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  60. have kids that are taller than you and your spouse?: stepdad, parents - Parenting
  61. Does a child's upbringing have anything to do with how they turnout as adults?: parents, friends - Parenting
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  65. Terrible 2's or something: bi-polar, method, autism, spanking - Parenting
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  68. NFL Dad returns unearned trophies.: teaching, average, game, parent - Parenting
  69. Parenting has a large toll on one's happiness according to a German study: divorce, babies
  70. Official Birthplace: legal, child, city, home - Parenting
  71. How far in advance to you get your children's teacher's names?: autism, average - Parenting
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  78. Junior, the third, 4th,: attorney, legal, teenager, newborn - Parenting
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  80. Moms: would you breastfeed a friend's child?: breastfeeding, breast milk, babies - Parenting
  81. People who saying parenting is the easiest job on earth?: parents, son
  82. News, This Doctor Called Kissing Your Kids On the Mouth “Too Sexual.” Here’s What Parents Have to Say…: babies, appropriate - Parenting
  83. disrespectful teen that is not mine and wont go home: legal, teens - Parenting
  84. Do you dislike your child's name?: cartoon, baby, parents, wife - Parenting
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  86. When picky eating becomes dangerous: meal, picky eater, parents, snacks - Parenting
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  98. Picky eater advice.: speech issues, meal, punish, out of control - Parenting
  99. can a baby's surename be different than the parents?: legally, babies, son - Parenting
  100. 12 yr old daughter thinks I am weird: party, teens, parent - Parenting
  101. What's the latest on pacifiers?: breastfeeding, method, teens, newborn - Parenting
  102. Underage alchol consumption: minors, party, legally, parents - Parenting
  103. What is your opinion of adult children staying with you?: cartoons, legally - Parenting
  104. Happy/sad. My son just eloped (again).: party, babies, support - Parenting
  105. Preschool- is it worth the $$$? Give me the pros/cons: daycare, ideas - Parenting
  106. Are you raising your daughters to be ladies?: teaching, parents, appropriate - Parenting
  107. Teach your kid to ask before coming near stranger dogs: parents, children - Parenting
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  111. Pre-schooler doesn't seem all that interested in making friends?: daycare, party, parents - Parenting
  112. Need advice on disagreement with Daughter's Dance studio: punishment, teens, parents - Parenting
  113. Kindergarten/moving debacle: SAHM, parents, daughter, five year old - Parenting
  114. Parents, do you feel this is wrong?: spanking, child, grow up - Parenting
  115. Girls shaving-Removing body hair: teaching, smart, son, 13 year old - Parenting
  116. Ex Remarries - Now Virtually No Relationship w/Daughter: stepmom, legal, divorced - Parenting
  117. Complicated situation, opinions: newborn, weight, average, support - Parenting
  118. have kids in catholic or christian/private school?: parents, clothes, activities - Parenting
  119. My mom is threatening to kick me out when I turn 18 if I don't get accepted to a four-year university: weight, support - Parenting
  120. The single most important thing a parent can do: orphaned, support, parents - Parenting
  121. Child Free by Choice: ideas, baby, pregnant, parents - Parenting
  122. Granddaughter strapped to chair at daycare: legally, baby, daughter, schools - Parenting
  123. Opinion about sending your kid to private catholic school when you are of a different failth: bullying, teaching - Parenting
  124. How can Dads be stay at home Dads?! I couldn't!: child care, ideas - Parenting
  125. Kids using like in every second sentence: teens, parents, daughter - Parenting
  126. Skip Kindergarten?: parents, son, 6 year old, learn - Parenting
  127. Tough Topic. Reactive people may want to skip.: party, teens, infants - Parenting
  128. Where do your toddlers sleep when traveling out of town?(ages 1 and 3): wife, play - Parenting
  129. Another post about poop...: daycare, ideas, toddlers, clothes - Parenting
  130. Daughters Mom wants to move away with child: child support, custody, legal - Parenting
  131. Should I take my kids away from their dad?: custody, legal, toddler - Parenting
  132. Family size - how large is too large?: child care, support, games - Parenting
  133. Summer job or video games over summer?: teenagers, parent, chores - Parenting
  134. How do you tell someone you are in a relationship with that they are a terrible parent?: deadbeat, legally - Parenting
  135. helping an older child with handwriting (printing): ideas, boy, smart - Parenting
  136. sex offender living with ex wife and children: child support, custody, support - Parenting
  137. Finland's Baby Box: infant, support, parents, college - Parenting
  138. Why Fathers Shoul Not Be Left Unattended With Children: son, mom, neighborhood - Parenting
  139. Runaway Parent: parents, son, 8 year old, medicine - Parenting
  140. When do you stop giving birthday parties for your kids?: party, meal - Parenting
  141. At what age can your kids get up themselves in the morning while you stay asleep?: cartoons, milk - Parenting
  142. Did your children outgrow food sensitivities as they got older?: teens, milk - Parenting
  143. How do I get my used to be potty trained 5 year old to stop pooping on himself???: day care, punishing - Parenting
  144. Very inquisitive preschooler and movie theaters: daycare, parents, appropriate, play - Parenting
  145. Adult son moved in with his kids: babysitter, custody, baby - Parenting
  146. Smart kid vs School is too easy: activities, children, learning - Parenting
  147. Would you allow teens to have sex?: pregnant, parents, son - Parenting
  148. Correct punishment for 10 year old?: ideas, teaching, games, parents - Parenting
  149. Overparenting from the perspective of a University Dean: baby, parents, appropriate
  150. Your kid publicly shames a fat person. How do you react?: bullying, lawyers - Parenting
  151. Would you feel like less of a parent if you were too out of shape to do things with your kid?: teaching, weight - Parenting
  152. Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) - really?: ADHD, punishments, teens - Parenting
  153. What to pack for the new baby for a 3 night stay at the hospital?: newborn, spanking - Parenting
  154. Insanity, or a step in the right direction?: custody, deadbeat, punishing - Parenting
  155. Feminine-sounding names that boys commonly have too: girls - Parenting
  156. Can you get in trouble for giving your child support back to your ex?: custody, legally - Parenting
  157. Are you for or against giving your kids money for college?: teaching, support - Parenting
  158. 4 year old obsessed with death/scared of dying: divorce, baby, parent - Parenting
  159. My daughter is scared of her stepdad.: bullying, method, animated - Parenting
  160. Container babies: babysitter, infants, parents, play - Parenting
  161. Tracking Device Suggestions (Real Time Safe Zone Alert): autism, parent - Parenting
  162. Selling the ipads: parent, wife, girls, smart - Parenting
  163. what age did you let your child start using firearms: teenage, teaching - Parenting
  164. Daughter wants nothing to do with her father: custody, ideas, support - Parenting
  165. Parents: Relative talking to your adult kids about money: minors, meal, teens - Parenting
  166. Bio-mom wants contact after many years: child support, custody, deadbeat, legally - Parenting
  167. Is there still something you can do with problem teenager in another country?: BF, attorney - Parenting
  168. Back 2 School Budget: support, girls, clothes, daughter - Parenting
  169. Friend's kid is a bronie , is this normal? Safe?: cartoons, teenage - Parenting
  170. Would you let your kid wear a Hope Solo Jersey?: legally, daughter - Parenting
  171. Depression and helicopter parenting are linked: teenager, babies, toddler, pregnancy
  172. Opinions about paying college living expenses if cohabitating: support, parent, daughter - Parenting
  173. Teaching a teen to drive...: parents, boys, daughter, safety - Parenting
  174. Mom Describes Sacrifice of Choosing Dream Home over 3rd Child: baby, support - Parenting
  175. Do you let your children (age 5 and up) play in front of your house?: parents, appropriate - Parenting
  176. Kids before education or education before kids?: divorce, support, single mom - Parenting
  177. Disney movies.......What age group are they appropriate for?: cartoons, ideas, parents - Parenting
  178. Evacuation games and toys: parents, girl, activities, play - Parenting
  179. DH loves pet as much as DD: teaching, divorced, toddler - Parenting
  180. Telling your child he/she can marry who they want!: legal, parents - Parenting
  181. What would you say if you asked your child to do something and their reply was....: parents, kids - Parenting
  182. Parenting when you have no local family: step-dad, support, parents
  183. Is Being Bare-Chested in Public Around Children Wrong?: appropriate, clothes, twins - Parenting
  184. Found in my teens room...: legally, daughter, 15 year old, music - Parenting
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  186. do your kids have chores?: allowance, toys, parent, girl - Parenting
  187. relocation after court order for custody: child support, divorce, support, parents - Parenting
  188. Divorce and Children: stepmother, child support, custody, divorced - Parenting
  189. Blackmail from a parent and emotional guilt from Grandparents: divorce, accident, son - Parenting
  190. Compassionate kids: teaching, children, adults, raising - Parenting
  191. Survey for Parents or planning to become parents!!!: fertile, average, children - Parenting
  192. is this a scam? I find it disturbing.: child, money, best - Parenting
  193. This I Believe as a Member of the nondenominational Shiloh Truelight Church of Christ - Part 2: teaching, son - Parenting
  194. Neuss from Seuss! - Parenting
  195. What Happened To The 9-Year-Old Smoking In Mary Ellen Mark's Photo?: children, family - Parenting
  196. Great website blog with activities for kids for the summer - Parenting
  197. Car seat safety: babies, toddlers, parents, appropriate - Parenting
  198. Having problems getting your kids up for school? - Parenting
  199. Consequences of children using electronic gadgets excessively.: parent, students, raising - Parenting
  200. Dear 16 Year-Old Me: video, friends, family, sport - Parenting