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  98. When are going to get a real job, mom?: SAHM, divorce, support - Parenting
  99. $20 per tooth!?!?!: daughter, friends, kids, mom - Parenting
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  124. Is it true that are not a good fit being an only child?: child support, childcare - Parenting
  125. Feel stupid/cringe at myself when forced to interact with young children?: toddler, parent - Parenting
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  127. My teenage son makes me feel like a horrible parent: legal, teenagers - Parenting
  128. will you give your boy the HPV vaccine?: legal, support, son - Parenting
  129. Help! I don't get it! im going to hurt her lol its about GRADES: punish, parents - Parenting
  130. My child whines too much at 6 years old!: teaching, parents, girl - Parenting
  131. Not hosting home birthday party because of parents: ideas, baby, play - Parenting
  132. Is there a problem with boys kissing their uncle?: teaching, babies, parents - Parenting
  133. What are your staying home from school guidelines?: parents, activities - Parenting
  134. House or Apartment?: teenagers, games, girl, snacks - Parenting
  135. What age do you let your kids watch R-rated movies?: ideas, teens - Parenting
  136. Marriage and families of the 1950s and today: game, parents, children - Parenting
  137. Son won't let me hug him: girls, natural, husband, students - Parenting
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  139. Consequence for sneaky behavior?: teens, games, parents, activity - Parenting
  140. My 12 year old daughter has a pregnant student in one of her classes.: teenagers, baby - Parenting
  141. Etiquette when child has a contagious skin condition: daycare, parent, girl - Parenting
  142. Why do I feel so bad when I am unable to give my child something?: breastfeeding, milk - Parenting
  143. Teen lying to friends: ideas, punish, teenager, parents - Parenting
  144. Were you a bully or the bullied growing up?: bullying, teaching, weight - Parenting
  145. Suggestions for toys for older boys.: ideas, legal, games, parents - Parenting
  146. Do you support the zoo, the circus or the aquarium?: 7 year old, diapers - Parenting
  147. Parents differing on nutrition.: ADHD, meal, diabetes, weight - Parenting
  148. Car seat expiration: infant, toy, parents, accident - Parenting
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  157. Fever Reducer with NO Artificial Colors: children, medicine, adult, kids - Parenting
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  159. Family looking for child to spend time with: babysitting, ideas, baby - Parenting
  160. is there something wrong with my child?: teens, parent, daughter - Parenting
  161. Social workers come in to woman's house after she whipped her 10 year old daughter for being expelled from school: legal, punishment - Parenting
  162. Wife trying to get preg - tell me my nerves are normal: child care, babies - Parenting
  163. What was your child's first word?: son, 5 year old, school, kid - Parenting
  164. private driving lessons: teaching, parents, accidents, son - Parenting
  165. What do you think of this?: teenagers, parents, raise, kids - Parenting
  166. Halloween is around the corner!: party, ideas, toddler, game - Parenting
  167. Overly Attentive Grandma: breastfeeding, infant, toddler, parents - Parenting
  168. Is it shameful that I don't have kids?: babies, weight, fertility - Parenting
  169. Why do mothers have a preference for one daughter over another?: baby, support - Parenting
  170. 16 yo son doesn't hang out with friends: legally, teenager, games - Parenting
  171. Kids who talk back are more successful: attorney, ideas, teens - Parenting
  172. 16 year old boy not interested in getting his license?: teens, parent, accident - Parenting
  173. Whether self inflicted or not, I feel really bad for my brothers situation (DSS): custody, parents - Parenting
  174. Whatever you do to my daughter, I will do to you.”: girls, married - Parenting
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  176. News, Childcare for Two Is More Expensive Than Rent Now: daycare, infant - Parenting
  177. Tricks ..: method, baby, parent, girl - Parenting
  178. My child's first car — I'm so worried!: teens, teaching, son - Parenting
  179. Boyfriend's 29 year adult son living in the home: BF, legally, support - Parenting
  180. For all you parents that only had one child, was it by choice?: teens, pregnancy - Parenting
  181. Parent is gifted but child is an intellectual dullard. How do you cope?: newborn, weight - Parenting
  182. Disruptive Kids and Parents that allow it: meal, out of control, child - Parenting
  183. Making the kids go outside: toy, playing, hubby, learn - Parenting
  184. I dont want kids but i get called selfish for not wanting them: parents, children - Parenting
  185. How young is too young to leave kids alone at home for extended periods of time?: parents, wife - Parenting
  186. Fraternity: parents, wife, girls, activities - Parenting
  187. 12 Year old habitually late: method, ideas, games, parents - Parenting
  188. make your own judgement.: custody, single parent, parent, girl - Parenting
  189. Picking an instrument...: ideas, weight, support, parents - Parenting
  190. Consequences for adult children living at home: toys, parents, clothes - Parenting
  191. 6 year old suddenly having accidents... everyday.: bullying, toys, parent, clothes - Parenting
  192. How to raise kids that don't become narcissistic and entitled?: teens, support - Parenting
  193. Reasons To Meet Our Daughter's Girl and Guy Friends: party, teens, teaching - Parenting
  194. Tom Brady discusses youth sports: support, parents, playing, children - Parenting
  195. instagram for 11 year old: parents, boy, 13 years old, school - Parenting
  196. Teenage Right to Property: legally, punish, SAHM, teenager - Parenting
  197. free toys for kids: video - Parenting
  198. Emotional abuse just as damaging as physical abuse or neglect: children, health - Parenting
  199. Why We Love Children: spank, boy, son, students - Parenting
  200. Children's Media Survey: parents, learn, kids - Parenting