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  90. Billy Ray Cyrus regrets being Friend to Miley: out of control, divorce, babies - Parenting
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  97. Bond: Nature vs. Nurture: orphan, milk, babies, support - Parenting
  98. What if you found out that....: parents, daughter, boyfriend, school - Parenting
  99. For with daughters:shaving and waxing: parents, girls, daughter - Parenting
  100. how do you motivate and encourage kids to do their best...: legal, teens - Parenting
  101. Drowning.: day care, party, punishment, newborn - Parenting
  102. News, Mom Wants Mentally Challenged Daughter Sterilized: child support, out of control, babies - Parenting
  103. Mom's dressing sexy - Agree or Disagree?: party, weight, boys - Parenting
  104. Newborn advice for first time dad at 41: attorney, legal, milk - Parenting
  105. Youth Ice Hockey Parents: milk, games, snacks, appropriate - Parenting
  106. Cost of nanny for 2 children in home: daycare, SAHM, infant - Parenting
  107. 16 yr old wants 17th ear piercing: kid, piercings - Parenting
  108. Manners: parents, children, husband, raise - Parenting
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  110. are you preparing your child/ren to be a future adult?: allowance, baby - Parenting
  111. have a kid who can't or won't go to a movie?: party, toy - Parenting
  112. Daycare standard practice -am I over reacting?: out of control, milk, infants - Parenting
  113. Parenting difference from the 1960s: infants, toddler, toys, parents
  114. Is long commute bad for kids?: daycare, SAHM, parents, son - Parenting
  115. What do I tell family members about ex-husband's cause of death?: legally, teens - Parenting
  116. Sports or car?!: teens, parents, boy, activities - Parenting
  117. Do your kids shower at school?: weight, parents, clothes, son - Parenting
  118. Childcare - helping: child care, ADHD, average, parent - Parenting
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  120. Playpens: baby, weight, toddler, parents - Parenting
  121. If you have 2nd or 3rd Graders...Are Cool or Not?: teenager, baby - Parenting
  122. Does NOT living at home have parents say they can't date or stay out late?: legal, have to tell - Parenting
  123. Too young for braces?: ideas, teens, baby, girls - Parenting
  124. American Girl Dolls: teaching, milk, baby, parents - Parenting
  125. Daughter's Cold Shoulder: step-mom, BF, teenage, parent - Parenting
  126. How Do I Deal With A Curious 10 Year Old?: games, parents, wife - Parenting
  127. Keeping birthday party small: parents, play, son, learn - Parenting
  128. where do we purchase the chair/table for the kids?: babysitter, baby - Parenting
  129. found out a young kid has been molested and his dad don't believe him :(: party, parent - Parenting
  130. Step-Parents? Step-Children?: step-dad, custody, punishments, stepfather - Parenting
  131. Organic crib mattress: babies, parents, natural, kids - Parenting
  132. Forcing babies to see Santa: newborn, toddlers, parents, boy - Parenting
  133. imaginary friends: toys, parents, girl, appropriate - Parenting
  134. Need advice: breastfeeding, newborn, support, pregnancy - Parenting
  135. My one year old son loves pretty black women: stepfather, girls, husband - Parenting
  136. Gay Catholic Coming out to a Catholic Family and Community: support, parents - Parenting
  137. thanks: clothes, friend, health, mom - Parenting
  138. Texting.: method, teenage, parents, daughter - Parenting
  139. What are your rules about video games?: daycare, method, out of control - Parenting
  140. 3 years and 9 months and always peeing pants...: method, milk, wakes up - Parenting
  141. Keeping track of your kids: punishments, teenagers, losing control, stepfather - Parenting
  142. Importance of Friendship: support, games, parents, girl - Parenting
  143. Movie suggestions: girls, daughters, grow up, kids - Parenting
  144. Music in your home: orphan, party, teenagers, baby - Parenting
  145. Parents,would it worry you if your child to have no friends?: classes, music - Parenting
  146. Why do they do it?: legally, baby, pregnancy, parents - Parenting
  147. Laundry: parents, clothes, children, husband - Parenting
  148. Should I invite my father & stepmother to my college graduation?: stepmom, divorce - Parenting
  149. Road trip with baby: legal, infants, wife, accident - Parenting
  150. Are the holidays over ????: friends, family, gift - Parenting
  151. 18 YO son thinks its ok to spend night @ his GF's house: party, legal - Parenting
  152. Is it normal for tweens to be embarrassed by their parents?: teens, weight - Parenting
  153. More problems with my mother: have to tell, baby, parents, chores - Parenting
  154. notice how kids come home from school smelling fresh?: teenage, elementary school - Parenting
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  156. Paternity testing: child support, babysitter, custody, deadbeat - Parenting
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  160. Toys With Noise!: parents, playing, son, 2 year old - Parenting
  161. Do You Think Bedtimes...for Younger Kids...are Important?: daycare, wakes up, babies - Parenting
  162. Son and the potty :(: baby, clothes, accidents, play - Parenting
  163. How did you find your live-in nanny?: breastfeed, day care, legally - Parenting
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  165. Son has job offer in Saudi Arabia: allowance, support, parents - Parenting
  166. For that believe in Santa...: teens, parents, girls, children - Parenting
  167. At my wit's end with my 3 year old: wakes up, babies, pregnancy - Parenting
  168. Crib Training Troubleshooting: breastfed, daycare, method, ideas - Parenting
  169. News, Future criminals could be identified as toddlers.: babies, average, parents - Parenting
  170. Morning routine: meal, punishment, milk, wakes up - Parenting
  171. how to help an aged parent w/a difficult son: divorced, mother-in-law - Parenting
  172. First Slumber Party questions: teenagers, girls, son, 8 year old - Parenting
  173. No Vaccinations = Higher Premiums?: parents, accidents, children, insurance - Parenting
  174. Kids won't wear coats: teens, milk, baby, parent - Parenting
  175. son in utah won't talk to me: parents, friends, problem - Parenting
  176. Would you get a gap in your child's front teeth fixed?: teens, baby - Parenting
  177. Family Nutrition: meal, picky eater, milk, average - Parenting
  178. my daughter wants to start a donation drive-what kind??: ideas, girls, clothes - Parenting
  179. Learning parenting skills: ideas, punishments, newborn, pregnancy
  180. Helping child stand up for herself and to others?: daycare, bullying, teaching - Parenting
  181. 14 yo son has had sex for the first what?: child support, ideas - Parenting
  182. is there training to help kids get into elite school program?: parents, play - Parenting
  183. ER negligience resuls in maiming child: method, lawyers, legally, toddler - Parenting
  184. Funny article about babies born in 2011: parents, wife, son, 2 year old - Parenting
  185. Confused kids (by) Old School vs. New School Parents: party, teens, teaching - Parenting
  186. Managing and Reducing Stress: ideas, meal, SAHM, support - Parenting
  187. Immunization/Autism Link Study a FRAUD: attorneys, babies, parents, son - Parenting
  188. Why Chinese Mothers are Superior: method, average, parents - Parenting
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  191. 90 Pregnancies At One Memphis High School: teens, babies, weight, pregnancy - Parenting
  192. 16 YO drivers: parents, girls, activities, accidents - Parenting
  193. What happens to Asian kids who have the really strict parents?: average, child - Parenting
  194. Breastfeeding study raises doubts over guidelines: baby, children, friend, health - Parenting
  195. What is it like when your kids grow up?: infant, spank, support - Parenting
  196. Kid turning two years old....what did you observe/remember?: party, baby - Parenting
  197. Is it the whole generation or just my kid's friends?: teens, games - Parenting
  198. Video, Penny's Heart - Miraculous Story of a Little Girl's Need for a New Heart: parents - Parenting
  199. Facebook, My Space, Twitter, AIM..... - Parenting
  200. Double Checking Safety Recalls for Baby/Kid Products: infants, friends, family - Parenting