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  57. Children running around in front of us: out of control, pills, game - Parenting
  58. Daughter prefers mom: ideas, teaching, babies, toddlers - Parenting
  59. Why introverts fail at attachment parenting: breastfeeding, infants, toddlers, parents
  60. IS this the way a 7 yeard suppose to act?: toddlers, parents, clothes - Parenting
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  67. At what age is makeup Would you encourage it?: allowance, games - Parenting
  68. Deciding between all kid activities: average, games, parents, girls - Parenting
  69. VPK annoyances: day care, teaching, parent, activity - Parenting
  70. How can I tell if my kids are lying to me?: parents, boy - Parenting
  71. In-home day care: meal plan, infant, support, toddlers - Parenting
  72. Can you be too affectionate?: teaching, baby, pacifier, toy - Parenting
  73. 8 year old daughter lies and lies....: punishment, baby, spanking, games - Parenting
  74. Parents who think only their children are great!: baby, girls, daughter - Parenting
  75. Potty training: method, baby, parents, girls - Parenting
  76. For parents of mixed kids, and regular parents too.: stepmother, infant, girl - Parenting
  77. Toddlers who hit other kids and their parents: baby, spanking, toy - Parenting
  78. Parents who allow their kids to be abused by their partner: children, safety - Parenting
  79. Leaving a 16-1/2 Year Old Home Alone for 3 Days: babysitter, party, teens - Parenting
  80. Is this normal of a pre K place?: milk, parents, boy - Parenting
  81. To be tough or not to be tough?: ideas, meal, punishments - Parenting
  82. Another irresponsible parent/kids gone wild ...: ideas, legal, baby - Parenting
  83. Who watches your school-age children over the summer?: daycare, parents, wife - Parenting
  84. Flying With a Pack & Play: baby, travel, kids, family - Parenting
  85. Childrens Birthday Party -- What's the ruling: parents, wife, activity - Parenting
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  88. Teen suicide clusters, and family privacy.: bi-polar, teenage, babies, pregnancy - Parenting
  89. Mandating Religion: teenagers, parents, children, school - Parenting
  90. Cell phones and children: milk, parents, appropriate, smart - Parenting
  91. Would you limit your children's contact with a cheating grandfather?: teaching, parent - Parenting
  92. Daycare forcing a child to nap for 2 hours?: day care, game, parents - Parenting
  93. Why I am a Super Mom: daycare, meal, breast milk, wakes up - Parenting
  94. Opinion on undermining friend: method, party, punish, game - Parenting
  95. Commission vs Allowance: ideas, teaching, baby, toys - Parenting
  96. Just wanted to run baby names by you guys.: pregnant, child - Parenting
  97. How did you feel when you found out you were having your first kid?: babies, pregnant - Parenting
  98. When does speech become a problem to be reviewed?: autism, games - Parenting
  99. Dealing with parents in the public silently judging vs actively helping.: party, punishment - Parenting
  100. most expensive thing your toddler has broken/ruined: milk, baby, toddlers - Parenting
  101. Monitoring the kids computer usage: minors, teenage, parents, activities - Parenting
  102. Birthday Party for 3 Year Old, Music Playlist?!: have to tell, games, parents - Parenting
  103. Moving with Teenager: custody, teenagers, divorce, support - Parenting
  104. Between the ages of 1-3 parenting can be quite frustrating! What frustrated you the most?: baby, teething
  105. Stay-at-home dads: maternity, parent, child, twins - Parenting
  106. 21 months later - I can't get him out of our bed: party, teens - Parenting
  107. But I'm too old to be a great-grandma!: teenage, baby, parent - Parenting
  108. Does your teenager (13-17) have an iPhone?: divorced, parents, wife - Parenting
  109. Christmas baby??: party, newborn, pregnant, parents - Parenting
  110. Reconciling spanking with reason: punishment, support, parents, clothes - Parenting
  111. Do you have different parenting views than your spouse?: method, custody, divorced
  112. DS stinks!: parent, boy, clothes, play - Parenting
  113. What is your families technology plan to keep your kids safe?: ideas, teenagers - Parenting
  114. 21, Afraid of asking Mom to date: parent, appropriate, son - Parenting
  115. Why do certain children dislike childhood?: legal, parents, ten year old, school - Parenting
  116. Upcoming big school transition for my 15 year old.. trying not to worry: legally, toddler - Parenting
  117. pick up kids after school and carpooling: day care, parents, daughter - Parenting
  118. what is wrong with learning about ideas that relate to parenting: breastfeeding, method
  119. really skinny moms and average sized daughters: weight, parents, wife - Parenting
  120. How much do boys eat??: teens, milk, baby, weight - Parenting
  121. How would you feel if your child wanted plastic surgery?: babies, average - Parenting
  122. I Was Raised!: girls, children, friend, adults - Parenting
  123. Where do you take your children?: pregnant, games, parents, activity - Parenting
  124. Kids events scheduled during working hours why?: babysitter, punish, baby - Parenting
  125. How do you feel about Drug Testing for Middle Schoolers?: parents, boys - Parenting
  126. How would you feel if your daughter was like this?: milk, baby - Parenting
  127. Helicopter parenting.....well into middle 20s?: support, parents, girls, son
  128. 5 year old attitude: daycare, ADHD, party, teaching - Parenting
  129. How do I complain about my sons's preschool?: out of control, teaching, support - Parenting
  130. Sibling Fighting/Teasing: punishment, spanking, toys, parents - Parenting
  131. Armed staff in schools?: children, students, high school, kids - Parenting
  132. Parents: Experiences w/ Ear Tube Surgery for kids: daycare, teaching, breast milk - Parenting
  133. Moms: How long did you breastfeed?: breastfeeding, breast milk, babies, sucking - Parenting
  134. First concert alone?: daycare, legally, teens, baby - Parenting
  135. Can you imagine having 4 babies at once?: breastfeed, infant, parents - Parenting
  136. Have you seen this Introducing solids before 4 months!? WOW....: breastfeeding, orphan - Parenting
  137. Raising sons: attorney, meal, support, parents - Parenting
  138. Put down the %$#@ cell phone and HUG your child!!!!: meal, teaching, games - Parenting
  139. Allow me to lose it for a minute and get totally sappy..?: babies, son - Parenting
  140. A Morally Deprived Society: baby, parents, girls, appropriate - Parenting
  141. Parents - tips when it comes to sibling matters?: punish, teens - Parenting
  142. I can't believe people let their newborn sleep in a separate room!: parents, children - Parenting
  143. Clothing lines directed at tweens/teens: support, parents, girls, appropriate - Parenting
  144. moving but have 10 year old daughter to consider: support, parents, activities - Parenting
  145. Kids' Behavior During Easter Egg Hunts: babies, parents, son, classes - Parenting
  146. Have you more women eating their placentas?: wife, natural, home - Parenting
  147. Am I crazy for feeling like this? How would you react?: day care, punishment - Parenting
  148. parents never fail to amaze me: teenager, girl, appropriate - Parenting
  149. At what age did you stop fixing Easter Baskets for your kids?: toys, boys - Parenting
  150. Easter gifts for slightly nerdy guys: daughters, blogs, mother, adults - Parenting
  151. how would you feel if one of your kids high school teachers was only 21?: teaching, daughters - Parenting
  152. New parents with children parking spots???: infant, toddlers, safety - Parenting
  153. News, Shopping mom left baby in car with note.: babies, parents, playing - Parenting
  154. Frustration in teaching my 11 yo about time: game, parents, children - Parenting
  155. Free Range Kids - Let kids roam wherever they want?: custody, toy - Parenting
  156. Creepy stuff kids say: parents, wife, girl, appropriate - Parenting
  157. Wife and I disagree on rules: punishment, teenagers, allowance, support - Parenting
  158. Solution to Middle School Bullying?: punish, parent, girls, child - Parenting
  159. I am going to crush my son's heart on Sunday...: legal, teenager - Parenting
  160. Is intentional single parenthood selfish?: support, pregnant, single parents, parents - Parenting
  161. funny things our kids say: ADHD, party, punishment, toddler - Parenting
  162. Aggressive three year old and I dont know what to do!!!: day care, punishments - Parenting
  163. Stupid Baby Names: daycare, parents, girl, son - Parenting
  164. College graduation gift: ideas, parent, daughter, permanent - Parenting
  165. moving and daughter will miss kindergarten cutoff by 3 days: child care, parents, girl - Parenting
  166. I don't know how I should feel about this: parent, wife, son - Parenting
  167. Your Adult Child (20) do you feel?: legal, sucking, support - Parenting
  168. And the lying and sneaking around begins...: teenagers, parents, girls - Parenting
  169. Being a friend to your children.: teenagers, parents, appropriate, activity - Parenting
  170. Parenting Philosophy: teenage, parents, daughter, 6 year old
  171. How do you discipline toddlers when they can't really understand you?: punishing, teaching - Parenting
  172. Finances and newborns: parents, son, insurance, college - Parenting
  173. What's the appropriate amount of affection for a teen girl and her dad?: teens, support - Parenting
  174. Why do so many parents like to brag on Facebook?: baby, appropriate - Parenting
  175. Irrationally upset, need perspective: teenager, baby, parents, son - Parenting
  176. Best age to have a baby?: support, toddler, pregnancy, son - Parenting
  177. What are you doing for Mother's Day?: BF, wife, boys - Parenting
  178. How to track pocket money to give kids?: chores, son, insurance - Parenting
  179. Toddlers Hit My Toddler Son - Help - Advice Requested?: daycare, parents - Parenting
  180. What to do with people who beat/slap/hit/spank their children in public?: infant, spanking - Parenting
  181. My brother and his wife just bought their 17 yrs old a convertible: teenager, parent - Parenting
  182. Eczema or baby acne?: newborn, daughter, medicine, mom - Parenting
  183. I dont need to hear about your kids potty experiences.: babies, spank - Parenting
  184. 2 year old on bottle: milk, wakes up, babies, parent - Parenting
  185. Flying alone with a two year old: BF, cartoons, meal - Parenting
  186. Why are parents having less children than they did back in the olden days?: baby, pregnant - Parenting
  187. Baby Shower Planning: party, babies, son, 10 year old - Parenting
  188. Baby shower, when is right time?: pregnancy, parents, son, grandpa - Parenting
  189. New Parenting Fad - Babies Going Diaperless: parents, kids, city
  190. Sister-in-law moving away with kids after husbands death: custody, support, toys - Parenting
  191. Empty Nest Advice: support, girl, son, 20 year old - Parenting
  192. Almost 2 year old will only sleep in our bed. HELP!: babysitter, method - Parenting
  193. decisions about child's after school ativities: activities, son, classes, 10 years old - Parenting
  194. Middle School Principal says strapless gown not allowed at dance: baby, parent - Parenting
  195. Parental role in facilitating relationships with extended family: stepmother, parents, son - Parenting
  196. Excessively high expectations of a grandparent?: divorced, baby, pregnant, parents - Parenting
  197. Sacramento Couple fights to get their baby boy back from authorities: custody, game - Parenting
  198. My 5 week old is super congested: breastfeeding, babies, humidifier, boys - Parenting
  199. Help!! I don't know what's going on with my son!: toddler, games - Parenting
  200. 11 Month Old, Sleeping Questions: baby, weight, game, parents - Parenting