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  116. to Americans/Canadians: cost, rental, airlines, best - Travel
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  156. Travel Tips: rental, hotel, cathedral, hotel
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  164. What’s the most expensive holiday/vacation you have been on?: cruise, cost - Travel
  165. circumnavigation of Africa: trip, sailing, old, fishing - Travel
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  175. Niagra Falls late September ?: hotel, hotels, best, trip - Travel
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  177. Luggage/Airport food: plane, airports, best, price - Travel
  178. What would you do if you experienced racist treatment at a restaurant?: vacation, best - Travel
  179. Ramada: hotel, hotels, estate, price - Travel
  180. Another simple Money in Greece: hotel, hotel, vacation, airport - Travel
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  182. Things you did NOT see when you were there': Paris, Amsterdam, plane - Travel
  183. visiting vietnam: cost, cycle, best, review - Travel
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  185. Why don't international travellers who are transiting in the US have to get a visa/visit customers/immigration?: airlines, airports
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  187. travel experiences for Fiji...Tahiti...or Bora Bora?: cruise, hotel, hotels
  188. Random things people have done in our vacation rental: rent, hotel, hotel - Travel
  189. Istanbul Airport: airlines, overnight, flight, luggage - Travel
  190. things you miss about home when traveling: France, Europe, flight
  191. Does ask to see the AAA card anymore?: rentals, hotel - Travel
  192. Do you end up spending a lot of money traveling to places that you don’t care for?: plane, attractions
  193. Refusing a destination based on morals: restrictions, airport, Jordan, cities - Travel
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  199. SeaWorld, Sesame Workshop announce plans to open San Diego-based Sesame Place theme park: Philadelphia, country - Travel
  200. News, Goodyear has listed its iconic blimp on Airbnb for 3 nights only: stay - Travel