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  34. News, Palm Bay teen faces hate-crime charge after attack on rap-music fan.: parent, kid - Parenting
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  58. for parents of older children: girls, classes, travel, high school - Parenting
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  61. Single Mom- Move Out of State?: child support, custody, ideas, legal - Parenting
  62. News, Oregon Court of Appeals rules mother who tested positive for marijuana shouldn't lose kids.: party, legal - Parenting
  63. college with a boyfriend: BF, support, parents, activities - Parenting
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  65. My son's friend's Mom is mad at me because......: average, parents, boy - Parenting
  66. Did you parents lie to you whe you were a kid?: Santa Claus, toy - Parenting
  67. Teen acne help!!: teenager, pills, average, parent - Parenting
  68. News: NH teen who zapped nipples during shop class sues: parents, children - Parenting
  69. News, Playing with children 'boring for parents': ideas, babies, games - Parenting
  70. Would you be disappointed if your kids kept their marriage a secret from you?: support, parents - Parenting
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  73. Unfair!: parents, girls, chores, clothes - Parenting
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  81. Things that make you go :facepalm:: day care, infants, parents, chores - Parenting
  82. Would we say how we feel in person??: parent, friend, how to - Parenting
  83. Ok.. fair enough !: meal, parents, appropriate, children - Parenting
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  90. Dyslexia: ADHD, method, legally, teaching - Parenting
  91. Appropriate duration for out of town visits from family: parents, girls, children - Parenting
  92. How do you deal with temper tantrums?: teaching, game, appropriate - Parenting
  93. Does public school always begin school later than the private school?: daycare, baby - Parenting
  94. Lying: lawyers, teens, spanking, parents - Parenting
  95. Medications and children: weight, toy, parent, accident - Parenting
  96. family co sleeping: babies, parents, girls, smart - Parenting
  97. play fights in the Elementary school: bullying, games, boys, appropriate - Parenting
  98. Unschooling: legal, games, parents, activities - Parenting
  99. What to pack for school lunch for picky eater: ideas, baby, chart - Parenting
  100. Creating Fond Family Memories: games, parents, play, son - Parenting
  101. Opinions on over weight - obese children.: baby, diabetes, parents - Parenting
  102. How moderate/conservative are you with your childrens clothing: girls, appropriate, daughter - Parenting
  103. If your kids were all school-aged: day care, infants, toddlers, parents - Parenting
  104. I was a much better mother BEFORE I had children ...: babysitting, method - Parenting
  105. Help with Car Seat Issue.: infant, weight, support, parents - Parenting
  106. hypotonia son now 16: ADHD, autism, baby, boy - Parenting
  107. Worried about my 14 year old son datin.: teens, support, game - Parenting
  108. Screaming children not welcome: meal, teens, babies, parents - Parenting
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  112. Spankers only :): babies, spanking, parents, college - Parenting
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  114. Requiring family visits?: bullying, parents, son, college - Parenting
  115. Is this fair ?: parent, snacks, clothes, daughter - Parenting
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  117. Common complaints: clothes, play, daughters, married - Parenting
  118. Web Sites for Kids?: games, girl, appropriate, playing - Parenting
  119. Lady ga ga, beyonce, rhianna- It's none of my business, but...: babies, game - Parenting
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  122. Why not preschool?: day care, baby, parents, snacks - Parenting
  123. Tough Love is harder than it sounds: milk, babies, average - Parenting
  124. News, Today's Tom Sawyer Would Be Medicated.: ADHD, autism, parents - Parenting
  125. News, Teen arrested for kidnapping: teenager, baby, parents - Parenting
  126. No middle child/birth order: parents, girls, children, classes - Parenting
  127. Kids who laugh too much: autism, parents, children, 5 years old - Parenting
  128. Discipline in the home/school: method, punishment, spanking, support - Parenting
  129. Why Are Young People Moving Back in With Their Parents?: ideas, sucking - Parenting
  130. News: Gisele Bundchen wants compulsory breastfeeding law: babies, children, married - Parenting
  131. Different Standards: teenagers, parents, wife, boy - Parenting
  132. The effects of over-nurturing and over-managing your children's lives: babysitting, minors, punishment - Parenting
  133. Eating issues... passing it on: meal, picky eater, teens, teaching - Parenting
  134. Separate Rooms for Young Siblings: toys, girls, appropriate, children - Parenting
  135. News, Daily WTF: 8-Year-Olds Now Getting Bikini Waxes.: parent, daughter, eight year old - Parenting
  136. How can I make this better?: method, teenager, weight, support - Parenting
  137. Dressing little girls and other things: party, baby, support, mother-in-law - Parenting
  138. Child + ankle monitor + relatives visiting = ?: legal, support, parents, activities - Parenting
  139. News, Angry mom refuses to bail out teen son accused of car theft.: teenager, parents - Parenting
  140. What would you do?: party, babies, parents, wife - Parenting
  141. This Child Has Lost Its Friggin Mind!: teenagers, spanking, parents - Parenting
  142. If you want your child(ren) to be invited to swim again....: teenager, parents - Parenting
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  144. Duggars say they'd have a 20th kid!!!!????!!!!!: minors, babies, support - Parenting
  145. what should I do?: legal, teens, pills, parents - Parenting
  146. Reading an article, and am honestly shocked.: custody, legally, milk - Parenting
  147. Why am I so scared to loose my child: pregnant, accident, son - Parenting
  148. HELP!!!! How to manage newborn and toddler: breastfeeding, babysit, SAHM - Parenting
  149. Great kid, bad home situation: method, support, parents, wife - Parenting
  150. poor kid: parents, boy, clothes, playing - Parenting
  151. News, Teens arrested for flashing breasts.: breastfeed, teaching, spank, parents - Parenting
  152. Should I let my DD play with neighbor kids?(homeschool: SAHM, toys - Parenting
  153. Good News, Teens Turn in Cash Found in Parking Lot.: infant, games - Parenting
  154. Feeling like you waste time.: SAHM, teaching, parents, activities - Parenting
  155. Failing grades: teens, support, games, parents - Parenting
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  158. Need a boost: day care, ideas, games, parents - Parenting
  159. Need your advice on giving a name: babies, pregnancy, parents - Parenting
  160. Need ideas for party activity: teens, games, girls, activities - Parenting
  161. Bashing your own child on facebook: baby, parents, daughter, immature - Parenting
  162. would you want a boy babysitter?: daycare, teaching, parents, boys - Parenting
  163. My son is a messy eater, and he's 11 yrs old!: teaching, toy - Parenting
  164. Teach your daughters well: Sextortion and teens: parents, safety, school - Parenting
  165. Relatives Kid Wants To Be Ours. What To Do?: minors, custody, legally - Parenting
  166. school lunch program?: ideas, parents, children, kids - Parenting
  167. I see myself in my daughter and HATE it!!: infants, pregnant, parent - Parenting
  168. Middle school drama: bullying, parents, girls, activities - Parenting
  169. News, Breastfeeding Moms Stage McDonald's 'Nurse-In': legal, baby, children, mother - Parenting
  170. my daughter is 6 and she thinks she is smarter than her classmates: out of control, parents - Parenting
  171. Are they bad parents, or am I a bad friend?: sitter, toys - Parenting
  172. Compromise Between Separated Parents, States Away: weight, support, single parent, daughter - Parenting
  173. Wild Bands/Silly Bandz: party, teens, girls, playing - Parenting
  174. Why do parents hate on people with no kids: pregnancy, wife - Parenting
  175. Parenting without Borders? Tell me the truth!: parents, appropriate, activities
  176. Deodorant use?: parents, girls, clothes, son - Parenting
  177. News, Dad buys newspaper ad after daughter breaks curfew.: babysitting, punishment, teens - Parenting
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  179. Trying to Get Mom on Board w Baby: daycare, support, pregnant - Parenting
  180. Cafe cancels singsongs due to kids running wild: lawyers, teens, out of control - Parenting
  181. What age to start toddler eating raw veggies?: toddlers, appropriate, child - Parenting
  182. News, Crew takes baby slapped by mom aboard plane.: method, out of control, infant - Parenting
  183. Acceptable room standards: punishment, game, parent, chores - Parenting
  184. She lied and went through my room.: parent, girl, grandmother - Parenting
  185. Because I Don't Want To: parents, son, girlfriend, college - Parenting
  186. Sister's children.: daycare, baby, game, parents - Parenting
  187. One Child, Two Child, and Three Child or Greater Families, and how are they different?: teenager, support - Parenting
  188. So frustrating: babysitting, infant, boys, play - Parenting
  189. Potty training.: boy, accidents, son, diapers - Parenting
  190. Complaining about your SO's child: milk, parents, chores, activities - Parenting
  191. babysitting payment from my son's classmates mom?: teaching, parents, girl - Parenting
  192. Where do you purchase your elementary school boy clothing?: ideas, baby, boys - Parenting
  193. Anxiety/Depression Meds and Car Deaths- My Terrifying Story: divorce, infants, toddlers - Parenting
  194. On the fence about Gardisil: teens, babies, wife, girls - Parenting
  195. One Child, Two Child, and Three Child or Greater Families, and how are they different?: teenage, baby - Parenting
  196. Has the economy personally caused you delay parenthood or from having more kids?: pregnancy, children - Parenting
  197. News, Leaping Barracuda Gashes Teenage Girl's Arm.: dad - Parenting
  198. Emancipation (Help Me): legally, parents, clothes, students - Parenting
  199. News, Want to see Mum? Book a 15-minute slot in her diary - what it's really like being Madonna's child.: girl, adopted - Parenting
  200. News, Teens save Sandy toddler trapped under car.: boy, accident, mother - Parenting