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  1. about termite/moisture letter: documents, agent, lawyer, inspection - Real Estate
  2. Foreclosure/pre foreclosure: auction, mortgage, mortgage, realty - Real Estate
  3. Apparently, Los Angeles is now on the East Coast...: state, listing, year - Real Estate
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  10. Buy a condo in Phoenix or Palm Springs?: income tax, sales, price - Real Estate
  11. Real Estate Commission in Georgia: documents, agent, fee, agreement
  12. Selling Agent Changing Company Ten Days Before Our Sale: commission, sales, price - Real Estate
  13. Mold Testing: price, offer, sample, company - Real Estate
  14. Communicating with agent after move-in?: mortgage, mortgage, condo, rent - Real Estate
  15. How to calculate your house buying cost?: 2%, mortgage calculator, mortgage - Real Estate
  16. NC: Realtor's client is interested in our undeveloped land: feedback, appraisal, 6% - Real Estate
  17. Low rate and paying off mortgages faster: contingency, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  18. Single family turned into 3 family after refinance: mortgage, property tax, value - Real Estate
  19. Permits for Home: inspector, contractor, building, seller - Real Estate
  20. Zillow: can you filter out 55+ communities?: contingent, auction, construction, properties - Real Estate
  21. Reconsidering Neighborhoods: residential, houses, options, walls - Real Estate
  22. crazy LA suburb market, flying off shelves: accepting, Realtors, recession - Real Estate
  23. Foundation: Poured concrete: construction, property, inspectors, state - Real Estate
  24. Title company owns property?: foreclosure, sale, settlement, insurance - Real Estate
  25. Do I need to include the transient tax (short term rental tax) amount within my condo unit lease agreement?: tenant, 1% - Real Estate
  26. Top Housing markets expected to thrive post-COVID: 1%, agent, sale - Real Estate
  27. I cannot figure out the logic behind FHA home purchase limits, but USDA is crystal clear in their formula.: housing, price - Real Estate
  28. Is it typical for lender to charge appraisal to my credit card?: mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  29. Rental Home Construction Climbs as Purchase Prices Surge Investors are betting Americans will keep flocking to spacious: investment, sales - Real Estate
  30. Local Politicians Contradicting A County Reassessment Plan: sale, fees, housing - Real Estate
  31. Rental , what should I do: tenants, sale, fee, landlord - Real Estate
  32. +55 community: negotiations, agent, commissions, sales - Real Estate
  33. Idea to get into investing?: 2%, mortgage, mortgages, property - Real Estate
  34. Help with home insurance claim: feedback, countertop, 2%, agent - Real Estate
  35. Sold small undeveloped lot in N. FL to agency but saw HUD on paperowrk?: sales, settlement - Real Estate
  36. Can you summarize all major transaction costs when buying and selling ?: appraisal, 5% - Real Estate
  37. Unsolicited re-finance offer -- are they safe to engage?: mortgage companies, mortgage, sales - Real Estate
  38. Section 8 - 90 day notice: tenant, fee, landlord, property - Real Estate
  39. Could not close escrow due to title issue, what to do?: agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  40. this real estate market hurts my brain: tenants, foreclosed, mortgage
  41. Accelerated Banking / Debt Financing: mortgage, mortgage, fixed rate, value - Real Estate
  42. Looking at buying commercial real estate: residential, investing, interest, information
  43. Property easement and encroachment: attorney, offers, state, Pennsylvania - Real Estate
  44. Online realtor: agent, sale, fee, inspection - Real Estate
  45. Seller's agent suggested lower appraisal: contingency, sales, price, property - Real Estate
  46. What are the COVID laws for evicting renters and foreclosures?: tenants, mortgage - Real Estate
  47. Looking for HELOC on investment property: mortgage, residence, companies, versus - Real Estate
  48. New construction knowledge, FL: mortgage, accept, insurance, price - Real Estate
  49. Buying a 2nd Home/Rental: tenants, income tax, investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  50. Land value predictions for 2021 buy now or wait?: disclosure, agent, investments - Real Estate
  51. Condo owners don't pay HOA dues and/or assessments.: foreclosed, 7%, mortgage - Real Estate
  52. home warranty choice: contractors, repairs, company, house - Real Estate
  53. Where to live while selling my house?: tenant, feedback, sale - Real Estate
  54. Ever Have Apartment or House where previous occupant wouldn't do change of address: renter, state - Real Estate
  55. How to offset loss on sale pf primary home- convert it to rental??: tenants, fees - Real Estate
  56. Banks or CUs currently offering HELOC: recommendation, clause, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  57. When do my two years start???: recommendation, conversion, 2014, investment - Real Estate
  58. Owner Financing?: foreclosed, 5%, investment, mortgage companies - Real Estate
  59. Assessed Value Higher than Market Value: square footage, appraisal, agent, sales - Real Estate
  60. New apartment complex in my back yard: tenants, housing, property - Real Estate
  61. Did agent mislead us about property taxes?: square footage, sale, price - Real Estate
  62. Valuing a Condo based on mortgage payments (Miami): 4%, income tax, mortgage rates - Real Estate
  63. Land investing: cheapest, sales, fees, price - Real Estate
  64. What are Landlords doing if shutdown has affected tenants: 5%, investments, mortgage - Real Estate
  65. Seeing lots of $2000 lots, $1000 lots, saw a $500!: RE market, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  66. Buying a church- taxes: tenant, income tax, housing, landlords - Real Estate
  67. Giving phone number to buyer: agent, mortgage, mortgage, inspector - Real Estate
  68. How big is your house, how many rooms and people?: tenant, square footage - Real Estate
  69. How old were you when you bought your first home?: condo, state - Real Estate
  70. Zillow est. remaining mortgage: properties, borrower, deeds, loan - Real Estate
  71. Water meter - add, or not?: tenants, plumber, landlord, prices - Real Estate
  72. Lumber prices are outrageous!: housing, state, building, company - Real Estate
  73. Private investigator to vet a single family residence: recommendation, agent, properties - Real Estate
  74. Cold Feet: lawsuits, property tax, attorney, renter - Real Estate
  75. How is basement height measured for assessor purposes?: square footage, appraisal, sales - Real Estate
  76. Real estate license suspended?: agent, Realtors, requirements, buying a home
  77. Do you think there is a honeymoon phase after buying a home?: condo, property - Real Estate
  78. Are asking prices dropping in your area? COVID boom exhausted?: property, Realtors - Real Estate
  79. Replace or repair an older gas furnance if planning to sell?: feedback, sale - Real Estate
  80. Timeline in Real Estate Contract: new agent, mortgage, mortgage, sales
  81. First time home buyer - am I screwed?: stucco, disclosure, sale - Real Estate
  82. Got a mortgage for $170,000. How much more money can I be approved for with my salary of 60k?: appraisal, 5% - Real Estate
  83. Help me with land/lot purchase? Logistics and steps.: documents, foreclosures, negotiations - Real Estate
  84. Neighbor parks in visitor space instead of personal garage: feedback, property, townhouse - Real Estate
  85. False ad on Zillow.: tenants, appraised, agent, sale - Real Estate
  86. Do brand new Toll Brothers homes appreciate more or less than regular homes?: 1%, price - Real Estate
  87. Calculating cost basis of home in plain English (for the $250k exclusion): 1%, commissions - Real Estate
  88. An agent: commission, mortgage, mortgage, insurance - Real Estate
  89. Why does everyone want to jump into the rental / STR game all the sudden?: duplexes, investment - Real Estate
  90. Selling House-Ex Doesn't Want To Move: tenants, sales, landlord, agreement - Real Estate
  91. Up & coming west coast mountain states/towns for investing?: tenants, agent - Real Estate
  92. Nightmare using my bank for loans: documentation, 2015, investment, mortgage companies - Real Estate
  93. about Home Purchase: settlement, insurance, construction, property - Real Estate
  94. Improvements on Home Under Contract?: agent, sale, accept, condo - Real Estate
  95. Detached guest house appraisal: square footage, housing, price, property - Real Estate
  96. Homes with same layout, but different square footage - how?: appraisal, comparable - Real Estate
  97. Sewer Video Inspections?: plumber, agent, investment, property - Real Estate
  98. Questions age restricted gated communities. Is this discrimination?: documents, 2013, housing - Real Estate
  99. Sell or Stay: fees, housing, condo, comparable - Real Estate
  100. Eviction moratorium (no lease renewal): tenants, recommendation, landlords, agreement - Real Estate
  101. Getting ready to put on market---fix up or sell as is?: RE market, tenants - Real Estate
  102. Is there a tax advantage to pretend to sell a house each year?: appraised, income tax - Real Estate
  103. about pre approval: 3%, mortgage, mortgage, rent - Real Estate
  104. Is Expiration of Prop 13 on Sold Properties Bringing in More Revenue?: 1%, sales - Real Estate
  105. Closing TODAY and house isn’t complete: agent, sales, construction - Real Estate
  106. Are my Expectations Too High: RE agent, contingent, feedback, disclosures - Real Estate
  107. Home inspection found no grounding on most outlets - big deal?: 2015, construction - Real Estate
  108. Noisy neighbor nightmare: agent, fee, lawyer, renters - Real Estate
  109. Zillow Market Reports: disclosure, agents, sale, housing - Real Estate
  110. Value in flipping homes vs updating: cheapest, foreclosure, agent, sales - Real Estate
  111. Vacation Home Advice: investments, sales, housing, condos - Real Estate
  112. HOA says no - I do it .. what can happen?: documents, accepting - Real Estate
  113. Buying in a +55 development: countertop, 3%, negotiation, agent - Real Estate
  114. Talk me into being with a condo fee...: tenant, documents, monthly fee - Real Estate
  115. other RE investors sitting on the sidelines?: investment, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  116. Easy cheap appraisal?: agents, sales, comparable, price - Real Estate
  117. Living in a neighorhood before buying: properties, renting, offer, furniture - Real Estate
  118. Pros & Cons -Lakeside Community: property tax, rent, more expensive, contract - Real Estate
  119. Low appraisal concern? - seller: contingency, agent, accept, price - Real Estate
  120. Housing discrimination still continues: appraisal, condo, properties, value - Real Estate
  121. pros and cons of using redfin agent: RE agent, comparable, construction - Real Estate
  122. Lessons Learnt from my Home Purchase in Indy: disclosure, 1%, agent - Real Estate
  123. Can I as Seller get an extension of closing date in Florida? help.: contingencies, disclosure - Real Estate
  124. Repairs after a home inspection: plumber, documentation, agent, commission - Real Estate
  125. New front door??: house, listing, check, buyer - Real Estate
  126. House slow to sell.: feedback, agent, sale, price - Real Estate
  127. How estimate the right price of a home ?: RE agent, appraisal - Real Estate
  128. What's considered a lowball offer?: foreclosure, 3%, agent, price - Real Estate
  129. R.O.I.: tenants, documents, investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  130. development buy out $$$$: appraisal, negotiations, price, property tax - Real Estate
  131. Number of listings tripled in 2 weeks, sign of slowdown?: tenant, duplexes, 5% - Real Estate
  132. How to address seller insufficient repairs?: RE market, disclosure, plumber, appraisal - Real Estate
  133. Closing Costs??: disclosure, appraisal, 2%, agent - Real Estate
  134. Metrics to rank the quality of offer to accept ?: contingencies, appraisal, negotiation - Real Estate
  135. Sitting this one out; good idea?: mortgage, condo, prices, properties - Real Estate
  136. Is there a house under there? Listing photo clutter: RE agent, countertop, agents - Real Estate
  137. Story continues.. Closing Done with unpleasant surprises: documents, agent, attorney - Real Estate
  138. What happens when the EVICTION MORATORIUM ENDS on December 31?: tenants, arrears, foreclosed - Real Estate
  139. Is shrinking Master bedroom to get a Master Bath worth it?: conversion, investment - Real Estate
  140. Adverse Possession: tenant, properties, attorney, offer - Real Estate
  141. Damage to house during Showing: agent, insurance, property, claim - Real Estate
  142. Realtors not responding/calling back: agent, properties, company, sellers - Real Estate
  143. Interesting Sale. Best Approach?: agent, property, legal, state - Real Estate
  144. Buying from Builder - Should I Ask for a Discount Since I'm Not Using a Buyer's Agent?: incentive, commissions - Real Estate
  145. What’s the deal with this property?: tenant, auction, foreclosures - Real Estate
  146. Will trees have to be removed if they are in between right of way markers?: properties, state - Real Estate
  147. In which states or locations have prices risen the most since 2013?: sales, housing - Real Estate
  148. Updating before selling?: countertop, agent, investment, sales - Real Estate
  149. Seller makes no representations: disclosure, appraiser, agent, property - Real Estate
  150. My deductible is $2500. Allstate agent says I can't lower it unless I get car insurance with them first.: price, claim - Real Estate
  151. what do you think of the modern minimalist style?: price, kitchen - Real Estate
  152. Could you afford to buy your house over again, right now?: 2015, mortgage - Real Estate
  153. Normal to be still looking at Zillow everyday after purchase?: sales, prices - Real Estate
  154. Condo unit next to trash chute/room: tenants, cheapest, accept - Real Estate
  155. Is it unethical to price match?: 6%, new agent, commission, mortgage companies - Real Estate
  156. Seller cancelled House Sale - Escrow Charging us $811 document fee: contingency, documents - Real Estate
  157. maintaining home in uncertain situation: countertop, agent, investment, expensive - Real Estate
  158. Silly conversation starter: duplex, agent, commission, sales - Real Estate
  159. Rental property dwelling insurance suggestions?: tenant, agent, landlord, price - Real Estate
  160. Buying investment property with a low commission agent: RE agent, 1%, negotiations - Real Estate
  161. Is marble/stone etching reported on home inspections?: negotiating, price, property - Real Estate
  162. How does one find on all plots available for sale in a subdivision?: appraiser, investment - Real Estate
  163. suggestions for clearing a lot: sale, construction, property, rent - Real Estate
  164. Closing - Sellers hid known issues: recommendation, appraisal, agent, property - Real Estate
  165. Homeowners getting rid of off-street parking? Why?: contingency, agent, prices - Real Estate
  166. Mapped: The 22 Cities With the Most $1 Million Homes in the U.S.: price, states - Real Estate
  167. $11K reduction within 1 month of listing: feedback, agent, price, property - Real Estate
  168. how to get the most in my pocket from selling my house: RE agent, agent - Real Estate
  169. Will/Can a 2bd house be appraised against 3bd of the same size.: tenants, contingency - Real Estate
  170. New Construction Delay - Builder discrimination?: housing, price, legal, vents - Real Estate
  171. Does California's Portable Property Tax Help Fuel House Price Inflation?: 1%, investment - Real Estate
  172. Building, selling, timing and options. Advice: agent, mortgage companies, mortgage - Real Estate
  173. first time home buyer, help me with inspection report: plumber, appraise, agent - Real Estate
  174. What are of the MUST DO things as a new homeowner?: cheapest, agent - Real Estate
  175. Curse you COVID: contingencies, sale, accept, price - Real Estate
  176. Made fun of for your choice of housing?: property, renting, townhouse - Real Estate
  177. 50 Largest Cities: Indy, Omaha & Sac have fastest selling homes in the US, Oct 2020: RE market, 3% - Real Estate
  178. Historic house tour and disclosure: disclosures, agent, commission, insurance - Real Estate
  179. Homes without a basement?: construction, inspectors, contractor, commercial - Real Estate
  180. Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad/ Poor Dad: tenant, income tax, investments, mortgages - Real Estate
  181. Bye, Bye Renters!: tenants, duplexes, 2015, landlords - Real Estate
  182. Moving across the country to the Tampa Bay area: appraiser, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  183. Walk away- Inspection Results?: feedback, plumber, documentation, negotiations - Real Estate
  184. Do I need a new buyer's agent?: feedback, recommendation, square footage - Real Estate
  185. Great Schools website: accepting, landlords, property tax, renters - Real Estate
  186. Buying retirement home in another state: income tax, investment, percent, property - Real Estate
  187. How do you think COVID will effect real estate in the long term ?: condos, prices
  188. Refinance very early in mortgage: appraisal, agent, mortgages, PMI - Real Estate
  189. Selling rental: tenants, income tax, investment, sales - Real Estate
  190. Indiana back out of contingent offer: documentation, appraisal, clause, agent - Real Estate
  191. Take 401K Loan to meet 20% down or pay PMI?: 1%, mortgage, mortgage company - Real Estate
  192. Buying a House Directly from Builder or Use an Real Estate Agent?: contingencies, commission
  193. Is it to work with realtors in 3 cities and get pre-approved in each?: RE agent, new - Real Estate
  194. Higher PMI or Higher Interest?: incentive, mortgage, mortgages, housing - Real Estate
  195. Owner Occupied Multifamily, 1st Time Buyer Tips: tenants, feedback, recommendation - Real Estate
  196. Would you have walked away from this? Inspection report (termites, rodent, and water damage)..: stucco, foreclosure - Real Estate
  197. Will the real estate price crash after Covid is over from the inflation it has seen?: investment, landlords
  198. 1974 Mobile Home sold as ranch style, not caught by inspector or appraiser: price, property - Real Estate
  199. Inspection report: Can this be salvaged?: stucco, price, inspector, vent - Real Estate
  200. New flood risk rating system??: mortgage, mortgage, properties, Realtor - Real Estate