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  1. Good at Spelling but Dyslexic?: girl, son, learning, school - Parenting
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  9. Summer Infant quality: kids - Parenting
  10. Is it normal for the pediatrician to check for foreskin retraction for older boys at annual check-ups?: baby, parent - Parenting
  11. This is heartbreaking, poor children: pregnant, parents, twins, grandpa - Parenting
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  14. A for parents content in games.: deviant, legal, teens - Parenting
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  18. News, 9-year-old with terminal cancer asks for cards to celebrate last Christmas: parent, boy - Parenting
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  20. Husky size clothing? Brands or chain stores?: girls, clothes, son - Parenting
  21. Kids fighting - well: parents, smart, son, twins - Parenting
  22. What trait do you love the best about your child?: teenage, baby - Parenting
  23. What daycare options are there in your city?: students, college, friends - Parenting
  24. To our precious departure of son & daughter: teenagers, parents, adult - Parenting
  25. Does meth always cause vandalism, violence?: teens, play, permanent, school - Parenting
  26. Parents, would you view this a gambling?: teens, games, boys - Parenting
  27. Runaway 7-year-old takes train to airport, boards plane with no ticket: parents, girl - Parenting
  28. Neighbor Kid(s) Playing Football in my Yard....: lawsuit, have to tell, boys - Parenting
  29. Do youl travel without your children?: party, single parent, parents, girls - Parenting
  30. Should we take children out of unsafe situation with neighbors: legal, out of control - Parenting
  31. How would you handle a professional making a rude about child?: support, parents - Parenting
  32. At what age to have The talk ?: babies, pregnant, parents - Parenting
  33. Parents of Adult Children: do you pay for meals?: meal, average, wife - Parenting
  34. Did your son or daughter date or marry a vegetarian?: meal, babies - Parenting
  35. Is it ok to gift a 11 year old an Amazon Alexa Dot?: games, parents - Parenting
  36. Niece and nephew make me a Christmas grinch: meal, baby, game - Parenting
  37. News, Ohio parents give teachers wine bearing photos of their son: legal, smart - Parenting
  38. 11 Year Old Is Physically and Verbally Abusive.: out of control, parents, girls - Parenting
  39. Is it a concern for a teenage girl to have more guy friends than girlfriends?: girls, smart - Parenting
  40. How do you deal with your kids hearing profanities in public?: teens, games - Parenting
  41. Would you let your teenager spend Christmas with their boyfriend/girlfriend’s family?: BF, meal - Parenting
  42. Date my teen application: stepdad, stepfather, baby, parents - Parenting
  43. Is it becoming more common for Grandparents to spoil their Grandchildren with gifts?: toys, wife - Parenting
  44. What do you say....?: teaching, parents, daughter, 11 year old - Parenting
  45. Daughter's Jealousy: teens, support, parent, girls - Parenting
  46. My sons altercation with psycho girl.: parents, son, safety, schools - Parenting
  47. We forbid our kids from going outside, and then we we wonder why they're always inside on their phones: bullying, games - Parenting
  48. Parents of kids under 18, how often do you get to rest/relax (i.e. me time)?: child care, ADHD - Parenting
  49. Hard custody situation: child support, care, legal, baby - Parenting
  50. Do your kids look like you and if not do you find it weird?: teenagers, parents - Parenting
  51. Actress jailed in New York 20 years ago for leaving her baby OUTSIDE a restaurant says American reaction was over the to: babies, parents - Parenting
  52. Is it OK for CPS to do this?: teenagers, teaching, allowance - Parenting
  53. Parents that allow their children to be mean/hateful/disrespectful.: teaching, milk - Parenting
  54. only child or not: childcare, baby, support, pregnant - Parenting
  55. How can a parent prevent a 16 year old from drinking alcohol: legally, teenagers - Parenting
  56. Why do people think SAHMs will babysit: orphaned, day care, SAHM - Parenting
  57. Telling child to not talk about relatives' behavior.: child support, custody, legal - Parenting
  58. They're in love and gram's out of her comfort zone...: custody, legally - Parenting
  59. In HS relationships, is senior dating sophomore considered wrong?: legal, baby, parents - Parenting
  60. Worst thing you ever caught your kids doing?: pantsing, meal, wakes up - Parenting
  61. My 9 year old has issues that I don't think are normal...: diabetes, weight - Parenting
  62. Poll: Parents Divided on Whether to Let Kids Play Football: activity, playing - Parenting
  63. switching car insurance from being under your parent's name to your name when you turn 18: legal, support - Parenting
  64. What do your young adult/teen kids do with money they've earned working a part-time job?: babysitting, teenage - Parenting
  65. Engineering Projects for Kids: ideas, toys, girls, activities - Parenting
  66. What is your biggest concern for your older children?: teens, baby, toddler - Parenting
  67. When a child refuses to go to school: son, learning, health - Parenting
  68. Son is dating very lazy woman and is ruining his life.: support, parents - Parenting
  69. A to all you parents...: support, children, adults, health - Parenting
  70. Montessori vs. Catholic school for 3rd grade?: method, party, teaching - Parenting
  71. Grandparents as daycare?: infant, weight, appropriate, playing - Parenting
  72. Son is 30, living at home, but if really happy: divorced, support - Parenting
  73. Need advice on explaining divorce to children: custody, teens, divorced - Parenting
  74. Son was thrown to the wolves: child support, custody, support, games - Parenting
  75. Would This Bother You??: parents, girl, accidents, children - Parenting
  76. 4 y.o. talking (or not) about deceased grandpa: support, parents, son - Parenting
  77. Traumatised plane passenger films toddler's eight-hour tantrum: babies, parents, child - Parenting
  78. Anxiety in 10 Yr Old-Scared of Everything: ADHD, bullying, teaching, games - Parenting
  79. Why do parents bring other siblings to B-day parties?: childcare, party, baby - Parenting
  80. How to adult!: baby, parents, children, 18 year old - Parenting
  81. I want my son to be very americanized.: daycare, ideas, legal - Parenting
  82. Would this rule bother you as a parent?: allowance, smart, children - Parenting
  83. What to do when one in a pair of siblings is clearly superior?: teaching, parents - Parenting
  84. Would you rather have a 16-year-old son/daughter who...: teenagers, chores, activities - Parenting
  85. Help for a grandma who isn’t techno savvy: babies, pregnant, parents - Parenting
  86. Do you allow sleepovers at your house?: parents, girls, snacks - Parenting
  87. considered freezing their eggs?: fertility, pregnancy, single parent, mom - Parenting
  88. Father Forces Kid To Smash His Xbox After He Gets Bad Grades: game, parents - Parenting
  89. 16 year old dating a 20 year old?: teens, parents, girl, child - Parenting
  90. i just over heard a pediatrician say he hates animals around kids: teens, baby - Parenting
  91. American Heritage Girls troop: teaching, parents, activity, daughter - Parenting
  92. My grandkids and fighting growing up: teens, parents, girls, play - Parenting
  93. Our waters and child's IQ: autism, pregnancy, parents, boy - Parenting
  94. Adult children: baby, support, pregnant, boy - Parenting
  95. How important is it to get a baby boy circumcised?: infant, pregnant - Parenting
  96. Gifted/advanced child school help.: ideas, teaching, weight, son - Parenting
  97. 17-year-old's girlfriend is pregnant. Help!: custody, legal, teens, baby - Parenting
  98. 5 year old not sleeping: teens, parents, girl, play - Parenting
  99. Deficit Disorder: Seeking feedback: ADHD, cartoon, ideas, legally - Parenting
  100. Why do stay-at-home moms complain so much?: SAHM, support, single mom - Parenting
  101. If your infant had an egg allergy.. come in: milk, parent - Parenting
  102. How often is too often for grandparents to see newborn?: day care, maternity - Parenting
  103. why do adult kids think they can use you and you will be with it ?: support, parents - Parenting
  104. Celebrating birthday monthly until 1 year old: party, babies, parents, daughter - Parenting
  105. Being mean giving college grad daughter the boot?: BF, attorney, ideas - Parenting
  106. With dangerous Tide-Pod challenges on the rise. Are parental controls on the internet a viable option?: ideas, punish - Parenting
  107. Father Opened Up Her Gifts And Took One Away: teens, wife, girls - Parenting
  108. Concerned about 16 yo daughter's obsessive relationship: teens, pregnant, parents, appropriate - Parenting
  109. Babysitter requests medical release: childcare, game, parents, children - Parenting
  110. Are parents always to blame?: breastfeed, ADHD, infant, play - Parenting
  111. tell their parents that there is doubt over the paternity of your born or unborn baby?: pregnant, son - Parenting
  112. Good books suitable for tween girl: babysitters, teens, baby, games - Parenting
  113. My daughter's father has disowned her and I need help!: child support, custody - Parenting
  114. Michigan dad builds lavish 2-story playhouse for his daughters: parent, girls, play - Parenting
  115. Just say NO to the Homecoming Proposal Production?: ideas, teaching, parents - Parenting
  116. Finland Not Being Taken Up On Its Optimal Child-Rearing Situation: childcare, babies - Parenting
  117. Beat books on how to get 4 year old to stay in own bed: baby, toddler - Parenting
  118. What if teacher doesn't like your child: support, parents, wife - Parenting
  119. Is it normal for much older parents to still be protective of their children?: baby, girls - Parenting
  120. How Did You Balance It All?: ideas, teens, weight, games - Parenting
  121. Have you ever said no to a halloween costume?: cartoon, party, girl - Parenting
  122. Is Door-To-Door Trick-Or-Treating Still Done In The 'Burbs? The City?: teens, parents - Parenting
  123. 'bralette senior pic inappropriate?: teens, wife, girls, accident - Parenting
  124. Would you call the mom or MYOB?: bullying, punishments, parents - Parenting
  125. Another how old should you kids have a smartphone: bullying, games - Parenting
  126. Do you favor one child over another?: parents, girl, son - Parenting
  127. Playdate/get together help, when parents their kids request to play with yours: party, single parent - Parenting
  128. Do parents have type of disconnect from their kids?: wife, clothes - Parenting
  129. what would you do if your toddler put something in the stroller while shopping and didn't realize it until getting home?: parents, accident - Parenting
  130. Don't know if we'll have kids: out of control, divorced, baby, weight - Parenting
  131. Has ever about arranging to be a single parent?: daycare, fertile - Parenting
  132. News about poster No Kudzu...: parent, children, husband, school - Parenting
  133. Granddaughter is having twins in 2 weeks and i;m crazy: ideas, babies - Parenting
  134. Moms And Dads Post That Horrible Moment Their Kids Go Back To School: parents, children - Parenting
  135. My foster toddler, and her military mom.: daycare, teaching, baby - Parenting
  136. Making kids responsible.: games, parents, girl, daughter - Parenting
  137. How to stop a teen relationship?: support, games, parents, boys - Parenting
  138. Need Advice: Child Wants to Live w/Grandma: teenager, parents, boy - Parenting
  139. encouraging bras: have to tell her, support, parents, girls - Parenting
  140. What should I do about my adult daughter who won't pay rent, do chores or get out?: parents, clothes - Parenting
  141. Gifts for SIL's blended family...: weigh, parents, girl, appropriate - Parenting
  142. Would you be willing to cover up you childs crime(s)?: attorney, legal - Parenting
  143. Managing frustration..: child support, method, custody, legal - Parenting
  144. What was the first birthday you remember having?: party, girls, school - Parenting
  145. advice on school after parent has passed away: support, toys, wife - Parenting
  146. Mothers and sons and life partners: parents, girls, son, marry - Parenting
  147. Best balm for sore nipples? (breastfeeding): ideas, baby, trouble, leave - Parenting
  148. Why are teenagers today more obedient than teenagers in prior decades?: teens, parents - Parenting
  149. Handling friend's spoilt brat kid: babysitter, have to tell, baby, toddler - Parenting
  150. Major sleep issues with my 5 year old daughter...: day care, baby, toddlers - Parenting
  151. My sister will not raise her kids..: daycare, custody, deadbeat - Parenting
  152. Is it weird that I (a guy) really want a girl?: divorced, baby - Parenting
  153. Where to find back up baby sitter for sick infant: daycare, teenage - Parenting
  154. What trait (if do you dislike in your child?: baby, toy - Parenting
  155. How to raise well mannered children?: babysitters, method, baby, parents - Parenting
  156. How do you talk to your kids about same-sex families?: method, parents - Parenting
  157. Helping child choose a career path at a young age: activities, playing - Parenting
  158. Do you think the Jimmy Kimmel candy prank is a good test of the type of kid you have?: toys, parents - Parenting
  159. What is the Creepiest Thing Your Child Has Said to You?: toddler, toy - Parenting
  160. What is your biggest parental regret?: breastfeeding, custody, teaching, support - Parenting
  161. Are there dads who spend actual quality time with their babies?: child care, parents - Parenting
  162. How do you raise a gritty kid?: ideas, allowance, baby - Parenting
  163. Daughter has no concept of time: ADHD, teens, teaching, parents - Parenting
  164. Sibling gifts at a second baby shower?: toddler, parents, appropriate - Parenting
  165. Visitors after a csection: ideas, newborn, pregnant, parents - Parenting
  166. Kids and grandparents: teenager, have to tell, son, grandmother - Parenting
  167. i would like to send my son to a boarding school: 7 years old, schools - Parenting
  168. Punishment for 6 Year Old: custody, teaching, parents, appropriate - Parenting
  169. Christmas Gifts for 4 and 11 year Old Boys?: babysitter, ideas, baby - Parenting
  170. Help [18year old ] not in college or job: son, 3 years old, father - Parenting
  171. Parents, do you have an issue with your kids playing violent video games?: teens, appropriate - Parenting
  172. Does Your Teenager Curse Around You?: parents, accident, son, college - Parenting
  173. C-section - the easy way out: method, babies, parents, child - Parenting
  174. Cheer and Cheer Camps/Dangerous or not?: pageants, parents, girls - Parenting
  175. Middle aged kids choosing not to get married or have kids: child support, day care - Parenting
  176. Looking for a light weight toddler car seat for travel: babies, average - Parenting
  177. Wife wants to buy plane ticket for her parents: legally, newborn, support - Parenting
  178. Parents doing drugs...: legal, boy, appropriate, activity - Parenting
  179. Kid who is not a great influence on your kid: games, parents - Parenting
  180. Is it wrong to move for a job after having kids?: support, toddler - Parenting
  181. Is it safe to give a 3 year old Chinese food?: parent, boy - Parenting
  182. Parents Leave Child At Corn Maze, Don't Realize It Until Next Day: Cops: boy, children - Parenting
  183. Not your typical relationship involves family and kisses...: baby, parents, wife - Parenting
  184. Newborn Clothes: What You Really Need: infants, weight, average, parents - Parenting
  185. Three Year Old Boy Locked Outside - Time Out: teaching, newborn, parents - Parenting
  186. Young girl and racy Halloween costume.?: cartoon, party, animated, teenager - Parenting
  187. Parents who choose fertility treatments knowing chance of multiples and then expect everyone to chip in: newborn, pregnant - Parenting
  188. 5 year old sexual's behavior: newborn, pregnant, boy, appropriate - Parenting
  189. Waking Mathilda, Child with Narcolepsy from Drugs: infants, parent, appropriate - Parenting
  190. Is my mom wrong or do I deserve it: child support, minors, custody - Parenting
  191. Annoyed with children fund raising: single parent, parents, girl, activities - Parenting
  192. Why are kids copycats?: teenager, parents, girls, son - Parenting
  193. Weird things kids eat: son, diapers, friend, sister - Parenting
  194. Parents calling colleges to ask for favors: stepdad, BF, appropriate - Parenting
  195. 7 Year Old Son is Spanking Other Girl's Butts: ADHD, parent, girls - Parenting
  196. help me with my 13 year old.: parent, appropriate, chores - Parenting
  197. Children's stealing getting out of hand: ideas, punishment, single mom, parent - Parenting
  198. News, Baby safe from oncoming train after vehicles get stuck on tracks in Oklahoma Borough.: infant, hit - Parenting
  199. The funny kids songs: baby - Parenting
  200. English tories for kids - Parenting