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  92. Roubini: More Than $1 Trillion Needed to Solve Housing Crisis: loans, real estate, credit - Economics
  93. Wachovia to loses $9 Billion: to cut 6,350 jobs: sell, companies, interest - Economics
  94. Current Projections Show Inflation (CPI) Will Be At ~ 8% By Year End: loan, capitalism - Economics
  95. Starbucks is downsizing more than coffee shops.: real estate, sell, company - Economics
  96. Why do prices at the pump rise the minute crude does...but then take weeks to come down when crude drops?: wholesale, free market - Economics
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  121. Fed: buy, company, interest, tax - Economics
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  136. General feelings on economic woes, compared to previous rough times: retirement plan, credit card - Economics
  137. Food prices out of control?: expenses, credit, debt, mortgages - Economics
  138. I never realized how profitable AIDS was.: insurance, interest, make money - Economics
  139. News, gas stations banning credit cards.: transaction, percentage, buy - Economics
  140. MEXICO PESO worth MORE then US $$$$$: debt, companies, interest, money - Economics
  141. News, Ohio station advertises gas for $9.09 a gallon.: cost, analysis, prediction - Economics
  142. Seen the new Amway Commercials?: credit card, buy, sell, companies - Economics
  143. GM offering 0% loans--up to 6 years: debt, buy, companies, interest - Economics
  144. $5 gas and $150 oil a done deal: purchase, cost, analysis, job - Economics
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  146. The future according to Ray Kurzweil: loans, buy, sell, companies - Economics
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  148. Personal Ethanol production under way. To hell with big oil!: free market, paycheck - Economics
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  151. Check your banks finicial status and ratings,: insurance, union, credit - Economics
  152. Economic effect of Iran War: debt, sell, money, cost - Economics
  153. T. Boone Pickens commercials? Who is curious?: interest, tax, make money - Economics
  154. Could the Congress, Federal Reserve and The President really lower the cost of oil if they really tried?: purchase, companies - Economics
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  156. Recession is GOOD for this country: free market, real estate, credit, debt - Economics
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  167. Ermm...kind of a weird ..about drugs.: buy, sell, tax - Economics
  168. Hennecke speaks: credit, debt, buy, interest - Economics
  169. $5.00 Ice Cream Cones, $7.00 Coffees, $9.00 Beers and $30 Lunches, HOW and WHY?: credit card, buy - Economics
  170. Starbucks to cut up to 12,000 jobs, close 600 stores: company, interest, money - Economics
  171. Apple a fad?: percentage, buy, sell, companies - Economics
  172. news, Utah goes to 4-day workweek to save energy.: conversion, union, expenses - Economics
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  174. Retail Financing: loans, collection, real estate, credit card - Economics
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