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  69. NYT: 84% of all stocks are owned by the top 10%: percentage, accounting, debt - Economics
  70. LOL, so we were all wrong, s how much you need for bankers to think you are rich!!: ATM fee, invest - Economics
  71. odd email: union, credit card, money, fees - Economics
  72. There are two tax systems in America, one for the informed, one for the UNinformed. Both are legal: taxable, financial - Economics
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  77. Why not make biodegradable materials mandatory?: companies, money, properties, cost - Economics
  78. Crypto?: transaction, conversion, credit card, buy - Economics
  79. What businesses were headquartered in your city in the 1950's, 60's, or 70's and is now gone?: company, electronic - Economics
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  82. Is there an Automotive Finance Bubble?: bankruptcy, student loan, debt, money - Economics
  83. Americans haven’t been this optimistic about house prices since just before the crash: loans, percentage - Economics
  84. The 1% grabbed 82% of all wealth created in 2017: insurance, calculate, money - Economics
  85. $300,000/yr now what is needed for middle class existance: insurance, deduction, mortgage - Economics
  86. Who can paint a picture of when China dumps its holding of US debt? (beyond the obvious): real estate, borrowing - Economics
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  97. 10 Key Portable Calculator: accountant, companies, economic, economics
  98. Is Bitcoin more like gold than currency? Or more like gold than like Dutch tulips in the 1630s?: transaction, agent - Economics
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  101. Keep getting push out by others?: insurance, retirement plan, percentage, deduction - Economics
  102. Do you think America will ever be able to pay all of its debt?: bankrupt, interest - Economics
  103. Income Needed to be Considered Upper Class.: insurance, buy, tax - Economics
  104. With the fall of Toys R Us and Claire's this month, which other retailers will be next?: insurance, Sears - Economics
  105. Alibaba vs. Amazon, and then what?: transaction, buy, wages, profit - Economics
  106. US-China Trade War Part II: debt, sell, companies, interest - Economics
  107. employer's share of social security tax is a fiction.: insurance, real estate - Economics
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  111. 12% of working Americans say they have the best imaginable job: accounting, paycheck - Economics
  112. It's Official: Fed says homeowner median net worth 44x renter net worth: buy, money - Economics
  113. 'Why should my hard-earned dollars go to feed ?: loans, financial - Economics
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  116. Reduced cash in circulation: transaction, union, credit card, buy - Economics
  117. Housing shortage: Market Failure or Government Failure?: capitalism, interest, taxes - Economics
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  123. People Who Only Care About The Price, Not The Cost: small business, paycheck - Economics
  124. Income economic inequality in the United States - What can be done to close the gap?: transaction, union - Economics
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  133. Paying into a program and get nothing?: bankrupt, insurance, buy - Economics
  134. For or against cashless society without banknotes?: transaction, credit card, buy - Economics
  135. Ladies and Gentlemen, THIS is what tiny houses are all about:: mortgage, buy - Economics
  136. Why are there so many free songs on YouTube?: buy, money, cash - Economics
  137. GOP tax plan ????: deduction, expenses, real estate, purchase - Economics
  138. The Real Economy: capitalism, complaint, free market, debt - Economics
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  140. Stockton,CA - basic income project: expenses, credit, buy, interest - Economics
  141. Is it rightime to invest in stocks?: percentage, expenses, debt - Economics
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  145. How will the GOP Tax Policy affect real estate?: percentage, deduction, credit card - Economics
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  147. The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money.: capitalism, union - Economics
  148. New Marxism: capitalism, small business, union, buy - Economics
  149. Millennials - stop buying sandwiches if you want to afford a home.: complaint, debt - Economics
  150. Long Term Capital Gain Tax Rate Calculation: 2014, deduction, taxable - Economics
  151. The next crash: collection, buy, sell, companies - Economics
  152. bull market 09-17: insurance, percentage, debt, paycheck - Economics
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  163. What's the next / lower housing chained CPI link below SRO: insurance, government - Economics
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  165. Total household wealth = 297K per person?: bankrupt, insurance, retirement plan, tier - Economics
  166. Join the American Resistance - Vive America: bankrupt, millionaire, status - Economics
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  168. Renters More Likely to Be Food Insecure Than Homeowners: tier, millionaire, money - Economics
  169. Was the volatility of bitcoin engineered to diminish its viability for trading?: accounting, company - Economics
  170. Should the USD one-dollar bill be phased out, and a dollar coin replaces it?: transaction, credit - Economics
  171. Amazon Health Care: collection, percentage, union, credit - Economics
  172. why did technology/economy advances occur mostly in the west, 1500AD-2000AD??: companies, interest - Economics
  173. Merit of globalization -- what did America sold more to China in the past 20 years?: 2015, wealthiest - Economics
  174. A reassuring fact: Rising prosperity being felt around the world: interest, income - Economics
  175. If house poor is someone who spends too much on home ownership...: mortgage, property taxes - Economics
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  177. Why relying on donations would never work..and we need welfare: expenses, purchase - Economics
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  181. Should GDP growth due to population growth be removed from economic reports......: transaction, debt - Economics
  182. Is there benefit to purchasing life insurance if you intend to stay single?: accountant, contractor - Economics
  183. Stuffing Money In My 401k: insurance, debt, status, mortgage - Economics
  184. Cities were you can live on min wage: tax, money, financial - Economics
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  196. Richard Thaler Talks About Silly (but Serious) Things: economy, economics, interview
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  198. New federal tax law impacts state tax laws, and potentially not in a good way: taxable, interest - Economics
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  200. Checked my Social Security and 2017 income is reported: interest, job, estimate - Economics