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  1. Snowy October for South Dakota/Wyoming 2013: climate, records, days, storms - Weather
  2. Snow in Midwestern US: snowfall, warm, 2013, United States - Weather
  3. Rate my dream climate: Luxania: hottest, warm, record, temperatures - Weather
  4. 6 Snowiest Cities in America: snowfall, average, 2013, days - Weather
  5. Rate my dream November 2013 (metric and imperial included): snowing, warm, record - Weather
  6. Is this a water spout?: snow, warm, storms, cloud - Weather
  7. Rate the climate: Kirkenes: warm, rainfall, days, precipitation - Weather
  8. Early Openings for Ski Resorts: snowing, warm, season, sunny - Weather
  9. Rate the fictional climate: Baytown: rainfall, rain, march, perfect - Weather
  10. Daily Temp Normals/Extremes Graphs: climate, averages, temperatures, city - Weather
  11. A hint about temperature: 2013, storm, season, world - Weather
  12. Are V-shaped valleys hotter than U-shaped valleys?: climate, warm, temperatures - Weather
  13. Climate Battle: Shimla Vs Knoxville: snowfall, hot, record, temperatures - Weather
  14. Cloudy Climate Battle: Olympia, WA vs Birmingham, UK: snowfall, warm, averages - Weather
  15. 3-Way Climate Battle: snowy, hot, warm, temperatures - Weather
  16. 4 weather city with snow!!: climate, warm, seasons, degree
  17. How do you make fictional climates?: records, city, month, daily - Weather
  18. Atlas: snow storm, temperature, storms, city - Weather
  19. Rate the fictional climate: Ytihry: snow, hot, warm, record - Weather
  20. Fictional Climate Battle: Darkatory vs Adventure Forest: record, days, precipitation - Weather
  21. Missing Weather Balloon in NH: Reward if found: hot, warm, temperatures
  22. Rate the fictional climate: Lonington's January 2013: snowfall, averages, days, month - Weather
  23. Rate the climate: Portland, Tennessee: snow, warm, averages, temperatures - Weather
  24. What city La Paz can be compared?: climate, warm, world - Weather
  25. How to improve weather forecasting: average, temperature, rainfall, days
  26. Denver or Indianapolis: climate, warm, city, humidity - Weather
  27. What was that fireball in the sky on September 27th???: West, may - Weather
  28. Rate this climate (Dreamapore): snowfall, temperature, precipitation, catastrophic - Weather
  29. Watch global vegetation change with the seasons and other neat maps from NASA Earth Observatory: climate, warm - Weather
  30. Which city is most likely to experience a Blizzard: Portland or Birmingham, UK?: climate, snowfall - Weather
  31. Rate Fake Climate: South Palm Lagoon: warm, recorded, temperatures, rainfall - Weather
  32. Rate the fictional climate: Elmaka: hot, record, precipitation, season - Weather
  33. Rate this climate: Barrow Island: warm, record, days, locations - Weather
  34. Rate that fictional Climate: New Georgesminde: snow, warm, average, days - Weather
  35. Winters in Indianapolis Versus Kansas City/Minneapolis/Chicago: snowfall, warm, averages - Weather
  36. Rate the climate [mystery]: warm, place, moving, winters - Weather
  37. Climate Battle: 2003 vs 2010: snowy, hottest, warm, recorded - Weather
  38. 2-way climate battle: snowfall, cities, summers, cold - Weather
  39. Rate the Climate: Braunlage, Germany: snowy, temperature, days, precipitation - Weather
  40. Biggest temp range in one day?: hot, warm, temperature, days - Weather
  41. What outlier event would you like to see this NOVEMBER?: tornadoes, snow - Weather
  42. What's T shirt weather for you: warm, average, temperatures, days
  43. Rate the climate: Old Forge, NY: snowfall, warm, records, days - Weather
  44. Climate Battle: Kirkwall, UK vs Bergen, Norway: snowfall, hot, warm - Weather
  45. Climate Battle : Washington DC (United-states) vs Madrid (Spain): warm, icy, average - Weather
  46. Which city is more likely to have a freak tornado outbreak? Los Angeles or Seattle?: tornadoes, snow - Weather
  47. Rate the Climate: Dalwhinnie , Scottish Highlands: snowy, warm, record, temperature - Weather
  48. Climate Battle: England Vs Scotland: snowfall, warm, averages, temperature - Weather
  49. Do daily high temperatures occasionally occurr during the night in your climate?: warm, days - Weather
  50. What cities are in the transitional zones?: climate, day, most - Weather
  51. What is the annual humidity of your area?: record, day, city - Weather
  52. Which of the 5 scenarios is the most dangerous?: snowfall, hot, warm - Weather
  53. Which weather do you prefer from this list?: snow, season, rain
  54. When COLD Isn't COLD!: climate, snowing, warm, ice - Weather
  55. Russian climate battle - Moscow vs. Saint Petersburg vs. Nizhny Novgorod vs. Voronezh: snowy, warm - Weather
  56. What is the Temperature in your city? (Part 7): tornado, storms, dew point - Weather
  57. Rate the climate: Mt. Jackson: snowfalls, warm, record, temperatures - Weather
  58. Rate the climate: Soria, Spain: snowy, hot, warm, temperatures - Weather
  59. Why can't this forum agree what subtropical means?: climate, hot, warm - Weather
  60. Rate the climate: Whistler: snow, warm, nights, precipitation - Weather
  61. Has it dropped below freezing where you live: temperatures, days, city - Weather
  62. I Hate Fall: snow, hot, warm, record - Weather
  63. Rate this May out of 10: snow, hot, warm, average - Weather
  64. What is more bearable: cold sunny or hot humid weather?: humidity, dew point
  65. If london summer highs were 15 F (8 C) hotter, then ....: climate, hot, warm - Weather
  66. Unbelievable amount of palm trees despite January average of 9.5°C: climate, snow - Weather
  67. Rate the climate: Seibersdorf, Austria: snow, warm, average, rainfall - Weather
  68. Snowfall averages in your city ?: rainfall, Chicago, inches, normal - Weather
  69. Rate the Climate: Oviedo: warm, place, sunshine, winters - Weather
  70. What´s the highest Heat index ever recorded in Houston and Miami ?: climate, hottest - Weather
  71. Daily Record Low: recorded, days, lows, ground - Weather
  72. Your dream Christmas eve forecast this year: snowfall, hot, day - Weather
  73. Climate battle: Karlsruhe vs Vancouver: snow, warm, record, temperature - Weather
  74. Rate the climate: Leadhills, SW Scotland: snow, warm, freezing, most - Weather
  75. What if Australia was 10 degrees further south?: climate, snowy, hot - Weather
  76. For you, what's the temperature to have a warm rain .: temperatures, storms - Weather
  77. Warm Fog?: climate, hot, recorded, temperatures - Weather
  78. Rate my Fantasy climate: Iceburg, Lithuania: snowfall, warm, record, temperature - Weather
  79. Climate Battle: Foliage Park, NJ Vs. Tianjin, China: snow, hot, warm - Weather
  80. How would you change the climate classification?: snow, warm, recorded - Weather
  81. At What Temperature do you start a jacket/ winter coat/feeling the chill?: snow, temperatures - Weather
  82. Winter weather predictions for 2013-2014: snowfalls, hot, warm, ice
  83. North channel freeze: climate, warm, average, temperature - Weather
  84. Can Istanbul Bosphorus freeze again?: ice, records, temp, city - Weather
  85. Can this forum agree what subarctic means?: climate, warm, average - Weather
  86. Overcast- but warm?: climate, temp, days, cities - Weather
  87. Country you associate most with each season: temperatures, places, seasons - Weather
  88. Your Highest Heat Index Temp/Lowest Windchill Temp!: ice, recorded, temperatures - Weather
  89. Rate the climate: Labrador City: snow, storm, months, winters - Weather
  90. How many 30C+ days do you want to have?: climate, hot, average - Weather
  91. Rate the fictional climate: Happytown: snowy, warm, record, seasons - Weather
  92. Ocean and Lake Water & Ice: snow, warmest, warming - Weather
  93. Dream climate temperature map tracker: snow, warm, records, cities - Weather
  94. Comfortable Climate Battle: Santa Barbara, CA Vs. Porto, Portugal: warm, averages, temperatures - Weather
  95. Mediterranean climate battle; Coastal California vs. Mediterranean Basin vs. South Western Australia: hot, warm - Weather
  96. Which of the following weather would provide the biggest climate shock for a visitor from Lima, Peru?: snow, record
  97. for the other posters who live in 'boring' climates...: snowfalls, hottest - Weather
  98. Rate my fictional Climate: Nereid, Texas: hot, average, 2014, sunshine - Weather
  99. Rate the fictional climate: Desert lake: snow, hot, warm, temperature - Weather
  100. Rhine river climate battle, cities along the valley: snowfall, warmest, temperatures - Weather
  101. Rate the fictional climate: Herona settlement: snowfall, warm, record, temperatures - Weather
  102. Sunrise & Sunset: What if...: day, most, sun, hours - Weather
  103. Least humid places on a tropical coast?: climate, average, temperatures - Weather
  104. October 2013 Summary: climate, snow, warm, averages - Weather
  105. Shocking 1 F diurnal Range: climate, warm, recorded, temperature - Weather
  106. How often do lows above 80 F occur where you live: hottest, warm - Weather
  107. How often does freezing fog occur where you live?: climate, ice, days - Weather
  108. Rate the fictional Climate: Storland: snow, warm, recorded, temperatures - Weather
  109. Why Does It Seem to Rain More in Fall Vs Summer When You Really Need It?: hot, warm - Weather
  110. Would you consider 60F (15C) chilly or warm?: climate, temperature, day - Weather
  111. Battle of the Climates- Iquique, Chile (boringest) vs. my extremely variable fictional climate...: snow, warm - Weather
  112. Christmas in Honolulu: climate, snow, warm, record - Weather
  113. How would you rate this extremely, diverse, variable, and lethel climate?: snowfall, hot - Weather
  114. 0% Humidity - Documented in Official Bureau of Meteorology observations: recorded, temperature, wind speed - Weather
  115. 87 degrees in NYC today (10/4). Why is it so hot this late in the season?: average, temperatures - Weather
  116. July like weather in October for Northeastern US: hot, warm, temperatures
  117. Rate the climate: Flagstaff: snowfall, warm, ice, record - Weather
  118. What do you think your October average high will be this year?: warm, record - Weather
  119. Rate the climate: Vardø: snowy, warm, average, night - Weather
  120. One time outlier weather events that were to be impossible for their area....: climate, tornadoes
  121. Rate the fictional climate: Palm Grove: hot, average, temperatures, city - Weather
  122. Fresh and Funky - Freeze watch Autumn 2013: snow, recorded, days - Weather
  123. Rate my dream climate..........: average, precipitation, seasons, sunshine - Weather
  124. Which country has a larger subtropical zone?: world, United States, map - Weather
  125. What's the earliest and latest swam in local seas, lakes, and streams?: warm, ice - Weather
  126. Which of areas is more prone to snow storms/blizzards?: climate, average - Weather
  127. What is the northernmost place where thunderstorms could occur?: hottest, recorded, city - Weather
  128. Rate the climate: Terrace: snowy, hot, warm, recorded - Weather
  129. The latest date of earliest frost for your city: warm, record, temperatures - Weather
  130. How many rainy days >1 mm does your city get in a year?: snowfall, average - Weather
  131. Heavy Thunderstorms, then Back to fall weather in the Mid Atlantic: tornado, hot
  132. Rate the climate - Barnaul, Altai Krai, Russia: snow, warmest, record - Weather
  133. What Type of Native Trees are Native to your Town?: hot, city - Weather
  134. At what temperature do you feel comfortable wearing sleeveless: hot, warm, night - Weather
  135. Do you think the climate of the Kerguelen Islands could support kind of tree?: average, temperatures - Weather
  136. 13 feet of snow this week in higher elevations of Cascades!: days, towns - Weather
  137. I'm excited for winter, are you?: snowfall, hot, days, season - Weather
  138. What is the average annual temperature for your location?: warm, city, normal - Weather
  139. Largest monthly temperature deviations in your location: record, 2013, normal - Weather
  140. Rate the Climate: Dras, Jammu and Kashmir, India: snowfall, hot, warm - Weather
  141. What part of your country is frost free in October?: recorded, nights - Weather
  142. Your reviews on Mild (50-69 F) and Cloudy weather: temperatures, days, sunshine
  143. What's the warmest ocean water you have ever swimmed in?: hot, temperature - Weather
  144. Weather sayings and proverbs: snowy, temperatures, days, frost
  145. Holdridge life zone system. what do you think of it?: climate, warm - Weather
  146. Rate the Climate: Texarkana, USA: snowfall, hot, warm, average - Weather
  147. Winter Thunderstorms- Do they occur where you live?: climate, snowy, average - Weather
  148. Average and highest snow cover in your city / country: snowy, recorded, 2013 - Weather
  149. September 2013 Summary: hottest, record, temperature, Chicago - Weather
  150. Fictional climate - Coldtown, Poliya: average, temperatures, highs, lows - Weather
  151. Which snowfall average would you define gh ?: climate, averages, temperatures - Weather
  152. How many days of over 20c can you expect in October on average?: recorded, temp - Weather
  153. Climate battle - Kiev vs. Zagreb: snow, warm, records, warming - Weather
  154. Climate Battle: Helsinki Finland Vs. Rochester, NY: snowfall, warm, temperature - Weather
  155. Totally overcast days in summer months. How often do they occur where you live?: climate, averages - Weather
  156. Rate the Climate: Better Beach Weather: warm, record, temperatures, cities
  157. How many precipitation days a year do you like?: climate, average, storms - Weather
  158. Fastest windspeed ever been outside in...: storms, wind speed, normal - Weather
  159. Rate the climate of Onida South Dakota (44.7N): snowfall, record, temperatures - Weather
  160. Is Cfb over-diagnosed: climate, hot, warm, averages - Weather
  161. Rate the climate: Kirksville, Missouri: tornadoes, hot, warm, temperatures - Weather
  162. Rate the climate: Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela: hottest, averages, rainfall, cities - Weather
  163. What's the date of the biggest thunderstorm in NYC ?: tornado, recorded, Chicago - Weather
  164. Rate the climate: Vitoria, Basque country, Spain: snow, record, temperatures - Weather
  165. Feeling cold when waking up: climate, snowy, warm, average - Weather
  166. Rate the Climate: Daytona Beach, FL: warm, record, days, precipitation - Weather
  167. Which of the following climates do you find the most boring ?: snow, warm - Weather
  168. Do crazy dinural ranges annoy you: hot, warm, recorded, temperatures - Weather
  169. Climate Battle : Miami (Florida) vs New Orleans (Louisiana): warm, record, temperatures - Weather
  170. Climate Battle: Sendai, Japan vs. Vancouver, BC, Canada: snow, warm, records - Weather
  171. Why is most of Europe so cloudy all the time, compared to North America?: climate, warm - Weather
  172. The Most Above and Below Average Temperatures Ever: climate, hottest, warm - Weather
  173. Stupid Cold Snaps When It's Supposed to be 76: climate, hottest, warm - Weather
  174. Rate the climate: Yaoundé, Cameroon: hot, average, temperatures, rainfall - Weather
  175. Rate the climate: Mount Mansfield, VT: snowy, record, temperatures, storms - Weather
  176. Dream climate battle - Ariete vs. Rozenn: snowy, warm, record - Weather
  177. Do one or all of the following: guess the location, rate each climate separately, and pick the one you like better.: snowy, temperatures - Weather
  178. Rate the climate: Cerro de Pasco, Peru: hot, warm, temperatures - Weather
  179. Which NOVEMBER would you rather have? London vs Moscow vs Austin: climate, warm - Weather
  180. Climate battle - Saratov vs. Munich: snowy, warm, precipitation, cities - Weather
  181. Are you Cold Sensitive, Heat Sensitive, or neither: climate, hottest, warm - Weather
  182. How would you explain a thunderstorm to someone who has never seen one and didn't know what it was?: climate, storms - Weather
  183. 3 way dream climate battle (dunno vs P London vs Ariete) - must have a cold winter: snowfall, hot - Weather
  184. Weather that changed a country's history. Suggestions requested.: climate, snow, ice
  185. What's the closest location to the equator that almost NEVER gets thunderstorms?: record, city - Weather
  186. Are very long-term or seasonal forecasts good?: record, temperatures, days - Weather
  187. Rate the climate- Orlando, Florida: snow, hot, warm, temperatures - Weather
  188. Rate the climate: Winnipeg: snow, warm, record, global warming - Weather
  189. Microclimates Describe the microclimate around your city: snowfall, warm, record - Weather
  190. Which place has more climatic diversity?: climate, temperature, precipitation, world - Weather
  191. Is the US Pacific Northwest and England weather similar?: climate, hottest, average
  192. Which is worse, Baghdad or Singapore?: climate, city, humidity, East - Weather
  193. Do you like global warming?: climate, hot, ice, temperature - Weather
  194. Which month is the wettest, driest, in your location?: snowfall, hottest - Weather
  195. Rate the climate: Hiroshima: warm, average, towns, season - Weather
  196. Which of One cities has harshest winters: climate, season, Iowa - Weather
  197. News, Guy Struck by Lightning Twice in One Storm.: 2013, West, Texas - Weather
  198. Greatest month-to-month change in diurnal temperature range?: places, seasons, Canada - Weather
  199. Why weather undeground don't have thunderstorm picture for Central Park ?: 2013, storms
  200. Must see funny clip from CBC on Frost Warnings - Weather