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  20. List the top 5 most high octane sports in your opinion: football, soccer
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  32. All sports, explained
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  40. Los Angeles sports fans: soccer, playoff, won, league
  41. Golf Equipment: ball, school, best - Sports
  42. Weightlifting in the 2020 Olympics: record, world - Sports
  43. popularity of track and field events: athletics, champions, olympic, sport - Sports
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  45. So I Made This Deal With God ...: basketball, professional, star - Sports
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  47. Skipping college and going straight to the pros: football, basketball, baseball - Sports
  48. Wisconsin basketball assistant coach injured in crash, wife & daughter killed: league, sport - Sports
  49. The fastest high school sprinter in America is a senior at Strake Jesuit: champion, olympic - Sports
  50. A college gymnast broke both her legs attempting a blind landing: sport, Tigers - Sports
  51. Niners Vs Saints: Greatest Game of All time...: football, playoff, champions - Sports
  52. 2 largest in-state public rivalries in BOTH football & B'all: basketball, sport, Rams - Sports
  53. Is sprinting from 3pt stance, or off blocks really the best way to measure speed: record, NFL - Sports
  54. Overweight college softball players: football, baseball, coach, sport - Sports
  55. Can someone explain to me the differences in cleats for each team sport, and how it affects performance: football, soccer - Sports
  56. Does posting about Sports on TV need a separate fourm?: golf, ESPN
  57. How Venus Willams changed the course of tennis: star, athletic, sport - Sports
  58. Will Mexico City ever get a pro sports team?: soccer, hockey, leagues
  59. Cristiano ronaldo and family wear hard hats as juventus star visits site of his new marrakesh hotel - Sports
  60. Cristiano ronaldo admits the need to continually prove himself has become tiring: champions, league - Sports
  61. Michelle Jenneke identity: olympics, race - Sports
  62. Nice to see Tiger winning: golf, professional, sport, win - Sports
  63. Which athlete are you currently most interested in? For me it's Katelyn Tuohy.: sport, records - Sports
  64. ESPN Magazine: Tiger Woods, olympics, snowboard - Sports
  65. Does the National Media Hate Teams Outside of NYC, L.A., Boston and Chicago Winning Titles?: playoffs, hockey - Sports
  66. VR Seats: basketball, pro, sport, Yankees - Sports
  67. on pro kabaddi?: sport, Raiders, players - Sports
  68. I’m pretty much done watching sports: football, baseball, Heat
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  72. NBA League History: Winning Percentage Over Time for Active NBA Teams: watch - Sports
  73. Binoculars: sport, Wild, events, best - Sports
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  75. Medical respirator mask for sports fans?: football, soccer, basketball, baseball
  76. College softball forums?: sport, record, fans - Sports
  77. Simona Halep back to World #1 again over Wozniacki!!!: star, tennis, fan - Sports
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  79. Keith Jackson dead at 89: football, NASCAR, legend, race - Sports
  80. Streaming Baseball: football, soccer, hockey, leagues - Sports
  81. Best way for a skier to transfer to snowboarding: ticket, better - Sports
  82. Ashley Wagner rips into judges after 4th-place finish at U.S. Figure Skating Championships: olympics, silver medal - Sports
  83. Guys, would you have a problem tackling a female football player?: tackle, ball - Sports
  84. What individual sports do you play/watch/like?: football, coach, golf
  85. Best sports rivalries of the past 20 years?: football, playoffs, league
  86. Why is football such a big deal in the south?: coach, pro - Sports
  87. Why grab the board/ski during aerials?: sport, snowboard, athlete - Sports
  88. Online Golf Resources: America, game, watching, time - Sports
  89. Belmont Stakes tomorrow: are you watching?: tickets, sport, Stars, race - Sports
  90. This upcoming World Cup surely like the most interesting to happen: champions, sport - Sports
  91. News, Oregon golf course training goats to be caddies: ball, games, players - Sports
  92. A sub Reddit for extreme sports? or nay?: popularity
  93. Charity golf event--Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods: watch, better - Sports
  94. Wallball - (one-wall Handball): finals, olympic, sport, people - Sports
  95. Opening Ceremony Asian Games 2018: sport, people, watch, mascots - Sports
  96. TV sports while locked down: golf, wrestler, professional, drag racing
  97. Will skateboarding ever get mainstream again?: professional, sport, world - Sports
  98. Womens Wimbledon Today: game, men, best - Sports
  99. Olympic Star Describes the Agony of COVID-19: gold medal, medal, athlete - Sports
  100. There Should Be Zero Doubt Now That Fed/Nad/Djo Are the Best 3 Ever.....: won, fan - Sports
  101. Get in the hole! Guy: tickets, golf, fans - Sports
  102. Federer vs. Nadal vs. Djokovic 5 Years from Now: olympic, gold medal, medals - Sports
  103. Tentacles of Olympic cancellation would reach around globe: ticket, olympics, sport - Sports
  104. Do you think smaller cities with much less to do have more rabid fans than large metro areas?: fan, sport - Sports
  105. BBs made of what material are least harmful to the environment?: best - Sports
  106. What has been your strangest sport related injury?: football, soccer, baseball - Sports
  107. Shouldn't Tsitsipas Be on The Big Four NextGen List???: star, won, world - Sports
  108. Pastranas Ceasars jump: sport, Bears, race, game - Sports
  109. The Olympics of Yesteryear: baseball, hockey, professional, boxing - Sports
  110. Where to buy this hang-gliding boat - Sports
  111. Siberian Face Slapping: sport, watch - Sports
  112. Sports Leagues Leak Their Return Ideas: tennis, time
  113. 2018 Isle of Man TT claims first death.: race, watching - Sports
  114. Enzo amore - Sports
  115. Why Metal Cleats in Contact Sports?: league, players
  116. The Fall of the NFL: football, soccer, baseball, tickets - Sports
  117. Golf...shooting your age: pro, sport, events, people - Sports
  118. Do you know what the difference is between the NBA, NFL and MLB is?: hockey, professional - Sports
  119. America's Best Sports Cities 2020: baseball, fan, MLB, NHL
  120. Rugby World Cup: football, finals, sport, Wild - Sports
  121. California governor sign bill for N.C.A.A. athletes to be paid: football, basketball - Sports
  122. When you dislike a team, is it because of the players/coaches or their fans?: ticket, playoffs - Sports
  123. Renaming teams because someone finds them offensive: hockey, jersey, champions - Sports
  124. NFL Player Hits Another With Helmet In Fight: football, sport, quarterback - Sports
  125. What teams do you support?: football, basketball, baseball, coach - Sports
  126. Nature v nurture in black v other sports: footballers, soccer, basketball
  127. What do pro athletes do after they retire at such young age (40s or 30s)?: football, basketball - Sports
  128. Best athlete ever.: shoes, athletics, olympic, gold medal - Sports
  129. 8 years after Penn State scandal - Mike McQueary still unemployed: football, professional - Sports
  130. 2020 Australian Open tennis: won, record, fight, game - Sports
  131. Why can't NCAA and NBA just play without fans in the stands?: basketball, coach - Sports
  132. Life is going on fine without sports: football, professional, NASCAR
  133. General you grew up a fan of one team....: basketball, baseball - Sports
  134. What is your favorite movie for each of the 4 major sports in the U.S.?: football, basketball
  135. Sports Radio - What will they talk about?: soccer, baseball, golf
  136. Why does Track & Field have hurdles, and relays, but no Shuttle run, or Zig Zag course: football, athletic - Sports
  137. looking forward to Wrestlemania?: wrestling, pro, champion, fan - Sports
  138. Who will replace Tom Brady?: football, coach, draft, boxing - Sports
  139. How do pro athletes find housing (minor, major, top flight, second tier): soccer, baseball - Sports
  140. would you keep a valuable MLB HR ball?: baseball, tickets, league - Sports
  141. Golf Walking: tennis, sport, game, school - Sports
  142. This Year's Sports Champions (2018): football, soccer, basketball, baseball
  143. What's the 2nd most prestigious sport in international competition?: soccer, basketball, golf - Sports
  144. Australian Open Tennis 2019: professional, champion, sport, best - Sports
  145. Roger Bannister: First person to run a mile in under four minutes dies: athletics, sport - Sports
  146. French Open tennis 2018 and clay court season: won, sport, record - Sports
  147. ESPN is on serious drugs...: soccer, baseball, hockey, star - Sports
  148. Serena Williams fined $17,000 for outburst: coach, umpire, won, sport - Sports
  149. I just found out that the super bowl is not the most watched annual sports event in the world: football, champions
  150. Pay per view golf? 9mm prize for Tiger or Phil?: Tiger Woods, wrestling - Sports
  151. Modern players, original sports equipment: football, soccer, basketball, baseball
  152. the Nfl is going downhill: football, baseball, league, sport - Sports
  153. Why is the US so isolated from international competition in sports in general?: football, soccer
  154. Wimbledon 2018...Tennis: champion, sport, America, win - Sports
  155. college World Series paying ?: baseball, coach, draft - Sports
  156. US Open 2018 Tennis: umpire, star, champion, won - Sports
  157. Are New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Dallas the only relevant sports cities in the country?: football, professional
  158. Women's sports and men's sports: football, soccer, basketball, baseball
  159. How many fans still care about a sport after their team is eliminated?: football, soccer - Sports
  160. What are the greatest runs (longevity) in sports history for you?: football, basketball
  161. 2018 Winter Olympics: hockey, sport, record, games - Sports
  162. Wimbledon 2019 Tennis: golf, dark horse, sport, game - Sports
  163. US Open Series 2019 Tennis: won, sport, America, Stars - Sports
  164. university sport in USA: footballer, basketball, baseball, draft - Sports
  165. 2018 Horse Racing: football, won, sport, record - Sports
  166. Who do you think is the greatest coach/dynasty in All of sports?: football, soccer
  167. 2019 Horse Racing: sport, Knicks, race, game - Sports
  168. Does America need more sports and more sports teams?: football, soccer, basketball
  169. Horse Racing... What's to do?: ticket, won, sport, America - Sports
  170. Should the Olympic Games be held at a permanent site? Where?: president, olympics - Sports
  171. NL, AL, NFC, AFC: How much do they matter?: football, baseball, coach - Sports
  172. French Open 2019 tennis: basketball, star, finals, won - Sports
  173. Are the Olympics broken beyond repair?: sport, team, games - Sports
  174. Kentucky Derby - fastest horse disqualified, 2nd over the line wins: president, champion - Sports
  175. World Cycling: sport, race, watch - Sports
  176. World Champion Snowboarder Drowns.: athletes, greatest - Sports
  177. Best Hispanic athletes - Sports
  178. NBA to Use High-Tech Rings to Help Detect COVID-19: champions, sport, Rams - Sports
  179. a new women's cycling world champion (er, ah... ) - Sports
  180. e-sports with the One and Done college application: professional, America, Stars
  181. Russia, cheating for glory: sport - Sports
  182. Interesting story about Little league: sport, Kings - Sports
  183. Favorite team sports (without subforums
  184. As of December 2019, Nadal has won 19 slams, Federer 20. What next? - Sports
  185. Breeders Classic: won, race - Sports
  186. Ryan Leaf interview on Eisen Show: league, ESPN, sport, game - Sports
  187. Wrestler Sailor White: how someone stole his cocaine by distracting him with a cockroach - Sports
  188. NCAA to allow athletes to cash in on their fame - Sports
  189. Refs Do Have Biases Towards Certain Teams: won, league, NBA - Sports
  190. Have you Tried TT Flex: uniform, tennis, sport, America - Sports
  191. Table Tennis Accessories!: shoes, champions, popularity, ball - Sports
  192. Sports Data Provider Suggestions
  193. Decathlon WR Broken: athletics, record, Europe, Athletics - Sports
  194. Laxpower: school, people - Sports
  195. Matt Millen leaves broadcast booth for health reasons: football, sport - Sports
  196. Who Like Kobe?: basketball, golf, Tiger Woods, hockey - Sports
  197. Why dont Field Hockey use a longer stick?: sport, ball, game - Sports
  198. Could Table Tennis Robot will help to Improve Performance??: coach, balls, America - Sports
  199. Did you see that the infamous Rosie Ruiz died last year?: won, Heat - Sports
  200. Quite the irony....: soccer, sport, man - Sports