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  68. baby got 1st HEP B vaccine, but now I have decided against it. Is it OK to stop ?: method, legal - Parenting
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  70. Kid freaked out by scary movie...I mean REALLY freaked out.: wife, girls - Parenting
  71. I have no words: infant, child, health, childhood - Parenting
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  74. Nickelodeon: cartoon, teens, toddlers, parents - Parenting
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  84. 9 month old behind on milestones: teenage, infant, toys, parents - Parenting
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  89. DD draws on everything: ideas, teens, support, toddler - Parenting
  90. List 2 Regrets and 2 Proud things about your parenting: daycare, ADHD, SAHM
  91. Do you let your child go on spring break? Alone?: party, parents - Parenting
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  93. shoplifting incident: punishments, teens, games, parents - Parenting
  94. Saying Sir or Mam When Speaking to Adults: teaching, parents - Parenting
  95. what do you do when your 3 year old says things like....: cartoon, ideas - Parenting
  96. At what age do you think kids should be dressing themselves?: parents, appropriate - Parenting
  97. How to stop speedrs onmy street? Is there way?: ideas, teenager - Parenting
  98. Angry parent-in-law: deadbeat, divorced, support, parents - Parenting
  99. News, Son sues mother for Facebook harassment: custody, teenager, parents - Parenting
  100. Really? A cell phone for a 9 year old?: parents, wife, appropriate - Parenting
  101. Why do people have kids when they can't afford it?: baby, single parents - Parenting
  102. News, Breastfeeding rooms hidden in health care law.: breast milk, baby, appropriate - Parenting
  103. At what age do you think a kid should move out on their own?: support, parents - Parenting
  104. Who is tired of the Duggars?: wife, children, friends - Parenting
  105. News, Study: Spanking Kids Leads to More Aggressive Behavior.: legal, punishment, toddlers - Parenting
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  109. Schedule for Potty Training: day care, parents, wife, boy - Parenting
  110. babies and sunlight: ideas, diabetes, average, parent - Parenting
  111. News, Kicked out for breastfeeding? A St. Paul mother takes issue with the treatment she got at restaurant.: lawsuit, legally - Parenting
  112. Do you ever have trouble your kids date of birth?: daughter, grandmother - Parenting
  113. Why is this company selling condoms to 12 year olds?: pills, support, pregnancy - Parenting
  114. Does Homosexuality still bother you?: teaching, support, parents, appropriate - Parenting
  115. big family birthday meals-solution: party, ideas, meal, teens - Parenting
  116. Giving our children a sense of importance: day care, ideas, meal - Parenting
  117. Relocating and leaving one child with one parent: divorced, parents, wife - Parenting
  118. keeping child occupied: ideas, games, parent, appropriate - Parenting
  119. Phone call from the principal: parents, daughter, classes, school - Parenting
  120. held back a kindergarten child?: baby, support, parents, boys - Parenting
  121. Stepson is very disrespectful: stepmom, custody, legally, punishing - Parenting
  122. Best potty training chair for a 2 1/2 year old boy: method, baby, parents - Parenting
  123. Becoming friends with our grown kids...: support, single parent, parents, play - Parenting
  124. Kids Clothes: teenagers, girls, daughter, adult - Parenting
  125. News, Girl With Paranoid Schizophrenia Has Urges to Kill Her Mother.: teenager, babies - Parenting
  126. Teen Daughters Who Bring Home An Old Man: decent kid, teenager - Parenting
  127. At what age did you teach your children to use a knife and fork?: teaching, toddlers - Parenting
  128. Adult Teen received Diagnosis. As a Mother, now what?: teenage, out of control, wakes up - Parenting
  129. Baby Boomer Men: How Often do you call your Mom?: parents, son - Parenting
  130. If you were a better mother.......: legally, pills, sucking, support - Parenting
  131. Cast of Glee to Perform at White House Egg Roll...Appropriate?: ideas, SAHM - Parenting
  132. my 21 month old only has a 5 word vocabulary: games, parents, wife - Parenting
  133. School Lunch: daycare, milk, baby, average - Parenting
  134. News, Mother Ordered to Jail For Bringing Kids to Jury Duty.: child care, legal - Parenting
  135. Did you ever see yourself having children?: babies, toddler, parent - Parenting
  136. Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby-how to handle the parents who do anything to win: teaching, divorced - Parenting
  137. Dumping them out of the nest: legal, punishment, game, parents - Parenting
  138. Texas News, Newborns' blood used to build secret DNA database: legal, children - Parenting
  139. 2nd grade being picked on should he take care of himself: bullying, ideas - Parenting
  140. Have a and Need help: custody, parents, child - Parenting
  141. How do you afford a baby??: daycare, maternity, SAHM, teenage - Parenting
  142. Cooperative Education/Vocational Programs in High School: child care, method, daughter - Parenting
  143. sweet 16 party: ideas, daughter, friends, kids - Parenting
  144. Nannies: day care, attorneys, legally, SAHM - Parenting
  145. Sibling Rivalry Between Sisters: meal, teenagers, average, toddlers - Parenting
  146. Human Rights Law Allows Boys Who Think They Are Girls to Use the Girls Bathroom at School!: babies, parents - Parenting
  147. Would you rather your child bring home someone black or tell you they were gay?: smart, son - Parenting
  148. News, Obesity Police Want to Track Your Kid's BMI.: bullying, teaching, weight - Parenting
  149. Son touching son, should I be concerned: infants, parents, boys - Parenting
  150. what happens during summer for kids outta school???: day care, toddler, parents - Parenting
  151. Training kid to use the toilet during the night: parents, accident, daughter - Parenting
  152. driving/teens: parents, son, classes, twins - Parenting
  153. Can daughters dad change her Doctor or remove her from school classes without my permission?: bullying, custody - Parenting
  154. Very smart 3 1/2 yr old won't potty train: baby, toddlers, games - Parenting
  155. Should I point things out that are blaringly obvious to me but everyone is blind to it or choosing to ignore: autism, support - Parenting
  156. Purple Nurple?: son, better - Parenting
  157. Looking for Dr. that respects our decision about not vaccinating: parents, appropriate - Parenting
  158. times change.: teaching, parent, wife, playing - Parenting
  159. I'm taking in two teenagers whose parents kicked them out!: step-dad, attorney - Parenting
  160. How to deal with a great niece who takes and hides things ?: punishment, weight - Parenting
  161. Visitation for father: child support, custody, legal, baby - Parenting
  162. My 13 year old has disobeyed and continues to talk to this bad boy: minors, party - Parenting
  163. Working parents: what do you do when school is out?: daycare, SAHM - Parenting
  164. 14yo Too Old for Thank You Cards to Friends?: teens, parents, appropriate - Parenting
  165. Discipline or Abuse?: stepdad, method, deadbeat, punishment - Parenting
  166. News, More than 1 million baby slings recalled.: infant, pregnant, parents - Parenting
  167. Looking for others with responsible mature teens!: out of control, games, parents - Parenting
  168. Memory gift ideas: legally, parents, boys, appropriate - Parenting
  169. How to Politely Say No: party, games, parents - Parenting
  170. Ideas needed. My newborn is miserable after receiving her first vaccines: breastfed, infants - Parenting
  171. News, Woman allegedly tosses baby into SUV to block repo.: son, insurance - Parenting
  172. Older children with Bedwetting issue: teens, parents, girl, accident - Parenting
  173. Does have kids who watch/read nothing but Anime???: animation, teens - Parenting
  174. Child listening to heavy metal satanic music: teenagers, parent, son - Parenting
  175. Nicknames: what do you call your kiddos?: baby, game, wife - Parenting
  176. Mom doesn't clean house...: teaching, girl, children, elementary school - Parenting
  177. How to prepare child for 1st grade: ADHD, parents, boy - Parenting
  178. Extreme Discipline? Mother Kills Disrespectful Daughter.: parent, learn, college, adult - Parenting
  179. Rewarding kids may not be the best motivator for Success: punishments, teenagers - Parenting
  180. Teens- They try to wear you down..... a venting: parents, chores - Parenting
  181. Why aren't moms teaching their daughter how to wear a skirt?: parents, girls - Parenting
  182. Fondest memories of Grandma/Grandpa: milk, divorced, baby, games - Parenting
  183. Is you must have kids a Southern thing?: ideas, teens - Parenting
  184. Flushable wipes-best for pipes: baby, average, toddler, son - Parenting
  185. we go.....again....: babysitting, baby, parents, girls - Parenting
  186. News, Kids caught in Medicaid pay crossfire.: son, adults, health - Parenting
  187. I just went from being a SAHM to a full time working mom, how do you all do it?: meal, babies - Parenting
  188. Health care in the USA: parents, insurance, schools, rates - Parenting
  189. News, Nannycam Video Lands Babysitter In Jail.: out of control, parents, boy - Parenting
  190. Infant child abuse?????: punishment, infants, parents, daughter - Parenting
  191. Twilight Book Series in Toys R Us for 7 Year Olds???: teens, games - Parenting
  192. News, Artist Mom Dressed Baby as Hitler for Show on Evil.: infant, parents - Parenting
  193. News, Police: Video shows 3-year-old smoking pot.: parents, child, home - Parenting
  194. News, Mom says goodbye, son wakes from coma.: mother, England - Parenting
  195. News, Men, Too: Infertility Is Not Just a Female Problem.: baby, girls - Parenting
  196. News Video, Dad Rescues Daughter from River - Parenting
  197. Fathers who care. In response to of replies from my last post: child support, support - Parenting
  198. NYC department of Edu... is MESSED UP!: legal, daughter, school - Parenting
  199. You're grounded 'till you're 36!! - Parenting
  200. News, Oldest dad, 74, says he eats bananas.: child, father, health - Parenting