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  1. Shared parenting with an uncooperative residential parent: child support, custody, legal
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  14. Visitation: child support, party, custody, legally - Parenting
  15. Girl pricks herself with discarded syringe in Ontario park: parents, playing, child - Parenting
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  26. Subaru commercial: parents, girls, accidents, daughter - Parenting
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  32. Where can I buy junior x small robes online?: infants, girls, clothes - Parenting
  33. Birthday: party, parents, activities, son - Parenting
  34. Would you let your child use a driverless bus or car?: children, school - Parenting
  35. Best Transformer toy manufacturer?: ideas, son, 5 year old, costs - Parenting
  36. If your child is suicidal should be allowed to have access to their meds?: pills, parents - Parenting
  37. I don't want to be a parent anymore!!!!!: stepmother, babysit, legally - Parenting
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  43. Do you know where your parents met: legal, married, 17 years old - Parenting
  44. Things you hated as a child/teenager: allowance, school, friends - Parenting
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  46. Is it worth giving teenagers advice on life?: decent kids, college, engaged - Parenting
  47. Is your school's PTA an inclusive or exclusive organization?: sucking, single parent, game - Parenting
  48. Child spit on another kid at school (Kindergarten): babysitter, ADHD, baby - Parenting
  49. Daughter keeps getting fired.: baby, support, parents, chores - Parenting
  50. Neighbor (mom) handsout invite to kids and excludes mine: orphaned, teenagers, teaching - Parenting
  51. How do you stop worring about your grown child: bi-polar, parents, wife - Parenting
  52. Neighbor Kid and advice: babysitting, party, baby, parents - Parenting
  53. Under what circumstances would you disinherit a grown child?: childcare, meal, legally - Parenting
  54. I really don't get parents...: teenage, autism, game, boys - Parenting
  55. How do people feel comfortable raising a child with low incomes ?: infants, support - Parenting
  56. Parents with daughter(s), how would you react if you found out they were a stripper or prostitute?: legal, teens - Parenting
  57. Neighbor mom yelling at my son: teaching, parent, appropriate, playing - Parenting
  58. Can I adopt at my age?: custody, divorce, infant, parents - Parenting
  59. Too comfortable to soon?: teens, mother-in-law, parents, girl - Parenting
  60. Have you ever made up a story and used it as bed time story for your kids?: teenage, parents - Parenting
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  66. Understanding introversion - teens: party, support, parents, boy - Parenting
  67. Parents: Your favorite children's books: ideas, games, son, adult - Parenting
  68. How do mothers feeling about their daughter being a tomboy?: ADHD, party - Parenting
  69. Girl Scouts problems: punish, support, parents, activities - Parenting
  70. Life with teens - is this normal or not?: meal, milk, support - Parenting
  71. Bad Parenting behaviors affecting my kid: day care, ideas, teenagers, baby
  72. Advice from parents of older children to new parents: ideas, teens, baby - Parenting
  73. Do you ever get time for yourself?: daycare, meal, mother-in-law - Parenting
  74. Family's with cats and children who are allergic: parents, playing, husband - Parenting
  75. How can I get my children's possessions out of non-custodial parent's storage unit?: method, custody - Parenting
  76. Children in the Rain: infant, toddlers, toys, parents - Parenting
  77. The Belt: legal, punishment, spanking, parents - Parenting
  78. Would you leave an infant in the car...: daycares, legal, infants - Parenting
  79. Divorce and moving....: custody, baby, support, pregnancy - Parenting
  80. Mara name pronunciation: baby, girls, daughter, husband - Parenting
  81. Parents got disabled daughter thinking that she made herself that way - Right or wrong?: teens, babies - Parenting
  82. Is it harder to be a child today than when you were growing up?: bullying, games - Parenting
  83. Am I the only teenager that has to buy their own car?: teens, parents - Parenting
  84. Court ordered to pay for college?: child support, custody, deadbeat, divorced - Parenting
  85. is my mum an alcoholic?: orphaned, pills, weight, support - Parenting
  86. Flicking the head to redirect children....: method, punishment, parents, wife - Parenting
  87. am i weird for thinking this?: meal, divorced, autism, support - Parenting
  88. First Time Parents with newborn and I think becoming shells of our former selves...: breastfed, method - Parenting
  89. Why we should be giving sons more chores than daughters: baby, parents - Parenting
  90. for Parents of adult or soon to be adult children: teaching, support - Parenting
  91. Questions for parents of young children?: clothes, playing, son, safety - Parenting
  92. Would you be with a 15 year old having her own YouTube makeup channel?: teenage, weight - Parenting
  93. Girl Scout frustration need advice: support, parents, wife, girls - Parenting
  94. Parents of Teens: Do you tell them your crazy teen stories or NOT.?: smart, daughter - Parenting
  95. Busy & Quiet..: childcare, ideas, toddlers, activities - Parenting
  96. Am I being the wicked step mother?: autism, diabetes, support - Parenting
  97. Do you wish your child's school had this...?: ideas, teaching, parents - Parenting
  98. Christmas is coming fast, how much do you spend on your child?: ADHD, method - Parenting
  99. Worried about my 5 year old: average, support, toddler, games - Parenting
  100. Does your teen have a debit/credit card?: legally, teens, parents - Parenting
  101. Savings for children: allowance, parents, boys, chores - Parenting
  102. Forcing Music Instrument lessons: babysitting, teaching, baby, parents - Parenting
  103. Does every parent think their teen enjoys coding?: teaching, support, games - Parenting
  104. Would you bail your child out if they were arrested for being a protester?: parents, children - Parenting
  105. Gift etiquette - joint birthday party: parent, appropriate, son, 3 years old - Parenting
  106. Help Daughter lose weight***: picky eater, teenager, parents, learn - Parenting
  107. Son's ACT score...: college - Parenting
  108. Weird Trick or Treat items?: teenagers, parent, girl, snacks - Parenting
  109. Wearing Diapers at Age 3: toddlers, parents, boys, accidents - Parenting
  110. parent later in life, I have to bite my tongue: teens, infant - Parenting
  111. Afterschool activities for 5 year olds: daycare, game, parents, girls - Parenting
  112. At what age do kids start to become more independant?: teaching, milk - Parenting
  113. Molestation from ex husband: deviant, teenage, girls, son - Parenting
  114. Signing Contract for Competitive Team Sports: play, son, classes, 10 year old - Parenting
  115. Warm Socks/Hockey Socks: toddlers, parents, playing, son - Parenting
  116. 4-H? Boyscouts?: boys, activities, son, classes - Parenting
  117. What would you do??? What school would be best for my 8-year-old?: bullying, ideas - Parenting
  118. What would you do & how would you do it? (Toddler electrocuted at hotel!): toddlers, parents - Parenting
  119. 4 yr old w/sleep issues...: ADHD, teaching, wakes up, pacifier - Parenting
  120. Desire to have kids: breastfeeding, divorce, fertility, pregnancy - Parenting
  121. For ladies who gave birth after age 32: baby, weight, pregnancy - Parenting
  122. Keeping Nursery after Kids Grow: babies, appropriate, play, children - Parenting
  123. Smart phones, tablets, pads: son, learning, students, schools - Parenting
  124. School Bus Troubles: spanking, booster seat, parents, wife - Parenting
  125. Flu Vaccination Advice 2016-17 season: parents, son, husband, school - Parenting
  126. Keeping kids out of the street when there's construction going on: parents, activity - Parenting
  127. Starting kindergarten at 5 or 6?: method, average, parents, girls - Parenting
  128. How did you decide on 2nd child or not?: teaching, infant, toddler - Parenting
  129. Do you make excuses for yourself or your children?: teenager, teaching, weight - Parenting
  130. what age did your child go to the park by him/herself?: parents, play - Parenting
  131. How does your child's school accomodate 2 income families?: day care, support, parents - Parenting
  132. I this to be an interesting and timely article: bullying, parents - Parenting
  133. Teenager lied - we cut vacation early and are out money!: stepmother, legal - Parenting
  134. My son just showed up at home - with a NEW CAR! Help: teenager, parent - Parenting
  135. Still Summer?: 6 year old, schools, kids, teach - Parenting
  136. Would this worry you?: teens, games, parent, girls - Parenting
  137. How much recess/ how many breaks for elementary school age kids?: game, playing - Parenting
  138. Need parenting advice: method, babies, spanking, parents
  139. Would it be weird: party, toy, parent, girl - Parenting
  140. Have you achieved more than your parents?: babysitter, lawsuit, divorce - Parenting
  141. Don't tell your parents: teenagers, daughter, classes, learning - Parenting
  142. Help*** Single Father Needs Advice Raising Very Active Boys: custody, ideas, punishment - Parenting
  143. If you have 2+ children, was it the same whether your labor was early or late?: baby, pregnant - Parenting
  144. Teenage daughter informed us she is having sex: method, teens, parents - Parenting
  145. uncaring children: weight, parents, wife, girls - Parenting
  146. Daughters best friends Mom: party, teens, support, parents - Parenting
  147. cost to raise a child before the age of 6: breastfeed, day care, babies - Parenting
  148. Sick of step daughter!: stepmother, ideas, divorced, parent - Parenting
  149. 6 yo boy suddenly hits best friend and how to go from there: punishment, toys - Parenting
  150. Bullying - what is it? What to do? How vicious?: lawsuit, games - Parenting
  151. Teenagers at the beach: orphaned, teens, teaching, parents - Parenting
  152. At What Age Did Your Kids Stop Believing In Santa?: toys, parents - Parenting
  153. Is this normal behavior for young parents?: breastfeeding, infants, teething - Parenting
  154. Parenting - What is happening?: party, autism, parents, boy
  155. Drinking at 17: legal, teens, parents, girl - Parenting
  156. things that your parents did that embarrassed you: teenager, girl, activities - Parenting
  157. Why do parents get blamed for their sons or daughters choices?: teens, average - Parenting
  158. How would you feel about this exchange?: teaching, parent, daughter - Parenting
  159. Daughter's Accident: legally, teaching, divorced, accidents - Parenting
  160. have experience with pediatric partials: speech issues, milk, parents, girl - Parenting
  161. Hormonal Contraceptives increase teens risk of depression by 80%: method, baby, pills - Parenting
  162. Later Bloomer Son Not Interested in Girls: teens, parent, activities - Parenting
  163. In 2018 or 2019 Generation Z or The Founders Generation born 2000 or 2001 onward) will be 18.: baby, parents - Parenting
  164. My daughter hates me after an affair and divorce her father: babysitting, divorced - Parenting
  165. Tell us about a time your kids have embarrassed you in public?: baby, parents - Parenting
  166. Are children hard on a marriage?: babysitters, teens, baby, parents - Parenting
  167. Life without kids: parent, wife, children, marry - Parenting
  168. Giving gifts to siblings on someone s birtday.: party, mother-in-law, parents - Parenting
  169. Supporting adult divorced children/grandkids?: babysitting, baby, single mom, parents - Parenting
  170. Halloween party ideas for kids from 2-14: meal, teens, out of control - Parenting
  171. Poop training a child with sensory processing disorder... HELP ME!!: method, cartoon - Parenting
  172. Preschooler afraid of everything: teaching, autism, baby, support - Parenting
  173. Should I buy my daughter a car?: teenage, wife, activities - Parenting
  174. PTAs & Science Fair: average, parents, appropriate, activity - Parenting
  175. I don't like other people driving my kid on highways if I don't know them: babysitter, baby - Parenting
  176. How to raise kids into successful adults?: bullying, meal, game - Parenting
  177. How to help: babysitter, attorney, divorce, autism - Parenting
  178. Daughter arrested for having weed.: attorney, legally, parents, 18 year old - Parenting
  179. Baby sleep: infant, pacifier, average, toddler - Parenting
  180. Look both ways at Bus Stop: legal, teaching, parent, children - Parenting
  181. Am I being a bigot?: divorced, baby, support, pregnant - Parenting
  182. Millennial sues parents for sharing embarrassing childhood photos: teenage, baby, toddler - Parenting
  183. Parents being nude in front of children: teens, wife, appropriate - Parenting
  184. Is Lice in Schools Regional?: parents, daughter, elementary school, raise - Parenting
  185. 2 Birthday Parties: party, teaching, girls, play - Parenting
  186. Babysitter Situation- Am I overreacting?: babysitting, teenager, game, parents - Parenting
  187. Teens & sexual content: ideas, teaching, parent, girls - Parenting
  188. Checking the private parts at yearly check-ups?: parents, girls, son - Parenting
  189. Kid told: punishments, parents, girl, smart - Parenting
  190. Why don't you see kids playing outside nowadays?: games, parents, son - Parenting
  191. what age did you let your kids smoke or drink infront of you?: party, legal - Parenting
  192. Grumblings of the PTSA: orphaned, ideas, parents, student - Parenting
  193. Does your school allow parents to take photographs of children during school hours?: daycare, girls - Parenting
  194. if you could change one thing about how you were raised , what would it be?: party, parents - Parenting
  195. Extracurricular activities, are they important.: parents, boys, play, son - Parenting
  196. 2nd child 10+ years after first. Pros/cons?: BF, babysitting, teens - Parenting
  197. How do you handle other parents with different styles?: toys, girl, appropriate - Parenting
  198. 20 year old not taking responsibility: ideas, parents, son, 5 years old - Parenting
  199. Is this how bullying starts?: animated, autism, games, parents - Parenting
  200. How would you react?: teaching, parents, children, 5 yr old - Parenting