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  94. (using 2004-2022 data) NYC is like a 1997 born and Munich is like a 1996 born: climate, snow - Weather
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  96. still have greenery later than usual?: snow, most, winter - Weather
  97. Is the entire Northern Hemisphere above freezing all day right now?: climate, warmest - Weather
  98. Jacksonville (Subtropical) to West Palm Beach (Tropical): climate, hot, warm - Weather
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  132. Snowiest place of the U.S - Mexico border and less snowy place in the U.S. - Canada border: snowfall, warmest - Weather
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  173. Is North America the sunniest continent, or: climate, record, days - Weather
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  194. Open windows season: climate, hot, warm, average - Weather
  195. BOMB CYCLONE to develop off PNW coast: rain expected: snow, record, rainfall - Weather
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  198. Is It Going to Rain Today?: predict - Weather
  199. Do sportbooks take bets on weather events?: West, Florida
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