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  3. What is the highest temperature in NYC (not central park , la guardia or JFK ! )?: hot, warm - Weather
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  7. Newport, Oregon's climate: snowy, hot, warm, averages - Weather
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  10. Climate battle: Harare vs Tallahasse: snow, record, storms, thunderstorms - Weather
  11. Which APRIL 2013 do you prefer?: climate, tornadoes, snow, temperatures - Weather
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  13. Climate Battle: Sendai, Japan vs Niigata, Japan: snowfall, warm, average - Weather
  14. Climate Battle: Redding, CA vs. Algiers , Algeria: warm, nights, precipitation - Weather
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  16. Rate the fictional climate: North Kona county: snowfall, hot, warm - Weather
  17. Rate my fictional climate- Adriannaville: snowfall, recorded, temperature, rainfall - Weather
  18. Error in Wikipedia entry Salem, OR?: climate, precipitation, cities - Weather
  19. Cold steppe climate battle: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan vs. Barnaul, Russia: warm, record, temperatures - Weather
  20. Alberta weather: snow, temperature, 2013, day
  21. Does Eastern North America have a monsoon season?: climate, hot, warm - Weather
  22. Climate Battle: Ishigaki vs Kermanshah: snow, hot, warm, record - Weather
  23. Climate Battle: Xi'an, China vs. Wichita, Kansas: tornadoes, snow, warm - Weather
  24. Rate the fantasy Climate: Hawksburg: tornadoes, snowy, hot, warm - Weather
  25. March 13, 1993: snow, days, blizzard, North - Weather
  26. Rate my fictional climate...landlocked, high altitude equatatorial Hayden...: snowfall, warm, record - Weather
  27. Which is more likely of 3 farfetched climactic events?: snowfall, ice, recorded - Weather
  28. Coastal CT (BDR) Enters 2nd most snowiest seasons: climate, snowfall, records - Weather
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  30. Another Battle of the Climates .....: average, temperatures, clouds, pressure - Weather
  31. I guess this means more: icy, average, rainfall, precipitation - Weather
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  33. Rate this Fictional Climate....: recorded, rainfall, days, storms - Weather
  34. Nothing on radar: snowing, 2013, day - Weather
  35. Rate the double climate: Nova Atlantica: snow, warm, record, temperatures - Weather
  36. Which of my Fictional climate do you prefer?: snowy, hot, warm - Weather
  37. Would the overall climate of Earth be much different if Perihelion and Aphelion switched?: snow, temperature - Weather
  38. Rate the climate - Conakry, Guinea: hot, warm, temperatures, days - Weather
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  40. Thunderstorm-prone areas of New Zealand: average, days, storms, world - Weather
  41. Weather - help me to understand: warm, days, storms, city
  42. about permafrost and water pipes: climate, warm, warming, cities - Weather
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  46. Climate Battle- London vs Volgograd, Russia: snow, hot, averages, temperature - Weather
  47. Climate battle - Ad vs. Vostok Station: city, most, winter - Weather
  48. Driest: climate, average, rainfall, cities - Weather
  49. Climate battle - Kharkiv, Ukraine vs. Málaga, Spain: hot, warm, precipitation - Weather
  50. Climate Battle- Mannheim, Germany vs Virginia Beach, USA: snow, warmest, averages - Weather
  51. When comparing winters between cities, do you judge the high temp or low temp?: climate, snow - Weather
  52. Battle of the Climates: Vostok against Everlasting Joy: record, temperatures, city - Weather
  53. South American vs. Australian winter climates and sun-destination patterns: snow, warm, averages - Weather
  54. For people who've lived in places where thunderstorms are RARE or non-existent: climate, tornadoes - Weather
  55. Rate the fake climate Fakaton: snowfall, hot, warm, recorded - Weather
  56. Pick your annual sunshine totals: climate, most, hours, winter - Weather
  57. Battle of the California climates- High Elevation Plateau vs. Extreme Desert: snowy, hottest - Weather
  58. Isles of Scilly, UK vs Eureka, CA, USA: climate, warm, average - Weather
  59. Do you have winter depression?: climate, snow, hot, warm - Weather
  60. Climate battle: dhdh's climates: hot, warm, days, precipitation - Weather
  61. Dysfunctional Weather Media: climate, snowfall, warm, record
  62. Rate this fictional climate: EVERSUNNY VALLEY: warm, recorded, temperatures, rainfall - Weather
  63. New scenerio: Canadian Ocean: climate, hot, warmest, ice - Weather
  64. Which SUMMER would you rather have? Northern Norway vs Northern Poland vs Dubai vs Alabama: climate, hot - Weather
  65. Downtown climatic averages: warmest, recorded, temperature, days - Weather
  66. Calculate the snow height: snowing, average, day, precipitation - Weather
  67. Australian Climate Battle - Perth vs Melbourne vs Cairns vs Sydney: snow, warmest - Weather
  68. What is more important to you: Daytime highs or Nightime lows?: climate, snow - Weather
  69. Battle of the Climates- Death Valley, CA vs. Barrow, Alaska: snow, hot - Weather
  70. A new wettest place of the world?: climate, records, rainfall - Weather
  71. Marine Layer.: hot, warm, average, temperatures - Weather
  72. At what temperature can you comfortably wear shorts and a T outside?: day, humidity - Weather
  73. Battle of the California Climates- Maritime vs. Desert..: hot, warm, record - Weather
  74. Climate - Esperanza Base vs. Yakutsk: warm, average, temperature, city - Weather
  75. Rate this interesting climate- cool weather desert: hot, warm, average
  76. Battle of the Climates: Eureka, CA vs. Ad: snow, warmest - Weather
  77. Battle of the Climates- Eureka, CA vs. Oymyakon, Russia..: snow, warm, ice - Weather
  78. Midwestern US Climate Battle - Columbus vs Chicago vs Duluth vs Kansas City: tornadoes, snowy - Weather
  79. Canadian Climate Battle part 2 - Osoyoos, BC vs St. John's, NL: snow, hot - Weather
  80. Climate Battle: Darwin, AU vs Cairns, AU: hot, warm, rainfall - Weather
  81. Climate Battle: B87's climates: places, months, South, winters - Weather
  82. The Superwet and Superhumid Climate Battle!: temperatures, rainfall, days, city - Weather
  83. Rate your Summer or Winter Season 2012-13: climate, snowfalls, hottest - Weather
  84. Battle of the Climates- San Jose vs. Honolulu..: snow, hot, warm - Weather
  85. Choose the story that makes the biggest news for it's location...: tornadoes, snow - Weather
  86. When do you see the tree leaves come out in the spring?: warm, moon - Weather
  87. Fictional continent of ''Mainland Polynesia'': climate, record, cities, United States - Weather
  88. Battle of the Climates..Portland, OR vs. Dallol's climate: snow, warm, average - Weather
  89. Which is the most believable 3 climatic scenarios...: climate, snow, warm - Weather
  90. I saw a woman wearing a thick down jacket, hat, a scarf, and ski gloves when it was almost room temperature outside...: climate, warm - Weather
  91. Battle of the Climates- Alert, Canda vs. Miami Beach, Florida?: snow, hot - Weather
  92. Climate Battle - Galway, Ireland vs Tampere, Finland: snow, temperature, America - Weather
  93. Climate Battle: Lisbon vs Madrid vs Barcelona: hot, rainfall, day - Weather
  94. Climate battle: Auckland vs Hobart: warm, temperatures, rainfall, sun - Weather
  95. Rate the climate: Nicosia, Cyprus: hot, warm, average, temperature - Weather
  96. Battle of the climates- Santa Rosa vs. St. Paul's Island..: ice, average - Weather
  97. Rate the climate - Rhodes, Greece: snow, hot, warm, average - Weather
  98. Florida Climate Battle - Key West vs Jacksonville: hot, warm, precipitation - Weather
  99. What is the hardiness zone of your city and your favorite zone?: climate, days - Weather
  100. Red River of the North snowmelt flood outlook: warm, storm, city - Weather
  101. Climate battle: Denver vs Salt Lake City: snowfall, hot, warm - Weather
  102. US Seasons are off by a month or more: climate, snowing, hottest - Weather
  103. Rate the fictional climate: Ad: temperatures, 2013, degree, degrees - Weather
  104. Your dream sunrise/sunset times throughout the year: climate, average, days - Weather
  105. Battle of the Climates- Santa Cruz, California vs. Jazan City, Saudi Arabia..: snow, warm - Weather
  106. Climate Battle; London vs Warsaw: snowy, warm, days, precipitation - Weather
  107. So I got bored, and drew/invented a new country: climate, snow - Weather
  108. Climate battle - Bangkok vs. Moscow: warm, records, seasons, degree - Weather
  109. Summer vs. winter precipitation maximums: climate, snow, hot, warm - Weather
  110. Climate Battle: Suicidal Depression Point VS. Tucker's Landing: snowfall, hot, warmest - Weather
  111. Pick the WORST climate for you......: hot, warm, cities, seasons - Weather
  112. Rate the fake climate - Cresentia: hot, warmest, averages, temperatures - Weather
  113. Rate the climate: Rainbow City: snow, warm, rainfall, days - Weather
  114. Rate the climate: Astrakhan: hot, temperatures, rainfall, city - Weather
  115. Autumn 2013 (Southern Hemisphere): snow, warm, average, temperatures - Weather
  116. Guess the Place and Climate: city, Canada, South, Washington - Weather
  117. Southern Russia climate battle: Rostov-on-Don vs. Sochi: warm, record, temperatures - Weather
  118. Rate the climate - Krasnodar, Russia: warm, record, temperatures, cities - Weather
  119. Casablanca vs Myrtle Beach: climate, hot, warm, storms - Weather
  120. Are there specific rules defining your dream climate?: snow, hot, warm - Weather
  121. Looking for this climate.....: snowfall, hot, average, storm - Weather
  122. Climate battle - Glasgow vs. Stockholm: snowy, warm, average, temperatures - Weather
  123. Climate battle: European capitals: hot, warm, recorded, temperatures - Weather
  124. What does temperatures of -30 feel like to someone who has never experienced cold before??: climate, hot - Weather
  125. What is your preferred Spring pattern?: climate, tornadoes, snowy, hot - Weather
  126. Climate battle - St. Petersburg vs. St. Petersburg: snow, record, cities - Weather
  127. 3 Way Battle of the Climates- Standard 4 seasons vs. strong subarctic vs. desert..: snow, hot - Weather
  128. I believe that I acclimated within a week when I travelled in February...Hawaii one year and NYC the next..: snow, hot - Weather
  129. Rate the fictional climate: McMurdo Cove: hot, warm, record, temperatures - Weather
  130. Climate battle - Havana, Cuba vs. Oslo, Norway: hot, warm, seasons - Weather
  131. Climate battle: Reykjavík vs. Minneapolis: snow, warm, temperatures, places - Weather
  132. Last snow: climate, snowfall, average, days - Weather
  133. Climate battle, Ukrainian edition: Kiev vs. Kharkiv vs. Zaporizhia vs. Odessa vs. Lviv vs. Yalta: warmest, temperatures - Weather
  134. Rate Climate: Lagland: snow, warm, records, temperatures - Weather
  135. Which cities has your favorite sunshine/rainfall patterns or count: climate, snow - Weather
  136. Rate the climate - Harare, Zimbabwe: warm, temperatures, rainfall, nights - Weather
  137. Snowstorm in Lubbock area: snowfall, rainfall, storms, blizzard - Weather
  138. How much temperature variation would you like in your ideal climate throughout the course of a year?: warm, averages - Weather
  139. Northern Hemisphere Sets New Record Cold Temp -96.1°F: warm, recorded - Weather
  140. My recent experience with winter & cold temperatures: climate, snowy, hot - Weather
  141. Weather Station problems: warm, recorded, temperature, day
  142. Pick your annual snowfall totals: climate, snowfalls, averages, temperatures - Weather
  143. Pick your Coldest temperature maximum: climate, warm, average, days - Weather
  144. Coping with weather, you choose: climate, hot, warm, warming
  145. Climate battle - Kharkiv, Ukraine vs. Chicago, Illinois: snowfall, hot, warm - Weather
  146. Rate the climate: Arthur's Pass, New Zealand: averages, rainfall, days - Weather
  147. Climate Battle: Phoenix, AZ vs. Yellowknife, NT: hot, places, freezing - Weather
  148. Seasonal lag: climate, snowfalls, hottest, warmest - Weather
  149. Climate battle - Berlin, Germany vs. Rome, Italy: hot, warm, average - Weather
  150. February 2013 Summary Rating: climate, snowfall, hottest, warm - Weather
  151. Mildest climate in the world from least heating/cooling expenses: warm, average - Weather
  152. Your ideal walking weather: climate, hottest, warm, temperatures
  153. Climate battle - Rio de Janeiro vs. Moscow: snowy, hot, warm - Weather
  154. Weather Bucket List: climate, tornado, snow, hot
  155. Cities with sand storms: 2014, season, Canada, spring - Weather
  156. 3 hrs at 100F in the shade or 3 hrs of 85F in the sun?: hot, warm - Weather
  157. You live on a continenttal climate and have the opportunity to host an exchange student from...: snow, warm - Weather
  158. Like thunderstorms? You're intelligent: snow, hot, days, blizzard - Weather
  159. Rate the climate: BATMAN: snow, hot, temperatures, days - Weather
  160. Weather forecasters?: snowy, days, freezing, most
  161. Hardiness Zones for Fictional Climates: warm, average, temperatures, 2013 - Weather
  162. Climate Battle: Amarillo, TX vs. Brownsville, TX: snowfall, hottest, warm - Weather
  163. Base Esperanza(Antartica) vs Dallol Ethiopia: climate, snow, hot, warm - Weather
  164. We live in the Ice Age: climate, snow, warm, warming - Weather
  165. Climate Battle - Leeds, UK vs Vancouver Canada: warm, average, days - Weather
  166. Climate Battle: Fort Lauderdale vs Palm Springs: hot, warm, recorded - Weather
  167. Climate Battle: Belfast vs. Dallas: hot, warmest, record, 2013 - Weather
  168. Sunny Southern California (a myth?): climate, hot, temperatures, days - Weather
  169. Canadian Climate Battle - Hamilton, Ontario vs Winnipeg, Manitoba: snowfall, temperatures, days - Weather
  170. Rate the fictional climate: Atlancouver: hot, city, world, sunshine - Weather
  171. Climate Battle - Krakow, Poland vs Belfast, Northern Ireland: warm, temperature, cities - Weather
  172. Rate the climate: Herceg Novi ( Montenegro ): warm, record, days, frost - Weather
  173. 100F in the shade or 85F in the sun, no suit required this time: day, degree - Weather
  174. Summer nights: Warm or cool?: hot, day, storms, city - Weather
  175. Shorts and a T at 50 F vs. bundled up at 0 F....: snow, warm - Weather
  176. How would Europe's climate change if the gulf stream was weaker or didn't exist?: snow, warm - Weather
  177. Battle of the Fictional Climates...Extreme Tundra vs. Extreme Desert: snow, recorded - Weather
  178. Battle of the Climates...NO RAIN vs. CONSTANT RAIN- both mild season climates..: tornadoes, record - Weather
  179. What temp do you consider to be cold ???: climate, snow - Weather
  180. What is the local geography of your fictional climates?: snow, warm, record - Weather
  181. The Battle of the Imperial Capitals!: climate, day, cities, season - Weather
  182. Rate the Climate: Spartanburg, South Carolina: hot, record, nights, storms - Weather
  183. Climate Battle: Miami Beach vs Cabo San Lucas: warm, record, temperatures - Weather
  184. Climate battle - Santiago vs. Buenos Aires: hot, temp, rainfall - Weather
  185. Climate battle - Reykjavík vs. Moscow: warm, average, temperature - Weather
  186. What Would The Climate Be Like With Land And Water Masses Inverted?: ice, 2013 - Weather
  187. Spring 2013 photo: snow, warm, days, storm - Weather
  188. Climate Battle: Summer Olympic Cities: warmest, season, humidity, winters - Weather
  189. Rate the climate - Kilpisjärvi: snow, warmest, recorded, temperature - Weather
  190. Mild seasons vs. season-less climates...: snow, hot, warm, average - Weather
  191. Climate Battle: Winter Olympic Cities: snow, warm, averages, world - Weather
  192. Battle of the Climates: Oymyakon vs. Honolulu...: warm, record, temperatures - Weather
  193. Rate this climate...Snow at Room Temperature.....: hot, warm, ice - Weather
  194. The hot summers of the US: last 3 years and what's next?: warmest, record - Weather
  195. Climate battle - Vostok Station vs. San Diego: snow, record, temperature - Weather
  196. Climate battle, Croatian edition: Zagreb vs. Osijek vs. Ogulin vs. Rijeka vs. Split vs. Dubrovnik: snow, hot - Weather
  197. METEOR/Maryland..March22,2013: East - Weather
  198. What conditions are needed for an ice day in may: recorded, temperature - Weather
  199. News, Weather groundhog Phil 'indicted,' accused of lying as winter continues: 2013, days
  200. Dalr: freezing, humidity, calculate, humid - Weather