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  1. Looking for Restaurant with Banquet Room: Hicksville, Jericho: floor, nightclubs, areas - Long Island, New York (NY)
  2. FEMA flood zone changes may spur insurance sales: homeowners insurance, house - Long Island, New York (NY)
  3. Stories of Mold in North Shore Homes, & How to Prevent?: Hampton Bays: house - Long Island, New York (NY)
  4. Cost to add a garage and front dormer on a Levit Ranch?: Levittown: construction - Long Island, New York (NY)
  5. Summer Getaways in or near NY: Long Beach, Chester: renting, houses, restaurants - Long Island, New York
  6. College section of Stonybrook: Brookhaven, Smithtown: for sale, houses, elementary school - Long Island, New York (NY)
  7. School District Diversity statistical update for 2006-2007: Hempstead, Brookhaven: school districts, zoning - Long Island, New York (NY)
  8. Hello: New York, Merrick, York: safe area, good schools, inspections - Long Island, (NY)
  9. Self-contained special ed programs: Levittown, Commack: how much, home, purchase - Long Island, New York (NY)
  10. public transport from LI to Philly: New York, Newark: rent, home, transfer to - Long Island, (NY)
  11. Opinions on Garden City area Bordering Mineola Needed!: Hempstead, Huntington: how much, buying a home - Long Island, New York (NY)
  12. just a little ..: Hempstead, Union: houses, neighborhood, high school - Long Island, New York (NY)
  13. Should I consider Long Island?: New York, Islip: salons, apartments, rental - (NY)
  14. suggest good(not very costly) rental Apartments near Hicksville: Hempstead: credit check, utilities - Long Island, New York (NY)
  15. Lighthouse: Hempstead, Union, White Plains: inspections, tax, garden - Long Island, New York (NY)
  16. Complaint Website for brokers and lawyers!: New York, York: short sale, real estate, insurance - Long Island, (NY)
  17. Moving from Queens to Long Island ! Scared: Valley Stream, Oceanside: renting, insurance - New York (NY)
  18. Sachem sd-best towns or areas?: Holbrook, Nesconset: houses, neighborhood, school district - Long Island, New York (NY)
  19. Best Communities for Young Singles on LI: Huntington, Long Beach: condo, co-ops - Long Island, New York (NY)
  20. affordable housing in Glen Cove: Ava: apartment, renters, houses - Long Island, New York (NY)
  21. Kids Quest Day Camp in Mt. Sinai?: movies, price - Long Island, New York (NY)
  22. Dix Hills: Islip, Babylon, Huntington: 2014, to rent, houses - Long Island, New York (NY)
  23. port jeff station?: Brookhaven, Coram: renting, first time home buyer, neighborhoods - Long Island, New York (NY)
  24. Working in districts--opinions: Garden City, East Northport: elementary schools, compensation, garden - Long Island, New York (NY)
  25. Cablevision in the late 70s.: Jericho: children, addresses, parents - Long Island, New York (NY)
  26. need on areas near Lake Success for relocating: New York: rentals, low crime - Long Island, (NY)
  27. Pictures of Long Island Villages and parks: top, great - New York (NY)
  28. Bellmore Logistics Activity Facility in N. Bellmore: Hempstead, East Meadow: middle-class, buying a home - Long Island, New York (NY)
  29. L.I. Buffets / St. Patrick's HELP: restaurants, bars, food - Long Island, New York (NY)
  30. Franklin Square or Hicksville?: Hempstead, Oyster Bay: big house, elementary schools, inspector - Long Island, New York (NY)
  31. help: Islip, Babylon, Huntington: for sale, houses, theatres - Long Island, New York (NY)
  32. Best Affordable School districts: Plainview, Rockville Centre: real estate, houses, best schools - Long Island, New York (NY)
  33. Relocating to Long Island: Oyster Bay, Babylon: zip code, bus, moving - New York (NY)
  34. Which cable package would you pick?: buying a house, buying, rooftop - Long Island, New York (NY)
  35. Good school district near Ronkonkoma?: Smithtown, Hauppauge: school districts, taxes, best - Long Island, New York (NY)
  36. LIer have landlines anymore?: how much, neighborhoods, taxes - Long Island, New York (NY)
  37. Billy Joel puts Centre Island Middlesea estate back on market, asking $32.5 million: New York: houses - Long Island, (NY)
  38. Help! Need assistance in choosing Long Island Town?: Hempstead, Garden City: for sale, homes - New York (NY)
  39. Port Washington Fire House: Long Beach, Manorhaven: school, closing, to live in - Long Island, New York (NY)
  40. Mt. Sinai vs Three Village: Melville, Stony Brook: home, school districts, income - Long Island, New York (NY)
  41. Chicago transplants... in LI?: Babylon, Huntington: real estate, apartment, condo - Long Island, New York (NY)
  42. Oil heat average monthly expense?: new home, square footage, live - Long Island, New York (NY)
  43. NY state title insurance...Closing on a property... help: Nassau: mortgage, attorney - Long Island, New York
  44. Preschool in North Babylon.: Islip, West Islip: tuition, kindergarten, areas - Long Island, New York (NY)
  45. Setting the Record Straight - Dix Hills: Islip, Babylon: apartment, mortgage - Long Island, New York (NY)
  46. How are Island Trees schools? High school especially.: Levittown, East Meadow: home, to buy - Long Island, New York (NY)
  47. Common rental fees?: Ohio: real estate, apartment, renter - Long Island, New York (NY)
  48. Jones Beach LIRR Hotel Suggestions: Freeport, Rockville Centre: hotels, garden, train station - Long Island, New York (NY)
  49. Just Bought A Home In Mineola.: Hempstead, Garden City: rental, condo, new home - Long Island, New York (NY)
  50. 11 LI school districts tagged as substandard, NEWSDAY: Hempstead: foreclosure, vs. - Long Island, New York (NY)
  51. Teacher's salaries: Smithtown, East Northport, Northport: credit, school districts, doctorate - Long Island, New York (NY)
  52. Another NEWSDAY geographic goof, Hempstead Town approves Island Park condo complex: New York: condos - Long Island, (NY)
  53. HVAC Contractor: Floyd: contractors, company, heating - Long Island, New York (NY)
  54. Selden?: Brookhaven, Smithtown, Coram: middle-class, for sale, crime - Long Island, New York (NY)
  55. Downtown Revitalization of Patchogue: Brookhaven, Riverhead: lofts, condos, hotel - Long Island, New York (NY)
  56. producing realtors on the south shore of nassau?: Oceanside: real estate, houses - Long Island, New York (NY)
  57. Commission: sales, mortgage, broker - Long Island, New York (NY)
  58. flooding in Massapequa?: Hempstead, Oyster Bay, Lindenhurst: insurance, buying a house, buying - Long Island, New York (NY)
  59. Top high schools in Nassau and Suffolk, according to NEWSDAY: Brookhaven: homes, top school - Long Island, New York (NY)
  60. Family doctor in West Islip: East Islip: health, date, street - Long Island, New York (NY)
  61. Re-inventing Westbury village: Hempstead, Oyster Bay, Union: movie theater, prices, shop - Long Island, New York (NY)
  62. Commuting from Garden City Area.: Long Beach, Hyde Park: house, school districts, inspector - Long Island, New York (NY)
  63. Moving From Queens to LI..First Time Home Buyer..Scared: New York: real estate, rent - Long Island, (NY)
  64. Laurel Hill Day Camp?: Brookhaven, Islip: credit, house, private school - Long Island, New York (NY)
  65. Real Pubs on LI with Decent Bartenders?: Huntington, Franklin Square: apartment, house - Long Island, New York (NY)
  66. Lima...: Riverhead, Calverton, Scott: how much, camping, zoned - Long Island, New York (NY)
  67. OOPs Finding old Friends: moving, relocation, location - Long Island, New York (NY)
  68. Gas stations in Huntington: prices, safety, required - Long Island, New York (NY)
  69. OK, Wyandanch schools... opinions !: Huntington, Brentwood: school districts, dangerous, move - Long Island, New York (NY)
  70. out there from chicago? Way too expensive on long island, would like to move to chicago burbs: Rome: buying a house - New York (NY)
  71. Inclusion classes for Kindergarten: Smithtown, Coram: home, neighborhood, school districts - Long Island, New York (NY)
  72. Saint Patrick Day: Huntington, Lindenhurst, Rocky Point: live in, permit, island - Long Island, New York (NY)
  73. Advice on Oyster Bay: New York, Syosset: apartments, rent, daycare - Long Island, (NY)
  74. Another NEWSDAY geographic goof, School defies agency order to admit service dog: New York: home - Long Island, (NY)
  75. Traffic and Parking in Great Neck: Hempstead, Manhasset: apartment complex, rent, condo - Long Island, New York (NY)
  76. Selling Back Colllege Texts: Farmingdale, Nassau: buy, school, college - Long Island, New York (NY)
  77. New Hyde Park-Garden City: New York, Hempstead: buying a house, neighborhood, buying - Long Island, (NY)
  78. Should my uncle move from Shirley?: Brookhaven, Mastic: renting, house prices, neighborhoods - Long Island, New York (NY)
  79. Which part of Great Neck ??: New York, Hempstead: houses, schools, taxes - Long Island, (NY)
  80. Teaching on Long Island: Nassau: teaching jobs, school districts, special education - New York (NY)
  81. Local paper?: Oyster Bay, Huntington, Hicksville: live, zip code, moving - Long Island, New York (NY)
  82. Commack & Smithtown Condos?: Roosevelt, Jericho: sale, townhouse, high school - Long Island, New York (NY)
  83. Relocating from colorado... Help!: New York, Nassau: apartments, rental, how much - Long Island, (NY)
  84. Relocating to Long Island: New York, Hicksville: home, schools, property taxes - (NY)
  85. Property Tax: Nassau: assessors, house, live in - Long Island, New York (NY)
  86. Old Westbury .. s: Hempstead, Oyster Bay: homes, school districts, zoned - Long Island, New York (NY)
  87. where is the park in Jericho: Hempstead, Oyster Bay: houses, neighborhoods, purchase - Long Island, New York (NY)
  88. Glen Cove neighborhood: Hempstead, Oyster Bay, Hicksville: real estate, apartments, houses - Long Island, New York (NY)
  89. How are houses in your area selling?: Lindenhurst, West Hills: for sale, real estate - Long Island, New York (NY)
  90. Home prices fall a record 10.7% in past year: Huntington, Portland: for sale, houses - Long Island, New York (NY)
  91. stony brook: Huntington, Lake Grove, Grove: houses, dorm, to buy - Long Island, New York (NY)
  92. Korean on LI?: Smithtown, Plainview, Port Washington: houses, school districts, living in - Long Island, New York (NY)
  93. Landscaper rant: New York, York: house, landscaping, school - Long Island, (NY)
  94. Mastic: Brookhaven, Shirley, Mastic Beach: houses, high school, living - Long Island, New York (NY)
  95. Relocating from!: New York, Oyster Bay: real estate, homes, transfer - Long Island, (NY)
  96. St. Patrick's Day Parades: Islip, Huntington: limo, live, club - Long Island, New York (NY)
  97. I don't understand: New York, Brookhaven, Smithtown: real estate, foreclosure, houses - Long Island, (NY)
  98. Existing Home Sales Rise 11.3% in NorthEast: prices, housing market, business - Long Island, New York (NY)
  99. Areas in Queens: Smithtown, Glen: salons, real estate, apartments - Long Island, New York (NY)
  100. about diversity statistics (origin): school district, racist, island - Long Island, New York (NY)
  101. moving fr CA to Oceanside: New York, Hempstead: apartments, to rent, safe neighborhood - Long Island, (NY)
  102. Questions on placing a bid on a house???: Syosset: sale, how much - Long Island, New York (NY)
  103. where should I buy? recommendations?: Oyster Bay, Huntington: insurance, condos, co-ops - Long Island, New York (NY)
  104. What Do You Get For 350k?: Valley Stream, Long Beach: homeowners association, house prices, neighborhood - Long Island, New York (NY)
  105. After days of searching for home rentals in Nassau county...: Huntington: wood floors, sales - Long Island, New York (NY)
  106. Amityville Horror: house, movies, heating bill - Long Island, New York (NY)
  107. smithtown: Islip, Huntington, Brentwood: real estate, credit, house - Long Island, New York (NY)
  108. School Cut off Dates: Dix Hills, Dix: day care, home, to buy - Long Island, New York (NY)
  109. Universities on Long Island: New York, Hempstead: real estate, rent, crime - (NY)
  110. Good record/used cd shops on Long Island?: Babylon, Smithtown: price, garden - New York (NY)
  111. Free refills...NOT.: New York, Riverhead, Rocky Point: how much, live, restaurants - Long Island, (NY)
  112. Which school district is better: Massapequa or Plainedge?: North Massapequa, Massapequa Park: houses, neighborhood - Long Island, New York (NY)
  113. Moving To Suffolk: Islip, Riverhead, Holbrook: house, school districts, taxes - Long Island, New York (NY)
  114. ~#~ The 51st State ~#~: New York, Albany, Southampton: transfer, taxes, law - Long Island, (NY)
  115. Church's Chicken - on Long Island?: Hempstead, Oyster Bay: camper, mall - New York (NY)
  116. 1st time home buyer hows the housing market?: Hempstead: houses, neighborhoods - Long Island, New York (NY)
  117. News, NY Town Deliberating On Silly String Ban.: New York: sale, house - Long Island
  118. Opinions on buying a home in a satellite town: Dix Hills: school district, inspections - Long Island, New York (NY)
  119. Worst School district in Long Island: Hempstead, Elmont: buying a home, buying, school districts - New York (NY)
  120. love long island: Stony Brook, Orient: best city, how much, neighborhoods - New York (NY)
  121. Is Ronkonkoma area good?: Brookhaven, Islip: apartment complexes, rent, crime - Long Island, New York (NY)
  122. Who are your new Neighbors?: Kings Park, Floral Park: for sale, real estate, rentals - Long Island, New York (NY)
  123. Recent Experience with Mortgages: Nassau: foreclosures, mortgage, refinance - Long Island, New York (NY)
  124. House Hunting Views....: Islip, Garden City, Hyde Park: houses, refrigerators, theatre - Long Island, New York (NY)
  125. Tangiers section of Shirley?: Islip, Central Islip: section 8, rentals, sex offenders - Long Island, New York (NY)
  126. Moving to Shirely: Brookhaven, Shirley, Selden: real estate, to rent, sex offender - Long Island, New York (NY)
  127. Why does Nassau want to get rid of it's parks: Glen Cove: house, transfer - Long Island, New York (NY)
  128. incorporated village??? For mastic shirley: Oyster Bay, Huntington: for sale, apartments, crime - Long Island, New York (NY)
  129. The house is sold!: Long Beach, Garden City: for sale, real estate, foreclosure - Long Island, New York (NY)
  130. Opinions on Lindenhurst: Babylon, West Babylon, Copiague: houses, neighborhoods, school district - Long Island, New York (NY)
  131. What makes Great Neck so expensive?: Hempstead, Garden City: real estate, apartments, rent - Long Island, New York (NY)
  132. Speaks in i think Island Park: New York, Hempstead: live, self-storage, club - Long Island, (NY)
  133. Are You at Risk of Foreclosure?: rent, condo, mortgage - Long Island, New York (NY)
  134. plainedge or massapequa schools?: Hempstead, Oyster Bay: renting, how much, houses - Long Island, New York (NY)
  135. Riverhead ?: Southampton, Southold, Calverton: renting, houses, school district - Long Island, New York (NY)
  136. Oil companies...: Holtsville: sales, credit card, how much - Long Island, New York (NY)
  137. where is a better beach homes? nj or li?: New York: rent, how much - Long Island, (NY)
  138. Nassau County Public Transportation Study: Hempstead, Islip: crime, house, transfer - Long Island, New York (NY)
  139. Farmingville?: Brookhaven, Coram, Centereach: homes, contractor, living in - Long Island, New York (NY)
  140. Jack in the Box restaurant in Port Jeff: Babylon, Albany: school, live - Long Island, New York (NY)
  141. Questions about Garden City & Syosset: Hempstead, Plainview: house, to buy, school district - Long Island, New York (NY)
  142. It's back: INFLATION, remember the 70s..urrr: coupons, credit card - Long Island, New York (NY)
  143. Northshore vs Southshore in Long Island: Kings Park, Nassau: houses, neighborhoods, inspections - New York (NY)
  144. Dormers: East Northport, Northport: houses, dorm, school - Long Island, New York (NY)
  145. Do you read local LI newspapers?: Huntington, Garden City: home, buy - Long Island, New York (NY)
  146. Illegal Rentals in Levittown Not Fair To Struggling Homeowners, Your Thoughts: real estate market, apartments - Long Island, New York (NY)
  147. story of a Long Islander: hairstylist, credit - New York (NY)
  148. Nursing homes in L.I. Abuse?: New York, Huntington: daycare, neighborhood, living - Long Island, (NY)
  149. Long Island: Give me no bull!: Massapequa, Great Neck: condo, house, neighborhood - New York (NY)
  150. what do you think of manorville?: Brookhaven, Riverhead: real estate, foreclosure, house - Long Island, New York (NY)
  151. Exploratory trip in Garden City area!: Elmont, Hyde Park: condo, houses, to buy - Long Island, New York (NY)
  152. !Need from fellow LIers!: Islip, Coram: for sale, 2015 - Long Island, New York (NY)
  153. Housing market: Wantagh, Seaford, Mastic: how much, new home, buying - Long Island, New York (NY)
  154. Ronkonkoma: Brookhaven, Islip, Smithtown: section 8, to rent, crime - Long Island, New York (NY)
  155. Tom Moser Appreciation: Dix Hills, East Northport: real estate, homes, purchase - Long Island, New York (NY)
  156. Nassau or Westchester?: Yonkers, White Plains, Rye: how much, townhouses, public schools - Long Island, New York (NY)
  157. Hempstead vs. Uniondale: East Meadow, Merrick, Garden City: high crime, homes, safe neighborhood - Long Island, New York (NY)
  158. Queen to LI, Scared !!!: Valley Stream, Oceanside: for sale, foreclosure, renting - Long Island, New York (NY)
  159. Is it safe to walk to Hicksville LIRR Station?: Hempstead: low crime, house - Long Island, New York (NY)
  160. Garden City!?!?: Elmont, Merrick, Hyde Park: condos, co-op, townhouses - Long Island, New York (NY)
  161. Dix Hills or Melville: Deer Park, Cold Spring Harbor: for sale, real estate, brokers - Long Island, New York (NY)
  162. Want to know about towns in Long Island: Islip, Oyster Bay: houses, neighborhood - New York (NY)
  163. Need a good vet on Long Island: Islip, Babylon: house, live in - New York (NY)
  164. Relocating to Sulfolk County HELP: Huntington, Smithtown: how much, houses, neighborhood - Long Island, New York (NY)
  165. Look what $65 million gets you in Southampton (and, who paid the $65 million): New York: house, landscaping - Long Island, (NY)
  166. Underground oil tank - needs to be inspected: Nassau, Hope: broker, attorney - Long Island, New York (NY)
  167. Who should appraise a home to sell?: New York, York: for sale, real estate - Long Island, (NY)
  168. Illegal Rental In West Islip And Noise Law?: low income, apartments - Long Island, New York (NY)
  169. Out There From Chicago??!: New York, Geneva: how much, homes, transfer - Long Island, (NY)
  170. Should I Live in CSH or Huntington Village?: New York, Oyster Bay: section 8, apartments - Long Island, (NY)
  171. The Luxury of the hamptons =): Southampton, Riverhead: real estate, school, college - Long Island, New York (NY)
  172. East Northport-Northport: Huntington, Smithtown, Commack: houses, school district, pharmacy - Long Island, New York (NY)
  173. Should I move back to Long Island?: rent, amusement parks - New York (NY)
  174. Moving from Texas: Dix Hills, Plainview, Merrick: real estate, crime rate, new house - Long Island, New York (NY)
  175. Long Island School Districts and Diversity: Percentages: New York, Hempstead: for rent, house - (NY)
  176. Good Date Ideas on The Island?: Freeport, Riverhead: restaurant, garden, food - Long Island, New York (NY)
  177. Hamptons: New York, Southampton, East Hampton: inspections, restaurants, shops - Long Island, (NY)
  178. Lake Grove and Middle Country Schools: New York, Brookhaven: sales, homes, buying - Long Island, (NY)
  179. about Hot Air heating system: 2014, how much, house - Long Island, New York (NY)
  180. Looking to move to Commack: New York, Islip: homes, school district, inspections - Long Island, (NY)
  181. relocating & looking for good family towns within 1 hour commute of NYC: New York: how much, middle school - Long Island
  182. What's wrong with this house in E. Northport: Huntington, Smithtown: countertops, appliances - Long Island, New York (NY)
  183. Best Burger on LI?: Huntington, Hicksville: home, price, legal - Long Island, New York (NY)
  184. Singles Scene on LI: Babylon, Huntington: appointed, hotel, home - Long Island, New York (NY)
  185. Southeast Garden City -- Help: Hempstead, Huntington: best town, real estate market, condos - Long Island, New York (NY)
  186. Amytiville: Amityville, Amity: house, school, taxes - Long Island, New York (NY)
  187. Mastic,Mastic Beach, Shirley...Whats really going on?: Floyd, Minerva: crime rate, vacation home - Long Island, New York (NY)
  188. Cablevision or Direct TV on the North Shore (Sound Beach): renting, movies - Long Island, New York (NY)
  189. Other than Long Island, where in the country would you want to live?: Hyde Park: living, moving to - New York (NY)
  190. Another NEWSDAY geographic goof, Town serves Farmingdale adult store with violation: Oyster Bay: shop - Long Island, New York (NY)
  191. Relocating to LongIsland, NY from Washington DC: bus, available - Long Island, New York
  192. Where to move on LI...: Oceanside, Merrick: house prices, schools, live - Long Island, New York (NY)
  193. commercial properties in rockville centre, ny: sales, per square foot, average cost - Long Island, New York (NY)
  194. Pet Sitter: Ronkonkoma: licensed, recommendations, looking for - Long Island, New York (NY)
  195. at the Ringling Bros Circus Parade???: Nassau: trains, pictures - Long Island, New York (NY)
  196. Student Needs Help!!: school, teachers, work - Long Island, New York (NY)
  197. Ultra High End Still Chugging: New York, York: real estate, homes, wealthy - Long Island, (NY)
  198. Another NEWSDAY geographic goof, Family of 6 OK after escaping burning house: Hempstead: university - Long Island, New York (NY)
  199. where are nice beach homes near nyc?: buying, pros and cons - Long Island, New York (NY)
  200. Tax: New York, York, Ira: moving, moved, assistance - Long Island, (NY)