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  14. Construction Loans (TX): properties, value, lend, rating - Real Estate
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  20. Another Homeowner Insurance: claim, state, company, homeowners - Real Estate
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  25. what happens when landlords can't pay their mortgages?: tenants, foreclosed, property - Real Estate
  26. Housing prices to drop in Vegas, Miami due to pandemic: tenants, mortgage - Real Estate
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  34. Residential RE - Where to get data for sales, prices, inventory: feedback, agent - Real Estate
  35. Refinance or pay extra: mortgage, mortgage, house value, residence - Real Estate
  36. Listing a Finished Garage as Both Heated Living Area and a Garage: price, property - Real Estate
  37. Looking for general advice the leasing of land for agricultural use: agreements, property tax - Real Estate
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  47. FITB: You should not be a RE agent if you can't ______ .: property, broker - Real Estate
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  50. Living Right Next to a Golf Fairway: accept, housing, price - Real Estate
  51. Insurance industry Experts: appraisal, 1%, agent, accept - Real Estate
  52. Need advice...delay in closing til my buyer gets more $$$ for down payment: agent, mortgage - Real Estate
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  56. The future of RE when Booomers are gone: housing, percentage, price - Real Estate
  57. Realtor referral fee without a referral?: feedback, agent, commission, agreement - Real Estate
  58. Pick a RE agent with a “national” company or local one?: commission, mortgage - Real Estate
  59. First Time Buyer - New Construction: RE agent, documents, cheapest, negotiations - Real Estate
  60. Seller Frustrations over first time buyers: contingent, appraisal, agent, sale - Real Estate
  61. Poor staging, sloppy work, poor quality as bad as doing nothing?: countertop, appraiser - Real Estate
  62. No ctc & closing set for 8/21/20: 2015, clause, agent - Real Estate
  63. Front Elevation, No Windows: price, illegal, rooms, builders - Real Estate
  64. full price offer during coming soon period: contingencies, appraisal, dual agency - Real Estate
  65. Builders allowance, do things out?: contingency, square footage, countertop, cheapest - Real Estate
  66. How does as-is affect a standard contract?: contingencies, negotiation, sales - Real Estate
  67. On the market in 20 months and is needed on projects: countertop, agents - Real Estate
  68. listing puzzle: foreclosure, sale, settlement, price - Real Estate
  69. Selling to sibling: appraisal, clause, agent, mortgages - Real Estate
  70. Problems with realtor/local branch. Report to natinal office?: agent, housing, agreement - Real Estate
  71. Problems with realtor: contingency, disclosing, agent, commission - Real Estate
  72. Can laws of the sort described below pose a great hurdle to purchasing agricultural land in the USA ?: mortgage, sale - Real Estate
  73. Keeping House Off Zillow and Others Like It: disclosure, mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  74. What is your definition of a fixer upper ?: 2015, prices - Real Estate
  75. Remodel with no bathtub?: inspected, room, building, buy a house - Real Estate
  76. Buying a home; do I pay closing costs?: appraisal, 3%, negotiation - Real Estate
  77. Borrowing against a trust property: negotiations, mortgages, accept, price - Real Estate
  78. Buyer allows rent back. Can seller refuse to leave?: tenants, documentation, sale - Real Estate
  79. Is Looking Forward to Eventually Selling Their Place and Getting an Apartment?: mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  80. It requirement for refinance higher for 2nd home, vs primary home?: foreclosure, agent - Real Estate
  81. Legal Action against my builder to cancel contract: documents, negotiation, agent - Real Estate
  82. Indiana home purchase with cash: appraisal, mortgage, mortgage, sale - Real Estate
  83. $1.8 mil house - bad photos: cheapest, sale, agreement, price - Real Estate
  84. I hate the house I bought- options?: mortgage, mortgage, fees - Real Estate
  85. Seller & Buyer Having Same Agent - or Nay?: incentive, 3% - Real Estate
  86. Buyer cancels deal. Do they owe their agent?: commission, sale, fee - Real Estate
  87. Should I refinance my mortgage?: 2014, 1%, fees - Real Estate
  88. Will removing wallpaper make my home more appealing?: recommendation, prices, townhouse - Real Estate
  89. Old window a/cs, portable heaters and dehumidifiers? Leave in or out on floor?: vent, rooms - Real Estate
  90. Inspection of repairs: plumber, agent, agreement, property - Real Estate
  91. How to deal with a short-sale?: tenants, foreclosed, agent, investment - Real Estate
  92. Title company: recommendation, fees, settlement, prices - Real Estate
  93. Is it better to use a trusted realtor friend OUT OF THE AREA or a recommended one IN THE AREA?: agent, fee - Real Estate
  94. Realtors not putting undercontract online or at house: contingent, agent, sales - Real Estate
  95. RE attorney and realtor (first time buyer): negotiation, agent, construction - Real Estate
  96. Should I buy a Vacation Cottage? HELP!? :): mortgage, mortgage, sale - Real Estate
  97. Tenants trash home after refusing to pay rent and being asked to leave: foreclosed, mortgage - Real Estate
  98. How do RE agents earn their commission?: RE market, 3%, agent - Real Estate
  99. How many just stop staging, repairing, renovating and show as-is. liteally where they stopped: contingent, foreclosures - Real Estate
  100. modern homes that are too modern: construction, townhomes, claim, state - Real Estate
  101. Disturbing Interior Photos on Listing: sale, house, Alaska, Anchorage - Real Estate
  102. Do you like beer? ---- second posting: mortgage, mortgage, sale - Real Estate
  103. First time buyer costs: square foot, mortgage, mortgage, fees - Real Estate
  104. Distance from gas & hazardous liquid pipelines (underground): feedback, property, inspected - Real Estate
  105. I applaud the full disclosure: tenants, agent, price - Real Estate
  106. Best features for freestanding gas range for a rental?: tenants, price, properties - Real Estate
  107. a good real estate agent is....: documentation, negotiation, sales, construction
  108. Rent backs during hot real estate market: tenant, contingencies, feedback
  109. Before you ask for that forbearance.....: mortgage, mortgages, housing, claim - Real Estate
  110. Automatic Extensions concern on Florida broker’s Exclusive Right to Sale Listing Agreement: feedback, gated community - Real Estate
  111. Should I allow my agent to represent the buyer or not and why?: feedback, incentive - Real Estate
  112. Sell or Rent?: tenants, 6%, income tax, agents - Real Estate
  113. What to do with my house if I have to relocate for a job?: tenants, clause - Real Estate
  114. Will real estate agents/companies be willing to pay photographers to take pictures of properties they sell?: agent, commission
  115. MLS mismatch - Wisconsin - terminate contract: disclosure, appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  116. are cities enforcing AirBnb bans?: housing, condo, prices, property - Real Estate
  117. construction in the neighborhood: housing, price, property, offer - Real Estate
  118. Agents posting misleading/doctored photos: appraiser, agent, price, properties - Real Estate
  119. Market crash??: agent, mortgages, sale, condos - Real Estate
  120. Agents. Should I buy now or wait?: prices, renting, offers - Real Estate
  121. Prices last 3 weeks or so: contingencies, appraisal, 1%, agent - Real Estate
  122. Build vs. Buy in NJ: incentive, 2014, investments, housing - Real Estate
  123. Should we buy this condo in Old Wethersfield, CT?: fees, condos, price - Real Estate
  124. Property that did not sell 2 year ago, re-listed now asking double: agent, prices - Real Estate
  125. Concessions in a sellers market?: appraisal, sale, accepting, price - Real Estate
  126. Had boundary markers placed. Differed from my survey. Now what?: documents, sale - Real Estate
  127. How do Apprisers Value Upgrades?: tenants, contingent, appraisal, negotiating - Real Estate
  128. Closing issues with Seller: appraisal, agent, landlord, legal - Real Estate
  129. SELLING MY HOME..My Realtor Is Upset That I Emailed The Law Office: agent, fee - Real Estate
  130. Referral Agency: RE agent, agent, commissions, fee - Real Estate
  131. Is it to buy a home for $100K or less?: duplex, 2014 - Real Estate
  132. Party-goers break into Peoria million-dollar home for sale, damage property and furniture: investments, housing - Real Estate
  133. Scared the future owners of our home will bail out during the final walk through due to our noisy neighbors!: incentive, disclosure - Real Estate
  134. Which view is better...: offers, building, costs, city - Real Estate
  135. Very little showings on house in hot market. What could be the problem?: feedback, square foot - Real Estate
  136. Appraised value and bidding wars in todays market.: appraisal, 3%, agent - Real Estate
  137. Realtor Group Drops the Term 'Master Bedroom': Realtors, bedrooms, home - Real Estate
  138. Do you feel priced out?: cheapest, income tax, investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  139. Remodeling a newly purchased townhouse--is demand for contractors up or down now?: prices, construction - Real Estate
  140. Is it right time to buy house now?: cheapest, clause, mortgage - Real Estate
  141. When you sold your home: When (Did) you meet the future/new owners of your home?: agent, sale - Real Estate
  142. Flag lot: legal, approved, house, neighborhood - Real Estate
  143. Friend attempted to sell home without a rent back and got burned badly!: mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  144. Refinancing with a lower interest rate a scam?: 5%, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  145. about default and Mutual: RE agent, contingencies, appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  146. Would you buy a house next door to a community park?: housing, vents - Real Estate
  147. Picking the Right broker when Refinancing ... going from 3.75% to 2.75%: disclosures, appraisal, 3% - Real Estate
  148. Inspection Report Review: 2014, construction, property, escrow - Real Estate
  149. sell their home after a few years and come out upside down? How did you mitigate costs,: 2013, mortgages - Real Estate
  150. Urban Population leaving heavily populated cities: sales, housing, prices, illegal - Real Estate
  151. Have you ever regretted selling to a specific buyer?: agent, sale, settlement - Real Estate
  152. Agent gifting commission to buyer?: income tax, mortgage, mortgage, price - Real Estate
  153. Best way to structure a rent to buy deal?: tenant, contingent, feedback - Real Estate
  154. buying cheapest house in best neighborhood or buy the best lot in the best neighborhood: 2%, investment - Real Estate
  155. Houses in Central Florida: RE agent, foreclosures, mortgage rates, mortgage - Real Estate
  156. Type of Home Inspector for run down trailer on a lot.: clause, expensive - Real Estate
  157. If a front lawn is decked out can it lower the property value?: appraised, sale - Real Estate
  158. Is this with Docusign?: agent, properties, attorney, contract - Real Estate
  159. Power lines over yard?: construction, property, illegal, rental - Real Estate
  160. Listing Higher than I think we should: feedback, agent, comparables - Real Estate
  161. First house photo: 3 story exterior or Open Floor Plan: RE agent, duplex, agent - Real Estate
  162. Are my rooms too small?: offer, furniture, bedroom, house - Real Estate
  163. HVAC brand impacts on selling properties: 2014, price, contractor, offer - Real Estate
  164. Did I make a mistake changing the list price at the last minute?: gated community, appraisal - Real Estate
  165. When did you start telling people you bought a house?: mortgage, property - Real Estate
  166. The Dilemma of Being a Small Landlord in the Age of Coronavirus: tenants, incentive - Real Estate
  167. Did I lose the offer?: negotiating, agent, commission, sales - Real Estate
  168. need advice - selling NYC house/land for my mom: contingencies, recommendation - Real Estate
  169. A modern desert beauty: offer, house, listing, Montana - Real Estate
  170. HOA at a condo, what to expect?: tenants, contingent, feedback - Real Estate
  171. Tenant crashed car into garage should I repair before appraisal?: tenants, insurance - Real Estate
  172. Cash out refinance don't understand points: tenant, duplex, appraisal, 1% - Real Estate
  173. Significant Buyer Agent Rebate - Is this a scam?: disclosure, cheapest, commissions - Real Estate
  174. Buyer asking to extend the inspection period. Bad idea?: plumber, percentage, contractor - Real Estate
  175. PAID OVER 1000 DOLLARS for beach condo rental and got burned: condos, landlord - Real Estate
  176. Seller back out ?: agent, accept, property, lawyer - Real Estate
  177. FSBO on Zillow: RE market, documentation, 3%, agent - Real Estate
  178. Like-kind property: investment, commissions, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  179. Property insurance coverage amount while holding mortgage: square footage, foreclose, housing - Real Estate
  180. What precautions should we take selling our house while out of state: sale, insurance - Real Estate
  181. Advice on best camera/alarm system for house on market while we are out of state: cheapest, cheap - Real Estate
  182. considerations for house purchase in MO: auctions, negotiating, agent - Real Estate
  183. Selling home not on the market does not make financial sense right now: 1%, dual agency - Real Estate
  184. Strategy(ies) for buying in a seller's market: contingencies, disclosures, 1% - Real Estate
  185. Do Realtors prefer not with work with contingent buyers?: contingencies, appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  186. On the fence about selling but listed...: tenants, contingencies, appraisal - Real Estate
  187. Buyer contacts me directly: agent, commission, accept, agreement - Real Estate
  188. Homeless because of the eviction ban.: tenant, mortgage, mortgages, sale - Real Estate
  189. Condo issue: Annual smoke detector test: condos, property, inspection, contractor - Real Estate
  190. Having a Really Hard Time With This Situation.: contingent, sale, realty - Real Estate
  191. Need RE investment strategy: tenant, commission, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  192. Single guy. What should I use my extra rooms for?: condo, property - Real Estate
  193. Remodel or List?: property, claim, contractors, value - Real Estate
  194. tying property taxes to the value of the house doesn't make sense to me: income tax, sales - Real Estate
  195. Families are fleeing the big cities: investment, sales, prices, property - Real Estate
  196. Investors buying up American Homes: RE market, duplexes, 2015, auction - Real Estate
  197. Article: How Foreign Purchases of U.S. Homes Impact Prices and Supply: 1%, investment - Real Estate
  198. WA State Housing Market HOT HOT HOT: offer, paint - Real Estate
  199. Moving to your vacay home: years - Real Estate
  200. Frank Lloyd Wright cottage moved four blocks in Chicago suburb: property, lawyer - Real Estate