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  23. Small towns in central Illinois for LGBT couple: Springfield, Champaign: how much, house (IL)
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  25. with Vehicle license plate renewal rules?: how much, DMV - Illinois (IL)
  26. Illinois now has first Native American reservation ever.: Chicago, DeKalb: home, neighborhood (IL)
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  29. how popular football is in Illinois, why does the Fighting Illini have such an unsuccessful team?: Chicago: schools, universities (IL)
  30. Illinois ends fiscal year in the black with slight surplus: Avon: credit rating, taxes (IL)
  31. Why do so many high schools in Illinois have township in their name?: Joliet: school districts, legal (IL)
  32. excited for the upcoming solar eclipse over southern IL?: Metropolis: 2014, camping - Illinois
  33. New population report.: Chicago: crime, high income, taxes - Illinois (IL)
  34. How Come Cairo, IL Never Became a Major City?: Chicago: earthquakes, centers - Illinois
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