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  66. Hotel: take, stay - Travel
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  123. if you had to leave your country and live in another , which would you choose?: France, Ireland - Travel
  124. Confused-US citizens need passport for Niagara Falls,Canada?: passports, photo, drivers - Travel
  125. Finding a place to live and work as an early 20s year-old African American Earth Science major: restrictions, Colombia - Travel
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  127. self centered relatives and their friends who want to stay at your home: hotel, hotels - Travel
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  132. Has reading this been rejected for the White House tour since 2009?: ideas, gift - Travel
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  136. So...what travel is really so tough to enjoy as you get older?: cruises, rent
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  141. Brazil/Argentina Travel: hotel, hotels, itinerary, airport
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  143. Ideas on how to save money on food when traveling?: camping, hotel
  144. Stay or Pass Through?: attractions, flight, rail, mountain - Travel
  145. Do you change clothing upon arrival?: hotel, vacation, airplane, airports - Travel
  146. Mileage from a somewhat novice traveler: cost, airlines, best
  147. What do you deal with jetlags?: cycle, vacation, plane, best - Travel
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  149. What Do You Make Of That Get Stuck On Traveling To One Place Repeatedly?: Paris, vacation
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  152. Nashville or New Orleans: best, attractions, ideas, trip - Travel
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  154. Gifts for host families and schools: ideas, packages, photography, cheap - Travel
  155. place on your definitely not going list?: Paris, vacation - Travel
  156. How many states and US cities have you been too(with an official population of 100,000 or more): planes, easy - Travel
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  158. Cuba: how can I travel there now?: hotels, vacation, planes
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  164. Is it me or is traveling by Greyhound very tiring?: airplane, best
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  169. Plane Food: cost, hotel, Paris, hotel - Travel
  170. 20yr old daughter is now afraid to fly.: planes, flights, Spain - Travel
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  173. Suggest places for me to visit!: cost, Cuba, Colombia - Travel
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  175. Need to book last min (1mo) flight to Beijing, China. tips on savings for last min intl flights?: hotels, airline - Travel
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  177. Marriott pay bill now: hotel, hotels, price, credit card - Travel
  178. Dealing with hotel incidental holds.: cost, rent, hotels, vacation - Travel
  179. What would you do? Fly or Rental Car from EWR to D.C. area?: cost, hotel - Travel
  180. How could the airline deliberately delay the flight?: cost, hotel, hotel - Travel
  181. know of a good deal for vacation to. Cancun Mexico?: vacations, airports - Travel
  182. How big of a role does a country's history play in your decision to move to or travel to that country?: vacation, France
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  189. Redwoods in norther California - tips?: rental, cycle, hotel - Travel
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  191. Family friendly Green AI resorts near Cancun/Riviera Maya/Playa Del Carmen?: snorkel, inclusive - Travel
  192. Cross Country Road Trip (NC ---> West Coast): Looking to meet cool people: CA, free - Travel
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  199. Route from WA to MI avoiding uphill driving as much as: best, routes - Travel
  200. what is inbound - Travel