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  2. Are RE agents Increasingly Getting Requests For Non-HOA housing?: agent, fee, settlement - Real Estate
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  14. Survey for townhouse in TX: state, HOA, buyer, buy - Real Estate
  15. Lennar Homes - still problematic?: construction, lawsuit, inspection, contractor - Real Estate
  16. Title company responsibility?: agent, condo, construction, property - Real Estate
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  18. Do I need title insurance on a brand new custom home?: agents, mortgage - Real Estate
  19. Electrical panel in the kitchen: tenant, property, legal, inspector - Real Estate
  20. Average Closing Costs for a Coop in NYC?: bank fee, lawyer, cost - Real Estate
  21. Hardwood on stairs as an Upgrade: agent, construction, more expensive, offers - Real Estate
  22. method of looking for a home?: RE agent, agent, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  23. Homeowner insurance was issued by new agent, but previously one was not cancalled: documents, mortgage - Real Estate
  24. about listing price (Or, Ouch, My Comps! ): appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  25. Portland area Realtors around or LL's or both ?: mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  26. Commercial Agents, how should we handle this?: tenant, disclosure, agent - Real Estate
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  28. Tax: tenant, mortgage, mortgage, fees - Real Estate
  29. Advice for out of town buyers: RE agent, agent, investment, price - Real Estate
  30. LATimes : Southern California median home price breaks record set last decade during housing bubble: mortgages, prices - Real Estate
  31. Suggestions where to look.......: attorneys, escrow, Realtor, approved - Real Estate
  32. Deal Killers- Noped out after inspections- house buying/selling: tenant, cheapest, appraised - Real Estate
  33. Insurance for old house: inspection, value, bank, paying - Real Estate
  34. Realtors and lenders ...: recommendation, agent, condos, renting - Real Estate
  35. about Deed/Title for two properties: fee, lawyers, claim - Real Estate
  36. Deal-breaker issue or ok?: disclosure, price, property, inspection - Real Estate
  37. Keep Condo or Sell? Buy new house?: tenant, mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  38. when should i start paying HOA fees?: documentation, condo, percentage - Real Estate
  39. Puerto Rican’s Who Are Seeking Home on Mainland - Mid-Atlantic Coast: landlords, property - Real Estate
  40. Value of property and depreciation if the house was built on a former landfill?: sales, insurance - Real Estate
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  42. about property insurance.: mortgage, mortgage, escrow, repairs - Real Estate
  43. Flipping in Connecticut: price, expensive, loan, cheap - Real Estate
  44. used this service to buy or sell?: appraisal, auctions, 2% - Real Estate
  45. Does Home Inspector Liability Vary from State to State?: clause, agents, commission - Real Estate
  46. Garage included in the square footage?: appraisal, mortgage, mortgage, sale - Real Estate
  47. Buying a lot of land: documentation, sale, fees, property - Real Estate
  48. I need advice purchasing 2 parcels of Commercial RE in zip 91301: feedback, appraisal - Real Estate
  49. Do Swing Loans still exist?: contingent, sales, price - Real Estate
  50. Will a construction loan cover the cost to buy the land?: mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  51. Rent out or Sell?: tenants, contingency, investment, commission - Real Estate
  52. How much would it cost to hook up a mobile home on owned land?: housing, price - Real Estate
  53. Is Zillow about to be Taken Over?: 2015, auctions, foreclosures - Real Estate
  54. The Odd Ball House: price, property, value, builder - Real Estate
  55. How to find a good realtor (Good Luck): RE agent, agent, legal advice - Real Estate
  56. To keep the building or not?: insurance, contractor, offer, developer - Real Estate
  57. What is it like to have cesspool as waste water solution?: agent, price - Real Estate
  58. Does an agent have you best interests in mind when making an offer on a house?: RE agent, recommendation - Real Estate
  59. How practical are 1BR/1BA duplexes?: tenants, 8%, investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  60. Negotiating with builders?: incentive, agent, sales, comparable - Real Estate
  61. Tear down vs complete gut and remodel: condos, property, expensive - Real Estate
  62. Price per square foot: square footage, agent, sales - Real Estate
  63. Real Estate Agents, or Not?: RE agent, agent, commission, sale
  64. knows what this could be?: contingent, property, inspection, contract - Real Estate
  65. What is the most bizzare paint job in a home seen?: price, rental - Real Estate
  66. Questions about oil heat and underground tank: agent, commission, fees - Real Estate
  67. Unique home for sale: Only shown on sunny days: property, offering, Realtor - Real Estate
  68. What would you do? A real estate conundrum: RE market, tenants, investment
  69. Full market value vs. selling price: square footage, documentation, appraisal, sales - Real Estate
  70. For Surbiton! 700% Zest-appraisal!: 2014, sale, percent, price - Real Estate
  71. Rude of me to discuss new neighbors driveway placement?: property, advantages, build - Real Estate
  72. Neighbors using part of our land as their own: cheapest, property, attorney - Real Estate
  73. Using an agent vs. selling house yourself: RE agent, documentation, 1% - Real Estate
  74. Relationship between tax assessment and home cost/value?: documents, appraisal, foreclosure - Real Estate
  75. U.S. Starter Homes Are Scarcer, Pricier, Smaller and More Run-Down: plumber, square footage - Real Estate
  76. but it IS enough to just put it on the MLS: tenant, feedback - Real Estate
  77. Sharing a 1 bedroom condo with a roommate: tenant, square footage, accept - Real Estate
  78. Selling house as-is....: disclosures, 2015, countertop, agent - Real Estate
  79. Cemetery on Property?: agents, insurance, properties, legal - Real Estate
  80. Latent (hidden) damage discovered on final walk through: disclosure, square foot, negotiations - Real Estate
  81. Becoming a Realtor in Western Mass: RE agent, agent, commission, sales - Real Estate
  82. Rip it out?: agent, sales, price, properties - Real Estate
  83. What is a reasonable fee for a property manager to charge?: tenants, plumber - Real Estate
  84. maintenance and condition: agent, agreement, property, legal - Real Estate
  85. Wait until insurance replaces carpet or list now?: cheapest, negotiations, agent - Real Estate
  86. Clients and Agents in the Same Car?: agent, commission, price - Real Estate
  87. On frame modular homes: appraisal, price, claim, contractors - Real Estate
  88. Twenty five offers...: contingency, square footage, appraisal, auction - Real Estate
  89. Sell to Contractor or Through Realtor: appraisal, 6%, agent, commissions - Real Estate
  90. Are asbestos tiles a deal-breaker for you?: negotiation, inspector, bedrooms - Real Estate
  91. If someone was murdered in a house, must it be disclosed?: property, states - Real Estate
  92. I think Zillow is selling my web traffic behind my back: agent, property - Real Estate
  93. Cash or Finance Snowbird Home: disclosures, agent, investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  94. We had an agent confide in us they were carrying Pepper Spray: disclosing, offer - Real Estate
  95. What's the oldest house you would purchase?: square foot, 2014, countertop - Real Estate
  96. Property up for sale 4 months after purchase, advantage to buyer on offer?: agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  97. Is it best to select a realtor that lives the desired neighborhood?: dual agency, construction - Real Estate
  98. Purchase of condo good idea in my circumstances?: 2013, 3%, income tax - Real Estate
  99. Are Zillow profiles of agent activity ( active listings /sold homes ) accurate ?: sales, construction - Real Estate
  100. Cities in the US where you can buy a decent home for $50k or less?: foreclosures, sale - Real Estate
  101. bought a lot for 6 month trailer living?: 2015, mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  102. for Real Estate Professionals about Teams: 6%, agent, commissions
  103. Millennials are spending $92,600 on rent by age 30, survey says: mortgages, housing, percent - Real Estate
  104. Buying for a year vs. Renting for a year: cheapest, 1%, agent - Real Estate
  105. Listings that are “sold before processing” inside deals ?: RE market, agent, sale - Real Estate
  106. selling at about 250k just about the exclusion amount do i have to buy another: investments, sales - Real Estate
  107. Mold on ceiling: agent, sales, insurance, condominium - Real Estate
  108. Have you had a agent forget about you after you gave them the listing?: feedback, mortgages - Real Estate
  109. Hand written contracts.: documents, agent, property, broker - Real Estate
  110. Work for rent idea: tenant, property, value, points - Real Estate
  111. Youngstown the new home for IT: property, Cary, sell, best - Real Estate
  112. Objectivity of Home Inspectors: recommendation, new agent, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  113. Lied to when purchasing my house: disclosure, property, inspection, expensive - Real Estate
  114. HOA Transfer Fees (North Carolina): Buyer pays or Seller?: disclosure, agent, sale - Real Estate
  115. First Time Buyer Emergency - Advice - Buying Directly from Listing Agent.: contingency, documents - Real Estate
  116. How hard is it to do a simplest real estate development project?: sale, construction
  117. tax on selling two properties, buying a new one and retired: sale, insurance - Real Estate
  118. Is this a really bad idea?: mortgage, mortgage, housing, price - Real Estate
  119. Why do many real estate listings neglect to show pictures of basements?: construction, Realtors
  120. When is the Best Month To But a House and the Best Month To Sell a House: mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  121. How does a very cheap house impact future sales?: appraisal, price, property - Real Estate
  122. Need help a property liability claim: agent, insurance, legal - Real Estate
  123. Gas Company Right of Way Easement and My Property: documents, insurance, properties - Real Estate
  124. Escalation Clauses: agent, mortgage, mortgage, sale - Real Estate
  125. How real is this urban RE cycle?: flocking, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  126. breach of confidentiality or no?: disclosing, documents, appraisal, negotiation - Real Estate
  127. How to Remove or Open GE Supra Ibox??: agent, condo, rent - Real Estate
  128. 40/50 gallon vs 75 gallon gas water heater: plumber, prices, bedroom, cheap - Real Estate
  129. Gut & remodel 2 bed cinder home?: square footage, kitchen, hardwood, vinyl - Real Estate
  130. Listing discrepancy: negotiating, agent, condo, property tax - Real Estate
  131. Do you need an exclusive buyer’s agent?: recommendation, new agent, commission - Real Estate
  132. New Home - Inspection: agent, insurance, construction, legal - Real Estate
  133. Owners who will not do repairs are missing the big picture.: countertop, foreclosures - Real Estate
  134. Buyer to be stalling for time while shopping other deals: agent, fee - Real Estate
  135. News, Florida homeowners fined for Starry Night murals on house: Orlando, Atlanta - Real Estate
  136. An unsolicited and somewhat catty letter from a realtor about my neighbor's listing: agent, price - Real Estate
  137. Define procuring cause.: disclosures, dual agency, commissions, fee - Real Estate
  138. Advice: Elder mom backs out of deal: sale, property, lawyer - Real Estate
  139. Analysis paralysis : to buy or not to buy ?: investment, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  140. How to find out about Deliquent HOA fees when buying: contingencies, documents - Real Estate
  141. When the seller doesn't perform...: appraiser, agent, commission, escrow - Real Estate
  142. How accurate did the Zestimate turn out when you sold your property?: appraisal, foreclosures - Real Estate
  143. First American Home Buyers Protection Corp.: incentive, plumber, agent, fees - Real Estate
  144. Slick Deal: Lennar Backing Open Door.: 7%, negotiating, sales, fee - Real Estate
  145. What do realtors think of LVP vs. ceramic tile? Which one to sell the house? Or does it matter?: sales, price - Real Estate
  146. selling house, flooring: appraisal, offer, Realtor, kitchen - Real Estate
  147. Listing a starter house with washer and dryer included.: appraiser, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  148. A solution for bad lot size data....: square footage, conversion, agent - Real Estate
  149. Highest And Best: agent, mortgages, price, properties - Real Estate
  150. Damage during open house?: agent, sale, price, property - Real Estate
  151. Does insurance cover hidden frame damage in a newly bought house?: agent, construction - Real Estate
  152. Has dealt with We Buy Ugly Houses ?: disclosing, agent - Real Estate
  153. Information taylor Morrison design center pricing: agent, prices, construction - Real Estate
  154. Neighbors' kids throwing stuff at my mom in her backyard: claim, inexpensive - Real Estate
  155. Should I pay to stage my parents' 3BR condo?: agent, sale - Real Estate
  156. Whats with all the gray?: contractor, offer, kitchens, lend - Real Estate
  157. ever changed their street address number?: property tax, legal, residential - Real Estate
  158. Issue with lawyer's paralegal and their closing practices for seller: documents, sales - Real Estate
  159. LOL - Neighbor dispute up the road from me- Roosters!: sale, prices - Real Estate
  160. Another capital gains - from a total: mortgage, mortgage, sales - Real Estate
  161. Which broker should I use in this case?: disclosure, dual agency, sale - Real Estate
  162. Value comparison between manufactured home and regular house: appraise, fees, accept - Real Estate
  163. that add value: feedback, agents, condo, inexpensive - Real Estate
  164. Can you reconstruct what went on with this property based on price history?: mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  165. Types of Homes Middle Aged Single People Buy: countertop, cheapest, appraise - Real Estate
  166. Should I spend $2500 for all new stainless appliances: countertop, price, Realtors - Real Estate
  167. First offer just hours after listing!: sales, property, Realtors, letters - Real Estate
  168. Why would a seller do this?: sales, prices, offer, approved - Real Estate
  169. sell using Redfin?: feedback, incentive, appraisal, 1% - Real Estate
  170. A unique insurance and lost home: investment, mortgage, mortgage company - Real Estate
  171. What do people do to get old homes ready for listing?: sale, inspectors - Real Estate
  172. Can family members transact properties without going thru brokers?: contingent, incentive, 6% - Real Estate
  173. Realtor Commission in NOVA: 2%, dual agency, sale, fees - Real Estate
  174. Advice - selling house on main road: feedback, conversion - Real Estate
  175. Buying and owning a second property: documentation, income tax, investments, fees - Real Estate
  176. 2 or 3 bedrooms?: value, requirements, house, buyers - Real Estate
  177. Would you give up a dining room to have an extra bedroom?: value, state - Real Estate
  178. This $10,000 3D-Printed Concrete House Took Only 24 Hours to Build: housing, insurance, price - Real Estate
  179. Did I really offend this agent? Real estate etiquette: commissions, agreement, properties
  180. using equity as a down payment: tenants, investment, second mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  181. News, Buyer pulls out of home sale after discovering its porn past: 2015, property - Real Estate
  182. Advantage to selling rentals at age 62?: tenant, duplex, investment, sales - Real Estate
  183. COST CHECK: Your first place vs current: 2014, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  184. Redfin's claim: RE market, 1%, agent, sales - Real Estate
  185. Rental Restrictions on condominiums: tenant, clause, mortgage, housing - Real Estate
  186. 2018’s Property Taxes by State.: housing, rent, expensive, value - Real Estate
  187. Builder Listing Our Home During Construction: appraiser, agent, sales, claim - Real Estate
  188. HUD settlement statement?: documents, auction, foreclosed, sales - Real Estate
  189. Tenants $8,000.00 Water Bill: landlord, property, lawyer, inspection - Real Estate
  190. CT: Would you hope the seller fixes, would you walk, or would you run from the deal?: housing, properties - Real Estate
  191. How much to hire a home-remodel worker in San Francisco bay area?: construction, expensive - Real Estate
  192. Benefits of an Open House?: agent, sale, price, brokers - Real Estate
  193. The yellow house on Enchanted Circle West.: tenants, appraised, 3% - Real Estate
  194. Lifelong Renter Needs Advice on Advising Homeowner: tenants, arrears, investment - Real Estate
  195. Hate my newly purchased house more than ever: countertop, 6%, agent - Real Estate
  196. HOA Help in South Carolina: documents, percentage, property, townhouse - Real Estate
  197. Company changes how homes are sold: appraisal, commission, sales, fees - Real Estate
  198. Luxury Vinyl Planks and resale: square foot, cheapest, price, renters - Real Estate
  199. HOA CC&Rs Incorporate City Ordinances?: contingency, gated community, property - Real Estate
  200. about new build, financing: contingency, stucco, 5%, sales - Real Estate