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  1. Thoughts on this NYTimes Is It Better to Rent or Buy? calculator: 2014, mortgage - Real Estate
  2. What is the option for a loan to do a second house contrsution on your property: appraisal, 6% - Real Estate
  3. What things to you check before making an offer?: contingencies, inspectors, expensive - Real Estate
  4. Do you have a 2nd home/ income property?: condos, renter, costs - Real Estate
  5. How do you sell/buy at the same time?: contingent, mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  6. What zoning allows for building without permits/approval?: plumber, insurance, property - Real Estate
  7. Probate and mortgage: foreclose, commission, mortgage company, sale - Real Estate
  8. Real estate hack using a manufactured home for securing a loan...ideas?: price, property
  9. Which is more benefited– Opportunity Zone Investing or 1031 Exchange?: investment, tax - Real Estate
  10. Does Trump’s SALT limit rise with inflation?: mortgage, mortgage, property tax - Real Estate
  11. Need Manufactured/Land/Construction Lender Recommendations...: mortgage, mortgage, loan, lenders - Real Estate
  12. Extended closing date: clause, fees, price, attorney - Real Estate
  13. Moving Companies State to State?: recommendation, agent, offer, company - Real Estate
  14. How Early to List?: contingency, 2015, agent, sale - Real Estate
  15. Sell then buy, or build an ADU?: recommendation, sales, price - Real Estate
  16. Would like advice on selling and buying within a short time frame: contingent, appraisal - Real Estate
  17. Partically developed lake lot resale??: investment, price, construction, properties - Real Estate
  18. How to deed the house?: tenants, clause, sale, agreement - Real Estate
  19. Have a List of Closing Costs a VA-backed Loan Does Not Allow For?: documents, agent - Real Estate
  20. Legal Easement Deeds: negotiations, commission, sale, insurance - Real Estate
  21. BPOs: appraisal, agent, PMI, banks - Real Estate
  22. This custom-built chateau cost $64 million -- but a court has ordered its owner to knock it down.: housing, construction - Real Estate
  23. Good Mortgage Attorneys In CA?: recommendation, mortgage company, lawyer, contract - Real Estate
  24. Lead & Radon...: recommendation, foreclosure, property, inspector - Real Estate
  25. The eternal Rent or buy?: agents, mortgage, housing, condo - Real Estate
  26. Owning a home in a rapidly condo growth neighborhood: condos, expensive, value - Real Estate
  27. New Construction - Builder Sales Reps: incentive, 3%, agent, commissions - Real Estate
  28. Purchase from a relocation company: contingency, appraisal, price, offer - Real Estate
  29. s a fun one...: tenant, contingency, plumber, mortgage - Real Estate
  30. Real estate management?: investment, properties, value, commercial
  31. Would a very large downpayment qualify you for a mortgage loan?: foreclosure, banks - Real Estate
  32. Slab Foundation Cracks for 1st Floor Condo: condos, money, concrete - Real Estate
  33. about using a builder: mortgage, mortgage, sale, housing - Real Estate
  34. Can buyers agent charge for a failed sale?: commission, condo, contract - Real Estate
  35. Denied mortgage loan: about realtor...: agent, contract, lender, Denver - Real Estate
  36. Reclassifying manufactured home as real property in Louisiana: HOA, homes, Mobile - Real Estate
  37. New builder causing damage to my propertyb: insurance, construction, lawyer - Real Estate
  38. Las Vegas condos yielding 9% - is this true or sustainable?: 1%, agent - Real Estate
  39. Buying out a sibling in CA: 2013, appraisal, agent, property tax - Real Estate
  40. Mice, Mold, Termites, Water: How bad is too bad?: disclosures, price, inspectors - Real Estate
  41. Expert law suits to put brokers and salespeople out of business.: agent, commission - Real Estate
  42. Agents didn’t warn me of default: contingent, documents, agent - Real Estate
  43. Home Value: square footage, sale, fees, prices - Real Estate
  44. How can I find School demographics by year?: state, neighborhood, Washington - Real Estate
  45. Closing costs: incentive, 3%, commission, price - Real Estate
  46. Sloped Lot Due Diligence?: construction, property, house, built - Real Estate
  47. Flipper suing BOA for selling them an occupied foreclosure.: auction, foreclosed, agents - Real Estate
  48. FBI warns about wire transfer fraud: lawyers, broker, companies, transaction - Real Estate
  49. RE career advice: value, state, San Diego, Denver - Real Estate
  50. Is there a way to gauge buyer interest before listing?: 6%, agents - Real Estate
  51. Own first home outright, buy 1/2 priced condo with equity?: income tax, investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  52. Upgrades may increase my losses upon sale: 2015, investment, sales - Real Estate
  53. Opendoor and Zillow fight. Who wins?: contingent, agent, properties, broker - Real Estate
  54. Build a second house on the same lot and sell the old one?: property, attorney - Real Estate
  55. When 1099-S is sent?: sale, attorney, escrow, requirements - Real Estate
  56. Resale certificate provided late: condo, lawyer, state, closing - Real Estate
  57. Need Advice: Rent Back after buying house in Bay Area: tenants, investment - Real Estate
  58. Commercial Appraisal: contingency, sales, property tax, lawyer - Real Estate
  59. Credit supplement: mortgage, mortgage, escrow, state - Real Estate
  60. Do I need to use a buyer agent for a REX Home?: disclosing, 2015 - Real Estate
  61. Breaking contract is it a messy one...: contingent, agent, property - Real Estate
  62. Is with utility easements?: fee, properties, lawyer, expensive - Real Estate
  63. Do gardens add value to homes?: agent, price, properties, offer - Real Estate
  64. Competitive buyer wars... The next Reality show? ;-): foreclosures, price, property - Real Estate
  65. Liability insurance - someone injured on your property: lawsuits, claim, company - Real Estate
  66. Lead in pipes?: negotiation, mortgage, accept, property - Real Estate
  67. So am I trying to buy from sellers that don't want to sell??: agent, commission - Real Estate
  68. Would You Buy A Home From A Flipper?: incentive, foreclosures, negotiations - Real Estate
  69. about counter offer from seller and timeframe?: sellers market, houses, check - Real Estate
  70. UnPermitted rough in: disclosure, sale, property, illegal - Real Estate
  71. Do you tip contractors at the end of a project?: price, builder - Real Estate
  72. Location, location, location: expensive, points, commercial, ARM - Real Estate
  73. When listed sqft appears to be wrong?: RE agent, appraiser, agent - Real Estate
  74. Whatever happened to single door two car garages?: 2013, construction, more expensive - Real Estate
  75. Describe how you imagine the next real estate downturn: foreclosures, mortgage, mortgage
  76. Failed Offer, How Can We Do Better Next Time?: contingencies, agent, sale - Real Estate
  77. Young Real Estate Flippers Get Their First Taste of Losing: investments, prices
  78. Home inspection- should we walk? HELP: disclosure, conversion, appraisal, new agent - Real Estate
  79. First Time Homebuyer closing cost confusion: arrears, appraisal, 4%, agent - Real Estate
  80. Is attached shed frown upon by future buyers?: appraiser, inspector, value - Real Estate
  81. Capital gains tax: investment, sale, property, vents - Real Estate
  82. Home Sale Contingencies: appraised, negotiations, agent, investment - Real Estate
  83. Buyer’s final walk-thru mostly happens?: agent, insurance, attorney, escrow - Real Estate
  84. Need to decide on two offers (fast): contingencies, appraise, 3% - Real Estate
  85. Realtors: Disclosure and water issue: construction, lawsuits, property, lawyer - Real Estate
  86. Seller Loves Clutter: auction, Realtor, state, room - Real Estate
  87. Mortgage broker keeps asking for home inpection report: appraisal, negotiating, agent - Real Estate
  88. Small things that buyers notice that can scare them off: feedback, agents - Real Estate
  89. Condo/Townhome HOAs: Rules to watch out for?: property, contract, approved - Real Estate
  90. How much did you spend to get your house ready to sell?: tenants, feedback - Real Estate
  91. Walked away after final offer but having doubt: square foot, negotiations, agent - Real Estate
  92. Help Me Prioritize Inspection Issues: disclosure, appraisal, negotiating, agent - Real Estate
  93. Why it takes 2 weeks to schedule appraisal vs. 24 hours for home inspection?: mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  94. Inspections Galore...: disclosure, recommendation, negotiating, agents - Real Estate
  95. The corner lot: agent, sales, price, property - Real Estate
  96. Home characteristics that make it difficult to sell or lower price: feedback, property - Real Estate
  97. Home appraisal looking into electrical panel?: mortgage, mortgage, inspector, house - Real Estate
  98. NC Recommended Due Diligence Inspections?: appraisal, agent, accept, inspectors - Real Estate
  99. Should I switch buying agent?: negotiations, new agent, price, properties - Real Estate
  100. Nitpicking items from buyer home inspection: negotiation, mortgage, mortgage, sale - Real Estate
  101. Capital gain and motivation to sell or not to sell: sale, landlord - Real Estate
  102. Does home inspector look inside the shed?: agent, insurance, properties - Real Estate
  103. Are property photos belonged to the real estate agent or homeowner?: sales, contract
  104. Can buyer send General Contractor during Pending?: contingency, appraisal, negotiating - Real Estate
  105. Buying house from flipper/investor ?: square footage, 2013, price, properties - Real Estate
  106. First Time Seller Questions: RE agent, appraisal, agent, investment - Real Estate
  107. How involved does an agent get involved with Foundation issues?: RE agent, disclosure - Real Estate
  108. Which type of property (or which characteristics / location) has the best chance at selling during a recession?: foreclosures, banks - Real Estate
  109. Will buyers sue me if I do not sign extension?: documents, agent - Real Estate
  110. Should We List Old House Before or After We Move?: agent, sales - Real Estate
  111. Shady Agent/Dual Agency: RE agent, disclosure, commission, agreement - Real Estate
  112. Home on sale with square footage increased from past addition without permit: agent, agreement - Real Estate
  113. House on well and septic system questions: property, inspectors, very expensive - Real Estate
  114. Questions about putting in Multiple offers & viewing a home without a realtor?: contingent, disclosure - Real Estate
  115. How are house flippers finding my phone number?: tenants, investment, accept - Real Estate
  116. What's the craziest real estate thing you ever did? s my story.: contingencies, gated community
  117. New builds: where have all the porches gone?: square footage, sale, price - Real Estate
  118. HOA blowup: contingent, condominium, property, lawyers - Real Estate
  119. I did not know that debt collectors could place a lien on your home: plumber, 2014 - Real Estate
  120. Planning to move out of state, should I rent or sell current house?: investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  121. mortgage or no mortgage: contingent, incentive, appraisal, investments - Real Estate
  122. Which agent would you use?: 2%, commission, sales, fees - Real Estate
  123. Renting Out Room in Home: tenants, fees, insurance, condo - Real Estate
  124. House Hacking: tenants, duplex, investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  125. People in open concept homes are realizing the walls were there for a reason: agent, construction - Real Estate
  126. Hovnanian new construction - Typical Price Reductions from Negotiation: countertop, negotiating, agent - Real Estate
  127. Buying an elder friend's home... Is it legal?: mortgage, mortgage, price - Real Estate
  128. Thoughts on selling home (condo) vs keeping it as a rental: 2015, 4% - Real Estate
  129. I'm a financial planner, and I can tell you buying a home in your 20s or 30s may not be the great investment u think: tenant, 2013 - Real Estate
  130. neighbors footing is half on my property, above ground: accept, insurance, agreements - Real Estate
  131. Realestate licensing questions: agents, commission, more expensive, broker - Real Estate
  132. Buyers: How motivated are you by a price cut? (FL): 1%, comparable - Real Estate
  133. Help. Selling land by owner (us) buyer got a realtor: contingencies, 2% - Real Estate
  134. New vs Old House: prices, construction, inspection, expensive - Real Estate
  135. Not sure what to do....renovate now or wait?: tenant, investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  136. House-buying companies: appraised, sale, fees, percent - Real Estate
  137. Do I have to buy a house in the spring? Can I wait til fall??: mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  138. Zillow is always amusing on valuations: price, property, rental, value - Real Estate
  139. Smallest modular home: square footage, price, expensive, contractor - Real Estate
  140. Bay Area CA: Home Buying Deal stuck in never ending loop!: contingencies, disclosures - Real Estate
  141. NYTime Opinion: The New ‘Dream Home’ Should Be a Condo: square foot, foreclosure - Real Estate
  142. Zillow avoids another bullett....: appraisal, agent, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  143. Wise to buy a 2nd rental property?: investment, mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  144. Sell Condo To Pay Past Due HOA Fees?: documents, estoppel, foreclosed - Real Estate
  145. Selling a small commercial property fsbo have a buyer: tenants, appraisal - Real Estate
  146. Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch Returns to the Market: 2015, price - Real Estate
  147. Do I still have to pay commission if I sell my home after contract expires?: 5%, agent - Real Estate
  148. Making Pancakes is Hard. Selling Your House is Easy.: RE agent, appraisal - Real Estate
  149. New Utility Easement: agreement, construction, property, attorney - Real Estate
  150. Fast buyer firms - legit, offers: 6%, agent, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  151. Realtors with Old School Customer Services Stand Up: feedback, incentive, recommendation - Real Estate
  152. How much does a 1-bedroom condo cost to buy in your area: cheapest, sale - Real Estate
  153. Places Without Inclusionary Zoning (Mandatory Low-Income Requirements): housing, construction, states - Real Estate
  154. Antitrust Class Action Filed Against Realtors Over Commissions: disclosure, 6%, new agent - Real Estate
  155. How to avoid homelessness?: accept, housing, landlords, property - Real Estate
  156. Pricing a FSBO - New vs. nearly new: incentive, agents, commissions - Real Estate
  157. Capital Gain tax on selling property in 2018 which was our primary residence for less than 2 yrs...: income tax, sales - Real Estate
  158. Backing out of contract, seller threatening to sue: contingency, documentation, agents - Real Estate
  159. Advice on Trust issues, selling of house: attorney, Realtor, states - Real Estate
  160. Has called places offering to pay cash for your home?: 3%, agent - Real Estate
  161. ? Deposit and FHA Loan ?: contingency, appraisal, 1%, agent - Real Estate
  162. selling main residence - tax break: documentation, income tax, sale, insurance - Real Estate
  163. Fixer Upper Advice: investment, mortgage, condo, price - Real Estate
  164. How much impact on price from loose drywall tape?: RE market, negotiations, sale - Real Estate
  165. Will the Trump limit on SALT increase with inflation in upcoming years?: income tax, accepting - Real Estate
  166. Would you buy a house owned by an unsavory person?: tenants, investment - Real Estate
  167. should I be concerned about adverse possession?: property, lawyer, claim - Real Estate
  168. Interested in buying a 5 unit: tenants, duplex, 7%, investment - Real Estate
  169. How much value does a lake add to property?: appraisal, mortgages, banks - Real Estate
  170. How much do fancy showerheads increase home resale value?: sales, price, state - Real Estate
  171. Best Built...: recommendation, square foot, agreement, prices - Real Estate
  172. Am I right to this subject to offer?: contingent, appraisal - Real Estate
  173. Walking away from just keeps getting worse: contingency, agent, investment - Real Estate
  174. Disputing tax assessment: appraisal, sales, comparable, construction - Real Estate
  175. NC Due Diligence Fee?: disclosure, appraisal, 1%, negotiation - Real Estate
  176. Would you walk away from a house after this inspection?: 2015, appraiser - Real Estate
  177. Incorrect information in old MLS for my condo: RE market, disclosure, new agent - Real Estate
  178. Will buyers pay more for a quiet neighborhood?: agent, sale, condos - Real Estate
  179. Opendoor, Offerpad, - How are they doing?: incentive, 5%, agent - Real Estate
  180. How to find a specific agent's listings: RE agent, appraisal, sales - Real Estate
  181. Quick IRA: income tax, investment, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  182. heard or use the term Pittsburgh potty ?: agent, property - Real Estate
  183. Agents and their lenders waiting post-credit-approval to reveal tenants and investment loan?: agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  184. Zestimate will be the Zillow Offer...: 5%, agent, accept, price - Real Estate
  185. Advice on requested buyer repairs, first time seller: plumber, clause, commission - Real Estate
  186. Using a RE agent: documents, appraisal, 3%, negotiations - Real Estate
  187. Earnest Money Transfer: agent, agreements, lawyer, contract - Real Estate
  188. future of housing?: square foot, 2014, condo, construction - Real Estate
  189. Holding a Listing for 36 hours?: contingencies, agent, accept, price - Real Estate
  190. What does it take for investment property write offs?: tenant, square foot - Real Estate
  191. Looking for ideas to rent or sell: tenant, sales, landlord - Real Estate
  192. Should a First-Time Buyer Always Have a Realtor?: 2015, appraisal, 3% - Real Estate
  193. How much does not having a garage hurt a house sale?: conversion, appraisal - Real Estate
  194. Millennials are making 3 key decisions that are wiping out the starter home: 5%, investment - Real Estate
  195. what did you do to sell your home?: feedback, agent, price - Real Estate
  196. Owner occupied rental property: tenants, duplex, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  197. Prices NWI?: agent, sales, property tax, offers - Real Estate
  198. Can 1031 exchange and homeowner exclusion be applied to the same sale of home?: investment, property - Real Estate
  199. SoCal: Residential Purchase Agreement questions (OC seller): costs, home, negotiate - Real Estate
  200. Formaldehyde Home Help: expensive, house, built, years - Real Estate