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  127. Anti Trust: union, buying, companies, money - Economics
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  131. Well, thank goodness I was overlimit.: collection, complaint, credit card, american express - Economics
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  136. T-Bills: loans, collection, wholesale, debt - Economics
  137. Pay To Pray, If You Don't?: insurance, collection, refund - Economics
  138. Labor Unions- GM: credit, buy, company, interest - Economics
  139. America Debt: - $22 trillion: credit, buy, sell, interest - Economics
  140. commoditization of America: student loan, insurance, tier, contractor - Economics
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  149. The US has a Centrally Planned Economy now that the Soviets would have been jealous of.: transaction, real estate - Economics
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  158. I can officially state that in a real estate bubble: loans, 2013 - Economics
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  166. 2019 tax return.: accountant, deduction, withholding, credit - Economics
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  170. Reasonably addressing income inequality - Dan Price - Is he showing its and what are the results of himDoingIt?: capitalism, 2015 - Economics
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  192. Most U.S. jobs are now held by women - Economics
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