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  57. Darwinism relative to our nation's economic and social wellbeing.: insurance, interest, tax - Economics
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  64. Giving away magazines: Iowa, Oregon, number - Economics
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  66. Inflation is NOT under 2%, what a joke!: retirement plan, calculate, buy - Economics
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  68. THE FED says a rate cut is coming: bankrupt, debt, interest - Economics
  69. Is it easy to be homeless or not?: percentage, millionaire, money - Economics
  70. What is the minimal income to be considered upper middle class????: student loan, real estate - Economics
  71. What would happen if the US went back to the gold standard?: conversion, debt - Economics
  72. Trump tweets that he favors zero or negative interest rates: percentage, pension - Economics
  73. The European Central Bank commits to negative interest rates for years to come: percentage, purchase - Economics
  74. Why Do Closed-End Funds Lose Value So Quickly: buy, sell, money - Economics
  75. New research: The U.S. economy will need more immigrants soon: debt, buy - Economics
  76. Moronic level keeps going lower - US president calls for zero/negative rates: loan, real estate - Economics
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  80. What law of economics is this?: union, money, wages, cost
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  82. World Debt Now at $250 Trillion -- Economy On A Knife Edge: interest, money - Economics
  83. Energy Dominance? At what cost.: buying, sell, interest, money - Economics
  84. Why is the British Pound more valuable, expensive than the Euros?: transaction, conversion - Economics
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  95. China vs. U.S. economics: 2013, debt, status, buy
  96. I would like to close my bank account and move funds to a a high yield account: loans, union - Economics
  97. Uber $5.2 Billion Loss: accounting, expenses, buy, company - Economics
  98. Cookie Cutter Builder (e.g., Ryan homes, ) are a joke and overpriced: buy, company - Economics
  99. Minimum wage rate's effect upon USA's living standards.: wages, cost, benefits - Economics
  100. So how bad is it going to get?: percentage, debt, borrowing - Economics
  101. Why So Little Sympathy For Laid Off Retail Workers?: companies, money, layoffs - Economics
  102. Everything is Cool 😎: accounting, debt, buying, sell - Economics
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  104. Ready for a Commerical Real Estate Crackup?: 2015, small business, debt - Economics
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  106. So few people know that 2009 was a normal housing market: real estate, pension - Economics
  107. Business cycle expansions are getting longer over time: debt, money, banks - Economics
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  111. What year in America's history did the middle class not struggle financially using today's middle class lifestyle?: bankrupt, student loan - Economics
  112. Social Class: What exactly does educated mean?: student loan, insurance, union - Economics
  113. random economic and demographic data...: collection, 2015, buy, interest - Economics
  114. US Decline: student loan, capitalism, tax, money - Economics
  115. Wal-Mart to roll out thousands of robots to replace workers: companies, wage - Economics
  116. Where to Staple W2 in 2018 Federal Tax Form 1040: W-2, Ohio - Economics
  117. Creating 50k passive income: bankrupt, insurance, expenses, millionaire - Economics
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  123. honestly I ask: Why is Herman Cain unqualified for a FED position?: real estate, mortgage - Economics
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  125. I’m interested in following this woman’s footsteps: expenses, credit card, mortgage - Economics
  126. The Eonomy (GNP) is Three Times as Big as in My Teen Years; so Why Can't I Live Just as Well Working 1/3 as Much?: tier, debt - Economics
  127. From an economics standpoint, what do you think would be the best thing for me to do?: deduction, buy
  128. Goldman Sachs Again...Cuts Rank and File Bonus Pay by 20% due to ONLY ONE QUARTER OF missed earnings...Trend?: credit card, money - Economics
  129. Why do people think the economy is still bad? [MERGED]: student loan, 2014 - Economics
  130. 35% of Prime Working Age Men Living at Home - U.S. society headed towards Destabilization: student loan, 2014 - Economics
  131. Bernie Sanders and Tax: loans, percentage, deduction, millionaire - Economics
  132. Easiest countries to get rich: millionaire, real estate, buy, company - Economics
  133. You can't own more than $2000 worth of stuff to qualify for SSI: insurance, pension - Economics
  134. Contracts really needed?: company, corporation, work, paying - Economics
  135. The Federal Income Tax Share paid by the Top 1% is at an All-Time High: tier, debt - Economics
  136. Major difference in tax refund?: loan, deduction, withholding, credit - Economics
  137. Trying to choose between two vehicles. frugal advice?: IRA, buy, money - Economics
  138. IRS Can Drive A Person Nuts: refund, complaint, taxes, deposit - Economics
  139. The 2017 Tax Cut - Jobs Act: refund, complaint, deduction, withholding - Economics
  140. How can you realistically believe the government is not going to take the 401K funds?: IRA, taxable - Economics
  141. W2s and 1099s Delivered By Jan. 31: interest, tax return, payment - Economics
  142. Can someone explain how this 0 fed taxes thing?: 2014, calculate - Economics
  143. Stick A Fork In It - It's Done! Payless Shoes Closing All Stores: buy, sales - Economics
  144. Fed Chairman Powell: Federal Gov't. on Unsustainable Fiscal Path: bankrupt, insurance, debt - Economics
  145. Warren Buffett discusses ‘disaster’ contributing to high tax state exodus on CNBC interview: debt, pension - Economics
  146. Price shock, the best investment of my life or what to believe: real estate, buy - Economics
  147. Is Japan like Sweden?: insurance, property taxes, property, income - Economics
  148. The difference between Supply Side theory and Demand Side theory: 2013, union - Economics
  149. 20,000 jobs added in February 180,000 expected: accounting, borrowing, companies, interest - Economics
  150. The USPS is gonna be repaced in 3 2 1: union, agent, tax return - Economics
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  152. What retirement crisis?: retirement plan, 2015, expenses, mortgage - Economics
  153. housing inflation and retirement: 2015, real estate, mortgage, buy - Economics
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  155. Rumors of the economic expansion’s death have been greatly exaggerated.: mortgage, interest - Economics
  156. To Sell? Or not to Sell?: insurance, expenses, credit card, debt - Economics
  157. If I Don't Owe Taxes But File Late, Such As Later This Year Of 2019, Due To A Situation, Will I Get Penalties?: loan, accountant - Economics
  158. Productivity increase secret: transaction, companies, interest, make money - Economics
  159. Day Trading: buying, money, financial, investing - Economics
  160. USA no longer the world's most competitive economy, but at least its better than Australia: interest, number - Economics
  161. Trade War: Why do we rely on China so much for Manufacturing?: debt, status - Economics
  162. Is this a sign of peak employment (bad gig-workers)?: accountant, credit, company - Economics
  163. capitalism is irredeemable: free market, taxes, money, property - Economics
  164. Why is it that certain countries have to pay much more than others?: buy, sell - Economics
  165. Too much in tax deferred?: retirement plan, calculate, tier, IRA - Economics
  166. Corporate America unable to rely on the Millenial consumer: student loan, debt, pension - Economics
  167. Why doesn't Denmark just use the Euro?: union, status, bank - Economics
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  169. How many make over $1 Million a year in the US?: millionaires, paycheck - Economics
  170. When Two Banks Merge: loans, buy, money, Wells Fargo - Economics
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  172. Zombie economy: bankruptcy, loans, creditor, debt - Economics
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  178. Is Walmart doing ok?: insurance, percentage, companies, tax - Economics
  179. A city newspapers entire staff fired: Sears, buy, companies, interest - Economics
  180. HBO Documentary on the 2008 meltdown: student loan, retirement plan, debt, mortgages - Economics
  181. How do fast food chains maintain similar prices in high COL cities?: buy, company - Economics
  182. Well Trump Just opened his yap again. Get ready for a big down day in stocks tomorrow (May 6): buy, sell - Economics
  183. Money savings age.: credit card, taxes, financial, bank - Economics
  184. U.S. Worker Productivity Advances at Best Rate Since 2010: companies, tax, money - Economics
  185. Why Doesn't The USPS Offer Customers a Virtual Mailbox?: insurance, credit card, sell - Economics
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  194. PBS video: Trump's trade war: debt, status, buy, companies - Economics
  195. 15 Year Long Term Employee caught stealing and problems. What to do?: complaint, sell - Economics
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  197. Scams!: loan, 2013, borrowing, company - Economics
  198. Charges on card - Economics
  199. Predict the next retailer to go out of business: bankruptcy - Economics
  200. “A trade policy that can waive your grandmother's piano through the border.: agent, purchase - Economics