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  13. painting brass-plated fireplace doors: recommendation, sale, claim, Realtor - Real Estate
  14. Maryland real estate company surprises employees with $10 million bonus to split: agents, properties
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  25. S&P/Case-Shiller 20-City Composite Home Price Index (SPCS20RSA): prices, property - Real Estate
  26. Popular Property Management Software: price, properties, rent, claim - Real Estate
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  28. Property managers that handle rent/lease by room?: tenants, duplex, fee - Real Estate
  29. Agent Murder in Minneapolis: sales, property, Realtors, state - Real Estate
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  34. Carl Ichan shorting the commercial real estate market: tenants, insurance, landlord
  35. Ridiculous offers in mail for purchasing my vacant land: sales, agreement, Realtors - Real Estate
  36. Las Vegas homes sales pass bubble era prices: housing, legal, value - Real Estate
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  43. Chicago real estate markets one of the weakest in the US: agent, prices
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  49. Is it normal to not want to sell the family home you grew up in?: accept, insurance - Real Estate
  50. Home for sale as-is? What's the discount formula flippers use when buying?: square foot, negotiation - Real Estate
  51. Hurricane Re-entry fee to return to your home: property, illegal, claim - Real Estate
  52. for Realtors: disclosure, appraisal, agent, attorney - Real Estate
  53. What is the last point one can back out of a real estate transaction?: contingencies, documents
  54. Buying beach condos/hotel rooms. Smart or dumb?: conversion, agent, sale - Real Estate
  55. Why is there such a great demand for self storage in the US?: sales, fee - Real Estate
  56. Reporting sale of rental home partial primary home: price, property, claim - Real Estate
  57. Problems with the builder next door: insurance, construction, property, contractors - Real Estate
  58. Should one be leary of unpermitted new work/remodels?: cheapest, fees, insurance - Real Estate
  59. Offer received within hours, but worried about buyer ability to pay: cheapest, negotiations - Real Estate
  60. Buying inherited home that didn’t go through probate?: documents, agent, insurance - Real Estate
  61. Mortgage Rates Right?: 1%, sale, fees, banks - Real Estate
  62. Loud music and parties in condominium: tenants, condominiums, residence, building - Real Estate
  63. People buy home with intention of never paying it off: incentive, duplex - Real Estate
  64. Selling home, friends with buyers agent: appraisal, 3%, negotiation - Real Estate
  65. California cracking down on bogus emotional support animal documentation: housing, legal, requirements - Real Estate
  66. Have you ever downgraded house for better location?: housing, price, kitchens - Real Estate
  67. SB50 voted down - why not allow turning single family homes into multi-unit apartment bldg?: tenants, housing - Real Estate
  68. Buying a home without an agent or for sale by owner: disclosure, commission - Real Estate
  69. Tired houses sit Still in a renewed sellers' market: sale, prices, contractors - Real Estate
  70. To paint or not to paint...when selling: agent, housing, offer - Real Estate
  71. Single property separated by roadway, dividing & separate addresses?: sales, properties, expensive - Real Estate
  72. Flat fee listing brokers: 3%, agent, commission, sale - Real Estate
  73. Selling home during Corona..: 4%, agent, offer, Realtor - Real Estate
  74. Bad time to list?: agent, offers, Realtor, state - Real Estate
  75. Are capital gains taxes really that high when selling? (CA): investment, sales - Real Estate
  76. If a house is worth $240,000, what is the maximum selling price?: appraiser, percent - Real Estate
  77. Scams by seller or buyer on for sale by owner homes?: disclosure, documents - Real Estate
  78. Balloon Mortgage Horror Story - for Mortgage holder!: documents, foreclosure, second mortgage - Real Estate
  79. Homes being bought by small groups of people for affordability reasons.: tenants, mortgage - Real Estate
  80. Buying bigger home or staying put?: 2013, investments, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  81. Disclosure of previous inspections???: agent, accept, property, illegal - Real Estate
  82. Fun For Realtors About Parasite Movie?: price, state, disclose - Real Estate
  83. Just a selling it or keep it: appraisal, fees, renting - Real Estate
  84. Realtor Response Times?: recommendation, agent, sale, offer - Real Estate
  85. More Foreign Investors Buying US Rental Properties: tenants, incentive, disclosure - Real Estate
  86. Weird/Greedy situation: agent, commissions, mortgage, mortgage company - Real Estate
  87. How Much Value Does Pool Add?: appraiser, condo, expensive, offer - Real Estate
  88. Trilevel home is it a good investment?: housing, price, property - Real Estate
  89. FHA appraisal driving me crazy!: documents, agent, accept, inspector - Real Estate
  90. Negativity during negotiations?: clause, agent, accepting, landlord - Real Estate
  91. Selling inherited house: tenants, agent, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  92. RE Agents: If agent re-lists currently under contract, and accepts new contract, is code of Ethics violated?: documentation, new agent - Real Estate
  93. NY Buying Short Sale: tenant, contingent, feedback, mortgage - Real Estate
  94. Got a mortgage on a property with no certificate of occupancy: disclosure, documentation - Real Estate
  95. Does Lack of Fireplace decrease home value?: insurance, expensive, Realtor - Real Estate
  96. DTI about income: mortgage, mortgages, banks, loan approval - Real Estate
  97. Falsify transfer & Break Lease: tenant, clause, agent, landlords - Real Estate
  98. Protruding nails under floors & roofs-safety gig?: insurance, points, company - Real Estate
  99. Our timeline selling/buying a house -- Very detailed: contingencies, disclosure, recommendation - Real Estate
  100. Questions about refinancing or cash-out refinancing: feedback, 2%, mortgage rates, mortgage - Real Estate
  101. Real estate commission between 2 good friends: 3%, income tax, negotiations, new agent
  102. Make good money, but afraid to upgrade to bigger house: investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  103. Recording a right of way easement by adverse possession HELP: property, lawyer - Real Estate
  104. Does listing agent need my mortgage payoff and social security number?: sales, attorney - Real Estate
  105. What eventually happens in a bifurcated housing market?: mortgage, mortgage, sales - Real Estate
  106. Houses Being Reassessed Every Year-good or bad?: countertop, appraisal, 1% - Real Estate
  107. Is a video doorbell a fixture?: documents, agent, sales, agreement - Real Estate
  108. What is the difference between a MOTEL and a HOTEL ?: rooms, vs - Real Estate
  109. Would you buy property in New Orleans?: investment, sale, insurance - Real Estate
  110. Most married couples should qualify for large mortgages?: mortgage calc, housing, PMI - Real Estate
  111. Friend with limited income is flipping houses?: sale, construction, properties - Real Estate
  112. Bad rural internet..and its effects on real estate..: contingent, documents, prices
  113. Previous listing now FSBO: disclosures, agent, commission, sale - Real Estate
  114. Legislation to stop Real Estate I-buyers: commissions, sales, claim, venting
  115. Do buyers ignore things like energy efficiency for 'charm': price, rooms, hardwood - Real Estate
  116. Thoughts on dual agency?: 3%, negotiating, commissions, prices - Real Estate
  117. What do you all think we should we do?: mortgage, mortgage, housing - Real Estate
  118. Deadbeat property owners: documentation, mortgage, sale, banks - Real Estate
  119. why are most american residential houses plywood ?: value, state, room - Real Estate
  120. Is an open house a sign of low interest?: agent, price, properties - Real Estate
  121. Can I be sued if I back out of an online home auction?: agent, fees - Real Estate
  122. Install Attic Access Door - Worth it?: tenants, property, inspection - Real Estate
  123. HOA delaying closing. Can we still proceed?: estoppel, fees, settlements - Real Estate
  124. Do election years affect the real estate market?: RE agent, foreclosures, agent
  125. Truss and gusset repair- new construction: documents, inspector, repairs, builder - Real Estate
  126. Defunct Association & Deed: commission, property, attorney, approved - Real Estate
  127. Agents that seller's agent provide?: dual agency, accepting, price, legal - Real Estate
  128. Buying homes now vs March & April?: 7%, sales, accept - Real Estate
  129. News, People are dying at home instead of in hospitals: disclosure, insurance - Real Estate
  130. Would this disclosure make you this house?: auction, foreclosure, mortgage - Real Estate
  131. fence for old house: price, property, inexpensive, requirements - Real Estate
  132. Building - pre vs. post recession: RE market, appraiser, housing, prices - Real Estate
  133. How can I find old RE listings/photos of house I was born?: sale, condo - Real Estate
  134. Buying a condo apartment: is that a good investment?: tenants, conversion, condominiums - Real Estate
  135. Selling an old house: contingencies, agent, property, rent - Real Estate
  136. Neighbor Disclosing Noise to Prospective Buyer: disclosure, agents, condo, construction - Real Estate
  137. How long did you wait to hear back from seller after sharing inspection/concession request?: clause, agent - Real Estate
  138. USAA VA Loan - Great Experience: clause, investment, second mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  139. Buying a home being sold by Medicaid???: negotiations, agent, sales - Real Estate
  140. Asking Price over Comps: RE agent, square foot, 5%, agent - Real Estate
  141. No appraisal for new mortgage?: agent, commissions, housing, price - Real Estate
  142. Is student loan debt keeping millennials from purchasing homes? ?: feedback, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  143. Are telecommuters changing the face of real estate?: 3%, agent, sales
  144. Seller doesn't want to give me credit 4 foundation: appraise, price, property - Real Estate
  145. Building before a road: construction, property, legal, expensive - Real Estate
  146. Do you prefer new construction or an existing dwelling?: housing, inspector, more expensive - Real Estate
  147. Is that strange a real estate agent is uncertain if my bid was accepted?: contingent, new agent
  148. Do You Realize If Your Home Has Been Stolen?: mortgage, mortgage, insurance - Real Estate
  149. Baby boomers may put 'tidal wave' of 21M homes on market: foreclosures, mortgages - Real Estate
  150. Should i make an offer or walk away: RE agent, contingencies, agent - Real Estate
  151. Is this too big for a single person?: investment, insurance, condo - Real Estate
  152. Vacation house monitoring - what am I looking for?: tenants, fee, insurance - Real Estate
  153. Penny-wise or Pound Foolish II: tenants, commission, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  154. Staging vs thinning which should have more priority?: sale, price, room - Real Estate
  155. Are apps like Ring and Nextdoor accurately reflecting crime?: claim, state, garage - Real Estate
  156. Quiet Title: documents, foreclosed, sales, fees - Real Estate
  157. Single male, Should I use my VA Loan for a condo?: agent, investment - Real Estate
  158. How to change my strategy to get a house? Can I force others out of a contingency with a high offer?: contingent, agent - Real Estate
  159. Has the Importance of a House Inspection Become Overblown?: disclosures, documentation, negotiation - Real Estate
  160. for realtors and showing: agent, price, broker, company - Real Estate
  161. Will Santa Monica property prices dip?: vents, house, California, San Diego - Real Estate
  162. House renovation contractor dont want to give recipt: investment, property, illegal - Real Estate
  163. House in Escrow, owner goes into Hospice?: recommendation, sales, lawsuits - Real Estate
  164. Can't Refi Because of Flood Insurance???: agent, mortgage rates, mortgage, property - Real Estate
  165. How long to find a house you wanted to put an offer for?: RE agent, contingencies - Real Estate
  166. Commissions...can brokerage firms do this?: RE agent, 6%, agent, fee - Real Estate
  167. Priced out of the market: duplex, 4%, mortgage calculator, mortgage - Real Estate
  168. What can you legally call a bedroom?: illegal, points, state - Real Estate
  169. Zillow Zestimate prices are so manipulated and fake: appraisal, agents, mortgage - Real Estate
  170. Commercial real estate vs residential real estate: tenants, foreclosures, negotiation
  171. Should the Homeowners Association be abolished?: agreements, construction, value, states - Real Estate
  172. Texas Real Estate Law advice needed - terminating the contract: incentive, documents
  173. Putting your house up before you find one or wait: contingent, sale - Real Estate
  174. Would appreciate your feedback: RE agent, appraisal, 3%, agent - Real Estate
  175. Would you buy a property that had former slave quarters on site?: disclosures, investment - Real Estate
  176. What is different about a letter of intent and purchase order?: disclosures, agent - Real Estate
  177. What paperwork should be signed by the buyer when bidding on a house?: contingencies, agent - Real Estate
  178. Should I bother to buy a Home if I despite House Repairs?: fees, housing - Real Estate
  179. Unexpected problems after you bought a home?: disclosure, plumber, agent - Real Estate
  180. Is assessed tax value a factor getting a mortgage?: appraisal, mortgages, sale - Real Estate
  181. How soon do sellers usually want to move out after sell?: negotiating, mortgage - Real Estate
  182. Commercial appraisal when selling: sale, comparables, price, properties - Real Estate
  183. Listing - No in 100 Years - That's the Main Feature: agent, room - Real Estate
  184. Water wells and real estate: mortgage, mortgages, prices, properties
  185. Should we relist?: contingent, agent, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  186. Classic houses with unsightly appendages: square footage, value, kitchen, bedroom - Real Estate
  187. In zone protected by levee..???: 2013, 1%, insurance, percent - Real Estate
  188. 20 people in 1 house messing up the block: tenants, documentation, duplexes - Real Estate
  189. Which has the largest property tax-town, county or state?: 2%, sale, fees - Real Estate
  190. Why aren't home prices higher if there is a shortage and they are selling fast?: appraisal, 2% - Real Estate
  191. What is a fair price reduction for bordering commercial property ?: appraisal, sales - Real Estate
  192. How much time should I expect to give my agent to show me a new listing?: agreement, properties - Real Estate
  193. New renovations. Should permits be pulled or rely on inspection reports.: plumber, negotiation - Real Estate
  194. Issues with older pools: construction, inspectors, expensive, requirements - Real Estate
  195. Lease purchase thoughts: tenant, feedback, investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  196. Bought a Home with Mother-In-Law HELP: investment, mortgage, mortgage company, agreement - Real Estate
  197. What is the Typical Earnest Money Deposit in Your Area?: 2%, agents - Real Estate
  198. Interesting perspective on choosing location.: property, process, buying, city - Real Estate
  199. delete - Real Estate
  200. 2019 house sale volume decreasing in California-supply related?: sales, price, homeowners - Real Estate