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  36. Mom Hires Strippers for Son's 16th Birthday: parents, girl, appropriate - Parenting
  37. Moving with Middle Schoolers from a city to a ruralish area?: bullying, teens - Parenting
  38. Helmets for toddlers: SAHM, wife, son, safety - Parenting
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  48. age for deodorant: girls, son, 8 year old, school - Parenting
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  51. Why do people who have no children feel it is their place to give parenting advice?: ideas, toy
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  54. calling names at school?: bullying, teaching, parent, wife - Parenting
  55. Another promising teen dead due to huffing: ADHD, teens, pills - Parenting
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  57. To Switch School Districts or not?: bullying, girl, activities, play - Parenting
  58. Do Parents Know About The Popular Drug Suzzurp aka Purple Drank ?: son, school - Parenting
  59. Do you let your young children ride bicycles on the roads?: legally, parents - Parenting
  60. Do your kids take the initiative to shower/bathe?: girls, clothes, playing - Parenting
  61. Time for the Birds and Bees discussion: babies, pregnant, parents - Parenting
  62. After 21 years she calls me DAD?: ideas, pregnant, son, travel - Parenting
  63. Have you read the 1st curious George?: cartoons, animation, Santa Claus - Parenting
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  66. And that time is now: girl, appropriate, daughter, 8 years old - Parenting
  67. Is there anything your children could possibly do to make you stop loving them: support, parent - Parenting
  68. Starting Allowance: parents, wife, girls, chores - Parenting
  69. The dangers of surrogacy: party, custody, legally, wakes up - Parenting
  70. Three year old with great memory: party, son, husband, student - Parenting
  71. Have a newborn FMLA is up, and wife will have to go back to work: breastfeed, day care - Parenting
  72. Sixth grade girls being dared to Make-out Via Facetime..: legally, parents, children - Parenting
  73. have a child in a charter school?: bullying, teens, teaching - Parenting
  74. Need help with teenage daughter: punishment, teens, divorce, girls - Parenting
  75. The Distribution of Wealth in the United States: orphaned, parent, smart - Parenting
  76. Skyping for teens: activity, son, 11 year old, natural - Parenting
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  81. Racist Parents: baby, support, son, tantrum - Parenting
  82. Adult Children taking care of parent?: child support, custody, legal, divorced - Parenting
  83. Awards Season - Elementary School Version: weigh, boy, son, learn - Parenting
  84. My daughter got bitten twice in two months at daycare: legal, baby - Parenting
  85. Other people watching kids (rant): babysitting, party, baby, single parents - Parenting
  86. Talking to Kids About Sex: bullying, teens, babies, pregnant - Parenting
  87. Mom having Me time: custody, legally, divorce, wife - Parenting
  88. breakthrough with my son: ADHD, LDs, ideas, milk - Parenting
  89. Daughter's friend and facebook,: teens, weigh, parents, girls - Parenting
  90. Unacceptable school curriculum: teaching, parents, playing, learn - Parenting
  91. Are there children's show you don't allow your kids to watch?: cartoons, parents - Parenting
  92. Long paid maternity leaves or family friendly work policies?: day care, support, parents - Parenting
  93. What causes a 12 year old to be attracted to much older person?: support, parents - Parenting
  94. Nicest Restaurant you brought a toddler (or Infant)?: meal, booster seat, toddlers - Parenting
  95. What would you want more for your kids?: support, games, activities - Parenting
  96. sick kids and work: sitter, SAHM, divorce, infant - Parenting
  97. Kid's school has odd rules: bullying, teaching, parents - Parenting
  98. Sex Education for 5 and 6 year olds...: teaching, babies, parents, appropriate - Parenting
  99. Neighbor child yelling profanities constantly: Tourettes, autism, parents, boy - Parenting
  100. Discipline for two and a half year old using naughty words: method, punish - Parenting
  101. were you spanked as a child?: parents, 16 year old, high school, mother - Parenting
  102. Do you regret the father/mother you chose for your children?: pregnant, parents - Parenting
  103. Need help, child is very emotional: baby, support, parent - Parenting
  104. When is the right age to send your child to Kindergarten?: SAHM, babies - Parenting
  105. The girlfriend's parents: girl, smart, playing, son - Parenting
  106. Surrogate Mothers (interested in your experiences): legal, infant, pregnancy, wife - Parenting
  107. High school dilemma: teenage, games, activities, accident - Parenting
  108. teen breaking up: BF, pregnant, parent, girls - Parenting
  109. Dozens of cousins: divorced, support, game, parents - Parenting
  110. At my wit's end w/ dad...: babysitting, method, legal, teenager - Parenting
  111. Babysitter for the weekend? How much would you pay?: babysitting, teenage, support - Parenting
  112. 'Meanest mother' sells son's truck after he drives drunk: lawyers, legal, teens - Parenting
  113. Parents: Do you strongly encourage your kids to make friends with people of a different race?: play, daughter - Parenting
  114. Don't bother to give cold meds to young children: infants, weight, humidifier - Parenting
  115. Do you RSVP: party, games, parents, girls - Parenting
  116. Shocking trip to the dentist: baby, parents, snacks, son - Parenting
  117. For homeschoolers: studying in bed?: minors, method, deadbeat, parents - Parenting
  118. Kids using Social media services/APs to share pics.: party, average, parents - Parenting
  119. DD smokes---off our insurance: teaching, allowance, parents, clothes - Parenting
  120. Why do people under 30ish have kids?: teens, divorce, sucking - Parenting
  121. Say something positive about your children: autism, support, games, girls - Parenting
  122. Why do people over 40ish still support their adult kids?: parents, children - Parenting
  123. My kids' relationship with their father: teens, divorced, babies, support - Parenting
  124. Arranged marriage: fertile, game, parents, wife - Parenting
  125. Why won't my son potty train?: daycare, ADHD, method, out of control - Parenting
  126. child support, lawsuit, deadbeat, support - Parenting
  127. First birthday tips?: babysitter, party, babies, parents - Parenting
  128. ADHD? Help! My son is a pistol...Dr.'s and parents read!: babysitter, wakes up - Parenting
  129. Parents: Do you tell your kids to put a coat on?: teenager, sucking - Parenting
  130. Names that are passe and/or regional?: teaching, newborn, girls - Parenting
  131. The Hunger Games Movie & book.: teens, parent, girls - Parenting
  132. Non-bio single father needs advice: legally, divorced, baby, pregnant - Parenting
  133. Rated Mature video games for 9 y/o?: teens, toddler, parents - Parenting
  134. Kid-friendly (clean) jokes?: 6 year old, students, mature, adults - Parenting
  135. How does your family celebrate New Years Eve/Day?: party, babies, games - Parenting
  136. Two months and nine days ago...: smart, son, hair - Parenting
  137. Kids in my extended family did not thank for their Christmas Gifts!: stepmom, teaching - Parenting
  138. Local Relatives teenagers don't want to work for big money: teens, support - Parenting
  139. 17 year old going on trip with friends?: teenagers, baby, girls - Parenting
  140. dicpline issues: teens, parent, wife, girl - Parenting
  141. About naming children: custody, legally, divorce, baby - Parenting
  142. Best space-saving baby products: infants, booster seat, toddler, toys - Parenting
  143. Asking for playdates - who initiates: parents, girls, play, daughter - Parenting
  144. How could adults be so ignorant? Baby and Rottwieller: teaching, toddler, parents - Parenting
  145. Searching your tweens room?: parent, wife, girls, activities - Parenting
  146. stressed due to sons eating!!!: picky eater, milk, son, two year old - Parenting
  147. Kids weird sleep behaviors, it just got scary...: baby, games, parent - Parenting
  148. Does modern parenting hinder brain development?: breastfeeding, teenagers, teaching, infants
  149. 8 year old throwing tantrums: teaching, parents, play, children - Parenting
  150. 12 year olds holding hands: parents, wife, boys, smart - Parenting
  151. Is this ok to say to a mom?: babysitter, method - Parenting
  152. Parenting scenarios: are the parents acting rightly in cases?: party, lawsuit
  153. A very interesting Friday night: day care, lawsuit, single dad, game - Parenting
  154. He DID assault her......: punishment, out of control, autism, spank - Parenting
  155. Leaving Inflexible Workplace: daycare, ideas, legal, baby - Parenting
  156. Weirdest food your kid eats with Ketchup...: teenagers, milk, daughter - Parenting
  157. No more birthday cakes in Australian schools?: parents, son, health - Parenting
  158. Extra-Cullicular actitivies (Non-Sport): ideas, teenage, parents, girls - Parenting
  159. Why Parents Need to Let Their Children Fail: ADHD, teaching, baby - Parenting
  160. Sex ed in school--worse than 40 years ago?: BF, method, legal - Parenting
  161. Need suggestions for hubby's bday...: ideas, games, playing, daughter - Parenting
  162. Discount at restaurants for well behaved kids: parents, play, daughter - Parenting
  163. Your get-a-way weekends: ideas, single parent, game, parent - Parenting
  164. How To Tell Son He Is Not Going To See His Dad Again?: child support, party - Parenting
  165. who had kids after age 30:: divorce, baby, parents, wife - Parenting
  166. Things you did as a kid or did with kids that today would get you serious trouble (fun: milk, games - Parenting
  167. It's Official, DD has a learning disability.......: meal, average, support - Parenting
  168. 19 years old on pot and selling!!! What should we do?: attorney, legal - Parenting
  169. 2 Year Old's sleep issues. advice?: method, teaching, milk, wakes up - Parenting
  170. Restraining order against extreme helicopter parents: girl, daughter, student, college - Parenting
  171. Did your Dad Love your Mother?: divorced, pregnant, parents, wife - Parenting
  172. If looks shoudn't matter, why do parents always think their kids are cute: babies, children - Parenting
  173. Switching schools: custody, child, husband, students - Parenting
  174. Tucking-in rituals: son, 7 year old, grandmother, college - Parenting
  175. hmmm...not sure how to ask this right: childcare, game, parents - Parenting
  176. Teen drivers and insurance cost: ideas, legally, teens, milk - Parenting
  177. Sudden loss of income - childrens allowance: babysitting, party, baby - Parenting
  178. Would you be upset if your child was good friends with a person of another race?: parents, girls - Parenting
  179. How much is too much video games: teens, parent, wife - Parenting
  180. What are your opinions on Sleep Away Camp?: average, parents, girls - Parenting
  181. What are your first thoughts on parents who let their kids run wild: method, teenagers - Parenting
  182. What was the main reason you had kid(s)?: children, married, natural - Parenting
  183. Too old to be a mum?: orphans, teens, divorced, infant - Parenting
  184. Wife's stupid What if questions: pregnant, parent, son - Parenting
  185. I don't want to have children because I'm scared I won't love them: babysitter, infant - Parenting
  186. Where should a Newborn sleep?: milk, parent, son, twins - Parenting
  187. Super Bowl and family: teenager, games, girl, playing - Parenting
  188. Daughter Fakes Injuries: baby, parents, girl, activity - Parenting
  189. How much supervision when friends are at house?: teens, parents, snacks - Parenting
  190. Correcting Errors: parents, activities, daughter, natural - Parenting
  191. 5 yr old watching r violent movie: babysitting, baby, parents, wife - Parenting
  192. daughter wants to be friends with the in crowd.: party, legal - Parenting
  193. Parents, This is what raising kids should be about...Grab a tissue: high school - Parenting
  194. News, Restaurant's 'well-behaved kids' discount goes viral; mom shares her secrets: children - Parenting
  195. When maternity leave doesn't mean ‘out of office': mother, Washington - Parenting
  196. What?? They actually do listen and learn!: boys, married, travelling - Parenting
  197. Jack and Jill parents/kids?: child, family, normal - Parenting
  198. News, Baby Born on Frozen Street Declared Dead, Revives: girl, mother, Toronto - Parenting
  199. Best invention EVER. The Baby Mop.: video, mother, handle - Parenting
  200. A Different Kind of Father-Daughter Dance: video - Parenting