street lights on the entire block?: condo, townhouse - Real Estate
  200. Closed--now regret it: RE agent, gated community, appraiser, 6% - Real Estate