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  1. New guy and PCSing.: Sumter, Newport: crime, home, employment - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  2. Fairfield Electric=$340 bill in January for a 1 br apartment?: Columbia: apartments, co-op - South Carolina (SC)
  3. Low-Cost Gyms in Columbia, or North-East Columbia: apartment complex, high school - South Carolina (SC)
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  5. Grand Harbor in Ninety Six: Columbia, Greenwood: buying, taxes, price - South Carolina (SC)
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  7. Can tell me more about Blythewood?: sex offender, crime rate - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  8. dentist: Columbia, West Columbia: offices, dentists, area - South Carolina (SC)
  9. Moving Companies In the Area?: Columbia: mover, house, cost - South Carolina (SC)
  10. Best neighborhood for single woman over 50?: Columbia, Irmo: home, maintenance, live - South Carolina (SC)
  11. Hello everyone - looking for about Columbia area: for sale, HOA - South Carolina (SC)
  12. Do know Jimmy Johnson, he is in my previous threads read: Columbia: summer - South Carolina (SC)
  13. Columbia wants Google Fiber!: schools, money, economy - South Carolina (SC)
  14. Rn wages: licenses, friendly, health - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  15. What is a good place to buy rugs/carpets within small budget: Columbia: discount - South Carolina (SC)
  16. Young couple moving from Michigan to South Carolina: Columbia, Aiken: apartment complex, rental - (SC)
  17. Home prices: houses, construction, per square foot - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  18. Off road parks.: Columbia, Sumter, Chester: house, high school, dangerous - South Carolina (SC)
  19. Columbia: Clemson, Camden, Elgin: apartment complex, live in, shop - South Carolina (SC)
  20. Cell Phones: relocating to, town, better - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  21. Avoiding private school tuition: Columbia, Irmo: homes, neighborhood, taxes - South Carolina (SC)
  22. Need help...moving to Columbia and need employment advice: home, transfer - South Carolina (SC)
  23. Public classes in Sumter?: schools, kitchen, town - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  24. Florence Apartment Recommendation: Columbia: apartments, rent, to live - South Carolina (SC)
  25. Where to buy nice and cost efficient furnitures?: Columbia, Lexington: new home, price - South Carolina (SC)
  26. South Carolina Renters' Laws: sublease, condos, landlords - Columbia area, (SC)
  27. Doggie Daycare in Columbia: Greenville, North: crime, day care, camp - South Carolina (SC)
  28. Top 5 thngs you LOVE about Columbia Top 5 reasons you HATE it...: Charleston: transplants, new home - South Carolina (SC)
  29. Where to buy playground for the back yard: Home Depot, price - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  30. Moving to Ft Jackson: Columbia, North: homes, neighborhood, where to buy - South Carolina (SC)
  31. Daycare Options: Columbia, West Columbia, Irmo: school, cost of, childcare - South Carolina (SC)
  32. 2010 World Beer Festival: live, price, suite - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  33. Sumter vs Columbia for elementary schools, PSC to Shaw: Clemson: renting, neighborhoods - South Carolina
  34. Relocating: Columbia, Sumter, Irmo: for sale, apartments, rentals - South Carolina (SC)
  35. Community Developers & Home Owner's Associations: deed, legal, association - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  36. Housing: Columbia, Jackson: rental, house, moving - South Carolina (SC)
  37. Relocations Concerns: Columbia, Forest Acres: home builder, neighborhoods, to live in - South Carolina (SC)
  38. Shandon Landscape: residential, yard, retired - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  39. How does Columbia rank compared to the places lived?: Charleston: home, neighborhoods - South Carolina (SC)
  40. Rug cleaners in Columbia?: business, town, systems - South Carolina (SC)
  41. Infant/Baby & Family Photographer: Aiken, Irmo: weddings, store, friendly - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  42. USC School of Medicine: medical, buildings, brick - Columbia area, South Carolina
  43. Help: team, people, start - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  44. Chapin or Lexington?: Columbia, Red Bank, North: lease, HOA, townhome - South Carolina (SC)
  45. Suggestions for medical care in Columbia: insurance, construction, health - South Carolina (SC)
  46. Columbia a top-10 retirement city for rowers: Darlington: city hall, place to live - South Carolina (SC)
  47. Moving to Lexington possibly in spring - advice?: Columbia: crime, houses - South Carolina (SC)
  48. Prescott Glen in Lexington: for sale, houses, schools - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  49. Transfer To Sumter: Columbia, Parker: for sale by owner, health insurance, crime rates - South Carolina (SC)
  50. ft jackson: Columbia, North: crime, school, university - South Carolina (SC)
  51. Men's Barber shop's ? Help needed ..: Columbia: barbershop, where to, great - South Carolina (SC)
  52. Midlife Maniac moving to Columbia: apartment, renting, condo - South Carolina (SC)
  53. Mountain biking in Columbia area?: parks, trails, state - South Carolina (SC)
  54. Lesbian relocated to columbia area.... need: Sumter, Cayce: hotel, neighborhood - South Carolina (SC)
  55. Property Tax?: Lexington: home, bill, estimator - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  56. graduate school at USC...: Columbia: high crime, unemployment rate, universities - South Carolina
  57. Looking for something to family friendly to do travelling from Orangeburg to Atlanta: Columbia: home - South Carolina (SC)
  58. Woodcreek Farms: Columbia: to rent, houses, neighborhood - South Carolina (SC)
  59. Job offer, have to relocate from Orlando, FL to Columbia, SC.: Irmo: transplants, rent - South Carolina
  60. My kin Jimmy Johnson,trying to fine him, born in march: Columbia: live, area - South Carolina (SC)
  61. What's new things arevcoming to Cola in the future?: Columbia: construction, landlord - South Carolina (SC)
  62. Asprye apartments Columbia: to rent, live, station - South Carolina (SC)
  63. Relocating to Columbia, SC looking for a safe apartment to rent in Northeast Columbia: Clemson: apartment complexes - South Carolina
  64. boat sales: how much, buying, prices - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  65. Good mechanic: Columbia, Cayce, Andrews: moving to, car, campus - South Carolina (SC)
  66. moving from cleveland ohio to columbia: North: home, safe area - South Carolina (SC)
  67. Lift laws: how much, vehicles, Walmart - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  68. Commute times?: Columbia, Aiken, North Augusta: neighborhood, buy, schools - South Carolina (SC)
  69. Good store to buy rugs in columbia: apartment, Home Depot - South Carolina (SC)
  70. Candidate for mayor is a registered sex offender: Columbia, Irwin: estate, office - South Carolina (SC)
  71. Urgent Care Facilities: Cayce: centers, health, place - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  72. Subdivision/Marine Family: Columbia, Irmo, Lexington: renting, house, neighborhood - South Carolina (SC)
  73. Private or small schools in Columbia Sc: Forest Acres: elementary schools, college - South Carolina (SC)
  74. Relocated from northeastern US and need garden help: Lexington, Welcome: area, build - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  75. Suggestions for Family Practice Doctors Downtown?: Columbia, Hampton: ferry, ratings, reviews - South Carolina (SC)
  76. Kitchen and Bath Remodel: Columbia: countertops, construction, tile - South Carolina (SC)
  77. Moving Boxes in Sumter: food, office, town - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  78. Where can I have my wheels Bead Blasted in Columbia?: shop, airport - South Carolina (SC)
  79. Property tax relief: Columbia, Forest Acres: sales, real estate market, rental - South Carolina (SC)
  80. Thoughts on the Columbia VAMC??: friendly, medical center, commute - South Carolina (SC)
  81. Communities like Lake Carolina: Lexington: houses, neighborhoods, places - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  82. Playgoups/Mommy Groups??: Columbia: renting, organic, living - South Carolina (SC)
  83. Relocating - Kids Most Important: Columbia, Irmo: homes, safe neighborhood, school district - South Carolina (SC)
  84. love shandon: Columbia, Forest Acres: for sale, renting, house - South Carolina (SC)
  85. Someone to wall mount flat screen TV...: hardwood floor, appliances - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  86. Where should we move to?: Columbia, Lexington: homes, neighborhoods, live in - South Carolina (SC)
  87. Homeowner's insurance for 175k house: how much, new house, construction - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  88. Thoughts On The Upcoming Columbia Mayoral Elections??: Clemson, Jackson: credit, loan - South Carolina (SC)
  89. s for movers?: Chapin: rent, homes, move - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  90. Looking for job in Lexington or Columbia: York, North: homes, employment - South Carolina (SC)
  91. Looking for SLP and SLP-Assistants: Columbia, Welcome: homes, centers, childcare - South Carolina (SC)
  92. Interested in NE Columbia?: North: house, neighborhood, subdivision - South Carolina (SC)
  93. Foreigner in Seattle to Columbia: West Columbia, Lexington: apartment, crime rates, house - South Carolina (SC)
  94. BARBERSHOP Grandy and Jones Barbershop in Batesburg: Lexington, Saluda: salons, price - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  95. Thank you!!!: Columbia: new home, to move, relocating to - South Carolina (SC)
  96. Hat shops: Orangeburg, Jackson: sales, drive, sell - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  97. Living Trust Administration: law, company, recommendations - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  98. Grad Student Columbia: Lexington: apartments, rentals, house - South Carolina (SC)
  99. : law, good, range - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  100. Best thrift stores in Columbia area: Sumter, Forest Acres: home, yard, liquidation - South Carolina (SC)
  101. Opinions about the Avenues in Cayce: Columbia: rental, crime, houses - South Carolina (SC)
  102. know where I can get a henna tattoo in the Columbia area?: worth - South Carolina (SC)
  103. High Speed Internet and DOCSIS 3.0: prices, verizon FIOS, expense - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  104. +55 Adult Communities: Columbia, Cayce, Forest Acres: real estate, 2014, apartments - South Carolina (SC)
  105. Vegan/Vegetarian Friendly Restaurants: Columbia, Hampton: live in, food, best - South Carolina (SC)
  106. Stove pipe needed around Lexington area: Home Depot, Lowes, sell - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  107. Possibly relocating to the Columbia area: Rock Hill, Irmo: HOA fees, low crime, hotel - South Carolina (SC)
  108. Back again, havent posted in awhile.....: Columbia, Chapin: apartment, house, private school - South Carolina (SC)
  109. Shopping in Columbia: Lynchburg: restaurant, food, rated - South Carolina (SC)
  110. Art Openings: Columbia, North: theatre, college, shop - South Carolina (SC)
  111. Counselor/Therapist recommendations: Columbia: licensed, health, work - South Carolina (SC)
  112. Dillards the paper?: sales, to buy, price - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  113. Computer/TV repair recommendations?: Columbia, Forest Acres: live in, costs, shops - South Carolina (SC)
  114. move to Greenville or Columbia Sc s?: Charleston, Greer: for sale, real estate - South Carolina (SC)
  115. Willows subdivision in Sumter, SC: Columbia, Florence: apartment complex, high crime, motels - South Carolina
  116. Bagpipes: Columbia, Charleston, Greenville: parking, dating, lessons - South Carolina (SC)
  117. know where I'd be able to find a ring like of in the Columbia area?: shops - South Carolina (SC)
  118. Parks and walking/cycling trails?: Columbia, Irmo: neighborhoods, moving to, peachtree - South Carolina (SC)
  119. Did You Know Columbia is Haunted?: Sumter, Jackson: house, theatre, military - South Carolina (SC)
  120. a move to the Columbia, SC metro area in July, 2010: Charleston: to rent, credit - South Carolina
  121. Upholstery companies?: shop, car, work - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  122. Relocating from Seattle area to Lexington, Oak Grove?: Columbia: new home, established neighborhood - South Carolina (SC)
  123. a local currency in Columbia: Liberty, North: credit card, purchase, schools - South Carolina (SC)
  124. move to Columbia and job at Navistar: North, Blythewood: house, neighborhoods - South Carolina (SC)
  125. Dog walker: Columbia: how much, live in, area - South Carolina (SC)
  126. Can someone recommend an interior Painter? NE Cola: looking for - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  127. Verizon VS ATT in Columbia SC: Lexington: real estate, to buy, live - South Carolina
  128. How is the Woodfield area/ Alpine and Percival: Columbia, Windsor: apartment complexes, crime - South Carolina (SC)
  129. Inexpensive Outdoor Wedding Locations: Columbia, Sumter: how much, house, park - South Carolina (SC)
  130. thinking of relocating: Columbia, Dentsville, North: apartment complexes, to rent, crime - South Carolina (SC)
  131. Good Apartment Areas Close to Downtown: Columbia, Cayce: apartments, to rent, safe area - South Carolina (SC)
  132. Lake Carolina or Irmo/Lexington: Columbia: neighborhood, theatre, universities - South Carolina (SC)
  133. Relocating: Columbia, Lexington, North: house, unemployment rate, to buy - South Carolina (SC)
  134. locks of love and beauutiful lengths: salon, discount, donate - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  135. Thornhill Apartments: Columbia, Irmo, Lexington: renter, house, tenant - South Carolina (SC)
  136. How do People Live in Columbia?: Jackson: high crime, job market, neighborhood - South Carolina (SC)
  137. townhome communities in Columbia, SC: Hampton: rentals, to buy, good schools - South Carolina
  138. Few Pics of Columbia at Night: hotel, university, military - South Carolina (SC)
  139. Dent Middle School: Columbia, Arcadia Lakes: sale, neighborhoods, fence - South Carolina (SC)
  140. What is a good place to buy rugs: buying, living - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  141. Relocating: Columbia SC Area - Green living/dog friendly: Dentsville: low crime, buying a house - South Carolina
  142. Relocating to Columbia Area; looking for good schools: St. Andrews, West Columbia: neighborhoods, live in - South Carolina (SC)
  143. USC Student Massages: Columbia, Clemson, Lexington: apartment, lofts, townhomes - South Carolina
  144. Need 10 good reasons to relocate my companies to Columbia: Charleston: credit, new home - South Carolina (SC)
  145. Columbia's lack or not lack of national retailers/restaurants.: Charleston: appointed, hotel - South Carolina (SC)
  146. Looking for rentals in Lugoff, SC or surrounding area: Parker: for sale by owner, salon - Columbia area, South Carolina
  147. What vacuum cleaner do you use or recommend?: Columbia: sales, neighborhood - South Carolina (SC)
  148. Questions about the Irmo area: Columbia, Lexington: for sale, insurance, how much - South Carolina (SC)
  149. Where to move to in South Carolina.....?: Columbia, Charleston: employment, neighborhoods - (SC)
  150. The many different Columbias of Columbia,SC: Irmo: low income, transplants - South Carolina
  151. An odd observation about Lexington.: Irmo: salons, lawyers, homes - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  152. Authentic Mexican Food: Columbia, Sumter, St. Andrews: chapel, home, live - South Carolina (SC)
  153. Frustration with Essex: sales, how much, house - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  154. I heard Kenneth Copeland is coming to Columbia,SC: Lexington: living, inclusive - South Carolina
  155. 1 day, 1 night in Columbia: restaurants, shops, moving - South Carolina (SC)
  156. Is there help around with high light bills?: Columbia: low income, sales - South Carolina (SC)
  157. Columbia City Hall Vandalized w/ Racial Slur [Mayor Election Related]: Lexington: crimes, vacation - South Carolina (SC)
  158. Mid 30 yr old single female relocating to work in Lexington and trying to find best place to lived in Columbia area.: Cayce: renting, house - South Carolina (SC)
  159. Bank of America alternative: Columbia, Union: mortgage, credit, loans - South Carolina (SC)
  160. places open for Christmas Dinner?: Lexington: hotels, houses, restaurants - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  161. Moving to Aiken: Welcome: best neighborhood, hotel, selling a house - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  162. Blue Law in Sumter: Lakewood: sales, house, to buy - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  163. History Channel to feature Columbia gangs | Jan 29th: Sumter, Dalzell: crime, credit - South Carolina (SC)
  164. Riverbanks Zoo Photos: Columbia, Jackson, North: theater, places to live, cost - South Carolina (SC)
  165. Thanksgiving Advice: Columbia, Aiken, Edgefield: for sale, apartment, buy - South Carolina (SC)
  166. Polo Road Elementary: Columbia, Newberry: school district, college, living - South Carolina (SC)
  167. Buckeye Bound for Columbia: Florence, Clemson: apartments, insurance, houses - South Carolina (SC)
  168. Visiting Columbia - need s: Charleston, Greenville: house, school, university - South Carolina (SC)
  169. Columbia Looses Out On $2 Million: Charleston, Greenville: hotel, house, purchase - South Carolina (SC)
  170. Has Columbia area ever got flooded badly to the rooftops?: Sumter: houses, live - South Carolina (SC)
  171. Cheap haircuts around Columbia?: Charleston, St. Andrews: coupons, layoffs, school - South Carolina (SC)
  172. Sumter Craft Show!!: law, shop, post office - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  173. Columbia's water best in the state: Charleston, Greenville: living, bill, horse - South Carolina (SC)
  174. Colombia, SC - is it pedestrian friendly? Mostly car-oriented? How is the layout?: Columbia: apartment, condo - South Carolina
  175. Best place to live in columbia for active 40s couple: apartments, for rent - South Carolina (SC)
  176. Winnsboro Fairfield Magnet School: area, children, compared - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  177. Need About Area By Lexington Med Center.: Columbia: apartments, rental market - South Carolina (SC)
  178. Columbia International Festival: food, annual, countries - South Carolina (SC)
  179. Job Prospects: Columbia: real estate, relocate to, estate - South Carolina (SC)
  180. Speaking of local celebrities...: Sumter: plans, color - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  181. on Palmetto Comprehensive Dentistry in Lexington, SC: rating, customer - Columbia area, South Carolina
  182. Columbia print shops: Florence: live in, airport, relocation - South Carolina (SC)
  183. Rediversion canal/3-D trail?: bike, single, biking - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  184. Santa's Market Craft Show: Columbia, Seven Oaks: sale, shop, park - South Carolina (SC)
  185. Internet users in Midlands of South Carolina: Columbia, Sumter: area, cities - (SC)
  186. Shumaker Homes: Irmo: sale, real estate, for rent - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  187. Sumter Advertising?: military, business, expensive - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  188. William Hall: place, drug, year - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  189. Accountant in Sumter: Columbia: tax, price, year - South Carolina (SC)
  190. Looking for Home to Lease in Lake Carolina: Columbia: relocating to, car - South Carolina (SC)
  191. Trying to locate my kin Jimmy Johnson,received his first drivers in Winnsboro, SC. in 1982: live - Columbia area, South Carolina
  192. Jimmy Johnson my kin i spelled my email address wrong: Winnsboro: drivers, message - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  193. in Cola. working on there family roots by doing genealogy: interest, research - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  194. Point of Sale Property Tax: assessments, finance, people - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  195. Looking for my dad, Ken: Columbia - South Carolina (SC)
  196. Commute - W Columbia/Lexington to Aiken and other questions: to live, moving to - South Carolina (SC)
  197. Mother group/activity in Lexington?: daycare, home, live - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  198. Looking at Whisper Way Townhome off 378/Bad area??: North: townhouse, quiet - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  199. Dermatologist: Columbia: surgeon, travel, moved - South Carolina (SC)
  200. Looking to rent barbershop in Lexington/Columbia areas: salon, transfer - South Carolina (SC)