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  60. Natural-gas prices have dropped more than 65% since mid-December: wholesale, contractor, buy - Economics
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  70. U.S. Employment Is Booming and Consumers Are Spending: contractor, credit card, debt - Economics
  71. [Serious] Discussion for HR professionals: status, company, employment, jobs - Economics
  72. The main result of the Student Loan Program Pause is that borrowers used the pause to take on more debt.: bankrupt, credit card - Economics
  73. Record home prices and now 30 year rates 7% +, FAIL: mortgages, buying, sell - Economics
  74. Northwest European family structures are at an economic disadvantage now: student loan, expenses - Economics
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  78. Economics & Housing in Hawaii: free market, status, buying, companies
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  80. United Van Lines-which states are losing more folks than are moving in from other states?: percentage, companies - Economics
  81. Economists Are Cutting Back Their Recession Expectations: percentage, buy, interest - Economics
  82. Just 8% of new cars cost under $30,000, down from 38% before the pandemic: student loan, complaint - Economics
  83. Why can’t most people accept the fact that it is extremely difficult to earn a lot of money?: IRA, buy - Economics
  84. Taylor Swift's impact on the economy has caught the eye of the Fed: interest, money - Economics
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  88. Nowhere to hide: percentage, real estate, credit card, debt - Economics
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  90. McDonalds closes US offices 3 days to handle layoffs virtually: status, buy, company - Economics
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  92. Accountant negativity about Roth IRA: insurance, taxable, credit, pension - Economics
  93. The Banking Crisis: insurance, accounting, free market, credit - Economics
  94. Just how bad is the corporate debt and bank debt?: bankruptcy, loans - Economics
  95. Never got out of the 2008 recession?: millionaire, debt, company, interest - Economics
  96. Should pension fund managers focus on their fiduciary duty, or should they be allowed to promote ESG/SJ?: insurance, judgment - Economics
  97. Bare Minimum Mondays.: credit, buy, companies, work - Economics
  98. A Tale of 2 Economies.: real estate, credit, interest, money - Economics
  99. Need to drive up unemployment to get inflation under control: borrow, interest - Economics
  100. Social security - increase in FRA: benefits, government, average - Economics
  101. Inflation components: Food, Core Services, Core Goods, Energy: loan, insurance, debt - Economics
  102. Why Indian Immigrants Become Rich and Raise Successful Kids: visa, interest, money - Economics
  103. First Republic next domino to fall: free market, tax, money, financial - Economics
  104. A big shock.: percentage, expenses, buy, interest - Economics
  105. Inflation warriors: insurance, accountant, free market, buy - Economics
  106. I worked 2 years in US. SS retirements benefits?: insurance, pension, company - Economics
  107. Interest Rate Guessing Game: What will the Fed do at their March 21-22 meeting?: credit, banks - Economics
  108. Someone bought 300 tons of gold: credit, buy, money, financial - Economics
  109. People are buying I Bonds like crazy: refund, deduction, credit - Economics
  110. King Dollar?: conversion, debt, buy, interest - Economics
  111. What's your plan?: real estate, interest, properties, income - Economics
  112. best way to learn economics: free market, dollar, residence, how to
  113. How is inflation calculated?: insurance, wholesale, percentage, money - Economics
  114. 401K Losses Tax Deduction: retirement plan, money, income, paying - Economics
  115. Could the 2019 economy have continued if the pandemic had not happened?: tier, debt - Economics
  116. 80.000.000,00 profit a day.: bankrupt, expenses, free market, company - Economics
  117. Why aren't major banks raising CD rates?: buy, interest, money - Economics
  118. ALDI Price Adjustment: refund, purchase, qualify, dollars - Economics
  119. Current Stagflation should be transitory: loan, transaction, accounting, union - Economics
  120. Personal Umbrella Policy - Worth it?: insurance, judgment, agent, buy - Economics
  121. Get Cash Now: union, credit, money, financial - Economics
  122. Inflation Has Crossed The Line!: buy, companies, government, dollar - Economics
  123. Is it Inflation ?? Or Corporate Greed ??: loans, 2015, percentage, credit card - Economics
  124. Interest Rates Are Up, But...: loans, credit, borrow, mortgage rates - Economics
  125. climate emergency: accounting, sell, company, interest - Economics
  126. How many people do not have bank account?: percentage, union, expenses - Economics
  127. Too late to get Home Flipping?: contractor, agent, real estate, purchase - Economics
  128. Will birthrates plummet with massive inflation?: money, cost, dollars, exam - Economics
  129. Avoiding Family Conflict in Estate Matter: expenses, interest, tax, money - Economics
  130. Help collecting on a life insurance policy: companies, benefits, employment - Economics
  131. owning two residences - taxes: taxable, paychecks, buy, sell - Economics
  132. Why is there a huge disconnect of mainstream economists vs independent economists and government lies?: debt, buying - Economics
  133. Worker productivity(output) has completely collapsed. Big problem.: companies, tax, wages - Economics
  134. How could NOT think we are in a housing bubble?: loans, real estate - Economics
  135. Lottery problem: If a powerball ticket winning combo was ever 1-2-3-4-5-(6) and jackpot is split: purchase, interest - Economics
  136. Hedge Fund Manager say U.S. has 35% Chance of Civil War--I wish I disagreed: sell, companies - Economics
  137. Ukraine and our economic future: credit, debt, interest, money - Economics
  138. Business sold and nothing in writing?: insurance, paycheck, purchase, sell - Economics
  139. Is a 2023 Recession Inevitable?: mortgages, buying, money, property - Economics
  140. What happens if China has their citizens to pull money out of US?: buy, sell - Economics
  141. Third of households making $250k or more living paycheck to paycheck: mortgage, property tax - Economics
  142. Quantitative Tightening begins today: student loan, debt, purchase, interest - Economics
  143. Cashout refi's keeping house of cards together?: student loan, credit card, debt - Economics
  144. Has inflation peaked?: buy, sell, companies, salary - Economics
  145. economic i think: buy, companies, money, property - Economics
  146. Almost everyone confused a supply shock w/actual recovery.: wholesale, buying, money - Economics
  147. Strippers say 'Recession is guaranteed'; Strip clubs are suddenly empty~!: real estate, make money - Economics
  148. June 2008 vs June 2022 - Similarities and differences: student loan, 2013, real estate - Economics
  149. Interesting idea for property taxes: mortgage, buy, sell, properties - Economics
  150. eBay vs Etsy: small business, transaction, percentage, refund - Economics
  151. Did you ever recover unclaimed money on line?: insurance, refund, company - Economics
  152. Do You Have Excess Savings?: expenses, debt, money - Economics
  153. Is a slower job market desirable?: loans, interest, money, wages - Economics
  154. How the strengthening US Dollar is causing worldwide pain: safest, buy, sell - Economics
  155. Federal deficit fell by $1.4 trillion.: loan, credit, debt, status - Economics
  156. Japan is cheap!: real estate, debt, interest, taxes - Economics
  157. Is price of chicken wing a good indicator of inflation: collection, wholesale - Economics
  158. Is $200k salary the new $100k?: expenses, money, financial, cost - Economics
  159. What if a new paper currency were introduced that was deliberately indexed to 1 unit = 1 Gallon gasoline guaranteed?: debt, buy - Economics
  160. Nepotism is the biggest problem facing economy: small business, union, debt - Economics
  161. AA: Amazon Anonymous?: Sears, amex, buy, sell - Economics
  162. How often does Gen Z balance their checkbooks?: transaction, paycheck, money - Economics
  163. OPEC meeting tomorrow to announce production cuts: capitalism, divorced, costs - Economics
  164. What happens to Twitter short sellers ?: borrow, buy, company, closing - Economics
  165. Lauren Southern claims $100,000 Canadian isn't enough to live on: loans, conversion, expenses - Economics
  166. When this debt bubble bursts, the governments/central banks will not be able to print quickly enough: loan, real estate - Economics
  167. Inflation fallout....: insurance, expenses, buy, sell - Economics
  168. Can supply/demand economics explain Black Friday madness?: credit card, buy, tax
  169. Making out a will: legal advice, money, property, bank - Economics
  170. Will Modern Monetary Theory Prevail?: tier, buying, sell, money - Economics
  171. Fed is responsible for this: borrow, mortgage rates, interest, money - Economics
  172. The wage war will end in Switzerland level COL for America: union, real estate - Economics
  173. Looks like the FED just hiked rates by .75 basis points today: debt, mortgage rates - Economics
  174. Would you rather live in a bad area (Detroit, ) or be homeless in a world-class city (LA/NYC/SF)?: financial, work - Economics
  175. 2023 going to be 1980 part II ?: buy, interest, money, wage - Economics
  176. What Recession? Job Report Shows Red Hot Labor Market: transaction, real estate, credit card - Economics
  177. AMZN raises warehouse workers wages from $18 to $19: contractor, companies, taxes - Economics
  178. Why aren’t there locked prepaid interest personal loans?: transaction, debt, borrowing - Economics
  179. Who is more cautious with spending in your household?: millionaire, credit, buy - Economics
  180. I hate Venmo. Change my mind.: transaction, refund, credit card, american express - Economics
  181. can someone explain in plain English why rent has gone up so much: insurance, 2014 - Economics
  182. AmEx & Amazon, have we become them?: small business, american express, buy - Economics
  183. Capitalism is greed: transaction, buy, sell, tax - Economics
  184. Tiktok careers: 2015, company, interest, money - Economics
  185. Holding a Child’s Mortgage - What problems could we face: loans, insurance - Economics
  186. Big Daddy Is Coming Back - Increase In IRS Auditing Power: 2015, small business - Economics
  187. The Federal Reserve needs to be disbanded and the Banking industry curbed for America's working class: transaction, free market - Economics
  188. Total economic collapse imminent: paycheck, pension, wage, benefits - Economics
  189. Homeowners Insurance up 20%: agent, companies, costs, deductible - Economics
  190. What is the average cost to have an attorney do a will?: buy, interest - Economics
  191. Winning a large settlement and hiding money: transaction, taxable, tax - Economics
  192. Inflation control: visa, borrowing, buy, interest - Economics
  193. Why are salaries and prices MUCH Lower in China, Philippines, Korea, India compared to USA?: insurance, small business - Economics
  194. FedEx founder: When you make work optional, your economy stagnates: student loan, percentage - Economics
  195. Effects of the Minimum Wage on the Non-Profit Sector: expenses, financial, wages - Economics
  196. Scams that can separate you from your money: employee, economic, economics
  197. Warren Buffett ...: bill - Economics
  198. Fed raises interest rate again but hints it may pause due to bank turmoil: economy - Economics
  199. Continuing Claims Up 31% since May Low: unemployment, jobs, increase, market - Economics
  200. IRS Raises Interest Rates: money, government, increase - Economics