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  53. What should we do with our floors, with real estate / resale in mind? (South East Florida): cheapest, price
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  61. My insurance deductible is $2500. I've lived in the house for 2.5 years. Do I have to pay the entire deductible?: agent, claim - Real Estate
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  67. Shared bridge over stream - repair costs: documents, agreement, property - Real Estate
  68. renting a new townhome but it has objects in backyard making constant loud noise: agent, landlord - Real Estate
  69. Building a house: square foot, appraisal, agents, sale - Real Estate
  70. Who would take Zillow seriously: appraisal, sales, realty, comparable - Real Estate
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  74. FEMA Overhauls National Flood Insurance Program (translation: more expensive): condominium, construction, property - Real Estate
  75. tell me if I'm being unreasonable: contingencies, feedback, appraise - Real Estate
  76. Neighbor violated setback distance: 2013, investment, properties, attorney - Real Estate
  77. Last Minute Closing Date Change?: property, attorney, contracts, repairs - Real Estate
  78. We put an offer on a house.....what would you do in this situation?: disclosure, appraise - Real Estate
  79. would you anonymously report property tax cheats?: disclosure, legal, rental - Real Estate
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  83. Bought, and Sold: appraisal, 5%, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  84. Cliché descriptors that real estate agents use: realty, property, bedrooms
  85. Washington, DC: Buy $500k inside the Beltway, or $300k outside?: mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  86. Florida house for sale has a giant oak tree at the center: realty, insurance - Real Estate
  87. Would you buy the seller's solar lease?: contingencies, appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  88. Shouldn't sellers get their check at closing?: documents, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  89. Settlement Costs? How much you pay? WHOA!: cheapest, appraisal, foreclosure - Real Estate
  90. Private road easement in NC, built 40+ years ago: lawsuits, properties, lawyers - Real Estate
  91. What architecture style is this called?: property, Realtor, building, cost - Real Estate
  92. Do houses with no backyard sell for a discount?: square footage, comparable, price - Real Estate
  93. Realtor wants POA for closing. Should we agree to this?: RE agent, disclosure - Real Estate
  94. Is it more often now sellers move out, leaving house full of stuff ?: agent, sales - Real Estate
  95. Got Denied a Mortgage Loan: foreclosure, investment, fees, accept - Real Estate
  96. Creekfront property tax value vs listed price: insurance, banks, offer - Real Estate
  97. New houses out of character with old neighborhood: duplexes, 2015, sale - Real Estate
  98. What is this map showing as running under this house?: disclosures, properties - Real Estate
  99. Landlord/tenant lease - does landlord have right to give notice?: 2014, clause - Real Estate
  100. Sketchy buyers agent: accept, insurance, price, construction - Real Estate
  101. Have mortgage rates reached the final bottom?: fees, banks, rental - Real Estate
  102. Restrictive Covenants / Non-HOA: agreement, percentage, lawsuit, lawyer - Real Estate
  103. Agent says: it's an investment property: tenant, disclosures, foreclosure, properties - Real Estate
  104. risk in buying a home that is built on land that was a cornfield?: property, check - Real Estate
  105. Zillow and Opendoor in an Arms Race to Buy Everything: auction, agent - Real Estate
  106. Is it worth it to refinish hardwood floors before selling?: agent, sales - Real Estate
  107. Buying small cottage: part of roof is sloped 2/12, but due to settling the lower part of roof is 1/12: contingent, inspector - Real Estate
  108. Friend loss deed to house in probate court to her brother.....: lawyer, states - Real Estate
  109. *Update*Reporting unethical buyer's agent: sales, property, contract, value - Real Estate
  110. When is a transaction fee justified?: 3%, dual agency, commission, fees - Real Estate
  111. Worth it to buy old house?: price, expensive, kitchens, repair - Real Estate
  112. Totally frustrated with looking at condos; they all have dealbreakers: RE market, fees - Real Estate
  113. Development ..: construction, properties, contractors, state - Real Estate
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  116. Gas/Electric Bill: square foot, 2014, price, states - Real Estate
  117. US New Home Sales Plunge After Massive Downward Revision As Prices Soar: housing, builders - Real Estate
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  119. How many offers per home where you live?: square foot, 2015, appraisal - Real Estate
  120. Are you active in the real estate market right now?: appraisal, investment
  121. condo for sale ?: tenants, contingent, investments, commissions - Real Estate
  122. Neighbors built fence a foot or so onto our lot. What should we do?: sale, accept - Real Estate
  123. Selling a mobile home in a park but -- I don't know how to do it: tenant, sales - Real Estate
  124. get their contract cancelled by the builder?: prices, offering, deposit - Real Estate
  125. Thinking about making an offer: appraisal, accept, landlord, property - Real Estate
  126. Have Buyer Realtor, We Found FSBO: incentive, agent, commissions, price - Real Estate
  127. Built-to-Rent Suburbs Are Poised to Spread Across the US - WSJ: tenants, gated community - Real Estate
  128. Which vacation home would you choose?: condo, price, rent - Real Estate
  129. URGENT: Utah Seller Disclosures Incomplete: agent, property, attorney, contract - Real Estate
  130. Reinspection of Repairs: contingencies, agent, sale, price - Real Estate
  131. Everyone is buying because it's human nature...: 2015, foreclosed, sales - Real Estate
  132. Advice about septic tanks during home search: contingency, disclosure, properties - Real Estate
  133. Finding a property to invest in?: investment, mortgage, mortgage, sale - Real Estate
  134. Finding Septic Tank and Leech Field: contingency, plumber, properties, inspector - Real Estate
  135. Gift for our realtor?: agent, commission, accept, agreement - Real Estate
  136. Square footage incorrect on house for sale down the street: disclosures, appraisal - Real Estate
  137. Dealing with fence line and surveyed boundary difference: agreement, property, lawyer - Real Estate
  138. Shared Garage With Power Problem: duplex, sales, insurance, property - Real Estate
  139. Recoup painting cost when selling?: RE market, sales, comparable, price - Real Estate
  140. Advice on purchasing a lot with mobile home not on deed: contingency, properties - Real Estate
  141. Demand...: RE market, contingency, square foot, housing - Real Estate
  142. According to, my local market is now balanced: duplex, sales - Real Estate
  143. Home Buying When Moving To A New State: income tax, insurance, property - Real Estate
  144. to make a cash offer but still get a mortgage?: contingency, appraisal - Real Estate
  145. Value of homes based off comps.: RE market, square foot, countertop, appraisal - Real Estate
  146. Do You Think This Is Ethical?: contingencies, 2014, appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  147. Eviction Moratorium ending: tenants, investment, mortgages, sale - Real Estate
  148. Buy a home with unpermitted garage conversion (to a master suite)?: contingent, square footage - Real Estate
  149. Counterproductive to improve house and increase assessment: appraisal, sales, percentage - Real Estate
  150. We own a home but not the property.: monthly fee, housing, banks - Real Estate
  151. Can I protect or buy rights to the scenic view from my house?: investment, insurance - Real Estate
  152. Window replacement for noise reduction?: cheapest, sales, percent, properties - Real Estate
  153. Best way to get rid of a houseful of stuff before moving: cheapest, commission - Real Estate
  154. Legal about family guest having an emergency: tenants, housing, agreement - Real Estate
  155. 2 Bedroom Home In Denver Colorado: appraiser, housing, property, inspector - Real Estate
  156. If I intend to rent out a house, is swimming pool a bad idea?: tenants, insurance - Real Estate
  157. Condo confusion: tenant, agent, fees, insurance - Real Estate
  158. Tax assessment comments: square footage, countertop, appraisal, income tax - Real Estate
  159. Offer on a prop - good starting place?: agent, percentage, prices - Real Estate
  160. Supreme Court rules the CDC lacks authority to implement national eviction moratorium.: landlords, property - Real Estate
  161. Basement bathroom not included in appraisal: square footage, mortgage, mortgage, property - Real Estate
  162. FSBOs Blackballed by Agents?: contingent, appraisal, 5%, agent - Real Estate
  163. Buy if staying 5-7 years rule, but what historically happens while owners are underwater ?: foreclosed, 5% - Real Estate
  164. Should I be sweating my upcoming home appraisal (gap)?: contingency, feedback, recommendation - Real Estate
  165. Using an attorney instead of a RE Broker: RE agent, agent, sale - Real Estate
  166. Do nothing agent problem: RE market, feedback, 1%, negotiations - Real Estate
  167. What if your plot of land still technically belongs to a Native American?: condominium, agreement - Real Estate
  168. Prescriptive Easement - should I be concerned?: contingency, feedback, investment - Real Estate
  169. Your thoughts on this condo and floor plan (pictures): feedback, duplex, 2014 - Real Estate
  170. How can a lot of people not afford good homes?: mortgage calculator, mortgage - Real Estate
  171. Are gaps between kitchen appliance and counters a red flag ?: countertop, kitchens - Real Estate
  172. Septic-leachfield-city inspection: attorney, contractor, approved, states - Real Estate
  173. Challenging Appraisal?: documentation, agent, mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  174. Making a New Offer on a Property: contingency, new agent, sale - Real Estate
  175. Do smart thermostats increase home value?: negotiation, prices, advantage, Realtor - Real Estate
  176. Going to replace carpet months before sale/does luxury vinyl show well?: tenants, townhouse - Real Estate
  177. Home inspection checklist (for informal DIY inspection): contingency, property, inspector - Real Estate
  178. By laws vs master deed: disclosure, condos, property, lawyer - Real Estate
  179. seeing prices start to fall?: documentation, cheapest, investment - Real Estate
  180. Thougts on buying in Flood zone AE - St Pete, FL?: 2013, insurance - Real Estate
  181. Why are front yards with chain link fences more common in certain parts of town?: property, HOA - Real Estate
  182. Radon high, how well does abatement work?: construction, property, inspector - Real Estate
  183. Dealing with the Ugly houses people: incentive, square foot, foreclosed, investment - Real Estate
  184. HOA Default in Operating Amenities or Am I asking too much?: recommendation, accept - Real Estate
  185. What do you consider weird in a floor plan?: construction, commercial, furniture - Real Estate
  186. Is this house not selling because of the golf course behind it?: prices, properties - Real Estate
  187. Recommendations on good books for a first-time condo/townhouse buyer?: tenant, documentation - Real Estate
  188. Bought home with solar lease but did not assume the lease: contingency, disclosures - Real Estate
  189. California Property Taxes: appraised, 1%, sale, housing - Real Estate
  190. Double sinks in bathrooms?: countertop, landlord, contractor, Realtors - Real Estate
  191. Why is my Zillow estimate rising so quickly?: appraisal, 3%, sales - Real Estate
  192. Received Seller's Disclosure,: disclosures, agent, property, attorney - Real Estate
  193. on offers: agent, price, property, contract - Real Estate
  194. With moratorium ending, more than 8 million households face foreclosure or eviction: mortgage companies, mortgages - Real Estate
  195. Is it too late to start looking for a house?: agent, fee - Real Estate
  196. Buying a house - disclosures and inspections: agent, housing, attorneys - Real Estate
  197. What constitute Acceptance in a contract?: contingencies, appraisal, negotiation - Real Estate
  198. Meet a Few Requirements, and This Lighthouse is Free: building, profit, government - Real Estate
  199. Boxabl - foldable housing modules - Real Estate
  200. News, North Miami Beach orders closure of Crestview Towers Condominium building: Florida, determine - Real Estate