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  83. My Son: father-in-law, single mom, wife, boy - Parenting
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  87. How old is too old to be trick or treating?: babysitter, teens - Parenting
  88. What to do with mixed playdoh?: ideas, baby, parents, activities - Parenting
  89. daughters friend eats TUMS all day and offers it to her friends: parents, girl - Parenting
  90. WAH Moms, how do you do it - and retain your sanity?: daycare, attorney - Parenting
  91. Neighbor's kid is stealing and destroying our yard: pregnant, parents, wife - Parenting
  92. I'm irate over schools policing what *I* send in for my kids to eat/drink: party, meal - Parenting
  93. Facebook: teens, games, girls, play - Parenting
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  98. What would you say to your son if this happened?: support, parents - Parenting
  99. Free-Range Parenting: babysitting, bullying, teaching, baby
  100. Is it to NOT love your own children?: stepmother, divorced, support - Parenting
  101. Two Kids, Two Schools, One Parade Time - WWYD?: parents, appropriate, child - Parenting
  102. Do you let your kids out on mischief night ?: baby, parents - Parenting
  103. Help me break my kids of this terrible habit.: parents, girls, son - Parenting
  104. Education and Learning: What type of thinker are you? Do you think in pictures or words?: ideas, autism - Parenting
  105. School-based sex ed program - where do you draw the line?: baby, pregnancy - Parenting
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  110. My wife is JUST NOT GETTING IT!: SAHM, baby, support - Parenting
  111. News Video, Sesame Street Pulls Katy Perry From Show.: toddlers, parents, girls - Parenting
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  113. Ideal parent: milk, support, parents, clothes - Parenting
  114. Hanging in there...miss my daughter: BF, legally, punishing, support - Parenting
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  121. Online photograps can cause danger to my family???: ideas, smart, children - Parenting
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  123. Blue Zones. Lifestyles promote longevity for our children.: support, chores, activities - Parenting
  124. I am done: teenagers, teaching, support, parents - Parenting
  125. Am I OVERREACTING and being STUPID? FOLLOWUP: baby, parents, wife - Parenting
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  128. I want to press the button: babysit, baby, parents, girl - Parenting
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  130. Late walkers: babies, toys, boy, smart - Parenting
  131. Can you help an Australian moving to CT? Tips needed.: parents, Taekwondo - Parenting
  132. Did you breastfeed?: breastfeeding, milk, babies, weight - Parenting
  133. Thanks, Jenny McCarthy, and all you non-vaccinating parents!: autism, infants, children - Parenting
  134. Moving out and nannying: babysitting, baby, girls, smart - Parenting
  135. Afraid for my life....: parents, son, insurance, learning - Parenting
  136. Fundraiser spin off: party, teaching, games, parents - Parenting
  137. 18 year old and cartilage piercing: punishments, teenager, smart, daughter - Parenting
  138. Harassing your friends & coworkers about fundraising: party, support, parents - Parenting
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  140. Your teen child comes home and tells you she/he feels ready for sex, what do you do?: LDs, method - Parenting
  141. Dealing with alzheimer's?: support, wife, learn, sister - Parenting
  142. 5 year old , horrible behavior. Not sure how to handle.: punishment, teenager, out of control - Parenting
  143. 1, 2, 3 Magic: method, ideas, teens, game - Parenting
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  145. Three year old coming into bed, now that baby is born.: method, newborn - Parenting
  146. Overbearing mil: have to tell her, babies, mother-in-law, toy - Parenting
  147. Internet access,: punishment, game, parents, girls - Parenting
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  151. Scaled down Christmas?: Santa Claus, parents, boys, clothes - Parenting
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  157. News, Beer-soaked brawl ends 3-year-old's birthday party: toddler, girl, daughter - Parenting
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  160. You are so annoying from my 18 year old- VENT!!: BF, babysit - Parenting
  161. Speaking of house cleaning: SAHM, allowance, baby, toys - Parenting
  162. teaching social ettiquette: punishment, teens, pregnant, parents - Parenting
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  164. Disturbing statement made by a young child: parents, girls, playing - Parenting
  165. Expectations vs. Praise: punishment, game, parents, appropriate - Parenting
  166. Encouraging my daughter to play sports: games, boys, appropriate, activity - Parenting
  167. co-sleeping - let it end!!: method, baby, boy, activity - Parenting
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  170. 4 year old starting daycare: day care, SAHM, divorced, parents - Parenting
  171. My husband is coaching tee ball...and all that implies: punish, out of control - Parenting
  172. flu shot ?: boys, children, insurance, 15 year old - Parenting
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  174. do you EXPECT your family members to take care of your children?: daycare, baby - Parenting
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  177. News, Dallas teens invent alarm that could save young lives.: infants, parents - Parenting
  178. News, Ultra Deadbeat Dad Gets 23 Months in Jail. Judge Throws Book at Michigan Man Who Failed to Pay Support for His 23.: child support, legal - Parenting
  179. At A Loss: party, baby, game, parents - Parenting
  180. The kids are away till sunday with the hubby: friends, sleep, home - Parenting
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  193. The tooth fairy: Santa Claus, baby, parents, genius - Parenting
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  195. TV worth watching with a 1st grader?: animated, baby, parents - Parenting
  196. News, What's It Like to Have Don Knotts for a Dad? - Parenting
  197. News, Nebraska Girl, 11, Kicked Off Cheerleading Team for Not Shaking 'Booty': mother, junior - Parenting
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  199. News, Henry 'Pop' Brown Sr., 98, saw the birth of 389 offspring, spanning five generations.: children, school - Parenting
  200. Good News, Video, Father Finds Long-Lost Daughter on Facebook. - Parenting