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  95. Move to Tax Away (90%) of Bonuses Passes House (bailout money recipients): credit, companies - Economics
  96. Sorry 99.9% employees/brokers execs at AIG: bankrupt, companies, money - Economics
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  100. Car Insurance: company, property, cost, $30,000 - Economics
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  139. Bring Back Debtors Prisons And Poor Houses?: bankruptcy, loan, credit card - Economics
  140. 15 years of artificial success: loan, real estate, credit, debt - Economics
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  143. Will UBS turn over list of secret Swiss account (tax cheat) names?: companies, money - Economics
  144. What Caused Current Financial Crisis?: loans, insurance, credit card, debt - Economics
  145. Lets Start Over: buy, taxes, money, cost - Economics
  146. ok now HERSHEY has gone too far!: buying, company, interest - Economics
  147. nationalize the banks?: sell, companies, money, financial - Economics
  148. Take money out of the bank now?: insurance, union, credit - Economics
  149. Poll: point your finger.: buy, tax, money, investing - Economics
  150. Beware, take care, the repo man: buy, company, property, cost - Economics
  151. The incredible hole of suck that is GM, Ford and Chrysler.: bankruptcy, loan - Economics
  152. is who is at fault: loan, capitalism, contractor, union - Economics
  153. comes the Depression: bankrupt, loans, real estate, credit - Economics
  154. Dodd asks for $500 billion for FDIC: 2014, borrow, buy, interest - Economics
  155. Malls are empty; Walmart is packed: Sears, buy, money, wage - Economics
  156. Where's a Safe place to put your money?: real estate, purchase, interest - Economics
  157. financial advisors ? who to use: insurance, expenses, credit card, debt - Economics
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  167. why the trade deficit does not matter(the Rio Tinto example): capitalism, transaction - Economics
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  170. It's ok to fly (read: Fly and Buy more Planes!): debt, companies - Economics
  171. What Will YOU Sacrifice For The ECONOMY?: insurance, buying, company - Economics
  172. Jim Rogers: Let AIG Go Bankrupt, Not America: bankruptcy, insurance, credit - Economics
  173. Give examples of lowered prices or price points you have seen.: buy, sell - Economics
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  176. Bank Limits Withdrawal???: loan, union, credit card, mortgages - Economics
  177. AIG dumping AIG name, getting rid of bad name karma.: insurance, economy - Economics
  178. about Bank Nationalization: banks, average, withdraw, check - Economics
  179. Why are there ALWAYS obstacles when attempting something new as in a business or making more money?: interest, financial - Economics
  180. Want a good laugh? (Or a good cry?) Check this out!: interest, money - Economics
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  183. Dow 5000, Revisited - Economics
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  186. Return per $1.00 of taxes by state - Economics
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  189. with ?: Australia - Economics
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  191. Monkeys and Bank Bailouts: buy, sell, banks, increase - Economics
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  195. Free Will And Trust Kit From Suze Orman - Economics
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