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  1. Would the weather prevent a foreign army from occupying the US?: USA, Los Angeles
  2. Koeppen system modifications that I would do: climate, snowfall, city - Weather
  3. Are parts of Texas monsoonal/monsoon-influenced?: climate, rainfall, precipitation, seasons - Weather
  4. Chinook Wind Influences in North America?: snowfall, warm, average, warming - Weather
  5. What's the furthest SOUTH a polar / arctic air mass has traveled?: city - Weather
  6. Snow data: climate, snowfall, records, days - Weather
  7. Climate battle: Two Rivers vs Rockland: snow, precipitation, East, winters - Weather
  8. Heat lovers: Would you rather have a freeze every year, 0 F every 10 years, or -100 F every 50 years?: climate, record - Weather
  9. What would the climate be like if the Gulf of Mexico extended across Mexico?: tornadoes, snow - Weather
  10. Global Warming Expedition Ships Free From the Ice: 2014, world - Weather
  11. Rate the climate - Atlantic Island Coast: snowfall, hot, warm - Weather
  12. What do you predict March 2014 will be like in Saskatoon?: warm, average - Weather
  13. snow melting in sub freezing temperatures in direct sunlight: climate, warm, records - Weather
  14. Sea Smoke on the Atlantic coast: climate, warm, temperature, 2014 - Weather
  15. Rate the climate Varna, Bulgaria: snowy, hot, warm, temperatures - Weather
  16. Shortcut to What's the temperature in your city? - Weather
  17. Rossby Waves and Climate Extremes: warm, ice, record, 2013 - Weather
  18. How far north and south can a tropical cyclone (hurricane, typhoon) get?: city, cold - Weather
  19. What is causing the freezing air to push down to as far as the Gulf Coast: snow, hot - Weather
  20. The phrase blue dome skies .: snow, day, sunny - Weather
  21. Meteorological phenomenon of Radiational Cooling Spots: snow, warm, temperatures, 2015 - Weather
  22. Rate the Climate: New London, CT: snow, hottest, warm, averages - Weather
  23. Climate battle: Portland, OR vs Longmire, WA: snowy, warm, temperatures - Weather
  24. Rate the climate: Livigno, Italy: warmest, recorded, temperatures, 2013 - Weather
  25. News, The sea froze so fast that it killed thousands of fish instantly: warm, average - Weather
  26. Rate the climate: Sljeme: snowfall, warm, averages, temperature - Weather
  27. Rate the climate: Macau: warm, rainfall, nights, sunshine - Weather
  28. The unique climate of the Southern US: precipitation, cities, world - Weather
  29. What would happen if all land in North America above 60N disappeared?: climate, snow - Weather
  30. News, Would Not Having the Weather Channel Make People Less Safe?: tornadoes, 2014
  31. Living in places with no season, effects on mind and body?: climate, snow - Weather
  32. What are the forms winter precipitation max climates (such as Med. climates) transition into summer precip. max ones?: rainfall, city - Weather
  33. Climate battle: Tangier vs Prospect, Australia: warm, temperatures, storms, seasons - Weather
  34. News, Polar Vortex Challenge: A frigid, but free, lunch.: hot, spring, cold - Weather
  35. Rate & match the fictional climate: Calton: hot, warm, rainfall - Weather
  36. AFC Championship January climate battle: Mile High Vs Foxborough: snowy, averages, temperatures - Weather
  37. What if the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean sea were replaced by flat land?: climate, snow - Weather
  38. nothing like a blizzard...: snowing, earthquake, rainfall, city - Weather
  39. What if America and Europe were joined?: climate, hot, warm - Weather
  40. Rate the climate: Sydney 2013: hot, warmest, record, rainfall - Weather
  41. Why is Sydney (Cfa) most wet in June (winter)?: climate, records, rainfall - Weather
  42. Results of rated cities climates on C-D: most, East, Atlanta - Weather
  43. Very high dewpoints, up to 30C recorded in NW Australia: temperature, city - Weather
  44. Seasonal 'rainfall lag': climate, temperature, precipitation, cities - Weather
  45. Rate the Fictional Climate: Dycus: warm, record, nights, precipitation - Weather
  46. Are there warm climates where palms cannot grow?: frost, world, most - Weather
  47. Mountain climate battle (alp edition): snow, warmest, average, temperature - Weather
  48. Wind Chills comparing pre 2001 to today's values: hot, warm, recorded - Weather
  49. Climate battle: which has snowier winters?: snowfall, warm, record, days - Weather
  50. Hawaii, Forecasters issue High Surf Warning, predict 40-50 foot waves: snow, North - Weather
  51. What time of the year is more and less prone to wind gust in your location?: warm, recorded - Weather
  52. Climate Battle: Luanda vs Rio de Janiero: warm, cities, comfortable - Weather
  53. SEC Climate Showdown: Florida Vs. LSU: warm, temperatures, night, precipitation - Weather
  54. Rate the climate: Coimbra, Portugal: snow, hot, warm, records - Weather
  55. Fictional climate battle: Sacatoo Vs Kodia Ville: snowfall, warm, record - Weather
  56. Air Pollution from Asia Affecting World's Weather: climate, 2014, precipitation
  57. Two types of pseudo-Mediterranean climates- Gloom and Foggy vs. Sunny, dry and hot.: snow, warmest - Weather
  58. Should they make a 'real feel' humidity?: hot, records, temperature - Weather
  59. Tired of Cold: Do You Become More Intolerant of Extremes as You Age?: hot, warm - Weather
  60. Rate the Climate: Pavillion, Wyoming: snow, towns, America, sunshine - Weather
  61. Climate battle: Longyearbyen vs Écija: hottest, months, winter, coldest - Weather
  62. Climate battle - Tokyo vs. Buenos Aires: snowfall, warm, cloud - Weather
  63. Where winter rainfall precipitation maxes transition to summer precipitation maxes in the Western USA and why?: climate, warm - Weather
  64. Rate Fictional Climate: Meadow in the Woods: snowfall, hot, warm - Weather
  65. Rate the fictional climate: Honor Oak: snowy, warm, record, temperature - Weather
  66. Climate Battle: San Jose vs. New San Jose: warm, average, rainfall - Weather
  67. Closest Med. Climates to the Equator?: hottest, warm, average, temperatures - Weather
  68. hey everybody...its cold in the winter: temperatures, 2013, Canada - Weather
  69. Climate battle: Port Westwind vs Fairbanks: snow, warm, nights, degree - Weather
  70. What determines if Mediterranean climates have rainier springs or falls on average?: warm, temperature - Weather
  71. Rate the climate: Butte: warm, average, precipitation, compared - Weather
  72. Which places in the world can, or regularly go without rain or precipitation for one year?: climate, snow - Weather
  73. Has anywhere in the the U.S. hit 100 F in January before?: climate, recorded - Weather
  74. Jan. 5/6 Winter Storm Eastern US: snow, city, most, inches - Weather
  75. Climate Battle: Victoria, BC, Canada vs. Sochi, Russia: snow, warmest, warming - Weather
  76. Climate Battle: Calgary vs Winnipeg: snow, warm, record, temperature - Weather
  77. Which is more likely: LA getting ZERO rain for an entire winter or NYC getting ZERO snow for an entire winter season?: climate, snowfall - Weather
  78. What place has the warmest summers in NZ?: climate, record, rainfall - Weather
  79. California Drought: Biggest American Weather story of the winter: climate, snow storm, warmest
  80. Rate the climate: Adamstown, Pitcairn Islands: hot, records, temperatures, rainfall - Weather
  81. Climate Battle : Darwin vs Brest: hot, warm, temperatures, storms - Weather
  82. DirecTV dropping Weather Channel - Accuweather starting Network: climate, snow, warm
  83. Rate the climate: Windsor, Ontario 2012: snowfall, hot, warm, averages - Weather
  84. Where has the highest average high in the coldest month?: climate, hot - Weather
  85. Climate Battle: Walla Walla vs Wagga Wagga: snow, hot, warm - Weather
  86. Rate the climate : Atlanta: hot, warmest, record, temperatures - Weather
  87. Rate the fictional climate: Nova Utopia: snowy, hottest, warm, recorded - Weather
  88. Rate this climate for dry heat lovers.....: snow, hottest, rainfall - Weather
  89. Dry, sunny heat versus humid and cloudy heat: temperature, days, humidity - Weather
  90. What's the average annual maximum temperature in your country?: climate, hottest, temperatures - Weather
  91. Climate Battle : Paris vs Algiers.: warm, record, season, winter - Weather
  92. Rate the Climate: Nottingham, UK: warm, city, most, sunshine - Weather
  93. Rate two Januarys, pick the one you like better, guess the location(s)...: snow, warm - Weather
  94. Bright windless day in the 20s or foggy grey day in the 40s?: snow, warm - Weather
  95. If your climate was a person, who would it be?: snowy, hot - Weather
  96. What the weather was on 9/11 attacks in your location?: snowfalls, hot, warm
  97. Climate Battle : Perth vs Downtown Los Angeles: warm, record, temperature - Weather
  98. Battle of the climates- Campbell, CA vs. Campbell Island, NZ: snow, hottest - Weather
  99. Climate battle : Brisbane vs Marseille: snow, hot, warm, temperatures - Weather
  100. Rate the climate: New San Jose: hot, warm, temperatures, rainfall - Weather
  101. Climate Battle: Norilsk, Russia vs. Port-aux-Français, Kerguelen Islands: snowy, warmest, record - Weather
  102. Places with most heating degree days + cooling degree days: climate, hot, warm - Weather
  103. OPINION: Location with your perfect Beach Weather: climate, hot, warm
  104. Spring Photo 2014: climate, warm, ice, day - Weather
  105. Climate battle: 56-58th parallel edition. Rank them in order.: snowy, warm - Weather
  106. Time zone anomalies (sun times, DST, ): climate, hot, average - Weather
  107. Your home temperature in winter: warm, average, day, North - Weather
  108. How precipitation distribution varies with latitude: climate, record, cities, world - Weather
  109. What is your ideal temp for standing on one hand while listening to hiphop music?: snow, temperature - Weather
  110. What do you find more tolerable?: snowy, hot, days, freezing - Weather
  111. Rate Fictional Climate: Sunburnt Valley: snowfall, hot, warm, recorded - Weather
  112. Rate My Updated Dream Climate: snowy, warmest, record, 2014 - Weather
  113. Climate Battle: Sydney vs Sydney: Canada, freezing, normal, months - Weather
  114. Which city is more likely to get a freak snow flurry?: climate, recorded - Weather
  115. Climate Battle: London vs. San Jose: snow, average, days, storms - Weather
  116. Icy conditions in the upper 30's?: snowing, warm, ice, temperatures - Weather
  117. SouthEast-MidAtlantic Snow/Ice storm January 28-29, 2014: snowfall, warm, record, day - Weather
  118. What temperature range could your city record month of the year?: climate, recorded - Weather
  119. Difference in feel between slightly below freezing Vs Slightly above freezing: warm, record - Weather
  120. Climate of Australian towns?: hottest, averages, temperature, rainfall - Weather
  121. Are there hot summer subarctic climates? If not, where comes the closest?: hottest, warmest - Weather
  122. Rate the fictional climate: Mamalojo: snowfall, hot, warm, average - Weather
  123. Sun strength, UV, Nottingham, sunburns...: records, days, city, most - Weather
  124. Rate My Hometown's 2013 Climate: warm, average, rainfall, 2014 - Weather
  125. Spring 2014 (March-May) - Northern Hemisphere: climate, snow, warm, ice - Weather
  126. New scenario: Doggerland landmass: climate, snowfall, warm, average - Weather
  127. Hottest and Coldest city/town (+50,000 hab) by Country: climate, warmest, average - Weather
  128. Rate the Fictional Climate: Snowy Mountain: snowfall, warm, record, temperatures - Weather
  129. Snowiest day ever in your city: snowfall, record, 2013, days - Weather
  130. Climate review: London 2013: snowfalls, warm, record, temperatures - Weather
  131. Rate the climate: Dras, India: warm, rainfall, nights, precipitation - Weather
  132. True continental climates in central/western Europe?: warm, averages, city - Weather
  133. Rate the Climate: Buxcon: rainfall, sunshine, normal, annual - Weather
  134. 35C (95F), dewpoint 13C (55F)....dry or humid?: hot, humidity, dew point - Weather
  135. Rate the climate - Atlantic Valley: snowy, hot, warm, average - Weather
  136. January 2014 Arctic Outbreak: warm, recorded, temperatures, places - Weather
  137. Whats more likely in NYC: 95 F high Vs 59 F low in July: hot, warm - Weather
  138. Climate cities in the same classification but very distinct in nature?: warm, storms - Weather
  139. Which Koppen subtropical climate should be tropical, and vice versa?: average, day - Weather
  140. Rate the fictional climate: Temparctica: snow, warm, records, temperature - Weather
  141. Rate the Fictional Climate: Gargalox VIII: warm, record, temperatures, sunny - Weather
  142. The coldest and the hottest temperature in your city since 2000?: warmest, recorded - Weather
  143. New Weather Records: snowfall, hottest, warmest, recorded
  144. December and 2013 Summary: climate, snowfall, hottest, warmest - Weather
  145. Predictions for major weather headlines for 2014....: snowfalls, hot, warm, recorded
  146. If the entire world had to have one single climate based on one single U.S. city......: warm, seasons - Weather
  147. Climate Battle: Honolulu vs Port Vila: storms, place, season, sunshine - Weather
  148. Daytime 24/7 or only 4/7?: climate, warm, days, world - Weather
  149. Mildest Climates at Highest Latitudes: snowfalls, ice, record, temperatures - Weather
  150. Is Real Feel the Real Feel?: snow, warm, temperatures, days - Weather
  151. Battle of warm climates: Singapore vs. Honolulu vs. Orlando: snow, hot, record - Weather
  152. If the Earth suddenly stopped revolving around the sun on March 21st or Sept 21st, where would the best climates be: warm, places - Weather
  153. What do you call heat waves in your native language post translation): hot, warm - Weather
  154. How would you classify this climate?: snow, hot, warmest, recorded - Weather
  155. Rate the Climate: Kingston, Ontario: snowfall, warm, record, days - Weather
  156. Summers in Saskatoon (Canadian Prairies) vs London (UK): hot, warm, averages - Weather
  157. Rate the climate: Essaouira, Morocco: snow, warm, records, warming - Weather
  158. Climate battle : Houston vs Lille: snow, hot, warm, record - Weather
  159. Rate the Climate: Destin, FL: snow, hot, warm, record - Weather
  160. rate the climate : erigavo, somalia: warm, temperatures, rainfall, days - Weather
  161. rate my last fictional climate of 2013- Kacyn's Valley: hot, average - Weather
  162. rate the climate: Obergurgl: average, temperatures, precipitation, town - Weather
  163. Does it make a differece whether it's dry heat or humid heat if the heat index temps are the same?: temperatures, cities - Weather
  164. Greatest difference in Temperature on average from 2 places that are close together: precipitation, city - Weather
  165. Would you consider cities to be Mediterranean?: climate, hottest, warmest - Weather
  166. Coldest temperature at which you have worn shorts: snowing, days, freezing - Weather
  167. What is rare to you: snow, ice, average - Weather
  168. How would biomes change if Earth's temperature gradient was only half from equator to poles?: climate, warm - Weather
  169. What happens if the ocean current reverses direction?: warm, average, temperatures - Weather
  170. Battle of Climates: Mediterranean Iberian coastline: snow, warmest, precipitation, storms - Weather
  171. How would global warming effect the precipitation distribution?: climate, ice, averages - Weather
  172. Climate Battle : Downtown Los Angeles vs Algiers: warm, rainfall, locations - Weather
  173. Hottest temperature at which you have worn jeans: warm, temperatures, days - Weather
  174. Climate Battle: Port-aux-Français, Kerguelen Islands vs. Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland: warm, record, days - Weather
  175. Climate Talk: Philadelphia region: snowfall, hot, warm, averages - Weather
  176. What is your latitude and climate?: temperature, cities, Canada, most - Weather
  177. Rate the climate - Grand Isle, Louisiana: snow, hot, warm - Weather
  178. Where would you live (simple poll)?: climate, snow, days, cities - Weather
  179. The best beaches are always on the East Coast.: warm, moon, temperatures - Weather
  180. Rate my fictionnal climate : Coral: snow, warm, record, temperatures - Weather
  181. Climate Battle: Malaga vs Miami: hot, warm, average, days - Weather
  182. What temperature would you prefer early in the morning (Before 9 AM): snow, hot - Weather
  183. Rate the climate - Hong Kong 2013: warm, average, 2014, storms - Weather
  184. Rate the climate: Sumy 1987: snow, average, temperature, 2013 - Weather
  185. Which season has more fluctuating temperatures?: climate, hot, day, locations - Weather
  186. UK News, Deep freeze: Ice vortex with -50C temperatures sends US running indoors: climate, snow - Weather
  187. Which city has a higher chance of accumulating snowfall?: climate, record, temperatures - Weather
  188. Rate the Climate Centralia: hot, warm, record, temperatures - Weather
  189. Which winter would be more comfortable without heating?: days, city, most - Weather
  190. Possibility of Ice jams following rapid warm up: record, warming, temperatures - Weather
  191. Rate the climate - London 1995: hot, warm, average, temperatures - Weather
  192. Montana News, Neither snow nor 20-below closes Bozeman schools: warm, recorded, temperatures - Weather
  193. January 8th CME event (Northern/Southern Lights?): 2014, Chicago, prediction - Weather
  194. Rate the climate - London 1976: snowy, hottest, warmest, recorded - Weather
  195. WeatherNation Stinks: days, live
  196. Frozen Pipes in this icy weather: warm, freeze, degree, degrees
  197. What is more likely in my hometown in 2014?: climate, snowfalls, recorded - Weather
  198. Fort Wayne man builds remote-controlled snow blower: warm, winter - Weather
  199. Help for this data!!!!: snowfall, averages, cities, month - Weather
  200. News, Fargo man hides out in dairy freezer to warm up from polar vortex: 2014, degree - Weather