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  33. New York investment firm agrees to pay D.R. Horton $1.5 Billion for 4,000 purpose-built rental homes in the South: 5%, sale - Real Estate
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  93. Creosote poles as foundation for a house?: agents, insurance, construction - Real Estate
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  124. how much do I owe (if at all) to real estate agent??: 3%, commissions
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  131. Real estate commision: incentive, documentation, 2%, agent
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  135. Can provide insight on why people used to be able to afford a decent home and raise a family on a single income?: 8%, mortgage - Real Estate
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  166. Real Estate Photography: sales, realty, price, value
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  172. Florida. How can I sell an inherited house as is for cash sale?: appraisal, 6% - Real Estate
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  194. OpenDoor, Mark Spain,: appraisal, agent, investment, sales - Real Estate
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  196. Absurd House Listings: income tax, prices, value, state - Real Estate
  197. 2023 Real Estate Rant: sales, price, value, investing
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  200. Real Estate Candid Camera: listing