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  111. How do I go about mentally toughening up a soon the be 10 year old girl: baby, parents - Parenting
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  133. Opinion son and pink lunchbox: cartoons, teens, toy, parent - Parenting
  134. What to get for two girls (7 and 10) who lost a brother? Ideas?: support, parents - Parenting
  135. Inappropriate touching of adults by CHILDREN: parents, girl, accident, son - Parenting
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  144. Housewife, Stay at Home Mom or SAHW...which do you prefer?: SAHM, married - Parenting
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  146. Breast feeding in public. Big deal?: breastfeeding, lawsuit, milk, babies - Parenting
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  150. Is it OK to ask my sister to get rid of her kids?: babysitter, teaching - Parenting
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  156. So I'm new to this parenting thing, do I have to get a minivan/suv?: baby, play
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  162. Chasing perfection:: pageants, baby, toddlers, parents - Parenting
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  179. Diploma withheld b/c valedictorian used hell in her speech: legally, parent - Parenting
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  186. teachers give candy to 3 & 4 year old/ Mad, you bet!: method, teaching - Parenting
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  188. Educate your Kids About Adoption So Mine Don't Have To: daycare, bullying - Parenting
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  191. Decline in circumcision rate could cost billions: infant, average, support - Parenting
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  193. Back to School - teachers: parents, children, students, elementary school - Parenting
  194. Do You Allow Your Children To Talk Back?: parents, girls, smart - Parenting
  195. Toxins in Back to School Supplies: health, kids - Parenting
  196. Moving for Teenagers Education/Sports/Activities?: lawyers, child, husband, family - Parenting
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  199. The Best Parents - Parenting
  200. News, 8-year-old girl gets tongue stuck in water bottle.: parents, child, mother - Parenting