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  1. News, Texas mother says girl rushed to hospital after swallowing fidget spinner part: ADHD, lawsuit - Parenting
  2. Michigan teen who skipped school to play video games goes through treatment in the wilderness: punishment, parents - Parenting
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  9. Parents demanding action after four-year-old girl was forced to clean up her own urine: method, punish - Parenting
  10. which console/gaming system?: support, games, appropriate, playing - Parenting
  11. Best Math App for Kids: playing, student, school, teach - Parenting
  12. parents ever dealt with or known someone that was self harming?: teens, video - Parenting
  13. Afterschool play, fitness, and brains: children, learning, health - Parenting
  14. Mother died while pregnant: infant, mature, adult, raise - Parenting
  15. Helping Children Develop Creativity: ideas, parents, chores, activity - Parenting
  16. How do you all make the occasional treat/dessert more engaging?: ideas, child - Parenting
  17. Home-made soap for kids. ?: baby, activity, smart, daughter - Parenting
  18. parents have adult children with addiction issues?: teens, support, girl - Parenting
  19. Proud Parents, Come: wife, boy, play, son - Parenting
  20. Deleted - Parenting
  21. Thoughts on Cyber Bullying?: girls, daughter, students, kids - Parenting
  22. Why do people have more children when they can't raise the ones they have?: pregnant, girls - Parenting
  23. So, how do you feel about this parenting?: punishment, video, family
  24. Summer fun!: girls, playing, daughter, decide - Parenting
  25. One sided sibling rilvalry: son, adoption, raising, sister - Parenting
  26. Kid going to summer camp song: parents, brothers, kids, taught - Parenting
  27. tired of dance schools?: legally, teenagers, teaching, parents - Parenting
  28. What was the strangest punishment your parents ever gave you?: spanking, playing - Parenting
  29. for baby car seat + Stroller: infants, weight, booster seat, toddlers - Parenting
  30. Do you monitor your kids' electronic device usage?: bullying, games, parents - Parenting
  31. Kicking out siblings: custody, divorce, wife, daughter - Parenting
  32. Son not excited for the move, advice: activities, 10 year old, schools - Parenting
  33. Balancing grace and accountability with school work: legally, teaching, support - Parenting
  34. Would your child like this ABC learning video?: children, kindergarten, better - Parenting
  35. YouTube website just for kids?: toys, appropriate, video, friend - Parenting
  36. Do you allow your kids to use your credit card?: teens, parents - Parenting
  37. Kids getting same teachers in schools as siblings. Ask for change?: parents, smart - Parenting
  38. Do you share medical problems that you have with your parents?: children, mother - Parenting
  39. Parents of adult children: BF, custody, legally, teens - Parenting
  40. What Do You Consider Back Talk/Sass ?: legal, punishment, teenagers - Parenting
  41. Teenagers behaving like toddlers?: teens, games, parent, appropriate - Parenting
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  43. Carseat rules: infant, weight, booster seat, wife - Parenting
  44. Potty training advice: ideas, parents, wife, clothes - Parenting
  45. Dads with Stay - At - Home Wives: what is your night strategy?: breastfeeding, babysitter - Parenting
  46. Bad Tutoring Center: babies, parent, appropriate, child - Parenting
  47. Mom (allegedly) uses breastmilk in brownies for school bake sale: breastfeeding, breast milk - Parenting
  48. Grandparents showing blatant favoritism: ideas, baby, support, game - Parenting
  49. What's the birth / fertility rate like in your family?: step-dad, support, pregnant - Parenting
  50. How to discipline a 4 year old (long): ADHD, baby, spanking - Parenting
  51. Distribution of Meds to Children at Overnight Camps: ADHD, attorney, teens - Parenting
  52. Wrong sized school bus wrecking my son's life!: bullying, legal, parents - Parenting
  53. Child doesn't like to be touched: teenage, support, parents, son - Parenting
  54. Do the neighborhood kids throw each other's bikes around?: boys, son, learn - Parenting
  55. News, Woman ‘Pierces’ Her Baby Daughter’s Cheek and Angers the Internet: infant, parents - Parenting
  56. Sunscreen lotion for 1yr old: infants, support, toddler, boy - Parenting
  57. At what age do you explain to children the concept of political correctness?: parent, daughter - Parenting
  58. Parents, can you explain why lots of parents do this with their younger children?: child care, legal - Parenting
  59. How many milk (not breast milk) bottles can I bring on a flight?: infants, weight - Parenting
  60. How much college spending money?: babysitting, meal plan, baby, parents - Parenting
  61. Biting at Daycare: day care, infant, toddler, parents - Parenting
  62. Anxiety about leaving 18 year old son for a weekend: BF, party, baby - Parenting
  63. Do you kick your kids outside?: games, parents, chores, playing - Parenting
  64. Unsaying Hurtful Things: baby, parent, children, mother - Parenting
  65. Why do parents often discourage their adult children?: ideas, weight, support - Parenting
  66. Can we talk about cloth diapers?: daycare, babies, toddler, parents - Parenting
  67. Update to Bedwetting Issues and Reviews: method, cartoons, baby, parents - Parenting
  68. the first time you stood up for your child: daycare, bullying, toddler - Parenting
  69. age of your kids with first gaming system?: games, activities, playing - Parenting
  70. Adulting: parents, daughters, insurance, married - Parenting
  71. Things to consider when going from 2 to 3 kids?: baby, booster seat, single parent - Parenting
  72. Quick for parents with children, answer: teens, son, homemade - Parenting
  73. Is it normal for a 12 year old: autism, infant, parents - Parenting
  74. 16yr old boy being 'sexually spanked' by step lesbian mother...?: stepmother, method - Parenting
  75. I was abandoned by my parents as a baby due to having dark skin – now they want to meet my triplets but I won’t let them: orphan, wife - Parenting
  76. Mother sparks controversy for suggesting daughters should be encouraged to find a wealthy husband.: average, support - Parenting
  77. Are sleepovers still a thing?: teens, parents, boys, son - Parenting
  78. Your Favourite First Names: legally, parents, son, grandmother - Parenting
  79. i need your help... advice on moving to another state and away from family: average, parents - Parenting
  80. Parents bring children to tears with prank.: punishment, video, mother - Parenting
  81. Exposing children to music while they are still in the womb: infant, support - Parenting
  82. Having kids is hard. How do you do mantain your career while beng a parent?: breastfeeding, day care - Parenting
  83. Best/Worst Bedtime Stories: parents, girl, son, learn - Parenting
  84. Teaching my child 3 languages at home. Can it be done?: toddler, parents - Parenting
  85. Peeing in public: toddler, girl, son, 1 year old - Parenting
  86. Baby girl named Eclipse born in SC on day of total solar eclipse: legally, parent - Parenting
  87. The Blob: baby, parents, smart, son - Parenting
  88. Is saying your children are perfect a bad thing?: parents, boy, school - Parenting
  89. Would you rather your 16-year-old...: legal, punish, teenager, teaching - Parenting
  90. Book for baby shower: babies, toddlers, boys, daughter - Parenting
  91. 21 year old son...did we do the right thing?: out of control, baby, support - Parenting
  92. I'm tired of his pot-smoking and being irresponsible: support, parents, son - Parenting
  93. Mother in Restaurant with Screaming Kid, Gets a Nasty Note from the Couple Behind Her: orphaned, sitter - Parenting
  94. exaggeration, rumors,: party, ideas, teenage, teaching - Parenting
  95. Daughters wanting to have separate bedrooms: spoiled or reasonable?: teenagers, average, girls - Parenting
  96. Peanut Butter and the Classroom: teens, teaching, milk, parents - Parenting
  97. My husband called my adult daughter a...: baby, girl, appropriate - Parenting
  98. RANT about work....: teenagers, parents, appropriate, daughter - Parenting
  99. Asking for a girls mom to help me get date with her daughter: parents, accident - Parenting
  100. How to ensure your children get into college.: teaching, parents, boy - Parenting
  101. Children sleeping with parent: custody, legal, single mom, parents - Parenting
  102. about when kids have a guest over: ideas, games, parent - Parenting
  103. teenage daughter has discipline issues: custody, punishments, teens, teaching - Parenting
  104. What do you think of women drinking while pregnant?: breastfeeding, legal, babies - Parenting
  105. Toy Organization Ideas- Small House with Minimal Storage: method, baby, toys - Parenting
  106. Daughter being shunned by other girls: bullying, party, activities, play - Parenting
  107. Tough love time???: ideas, support, parents, accident - Parenting
  108. toddler prefers mom....and everyone over me: baby, toddlers, parents - Parenting
  109. is teen daughter taking drugs?: teens, pills, support, parents - Parenting
  110. cell phones at school: teens, teaching, milk, parents - Parenting
  111. Grown Man who is autistic: bi-polar, ideas, autism, support - Parenting
  112. Is Siblings playing doctor considered incest?: 6 years old, kids - Parenting
  113. Daughter is working but......: parents, insurance, college, adult - Parenting
  114. Help!!!! Daughters & their attitudes!!!: stepdad, teenagers, parents, girls - Parenting
  115. Tales you were told as a child: baby, college, father - Parenting
  116. Can't stop laughing: wife, girl, appropriate, daughter - Parenting
  117. Looking for perspective: teenager, weight, support, parents - Parenting
  118. Need Advice for 8 Year old daughters Friendship: bullying, girls, play - Parenting
  119. WFH + Baby in the House? Full Time Childcare Costs?: daycare, babies, son - Parenting
  120. Parents trying to control money/finances?: legal, girls, activity, child - Parenting
  121. Rant--Mother's Day is Mother's Day: orphaned, single dad, parents, son - Parenting
  122. Etiquette for Parents to buy a gift for daughter on Mother's Day.: stepmom, teenager - Parenting
  123. Were you very difficult/rebellious as a teen?: legal, teens, parents - Parenting
  124. In Honor Of Mother's Day What Was The Best Piece Of Advice Your Mother Ever Gave You---Happy Mother's Day!!!: divorce, wife - Parenting
  125. Mother always giving kid orders to fetch this and do that for her: punishment, teaching - Parenting
  126. House arrest style ankle braces for children? Are they out there?: autism, parents - Parenting
  127. News, Library has drag queens for story hour: children, learning, kids - Parenting
  128. Smash Cakes, Tantrums in Target, Racetrack at the Restaurant: babysitters, party, out of control - Parenting
  129. Bullying in Kindergarten: legal, divorce, parents, wife - Parenting
  130. End of year teacher gifts, how much?: parents, wife, daughter - Parenting
  131. Is it prohibitively harder to haul kids days?: legally, teens, booster seat - Parenting
  132. The staff in my building speaks Spanish...always. Advice?: parent, appropriate, learn - Parenting
  133. Advice needed: Kids knowing their long-distance relatives?: parents, daughter, married - Parenting
  134. no shows?: party, game, parents, snacks - Parenting
  135. When you were younger , how many children did you want to have?: childcare, parents - Parenting
  136. When do you start picking the first car for the teen?: teens, parents - Parenting
  137. Not getting Anything for my mom For Mothers day.: teenage, 19 year old, school - Parenting
  138. Do you find it annoying when your friend wants everyone to go to her kids performances?: support, parents - Parenting
  139. Teacher refused to let daughter go toilet: girls, activities, son - Parenting
  140. New baby! How long is it before the dad goes back to his regular routine?: infants, parents - Parenting
  141. Parenthood is destroying my wife physically and mentally :(: breastfeeding, day care, wakes up - Parenting
  142. Family friends, kids, marriage, and adoption conundrum: lawyers, legally, parents - Parenting
  143. Is it just me, or was this too much for a check up?: parent, daughter - Parenting
  144. Gymnastics coach yelling: teaching, have to tell, babies, parents - Parenting
  145. Youtube prank parents lose custody of their kids: smart, child - Parenting
  146. Advice on what to do with disrespectful nephew: teenager, parent, boys - Parenting
  147. When you were a child , when did you first get left home alone?: babysitting, baby - Parenting
  148. How many couples like to have a new baby in their 40s?: babies, parents - Parenting
  149. Precocious puberty: teens, weight, parents, girls - Parenting
  150. Physical Therapy for a 9-month-old: day care, babies, toy, parent - Parenting
  151. Does Your Daughter Play Soccer?: legal, game, parents, girls - Parenting
  152. What is the naughiest thing you did as a child?: ideas, toys - Parenting
  153. Is it selfish for older women to have children?: teenagers, babies, pregnancy - Parenting
  154. Should daycare be free?: maternity, support, parents, children - Parenting
  155. Need s for social issues with son: ADHD, party, average - Parenting
  156. Why don't more parents take the time to mold their children into good human beings?: teaching, babies - Parenting
  157. Europeans spank their kids less... Good or Bad?: legal, punishment, spanking - Parenting
  158. Keeping track of money spent?: ideas, teaching, babies, games - Parenting
  159. Parenting Values: method, parents, son, learn
  160. If you are left handed, did you influence you children, or try not to?: babies, parents - Parenting
  161. Daughter is not socializing with Mom and Dad: meal, parents, wife - Parenting
  162. What did yoiu get for fathers day?: game, playing, daughter - Parenting
  163. Unusual discipline techniques: ideas, punishment, teens, teaching - Parenting
  164. Having a Hard Time Growing Up: legal, teenage, average, support - Parenting
  165. if you had to change the name your parents gave you , what would you change it to?: legally, college - Parenting
  166. Summer - Girls and periods: teens, activities, play, daughter - Parenting
  167. 19 year old daughter is out of control: support, pregnant, toys - Parenting
  168. Movies for kids with nothing scary?: animated, daughter, 3 year old, music - Parenting
  169. best birthday gift for a one year old boy: baby, toddler, games - Parenting
  170. Do you know who does not like their kids?: custody, teens - Parenting
  171. Cannot get kids to diet: teaching, weight, parent, girl - Parenting
  172. If Your Toddle Was Knocked Unconscious, Would You Call An Ambulance, Or At Least Take Them To A Doctor?: spank, toddler - Parenting
  173. Disciplining 8 Year Old: child support, care, custody, legal - Parenting
  174. Were you 'angsty' in your teen years?: teens, support, toddler - Parenting
  175. Do you travel with a car seat?: babies, weight, daughter - Parenting
  176. Social pressure to have kids: ideas, teenagers, babies, weight - Parenting
  177. How to protect my kids online ?: teenagers, parents, chores, smart - Parenting
  178. Do you think it's ok to still live at home in your 30's?: pregnant, parents - Parenting
  179. 13.5 lb baby girl born in FL: babies, diabetes, weight, child - Parenting
  180. Is this WIC fraud?: custody, milk, parent, child - Parenting
  181. Need on 5 year olds situation: stepdad, ADHD, baby - Parenting
  182. tween cooking classes?: party, ideas, meal, snacks - Parenting
  183. Did you ever sneak out of your house when you were kid?: parents, high school - Parenting
  184. in need of answers!!!!: legally, support, parents, children - Parenting
  185. Do you push back your kids bedtimes in the Summer?: daycare, parents - Parenting
  186. Bullying in 1st grade: baby, parents, boys, play - Parenting
  187. Help With Bedwetting, Summer Camp Coming Up: teenagers, boys, bed wetting - Parenting
  188. New millennial moms - why do you still work?: babysitters, maternity, teens - Parenting
  189. a move away from daughter, but is this right??: teaching, allowance - Parenting
  190. Is Caroline a good name for a baby?: girl names, girl, daughter - Parenting
  191. Etiquette: party, single dad, parents, play - Parenting
  192. A about the genetics of children who are part Asian: parent, daughters - Parenting
  193. Does have teenagers who can't get into sexual relationships?: teens, teaching - Parenting
  194. My Son, the Babysitter: daycare, teaching, babies, toddlers - Parenting
  195. Father leaves his 16 year old at home only sees her for an hour a day. can she move out?: teenager, parents - Parenting
  196. 14 yr old has boyfriend: teens, baby, pregnancy, parents - Parenting
  197. 8 year old boy sitting on laps and sucking on fingers: party, autism - Parenting
  198. at what age did you leave your child home alone for five minutes?: parents, playing - Parenting
  199. 20 Facts That Will Change The Way You Think About Babies - Parenting
  200. Breath holding spell: baby, normal, teeth - Parenting